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In Ravnica: A Magic RP 28 May 2017 21:38 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Ohhh xD
Like that, yeah. It was Vuu'kraaz, by the way, I should also consider what to do with her... Would be a shame to just kill her off...
But yeah, Selesnya character, coming up.
In Ravnica: A Magic RP 28 May 2017 21:26 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Vraska...? What about her? Also, only thing I plan to change to Boris is the creature list and the spell list.

As for the question about the Azorius/Selesnya mage, that'd be a new character altogether.

Hyrule Castle City

Tournament Grounds

@Sho Minazuki

Armostos observed "Gornfliti's" match closely, once more seeing the oddly moving lightning as it seemed to bounce onto the ground and right at the Rito. The match was over way faster than his own, contributing to the strength his opponent-to-be was rumored to possess. It was certainly odd how the lightning seemingly bounced from the ground, but that wasn't his primary concern. It was the defense the Goron had maintained while the lightning moved, that'd be hard to get past.

It seemed there would be some time before his match with "Gornfliti", so Armostos decided to head on over to a smith for some much needed repairs. He paid a good buck for the repairs. Throwing his shield had brought him victory, but the move came at a (literal) cost, as Armostos had ripped through the strap in order to be quick enough, so he had new straps put on the shield. He also had his armor checked and repaired where necessary, Zaruud's blow was bound to have done some damage. Sighing in relief as his gear was repaired in no time flat, Armostos left a tip and returned to the tournament.

Once he returned, Armostos once more polished his sword to perfection and did a few stretches (mostly for show, since he didn't really need to stretch). Now that he was all geared up and ready, Armostos was rearing to go. He was planning to win the next fight too, of course, but this time, there was a lady to motivate him even further.
Root for Armostos~
Can't have him lose the match and have his date lose interest in him, can we now? xD
In Ravnica: A Magic RP 27 May 2017 21:18 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Seeing the mob heading for Vultana, Boris couldn't help but show a sorrowful smile. Perhaps this'll satisfy her urge to party... Probably not. With a less sorrowful and more enthusiastic smile, Boris yelled for Vultana. "Tough spot. If you survive this bout, you should come find me!"

After the statement, Boris sent his Gnarled Scarhide to stall Lute, before ducking into an alleyway. After turning the corner, Boris summoned another minotaur to block passage into the alleyway; a Deathbellow Raider. The creature let out a loud cry as it appeared, clearly rearing to fight. It seemed, however, that he was just getting pumped up for now, waiting in the appointed position to block passage into the alleyway. (Summoning sickness )

Boris, quickly but carfully made his way through the maze-like system of alleyways, ever so ready to shoot down any pesky angels that might try to follow him, as he lightly tapped the strings of the guitar, playing a soothing tune. When Boris deemed himself to be a good ways away, he took a deep breath before starting a small sprint, jumping on containers and similar obstacles to once more make his way to the rooftops. Once on the rooftops, still ready to take care of any pursuers, Boris started jumping from roof to roof, swiftly making his way back to the point where he'd enter Rix Maadi, the guild hall that served as his "safe" house.
In Ravnica: A Magic RP 27 May 2017 20:48 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Well, since @Apollosarcher seems to have been online 2 hours ago, and the question was posed 4 hours ago, I'll assume he's read it and I'll just have Boris leave the scene.

On another note, I'm considering a Selesnya character, or perhaps Azorius with Selesnya colors. Either way, let me know if its okay with you.
Elise, Golden rogue

@Darkmoon Angel @Lucius Cypher

Elise was relieved to find out the queen wouldn't be angered by the groups (Rochelle's) less-than-polite response to her question. While she was relieved to find this, Elise also felt a bit guilty for not having a better response. She had just been getting up, when a guard rushed in from outside and relayed his message to the queen. "My queen, assassins... Right outside the palace, a large group of them!"

Perfect timing. Elise cursed in herself before turning to the queen. "It seems I'm proven wrong, already. I'm not sure if these lowlifes are forces of darkness, but I wouldn't consider this fight to be time wasted. I'll fight alongside your guards, if you'll have me." Turning to Malkai with a sly smirk, she continued. "Seems you get to make true on your words, orc. There's bad guys to be stomped out there."

Without paying too much mind if anyone followed or not, Elise turned and prepared to confront the mob. As if she had just remembered something crucial, she turned and looked Michele in the eye, leaning in close to the queensguard. "You're not wrong. I don't consider myself a hero, anyway, but I can fight, and that's just what I'll do." With a satisfied grin, Elise once more turned and walked back to where the guard had said the mob would be. With her hands on her weapons, ready to draw them at moment's notice, Elise mumbled one more thing.

"Looking forward to working with you all."
@Darkmoon Angel
Well well well, then. This oughtta be good.
Fubuki Sayaka
Abandoned Warehouse
23/7/2015, Thursday

@Sho Minazuki

"Err, hold up, who's joining what now?" Fubuki instantly returned as she was assumed to join. "You've got yourself a nice hideout and all, though I personnely wouldn't place a huge mirror in the middle of the room, but what is it you want me to join, now?" Confusion was written plainly on her face, being asked to join some odd group after intruding wasn't exactly common, to her. She seemed to ponder things a moment before grabbing a chair and sitting down casually, with confidence as if she owned the place.

"Why don't we sit down, and then you tell me exactly what it is you do here, and what I'm supposed to be joining?" Fubuki once again paused a moment, clearly expecting Rui to sit down. As she waited, she sized him up thoroughly. "You know, for a guy from a dream you don't actually seem all that dreamy, though I guess you wouldn't know about someone else's fever dreams."

Fubuki quickly realized how odd that sounded, and suddenly remembered a good chunk of ethics. Though she wasn't planning to act all proper and ladylike, she figured some pieces were still fairly relevant. "Ah, right. I know I botched the order on this one, but my name's Sayaka Fubuki. My mum always told me introductions are important, so there you go. So, what's yours and what is it you're trying to trick me into buying?"
Momo was lounging on the couch reading a book when she heard the distress call. She doubted for a moment whether she should go, worried she might only get in the way. After a brief few seconds she got up and grabbed her gear. There goes my night off. As much as she disliked the Grimm, duty called, and it would be unlike her to ignore it. Grabbing hold of Diana, she paused for a moment. Momo shuddered at the thought of fighting Grimm, the adrenaline would make every second feel like it were more.

I'll make it back. She thought, taking a deep breath. I always have. Besides, Solaire is there, and several other hunters should be on their way. As she stepped outside, Momo took a moment to properly supress her nervosity before getting on her motorcycle and making her way to Vasim as fast as she could. Every second counted if there was a chance survivors would be there.

The sound of sirens in the distance was eerie, despite being painfully familiar, and haunted Momo from the moment she got remotely close to Vasim. "If only I'm in time... she mumbled, decelerating. Parking her motorcycle with trained rapidity, Momo drew Diana immediately after. Her approach was far from stealthy, though masked by the noise of the sirens, and would probably have several Grimm swarming her within too long. Dashing into the city, Momo immediately entered an alleyway, barricading the entrance with a wall of her her semblance's traps.

In the alleyway, Momo quickly started scaling the wall, hoping the roof would make for a decent vantage point. With a bit of aura-enhance prowess, Momo soon made it on top of the roof. She knew very well that seeing also came at the cost of being seen, and several Grimm on the ground below indeed seemed quite aware of her now she was on top of the roof. A few roofs further ahead she could see a nevermore, facing three hunters. Figuring they'd be fine, Momo used the rooftops to make her way through the city, partially unhindered. She occasionally turned and slashed, leaving traps to repel enemies as she scanned the area for survivors.

And as she'd anticipated, the adrenaline pumping through her veins made everything appear sickeningly slow. Every passing glance at the red of the blood painting the street felt like minutes of staring at the disgusting scene. The monstrous figures of the Grimm, the blood-red streets and the disgusting slowness of it all, caused all alarm bells inside Momo to go off, complementing the deafening alarm outside, all issuing the same suggestion; run. As much as she would've liked to, she didn't run, she had her reasons, thus she continued scouring the bloodstained streets for signs of non-Grimm life.

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