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Prepared for nothing, ready for anything.
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SMT4... Good times


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Well then, this is the first draft. Hope I didn't forget anything

I'm also working on a character, if possible I'd like to call dibs on nature magic.
Am i still in time and/or do you still have room for another player? If so I'd love to participate in this.
I should've asked sooner, cuz I'm confused. Is there people in different places? What the heck and where is happening?
Should have made this announcement sooner, but I'm considering to leave the guild. As such this roleplay, to my great shame, will be cancelled.
@Rockin Strings
I wonder... Doesn't happen everyday, after all.
@Letter Bee
Hmm, I agree with Ventus on this one. The goal was to reach 12 months, at least, right? We aren't there yet. So just purge/move a few plotlines so they only appear/become relevant later and you can focus on one thing at a time.

Also, hey, I'm still here.
I'd hope so xD
How does one even rotate out of the way of lightning? That's not how lightning works... Or electricity in general :'(
Boreas listened attentively to Hueco's information. As the rest of the group headed east, he lagged behind a little. Once he deemed the others to be at a safe distance, he interrupted the circling swing with a sharp jerk in the opposite direction and cut off the electricity. Repeating this proces, Boreas swung the barbed wire whip back and forth, creating an S-shaped danger zone that struck at his own armored sides. It was a little less refined, but it made moving backwards a little easier now that he didn't have to worry about keeping a circle of maiming angled properly.

Once he rejoined the group, he gave a quick shout. "Don't we have anything big to take care of the lot of them?"
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