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Sorry, school's been a real chore. I'll make sure to post before Sunday's over
Welp, guess I'll just put my votw in democracy, then.
I'd like to sign up for this, I'd be looking to play a sapient undead caster. I'll whip up a CS soonish.
I'm afraid it doesn't look that way. Assuming @ManyThings and @1Charak2 are still around, and still intent on taking Lancer and Berserker, respectively, they're filling up the last spots... That's also why the RP is set to Full, rather than Apply, right now.
Jeanne, Inferno Magus

"I'm aware it's far from a complete plan, I merely figured I'd state the possibility. Ideally, I'd like to avoid fighting in a forest, but I'm well aware of the advantage it may offer to others."

Jeanne merely nodded at Aksha and Orson's objection, it wouldn't be her first- or main plan, either. She'd keep it as a solid plan C, though, or as a countermeasure, if the forest was part of an enemy servant's noble phantasm. Sadly, they lacked any such concrete information, which complicated the matter severely, much to her frustration. C'est la vie. Jeanne resigned, and stood up to follow as people began to leave the director's room. Though no plan had really been discussed yet, they'd more than likely come up with one after the summoning, or perhaps when they arrived at the village... Better sooner than later, though. Once they arrived at the village it couldn't possibly be long before they were noticed.

On their way to the large hall, an elderly man in a black tuxedo came over to the group. He gave a slight bow and wordlessly extended his arms, a large, rectangular satchel held in his hands. Jeanne took it and gave an approving nod to the man, smiling a bit as she praised him on a job well done. "Good work as always, James. Tell the family I'll be away for a while, again... On business, this time." It was a simple command, and once Jeanne was finished, the man, James apparently, bowed again and began his walk back outside. He wasn't a very talkative servant, but apparently he did his job well. And, with her catalyst now in her hands, Jeanne too was ready for the summoning ritual.

Once they'd arrived at the hall, Jeanne took a moment to take in the sight of the large summoning circles, and to appreciate the sound of a piano, which she hadn't heard in longer than she'd like to admit. As the piano suddenly fell quiet, Jeanne snapped back to reality, just in time to watch the first summoning rituals be performed. Confidently, she stepped forward to another one of the circles. She was done with introductions, so Monica and Mr. King's introductions were inconsequential to her right now. She'd remember their names, but summoning her servant would come first. She removed the satchel from the rectangular object within, a manuscript from the looks of it, and put the book in the circle, then took a step back. As if second nature, Jeanne began chanting. Her voice wasn't particularly quieter or louder than it had been before, instead keeping the same, regal tone as the words flowed from her mouth, coming quickly and easily.

"Let silver and steel be the essence.
Let stone and the archduke of contracts be the foundation,
Let white be the color I pay tribute to.
Let rise a wall against the wind that shall fall.
Let the four cardinal gates close.
Let the three-forked road from the crown reaching unto the Kingdom rotate...
Let it be filled.
Let it be filled fivefold for every turn, simply breaking asunder with every filling.

Let it be declared now;
your flesh shall serve under me, and my fate shall be with your blade.
Submit to the beckoning of the Holy Grail.
Answer, if you would submit to this will and this truth."

A good moment of silence followed, and Jeanne grew a little worried. Was it possible she had misspoken? ...Just as soon as she accepted the possibility, another flux of power coursed through the air, which left Jeanne recoiling. She'd been prepared for it earlier, but when doubt set in, she'd lowered her guard. Still, unfortunate as getting blasted in the face with a strong wind is, it did mean she had been successful in her summoning after all. She wasn't the first present to successfully summon a servant, nor would she be the last, but it filled her with a little pride all the same... Then doubt came back. Instead of the monstrous man she'd expected to summon, was a scrawny-looking man in neat clothing. While this man was probably the same as the one she'd tried to summon, it would have to be the other half, and even then Jeanne had expected him to be a little more... buffed up. He didn't look like a fighter at all.

In the same way Jeanne had been observing the servant she'd summoned, her servant was observing her. Before Jeanne had completed evaluating her summoning process, her servant sighed, already having reached a conclusion. "Assassin, huh? ...I see, so that's how it is. Are you to be my master?" Surprised at Assassin's seeming disappointment, Jeanne merely nodded, after which Assassin continued. "I must apologize to you then, master. I'm Assassin, yet I'm no murderer, unlike him... And I must confess I'd rather not let him take the reins." As Assassin stated his woes, Jeanne's couldn't help but show some concern. "So you won't kill?" "No." Assassin's answer was quick and resolute, which was unfortunate, but not entirely unexpected. "Even if my life depends on it?" This, Assassin didn't have a quick answer to, but his doubts were written plainly on his face. "I understand your objections, but I will have no choice but to rely on you in the future, so please at least consider it." Assassin didn't verbally respond, but his troubled expression did nothing to hide the fact he had heard her and was thinking on her words. If push came to shove Jeanne could always use a command seal, but that'd be both inefficient and extremely unfair towards Assassin, so if there was a way this could at all be avoided, that'd be the desirable outcome.

Undoubtedly, these two were in for a rough time.
We'll get (out of) there... Eventually.
Jeanne, Inferno Magus

Jeanne listened intently to the discussion between Joachim and Director Orson, she was no expert on wounds, so their guesses were as good as hers... Probably better, even. She took quick mental notes about the key points of the conversation; The wounds were irregular, so probably caused either by several different entities, or alternatively a random application of extreme force... Then there was the matter of allies. The Branfords' son was likely in cahoots with the greys, and the greys themselves seemed quite skilled in manipulating other people's minds, which was a little worrisome. What could you trust if not yourself, after all? ...Luckily, or perhaps sadly, Jeanne was a skilled pyromancer first and foremost. She couldn't do too much about illusions... Not without a lot of preparation at least, but she could deal with forests quite well. Not to mention that if it wasn't natural, people probably wouldn't miss it right?

"So there's probably either a berserker waiting in this forest, or an entire pack of something I'd rather not tangle with... Still, if we're willing to abandon a bit of subtlety, we could just burn the forest down and smoke out whatever is inside."

It was... Quite a bold suggestion, though perhaps that was expected from a pyromancer. She didn't honestly think people would agree with this plan, either, but as her late father had thought her; it was better to have a plan and not need it, than it was to need a plan and not have one... Or in a layman's terms; it was better to speak up. Much to Jeanne's irritation at this point, another person entered in the middle of her sentence. She waited a moment for another round of introduction, but when luckily none seemed to come, she gave a quick nod to the man, and settled for stating her name instead of doing the full spiel again.

"Jeanne-Marie Edevane, or Joan-mary if you'd prefer. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."
@Protean Pair I made the changes, and had a buddy of mine draft a picture for the rabbit. If this is all good, shall I post the CS in the Char tab?

@Protean Pair
Steady hands/Precision would mostly be an increase in... Well, precision, it's not so much overall dexterity, but more the ability to quickly aim for small areas, as with pole vaulting whereby you must place the pole on the ground at the right place and time whilst running as fast as you can, in order to be able to jump properly. I wouldn't expect a big boost out of this, little more than steady hands, since she'd only have had a year and a few months to practice.

I suppose the flexibility would be more like someone who does yoga. Though I was thinking of how rabbits were flexible rather, which has to do with their spines beind a rather long. Again, I don't expect much out of this either, just some slight improvements in the ability to stretch and twist. I believe limber would be the word for it.

Now, a few questions pertaining these gifts, which I dig, by the way;
1a. Does the jumping mean I can jump on clouds, were I to somehow get up there?
1b. What kind of intangible surfaces would I be looking to jump off of? Are you at liberty to give examples?
2a. Does the demon rabbit look demonic, if no, can it?
2b. Does the demon rabbit eat only carrots or does it also eat meat and flesh?
2c. Will I be RPing the rabbit myself, or would you? I'm cool either way, but I figured it'd be useful to know.
3. Does it cost anything to create these carrots, like do I give up some of the nutrients in my body to create them, do I magically steal them from a farm without knowing, or do they really just magically appear?

As a side note to the sentitive ears, I meant to refer to the physical aspect of the ears, rather than the hearing part, she'd already have Keen Hearing for that part, after all.
@Protean Pair
Well, in that case I'd like;
-Enhanced leg strength
-Enhanced (reaction) speed
-Keen hearing
-Steady Hands/Precision
-Admirable Flexibility

...If those are fine with you. I'll also add a few minor negative quirks that won't be too significant, such as "Sensitive ears" or "strange craving for carrots" if that's cool with you.
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