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Re watching Fullmetal Alchemists Brotherhood!!!!
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Catherine Lillasteen, the Assassin

@Jackson Monty

Catherine tilted her head a bit as Sylvanus looked to the tree with a grin as he talked to it like an old friend. Who knows what mushroom this guy had this morning, but she keep quiet.

Suddenly she hears a voice that is rough and very unnatural speaks. She turns her head to the voice and finds that it's coming from the tree.

"What in the world..."

Catherine says but is cut of as Sylvanus tells her to take a step back. The tree began to move, which sent her into a panic. She quickly slid of the roots with a groan as she remembers her arm. She lets out a hiss of pain then walks over to Sylvania with a limp in her step as she clutched her arm.

Catherine then looks back to the tree to find that it was standing on two legs and a face set in an old human grin. Her mouth dropped and turned to Sylvania with a tremble in her voice.

"How in hell is this possible?!"

Catherine Lillasteen, the Assassin

@Jackson monty

Catherine nodes as the old man agrees to have mushrooms for supper. It actually sounded pretty good instead of the crap she had to dig up around the castle. She actually couldn't remember a time when told sounded appetizing.

"Can you also make unions? Yeah that sounds good."

She licks her lips in content and looked back up to see the old man climbing down. He hopped of and she spotted the filth that tangled up in his long beard and hair. If he were less filthy, he could have once been described as handsome. Well maybe. Catherine thought as she eyed him up and down.

Suddenly he said her name. It was crisp as the words came to her ears, as if a bell went of in a school. How did this old man know her name? She didn't remember telling him it, and if she decided to she would have told him a fake name. Catherine shrugged and dismissed the question a little. She might have said it when she was passed out.

The man then started to introduce himself as Sylvanus and other nicknames she could pick from. Instead, she had a better one. She smirked and put her arm behind her head in a joking manor.

"Nah I think I'm gonna call you Gramps. You ok with that, Gramps?"

Catherine raised an eye brow suddenly as Sylvanus started to talk about fairys and some other stuff she really didn't care for. But nothing less, he was alright. When he stopped to wip something form his tonic he seemed to remember something. He then said the most weirdest thing he has said through there conversation. He was friend's with a tree?

She craked a half smile as she eyed him and his "friend". This guy was definitely crazy...

"You srious Gramps?"
Catherine Lillasteen, the Assassin

@Jackson monty

Catherine moved her hand over her stub of an arm and frowned. She quickly moved her hand from it, and straightened her back as she rest on the root beneath her and squinted her eyes to get a better look at the old man.

"I will tell you one thing sense you're so nosie. After I'm healed I'm going to make the person who done this to me wish he was never born."

She smirked as she looked down to the roots again as if lost in though in what to do to Levi. When trailed her eyes back up the tree in a new wonder. It had no scratches and was just gorgeous. She reached up and layer her palm out flat. She then turned her attention back to him.

"Anywho, what do you mean by healing trees? What else can you do?"

She might as well try and make I'm spill his guts but, that may not happen. Again she would try. He then mentioned death which set her lips rising to reveal a wolf's grin.

"If you do you'll pay the price Gramps, so I'd watch it."

Catherine Lillasteen, the Assassin

@Jackson monty

Catherine raised an eyebrow as the old man started to blab on about nuts and quils for what ever the reason was. She was about to say something but the man shrugged dismissing his thoughts and continued on. She growls with impatience and starts to drum her fingers on a root.

He had started to blab about three questions that took way to long to finally reach his lips. He may be crazy, as it seemed, because he asked pretty stupid questions. She bit her lip trying to find a way out of this, but we're would she go with her injurys? It was way to big a risk so she just sank deeper into the roots to be more comfortable. She clicked her tongue in defeat and crossed her legs as she lay on the roots.

"Well first off my arm doesn't concern you so don't ask. Second, I don't care what I eat, as long as it's not poisoned. And thirdly my favorite color is black. Now enough about me, who are you Gramps?"

She offered a forced smile as she waited for him to answer.

Catherine Lillasteen, the Assassin

@Jackson Monty

Catherine woke to soft melodies of a flute of some sorts and the feeling of her stub of an arm still burning with pain. Her face twitched with the effort to open her eyes and confront the flute player.

She didn't dare open her eyes though, and instead tried to take in the environment around her without sight. She took in a breath through her nose and found to smell sap and forest smells.

We're was she? And who took her here? Her mind raced back to when she was so very close to death and a man had scooped her up and now she was... Well we're ever she was.

Catherine opens her eyes slowly and almost thinks she is dreaming. An old man was playing a pan flute and He was in a tree. He looks way to skinny to even consider climbing one but here he is. But at least he didn't look dangerous.

She flicked her of blue eyes to her left side to see her arm patched up with spider silk like stuff. It sure was not gauze but at least it stopped her blood from spilling out.

She then turned her stare up to the man and barred her teeth and growls. "Who the hell are you? And were am i?!" She was about to try and take out one of her weapons and found that there were none. Oh just great, Catherine thought never taking her eyes off of the old man.

Cyrus Grove Edson, King of Woodgrove Castle


Cyrus rolled his eyes as Dante started destroying man after man with a smirk on his face, seemingly loving it. Cyrus had no idea how the foul was still alive with this attitude but why was he complaining? At least Dante was distracted giving Cyrus time to think about what to do with him. But Dante was the least of his worries because three knights started to surrounded Cyrus. Two slashed for his feet and one dove to his stomach. Before the three could land a blow to him he slashes his ancient sword towards them gutting them instantly. They fall to the ground with a clatter of swords and gurgle of blood. This was going to take a while, Cyrus thought and started to charge some others were Dante was going ballistic. Hopefully his children were safe.
@Overlord24 new character?

Name: Bain Camry

Role: He could be evil or not, but no one knows for sure

Age: 34

Appearance (Pic or description):

Personality: Bain is a man with many secrets and connections. He is very intelligent and knows everything you need to know about pretty much everything. He has made Many deals exchanging information for a task or other things depending on the information being provided. Many who need information and find him, never come out of it without paying a hefty price. So if you ever need information, be prepared to pay with your life.

Other: Bain also sees life as a game and tends to toy with others forcing them to do crazy things because they owe him.

@Im a huge mess@Ryougu@Blizz@Noodles

Newt tilted his head as he examined the out side of the school with sweat forming on the back of his neck. The school was unbelievable big which made him a little nervous. He had no idea were to go and there was way to many people for his liking, but that would change. Well hopefully, Newt thought as he began to walk into the school with a frown on his face.

When he walked in a sworn of people were either catching up with each other or just standing alone. Some looked as lost as he was, so at least he wasn't that stupid. He shrugged and decided to go ask for directions.

A man was standing by a door and was explaining to a bunch of girls about a crow of some sorts. Besides that he heard a bunch of talking coming from the room and decided to go inside."Weird..." Newt said under his breath as he began to walk in the room were the man was standing.

Inside the room it had many chairs lined up in rows and a woman with a crow perched next to her. Well it was in a glass jar. The crow was smoking a cigar which was rather odd but what was he expecting? This puzzled him but he just brushed it of and sat down to wait for the announcements to start.

The announcements were long and boring to say the least. Newt had almost fallen asleep, but when everyone started lining up in front of a the crow he quickly stood up to follow the other students. Why was everyone lining up? Suddenly a girl placed her hand on the glass surrounding the crow. As if on command the crow said some numbers and other information he could barely make out. The woman next to the crow started to write what ever the crow said down on her clip bored and motioned for the next person to come up. He groaned, This is going to take forever...

Finally it was Newts turn. The woman waved him over with out sparing a glance in his direction as she was still writing things down. Newt walked up and did as all the others had done placing a shaky hand on glass. The crow hesitated for a moment then said with what seemed to be a cough. "Transfer number #088: Newt Redfield. No health issues. Future Occupation: Diamond shield. "

Diamond shield? His shield was no wear near Diamond nor even near his mother's shield. The thought of his mother stinger a bit so he nodded and removed his hand from the glass, walking out of the room in such for some were to go. Mabey the cafeteria? Newt thought about trying to go his dorm, but he was next to the cafeteria so maybe later.

He opened the doors and earning a creak as the doors opened. He peered inside to see someone playing music and two others talking. Newt gulped and said with a some what steady voice, "Uhhh, hello?" His words were more of a question then a hello but right now he didn't know what he was doing so he just smiled awkwardly.
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