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Hey there! I'm a female roleplayer (18+) from Europe (GMT+1) and have been roleplaying for several years. My favorite genre is fantasy, but I'm also open to many other things. Just sci-fi and futuristic stuff is not so much my thing.

You can find more detailed info here: 1x1 Interest Check Catena

If you came here to check if I'm online, please know that I'm not always available when I show as being online. I may be afk, or sometimes I forget to log off. ;)

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Looking for 1-2 new RPs.
Still looking for an Outlander RP.

I'd like to write both a Bridgerton RP and an Outlander RP, both based on the according books/TV series. I'm looking for someone who plays the male OC (with me playing the female OC), and us writing our own story (just use the books/series as base for the world building and maybe steal some plot ideas).

  • You must be 18+ as those RPs will contain adult content (smut, violence etc.).
  • Looking for someone who is casual to advanced like myself (I usually write 3+ paragraphs per post)
  • Please be able to post daily or at least every other day.
  • It would be great if you were okay with writing side characters/NPCs (I will do too).

If you want to know about me or my writing style, you find it either here in my original 1x1 IC or here in my profile.
Another bump
Still looking.
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