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Hey there! I'm a female roleplayer (18+) from Europe (GMT+1) and have been roleplaying for several years. My favorite genre is fantasy, but I'm also open to many other things. Just sci-fi and futuristic stuff is not so much my thing.

You can find more detailed info here: 1x1 Interest Check Catena

If you came here to check if I'm online, please know that I'm not always available when I show as being online. I may be afk, or sometimes I forget to log off. ;)

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About me

  • 21+
  • Female
  • From Europe (GMT+1)
  • English is not my first language, but I'm fluent in English.
  • Prefer female roles for main characters
  • Good with playing side characters/NPCs (also male ones)
  • Usually reply withing 24 hours
  • Love OOC chat and making friends


  • 18+
  • Good with mature themes
  • Can make one post a day or every other day (minimum twice a week)
  • Casual to advanced

More info

  • Third person; past tense
  • Long-term RPs (And with long-term I mean months or even years in the best case, if we click well.)
  • Casual to advanced (2-4+ paragraphs per post, depending on setting/RP partner/story)
  • Likes using character sheets and face claims (I don't mind if it's realistic FCs, anime or drawings)
  • Likes character development, the storyline and characters getting more depth over time.
  • Tends to go with the flow, but likes to plan plots
  • Prefers to play things out
  • Plot/smut ratio: approx. 70/30
  • 1x1 RP in PMs or Discord
  • Open to doubling
  • Enjoy detailed posts (Detailed doesn't necessarily mean long. Show me what your character thinks and feels, how they move, what expression shows on their face when they speak etc.; quality > quantity)
  • I like getting caught up in a story, immerse myself in it; like when the RP makes me feel things, makes me laugh or cry. It's part of the fun.
  • Love romance! If there is not at least some romance in the RP something is missing. But! I don't like to force romance. Sometimes it simply doesn't feel right or doesn't develop between the characters. Also, the RP should not only be about romance solely.
  • Rarely have any limits/triggers; enjoy dark plots very much. A mix of fluff and thriller/horror/etc is usually the best!
  • Communication is the key! Always open to discuss things if the RP isn't going the way you wanted, if you want to suggest things or even if you only want to discuss the weather. So don't be afraid to talk.
  • Please don't ghost me! I understand that RL happens or that the RP doesn't go the way you thought it would or whatever. If you can't/don't want to continue the RP anymore just shoot me a brief message. I won't be upset, I promise.

Genres I like


Pairings I'd like to play


RP ideas

Those ideas are just that... ideas. I'm open to anything and everything.

Please PM me if you are interested.
Thank you all for the warm welcome, and thank you @Hyde for the links!

I'm new to this site, but not new to roleplay. I love fantasy roleplay, but also enjoy slice of life and other scenarios a lot. I hope I can join a RP soon or maybe even start my own sometime, and I'm looking forward to writing with you!
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