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canonically speaking, the most powerful DMC character is the woman who convinced Virgil to have unprotected sex with a human
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whatever it is you're doing it wrong
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sorry, sharing a pie? Piece was never an option
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Show me an aesthetic better than Lego Rock Raiders. Go on. I'll wait.


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Saber of Black

Near the Radio Tower

Saber of Black looked up at his companion, who was currently having some kind of arrow battle with the enemy Archer.

"You'd think you two would have the decency to get in each other's faces and beat the hell out of each other. But if you're comfortable in your little sniper's nest I don't mind having to take care of the canon fodder."

Saber took up his sword and ran into the woods, hoping to intercept the enemy Archer or one of her allies.

"Come out and plaaaaaay!"

He swung his blade at trees as he passed, clear cutting the forest as he went.

Saber of Black

Kullervo was in a bad mood. He had only been brought back to the mortal realm a few days ago and already he couldn't stand the smell. He had nothing but contempt for the modern people. He hated how they lived comfortably never having to worry about rocks in their bread.

He had decided to follow his team's Archer to the mining outpost on the outskirts of town. He wanted something to slice up, though he wasn't ready to show his hand just yet. Although Kullervo was no master tactician he had conducted war before and found it better to not give the enemy too much information. So that's why he was here, arms crossed and leaning against the base of the telegram tower his fellow servant had perched on top of.

Philoctetes, eh? Another victim of cruel misfortune.

He didn't think much of his teammate. Oh sure, he was powerful and would have no problem dispatching foes from afar, but that was the extent of his opinion. Kullervo wasn't here to make friends. Actually none of the servants were, but Kullervo himself was particularly fixated on the magical wish granting device. Why? He himself wasn't even sure.

He picked his sword up and started running his one taloned hand up and down its edge. He admired the weapon's craftsmanship, the kind of weapon that could only be forged by a god.

It thirsts...

Exhaling out of boredom he looked up at his companion.

"Find anything worthy killing yet?"
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