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Hey there! I'm a female roleplayer (18+) from Europe (GMT+1) and have been roleplaying for several years. My favorite genre is fantasy, but I'm also open to many other things. Just sci-fi and futuristic stuff is not so much my thing.

You can find more detailed info here: 1x1 Interest Check Catena

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Added a few things.

About me

* I'm female and 18+.
* From Europe (timezone: GMT+1)
* English is not my first language, but I'm fluent in English. Sometimes mistakes happen though, and maybe my grammar isn't always perfect.
* I have a few years of RP experience.
* I like getting caught up in a story, indulge myself in it. I like when the RP makes me feel things, makes me laugh, makes me cry. It's part of the fun.

My RP style
* Third person
* Past tense
* My preference are long-term RPs.
* I like some character development, the storyline and characters getting more depths over time.
* I'm a para to multiple para poster, depending on the RP, my RP partner and what you give me to work with. I can adapt, just one-liners are not my thing and it should at least be semi-para.
* I prefer 1x1 in PMs (Discord works too). Small group RPs work for me as well, but I'm not good in larger groups.
* I usually can make at least one post a day (some days more, depending on my RL schedule).


* Your RL gender doesn't matter to me, but I prefer F x M (with me usually playing a female character) because that's what I'm comfortable with. If you are a RL female playing a male character that's fine with me.
* You must be 18+, too.
* Since I'm often up late I usually get along with many US people in regards to timezones, not only European people.
* It would be great if you could make at least one post a week.

A few general things

* I don't mind including NPCs or playing a second or even third character from time to time to make things more real/interesting and push the plot forward. (In that case I don't mind playing a male character.)
* OOC chat is great. I like chatting OOC and it would be nice if we got along well on that level, not just our characters IC. I'm always up for discussing plots or even talking about the weather.
* I like unexpected things, but if you aren't sure feel free to ask.
* Please don't ghost me! I understand that RL happens or that the RP doesn't go the way you thought or whatever (I'm always open to talk about things though if you aren't happy with the story). If you can't/don't want to continue the RP anymore just shoot me a brief message. I won't be upset, I promise.


* Fantasy and supernatural
* I like romance RP a lot, but it's not a must. If romance develops naturally between our characters then it's perfect. I don't like to force it. Sometimes it's simply doesn't feel right.
* IC drama is enjoyed
* Action is enjoyed
* Horror and mystery are fun
* Dark themes (trauma, crime, kidnapping, drugs and so on) are always welcome
* Soulmate RP is awesome, especially together with romance

Genres I like

Slice of Life
Maybe post-apocalpytic (never tried it before)

Pairings I'd like to play


RP ideas

Those ideas are just that... ideas. I'm open to anything and everything.

Please PM me if you are interested.
Thank you all for the warm welcome, and thank you @Hyde for the links!

I'm new to this site, but not new to roleplay. I love fantasy roleplay, but also enjoy slice of life and other scenarios a lot. I hope I can join a RP soon or maybe even start my own sometime, and I'm looking forward to writing with you!
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