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I have a RP, come check it out!


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Ok, time to check if anyone is still here.
@Aqua Fire CLEAR
If you don't respond, you're kicked off the roleplayu(That's what your supposed to do, right?)
The Scavangers
"We were hungry, we needed food." Asikari said.
(BTW, not gona be back until about a month.)
"Thx." Copi said.
(BTW, not gnna be back in about a month)
Just so you know, I'm not going to be her for about a month.
@Argus GoeHeer
Copi, surprised, nodded.
"How do you know, for I've never seen you before, at least, not that I know of." She said.
Copi, in her dragon form, was flying around the dimensions. She just joined, and needed training from someone,but she thought that wasn't important. Kit, her ferret, was hanging on Copi. He made noises to try to indicate anyone that she was here.
"Well, since I'm not sure how I got here, I guess I'm staying here for awhile." Copi said, getting up. "Umm.. Just wondering, would there be anyplace where I could sleep?"
"Uhh.. What's a 'Civilized Conversation'?" Adusa asked, then Asikari hit him with her paw.
"What he means is, we're glad to, but why?" She said.
The Scavangers
Asikari, Adusa, and Aba were terrified when the lion pounced on they're hiding place, Adusa the most terrified.
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