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Ayanda Nyerere - Leader and founder of NYUNDO, Ayanda is an extension of the land. She is its living memory and champion. After liberating Marange, much of her effort has gone into expanding their reach and help as many as they can across the continent.

Asad "The Lion" Moghadani - Commander of NYUNDO's military operations, Asad is a shrewd tactician that has overseen the training of hundreds in his 20+ years of membership.

Kengue Njuguna - NYUNDO's youngest active member, he is the reason for the organization's speedy response-time. Can bridge locations together via imperceptible portals.

Khethiwe Hlela - A former soldier and comrade of Ayanda, Khethiwe has found fulfillment away from the battlefield and helps the newly arrived to transition into their new surroundings. Associates frequently with Makemba.

Mshale Onyango - A powerful telekine, he was the first official member of NYUNDO and Ayanda's former bodyguard. Molded by the violence that was necessary to survive the early years of the Diaspora, he has withdrawn from the vibrancy of Marange. He seldom speaks to others, only confiding in Ayanda.

Najwa "The Lioness" Moghadani - Once rescued as a child during a raid on a Xanathan Research Division lab, she is the most prominent operative in the newest generation of NYUNDO.

Eumelio "Nuberu" Loureiro - An exile from Mt. Diaba, Nuberu has been sent by Ayanda to assess the Glasslands and report any discoveries.

Takunda & Tatonga Gwinyai - Jovial and brave to a fault, the Gwinyai twins were soldiers during the earliest incarnations of NYUNDO. Tatonga fell in combat during the establishment of a forward operating base further up the Eastern coast. Takunda now oversees the logistics of Marange's daily operations.

"A few minutes longer and I am not so sure escape would have been possible. You were foolish to risk being captured, habibi." The old man sat, absent-mindedly picking at a cuticle of his wooden prosthesis. A heavy sigh and soft chuckle before he continued. "But here you are, and hundreds owe you their lives. You couldn't make me prouder."

Back turned to him, Najwa washed away the blood and ash of the previous 6 hours. The remains of the Xanathan uniform she'd expropriated earlier lay in a huddled mass by her father and commander's feet. Having completed her report, she stepped away from the alcove artfully hewn into solid rock and entered an adjoining chamber of her quarters.

She returned moments later, now comfortable in her fatigues and ready for further admonishing when her environment subtly shifted. Upon retrospect, she could never determine what exactly occurred. Najwa found herself in a dimly lit hall. Gone were the scents of Kethiwe's cooking. The sounds of tired and grateful villagers adjusting to the sudden upheaval of their lives once more.

Fingertips brushed against the cragged surface of a massive stone tablet, depicting a seated figure draped in many robes. Something... a fire perhaps? A cold gust of air sailed the corridor's length and on it danced the heady perfume of incense and mucidity. There... breathing?

Apprehensive at the alien nature of her arrival and surroundings, Najwa drew her pistol and readied it. Like her namesake, the Lioness silently approached the source of what she was almost certain was breathing, passing through several chambers before reaching the wide arch that gave way to an expansive hall. The mountains that broke through the thick haze beyond narrow carvings in the stone were unlike any she had seen across her homeland.

A few steps further and she was met with the locus of her unease. He... It- had its back to her and sat in the center of a pool of sand, neatly surrounded by the dregs of seeds and... what smelled like sap? The Gwinyai brothers told tales of mtyholi, devils of the jungle, that drew power from terrible places. This thing, that seemed to be both living and dead, must be one of them.

Najwa stood nearly ten yards away, weapon up and pointed at the center of its back. Finger on the trigger and alert for the slightest provocation, she called out in Xhosa.

"Did you bring me here? What is this place?"
In The Meatspin 15 days ago Forum: Arena Roleplay
while replete with jargon and no out right attacks having launched, plenty has happened to make the environment deadly.
In The Meatspin 20 days ago Forum: Arena Roleplay
we're more of the notion that it's the writing, and not the ability per se, that dictates success.
In The Meatspin 20 days ago Forum: Arena Roleplay
while none of the faultverse has been destroyed out right, its interior galactic bodies were wiped out by ENDER's increase of the gravitational constant. couple that with the large quasar group that struck the white hole, the faultverse is a very hostile environment right now.

your character isn't in the faultverse proper? if so they're bound to face the barrier put up in the last post.
In The Meatspin 20 days ago Forum: Arena Roleplay
is your character capable of decoding messages along the em spectrum? if so i'll create a broadcast for you as well.
In The Meatspin 20 days ago Forum: Arena Roleplay
the first round of posts are done with circ, so no.
In The Meatspin 20 days ago Forum: Arena Roleplay
this is the collected encrypted messages broadcast by the white hole.

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A multiverse apart...

Zlalmaw Zfani
88 AU from Terr-S35Y

Crowned around this world sits the Ishkgi ring, a colossal construct used to transfer the planet to an unfamiliar orbit. It acts as an anchor in the K'isti; one of millions used to travel the breadth of the Zlalmaw Gizati, the Eternal Empire.

It is filthy with parasites, stellar worms grown swollen as they leach off of the ring's energy. If ignored, they could eventually misalign the K'isti and cause untold chaos as voyagers find themselves ejected billions of years from their destination, or hurtling into the heart of a star as they fell from the bleed of superluminal travel.

A slurry of translucent protoplasma is exuded from vents along the ring's broad expanse. It propels itself through gravitational flux and undulates towards the nearest stellar worm. It envelops the organic mass, undergoing rapid cellular mutation as it begins the process of harvesting all energies and returning them to the K'isti. Similar slurries are ejected elsewhere to never complete their task; their hindrance nothing more than a bubble. A very particular bubble.

The bubble, an oscillating glome birthed from entropy, ascends and with its entry catalyzed the conversion of existence to a true vacuum. Geometries distort as the Greisman-Zatsepin-Kuzmin limit is ruptured with the sudden introduction of dark energy and an unknown force. Reality is violently rent through total protonic reversal then suffused into a grander magnitude of chaos.

10,000,000 AB
The Aggregate of No Dimension

Alone, in perfect self-contentment, exists the Absolute. Perpetuity manifest, the Absolute basks in its lack of imagination. Impeded by egoism, the Absolute was incapable of conceiving of anything other than itself and this reflected in its dominion; an infinitesimally small yet impossibly lustrous bead. It soliloquized in onanistic praise with bursts of low, monotonous tinkling.

"It is fathomless ecstasy! It occupies all, and all is it! One yet all, all yet one! Such splendor!"

Its luster faded as it was submerged into matterless void where billowing masses pulsed from one vague shape to another. It plummeted past effulgent spirals of quintessence and bled into something beyond existence. Neatly condensed, the Absolute is consumed.

Mt. Takao, Japan Earth-B21X

"Ojii-san! I'm hungry!"

Beads of sweat roll down the gleaming pate of Seijuro Taniguchi as he plods along his scurrying grandson, hand in hand. The boy waves a toy katana as menacingly as he can, giggling with delight. He enjoys hiking with his grandfather; it meant picnics with all the sweets he could eat.

They stop at a series of benches and take a much-needed break. Seijuro dabs at his forehead with a handkerchief and basks in a cool breeze. His grandson runs happily into a field of soft grass, singing with each swing of his mighty blade.

"Delicious sweets! For you and me!"

Seijuro looks through the basket he'd brought and removes a small bundle wrapped in cloth. He opens it and pops a morsel into his mouth. Setting the bundle aside, he produces a watermelon and goes about cutting it.

"Keichii," the old man calls out having lost sight of the boy. There is no reply. "I've got
your favorite candied persimmons." He grows anxious at the continued silence and rises with an aged groan. Reaching the clearing, he rushes with a yell as he sees the thrashing form of his grandson.

"Help! Someone help!" the old man pleads as he swaddles the tiny frame in his arms, flecks of spit soaking into cotton. Seijuro clings to the child as clenched eyes burst open and in them was reflected..

Local Void

Engulfed in a field of its own spacetime, the beam had bored through countless AUs at transluminal speeds. Aberrant energies roiled, having dispersed none along its trajectory towards the core of a naked Kerr black hole. Spacetime is cast aside as it tunnels through the singularity, down a multiversal fault and into an adjacent universe along the nexus, B21X.


Alone, adrift in the wake of protonic decay is a crown, awash in crimson. Beyond time, the corpses of Titans sit like jewels set in morbid tapestry. Gods old and new had fallen in the 10^100 years since the crown-bearer's awakening. Might and cunning had failed them and with their passing, boredom grew. It reflected on its birth pangs. Having undergone complete subatomic breakdown, what had been Keichii Taniguchi struggled to bind its consciousness to a singular vessel. By way of energies it had yet to come across in its timeless travels, Keichii had been seeded into the subconscious of a multiversal cluster. Trapped within quantum uncertainty. The more of himself he perceived, the greater his capacity to experience and contain grew. Humans often numb to chronic pain but no respite was to be had at the hands of multiversal expansion.

Its omnipresent attention was suddenly aroused at the sensation of something at the edge of its dread awareness. The fluctuation and dilation of Time across infinity was but a stream to play in. It pierced the ken of Its being and perceived an object of its endless desire. Now surging with an azure brilliance, the crown-bearer stirred and with its motions a white hole was birthed into the Faultverse. Electromagnetic waves cascaded forth in a staccato of octaves, towards blight and brilliance.
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