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Current Not my own words, but: "Enjoy memes and have a good time online, but develop a solid sense of self-worth that is rooted in a reality that doesn't disappear when the battery charge is empty."
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The spam. It hurts.
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Yeah, and you're under arrest, pal.
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If @Goldeagle1221's in, I'm in!
To destroy your enemies all you need is the power to do so and the means of efficiently delivering that force

A gun sure does the trick.
Tentatively interested - not entirely convinced about the ‘multiple 1x1s inside one setting’ format. I think there’s a lot of pressure on you as the GM to keep plots moving and to feed players quality NPCs to work with. Otherwise, characters are sort of running around like headless chickens.
The A10 is also purely designed as a close-support, ground-attack aircraft. That big GAU is meant to strafe targets on the ground, flying at a low speed.
It isn’t at all an air-superiority fighter like the frame it inspired.

But regardless, I didn’t realize how off-the-rails we were going with this RP. I like mechs, and they definitely require some suspension-of-disbelief to enjoy them, but I was also hoping that the semantics and combat would be more believable.
Could you clarify what you’re looking for, exactly? You say you’re in need of a GM but seem to already have the foundation of a setting and narrative premise laid out. Traditionally, that’d make you the GM - are you looking for a co-GM to share the workload?

One thing to keep in mind is not to get stuck in the ‘worldbuiling phase.’ RPs die before they start because people stress minutiae and background details and keep adding more and more superficial elements without actually getting the RP started.

The most important thing in a RP should be the characters, as it is in traditional novels and literature. And players are responsible for those characters.
<Snipped quote by Aptrgangr>

So the Halo 2 SMG in effect?

More like: 0:19-0:34

Obviously, it’ll be light and portable enough to fire without detriment to the frame’s mobility - thanks to rule-of-cool future tech™️
Guess I’m off to make a frame with a 120mm SMG firing Abrams tank sabot rounds it materializes from a 6,000-capacity pocket dimension. /s
The Zephyr is clearly inspired by fighter jets, based on its role and weaponry. Its gatling is a reference to the guns found on modern jet aircraft, like the M61 Vulcan series of rotary cannon on US planes. Thing is, the Vulcan is a 20mm cannon, easily mounted in the body of an aircraft, while the Zephyr is carrying a honking 90mm artillery cannon gatling. Definitely not a ‘stable,’ ‘lightweight’ weapon the description refers to. And forget about carrying anywhere near 7500 rounds.
A 90mm gatling, yikes. That’s like a gatling full of these.
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