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Pride is over now time for gay wrath
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Dont call yourself a real gamer unless you've played all the Winx Club games
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Listen here; nobody 'moderates' me. I allow people to feel like they have power over me.
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Dont talk to me unless you know at least 10 bionicle facts


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The Dee

Fuyuki City - 1994

@Grey@GreenGoat@King Cosmos

Dee pushed his glasses up and with a gesture his angel familiars moved to new positions around the young man. He casually strolled up to the prone youth.

"Your salvation it seems. Can you tell us what went down here?"

He eyed his companions.

"I suggest one of you scout around to eliminate anymore would be interlopers."

The Dee

John Dee came to. He adjusted one of his gloves and pushed his glasses up his nose. The paper falling fown from the rooftops were reflected in his lenses. He quickly snatched one from the air and read it over.

"Hmmph, fancies himself a Master Thief, eh? So bold to reveal his identity so liberally."

He crumpled the paper up and threw it behind his shoulder.

"We can assume Lupin is of the Assassin class. By the glory of God, his protection should be our priority. Even if this Assassin wasn't an Assassin in the traditional sense, presence concealment can be a headache."

He mimed the motion of pulling a book from a shelf. A tome appeared in his hand. He flipped through it and started casting. The grimoire he pulled was The Book of Ambramelin. The book itself was a Kabbalist tome passed from an Egyptain mystic named Abramelin, to Abraham of Worms, to Abraham's son. The story of the tome was that it was a pair of books given to Abraham by Abramelin in exchange for a promise that he would renounce his faith in favour of the Christian God and some gold to distribute to the poor. After having given away his gold, Abramelin parted onto Abraham the true knowledge of the tomes to him. Many copies of the book existed and even distributed but were incomplete due to Abraham's son failing to pass on the knowledge of the sacred science. Except for this particular copy. This was the original, crystalized from Abramelin's own knoweledge. The 'popular' version claimed to be able to gain knowledge and summon the mage's 'guardian angel' and use it to enslave various demonic species. In truth those were translation errors made by Abraham of Worms.

This one contracted demons straight up and contained instructions on constructing 'divine golems'. Of course, Dee himself in the current moment thought he was summoning angels to his aid.

Whatever the truth behind the tome may be, a trio of 'angel-like' guardian familiars are now slowly orbiting around the group, flaming swords brandished, ready to defend their charges.

@floodtalon @Grey
offers pats

Hmmm yes my pokemanz

Let me show you to them
Yes Rider is with Archer

Get the fightin or imma start flightin

I'm having a hard time coming up with the effects of John Dee's NP. Anybody wanna help me brainstorm?
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