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Hey there! I'm a female roleplayer (21+) from Europe (GMT+1) and have been roleplaying for several years. My favorite genre is fantasy, but I'm also open to many other things. Just sci-fi and futuristic stuff is not so much my thing.

You can find more detailed info here: 1x1 Interest Check Catena

If you came here to check if I'm online, please know that I'm not always available when I show as being online. I may be afk, or sometimes I forget to log off. ;)

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A little bump
Looking for one more RP (MxF or MxM) with someone who is active and can make three posts a week or more.
Another try to find an MxM roleplay.
Still looking for an MxM pairing.
I'd love to write a MxM plot. That being said, I don't mind what you identify as behind the screen.
Interested in an enemies to lovers plot. I am a female but I can play a male.

Sorry, I didn't see your post. Will reach out to you in PMs.
I'd love to write the Violet plot, if anyone is interested.
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