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A Royale With Cheese

Canal District, Opposite side of the Canal from the Cite

Jackson could feel Jangar suddenly in grave danger.

"Jangar get out of-"

It was too late. He could hear the awful noise of a fist being thrust through a chest just a few feet away, blood splattering on the road. He covered his mouth, dropping the doll he had been working on. He slide down the wall of the building he had been leaning on as his Servant's presence began to fade from the world. As Berserker wound up for the final blow he sent a message to the Lancer...

"I...I'm sorry Jang...we were ill-prepared. It's all my fault. I leapt before looking. I find your home in the next life..."

The awful sound of a head exploding shook the American to his very core. It seemed his dream of a united world had been dashed upon rue along with his Servant's visceral remains before dissolving into nothing. He held his breath, all to aware that just feet away there was an exceptionally powerful Berserker who could make quick work of him. He sat, quaking in fear, praying.

My world...


The Bleeding Moon

Core District, near the Residentail District

Honda kicked his spear out of the ground, the ground offering no resistance to it's incredibly sharp blade. He began to spin it. He felt honoured to be face to face with someone from his era, even if they were from an enemy clan. He had never encountered Yukimura in life, but had learned of his exploits and his successful defence of Osaka Castle. Honda himself had accomplished a similar feat. Maybe in another life they would have been close friends. Still, the inkling of camaraderie he had with the samurai before him did not mean he would hold back. Far from it in fact. So far he's had two unsatisfactory fights in this Grail War, both where he was forced onto the defensive by overwhelming attacks. Now it was his turn to go on the offensive. Although the feats of the Last Samurai were impressive, Honda knew for a fact he wouldn't have anything that could resist a decisive blow from a legendary weapon.

"Since you already know who I am, there's no reason to not lead with this..."

He charged the Six Coins Rider, spinning the spear quickly like a buzzsaw and looking to slice the Servant in half. This was his Noble Phantasm and an elegantly simple one at that. During his military service he had obsessively maintained his spear, sharpening it whenever he got the opportunity, sometimes for hours on end. This rendered the cutting edge so thin that a dragonfly landing on it would be split in twain. The blade was deadly sharp as is, but this unlocked it's true legendary cutting potential. The very air around Rider would be sliced as razor winds would close in on him.


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A Royale With Cheese

Canal District, Opposite side of the Canal from the Cite

Andrews silently cursed to himself as he cobbled together a wicker doll with some dog hair in it. He had just begun the incantation to contract a demon of hellfire when Jangar reached out to him.

"Sorry, I'm a few hundred meters away between buildings. Try to keep the collateral damage to a minimum. You need healing, don't you?"

He took out a a vial of sand and dumped it onto the ground in front of him. He quickly drew something that resembled a stick figure holding his hands up. It was Yeii, or the Talking God, a benevolent protector deity healers invoked through sandrawings. In truth all he was doing was a basic healing spell with an extra step, but this allowed him to heal at a distance by tying the ritual to the ground Jangar was standing on. Waves of healing energy would momentarily snake across the ground and shoot up through Jangar's feet. Andrews put the vial back into his coat next to the remaining ones he had. He'd have to be careful not use them up.

"Try to keep it busy. The Master might fatigue and retreat. If not, I'll have some demonfire cooked up to roast 'em. Just hold out for...a little less than a minute?"

He took a breath and restarted his contracting...

"Please let my world be realised..."

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A Royale With Cheese

Canal District, Opposite side of the Canal from the Cite

Andrews had some things prepared as his bird touched down next to him. He acted quickly. In each of the eagle's claws he put a small wicker doll. The wicker dolls contained a centuries old curse of immolation. A Germanic criminal law called the Constitutio Criminalis Carolina allowed witchcraft to be an offense punishable by being burned at the stake. The curse was developed by European Witches who wanted to exact revenge on their oppressors by subjecting them to the same fate as their sisters. By contracting a fire demon it caused whoever, or in this case whatever, cursed to burst into flames in a grand pyre until all that was left wa ash. While the fire couldn't be directed by normal means it did envelope a wide area which Andrews felt was useful in combat. The wicker dolls themselves contained the hair of a dog, the being that was cursed. The dogs were long dead but the effect on them would remain until their proxy bodies we completely destroyed. A simple reinforcement spell on the wicker dolls made it so the pyre lasted a while longer. He shoved a similar doll down the eagle's throat, containing the same curse but also wearing an amulet. The amulet was the last step in a Navajo ritual of curse transference, should the eagle get close enough to the master.

Lastly he smeared some clay on one of the wings of the eagle. This was part of a Navajo tradtion called a vision quest. Typically it was a rite of passage taken by a young man to recieve a vision. To do this he must first be allowed permission to step onto a spiritual path from a medicine man. Since Andrews technically qualified he could grant this permission. Through experimentation he found he could isolate different portions of the ritual for different effects provided it was in service of a vision. In this case he was giving his familiar a vision of justice, to avenge the innocents killed by the Berserker, through her Master's orders. After being set onto a spiritual path, mana more easily flowed through a person in order to better attune them with the rhythyms of nature. Andrews found that, much like how the universe has a background radiation that can be seen on a tv screen as magic, the universe's mana also had something akin to background radiation. Even in places where mana was scarce, traces existed. A side effect of this was that people, animals and objects could be masked this background radiation, making their own mana signatures harder to discern from the mana around them. With the amount of bloodshed, the population density, the proximity of a magus's workshop, the proximity of another servant he hoped that this was enough for his eagle to go unnoticed by Berserker. He didn't have anything to disguise it's appearance but he hoped this would be enough.

"Go Liberty, avenge."

The eagle took off silently across the water, and if it made the crossing unscathed, would fly right over Berserker's magus. Andrews had seen the building where the magus had ducked behind for cover. If the eagle passed over, it would drop one of it's wicker dolls, the curse would trigger and an expanding pyre to fall on top of Madhisi.


The Bleeding Moon

Core District, near the Residentail District

After a brief reprieve and talk with Saber, Honda was leaping from building to building, looking for an opponent. Nearing the Core District he spotted a familiar face.

"I'll be damned..."

The Samurai Among Samurai leapt down in front of The Last Sengoku Hero, giving a hearty laugh.

"Fancey seeing you here, Sanada, Samurai of the Toyotomi Clan, Crimson Demon of War. I heard of many of your exploits during our era. A shame we never got to cross blades. "

He gave his spear a twirl and plunged it into the ground in front of him, not a sign of submission but rather a display of a relaxed demeanor.

"Worry not for your Master. By your oath I shall now harm a hair on their head. This night I only seek battle from worthy opponents. But before we raise arms against one another how about we, as the people of the current era say, 'catch up'?"

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A Royale With Cheese

Canal District, Opposite side of the Canal from the Cite

Andrews exhaled, having been saved by his Servant at the last minute.

"Thank you. Take care of him..."

He quickly ducked down the rue they were standing at the mouth of, putting some buildings between himself and the fight that was about to commence. He placed his back to a wall and mentally called back his familiar. Berserker's Master had been just outside his range. Had he been a few feet closer, or possibly using a more modern weapon (damn his sense of aesthetic) he could have possibly taken her out. No matter, she had looked worse for wear. Berserker's mana requirements were taking a toll. If Lancer could outlast Berserker, he might not even have to draw blood himself. However it was better safe then sorry. He reestablished a boundary and began formulating a plan to close the gap.


The Bleeding Moon

Ritz Hotel, Core District

Honda leapt back up the hotel room where Dietrich was to. He flashed him a cocky grin.

"I must say, I am quite impressed by your performance. Had a soldier such as yourself been around in my time and corner of the globe I certainly wouldn't have made it to retirement. A shame the Berserker fled, but any battle you can walk away from unscathed is a win in my books."

The general chuckled as he slung his spear over his back and turned his back to the knight.

"I propose a contest. I sense the presence of many servants close by. It seems we are in the middle of a battlefield. I suggest we split up and see what kinds of action we can get ourselves into, see who can fell the most foes by the end of the night. Loser buys drinks tomorrow. And should an unfortunate fate come to either of us, then we should promise to drink for the one that fell."

He turned back and smirked.

"What say you, honoured knight?"

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A Royale With Cheese

Canal District, Opposite side of the Canal from the Cite

Andrew's was awestruck by the power that Ruler displayed. He had just walked up to the enemy mage's workshop and casually upended all of their boundaries. He momentarily worried that the Ruler had removed his own boundary but was relieved when he saw it was still intact. He had watched as Ruler addressed the mage that had entered the Cite not too long ago, likely an ally of the owner of the workshop. It appeared that Ruler had taken mercy on them and headed inside to confront the true offender. He pondered for a second what a mage could have done to warrant a visit from Ruler the second night.

Probably has something to do with that ruined McDonald's. Although why come to them now? Maybe they did something else tonight...

Andrew's sighed and readied his rifle, aiming down the sights at the Madhisi, who was now out in the open. She didn't even have the protection of a nearby boundary anymore.

"Lancer, deal with the Servant."

He fires...

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The Bleeding Moon

Ritz Hotel, Core District

Honda gapped at the sheer power displayed by Dietrich, the Saber. He had fought against the Berserker defensively but this swordsman just came in and sent the dark knight flying.

He dropped down from the building, landing on the street, observing where Berserker landed. He held his spear at a downward angle in front of his body, a defensive stance as he walked towards Berserker's impact zone, shifting slightly to the right to allow Dietrich to confront the Berserker head-on.

This is the Saber my Master wants me to kill...

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