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Got my RP rebooted. Make a civilization human or alien and uncover the enigma…
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Why not a sci-fi NRP that doesn't waste space? Interest check here:
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In regards to Earth, it is an active place still (despite Terran based societies blowing each other up and all), but highly, highly fragmented with people who colonized the ice caps, oceans and caves as well as land. Earth in terms of player factions can have basically as many players it wants. Just stuff people into the oceans if needed.
In cloud cities and whatnot?
5 people (including me) has shown interest - not counting Bing's like - I'll go forward with this NRP.

Here's a tentative app sheet in the meantime. Tell me if you think it is good or not. There is no culture section because I figure you can express their culture through the given sections and the IC.

[Optional Graphic]

History: (Local history of your society, can be revised to include any collaborations at any time).

Organization: (How does your society organize itself?)

Technology: (What technology does your society emphasize?)

Infrastructure: (elaborate on any notable infrastructure they have control of, be it a notable orbital city or the nature of their virtual network)

Military: (elaborate on the military systems your society employs be it drone swarms, spacecraft, augmented super soldiers, avatars (for your uploaded soldiers) and so on)

Other: (Anything the above does not cover)


1. By default you will have a virtual network which can transfer AIs and uploaded people between different parts of your society, how you control this flow of minds in virtual space is up to you. For instance, you likely would want to make sure civilian minds can't have access to the mainframe of your military spacecraft.

2. Automation by machines is the norm, which means most people won't live the kind of life we know today. Auto-piloted vehicles are the norm. This means employment will look very different, lots of frontman jobs where you pretend to do what the robots are actually doing for instance.

3. There's also a lot more people than today. Advancements in biotech and mega-engineering means you can have remarkably high populations sustained using lots of strip mining with drone armadas to do the mining work. Most people will live in orbital structures or arcologies, hence why I stress the need to think of megastructures here as many, many people do not actually live on a planet. Earth has a huge population still, of course. I'd say populations should at this point be on average in the billions range as with the mega structures you will have built a lot more living space to house all those people using hundreds if not thousands of orbital cities.

4. You have a lot more resources than in a modern RP, making thousands of spacecraft for military use should be the norm, not even counting civilian spaceships you could levy towards military use or any billion person cyborg armies you might have.
You may have a developing colony out there but I'd rather the bulk of activity be in sol since if I allow people to base themselves outside of sol it'd get way too spread out.

As for discord I won't have one until the OOC is up which I am waiting until the weekend to do.
Accidental 2nd post
@Willy Vereb
Depends on the method of generating artificial gravity.

For instance,

Centripetal force based artificial gravity is totally fine and is commonplace. The orbital cities I mention usually use rotation to generate gravity.

An approach using magnetic boots would be fine too, I'd imagine the interference problems they have today probably would have been addressed.

@Willy Vereb@catchamber
What places are you considering?
@Willy Vereb
Not rock solid, but hard enough that stuff like avoiding detection while in a spaceship shouldn't be considered as anything but a lost cause. No FTL exists, but you could if you wanted to beam copies of your mind or an AI at the speed of light between different locations you have the certification for.

I tend to be case-case with tech, as I know people can be rather creative with Sci-fi technology and generally I look at balance more than realism. So I'm unlikely to allow for instance, Starlifting and kugelblitz black hole generators or Death Stars.
Space pirates!

I should note that this NRP does take into account stuff like the speed of light and how easy it is to be detected in space-

It should be a given every faction tracks the movements and activities of everyone else at least in regards to their spacecraft and their movements between sectors in the solar system. Identifying what everyone is however may be a bit harder. You never know what those ships are carrying unless you crack one open be it digitally (intercepting comms and transferring your mind into a spaceship's mainframe to take control for instance. Yes that is possible, install good firewalls.) or physically.
@Willy Vereb
I haven't gotten to watching the Expanse yet, I heard it's good though.

Titan's Gaze


2657 AD - 20 Years after the Inner Systems War

Colonizing the solar system proved deeply unlike colonization back when life lived only on Earth.

Far less it was a venture of pioneers and far more one of professionals and wealthy corporations under the guidance of the global oligarchy that emerged during the 21st century as the nation-state system collapsed under its own weight.

Colonizing the solar system was much more akin to a centuries long building project than a series of conquests and expeditions- one fraught with centuries of set backs and troubles from our own failings as a species. Still, the building continued in the background even with the centuries of drama caused by ancient greviences and continuous disruption as humans lost their special place in the universe as the sole intelligent life form. Unseated not by some alien being from the infinite abyss, but instead from their own invention.

In the past century, the time of interest to all of us, there has been a massively destructive war in the inner solar system which has allowed for a surprising new power to arise in the wake- the Titanian Industrial Complex. Or the TIC. The TIC has been described as a factory with a state, pumping out armies of networked machines which the uplifted minds of the Complex use as their limbs and fists. They are a notoriously paranoid group, who believed that the inner system had being sucking their world dry for the past centuries.

So the TIC, seizing the opportunity broke ties with the inner system socoeties for the most part and militarized heavily during the Inner System War in anticipation of an invasion which never came. While claimed to be a defensive military, in practice tensions remain high in the unstable climate which has permeated throughout the solar system with devestation not seen for centuries scarring entire worlds and psyches.

And worse still, the likelyhood of another war breaking out increases by the year as tensions between clades erupt and living standards drop in the inner system from the trade collapse following the war.

The TIC's origins were as a manufacturing and computing hub filled with post-biological people with organic people mostly living in the orbital habitats around Saturn. The cold temperatures of Titan meant that computing was faster on Titan, giving them a major edge the inner solar system lacked. With a industrial hub based around Saturn's many moons (the rings being preserved as a heritage site under the Outer Systems Compact), they have managed to make a impressive military complex in the past couple decades.

But now they restrict movement to the outer solar system and have claimed sole rights to Saturn's trojan asteroids.

And with the increasing volatility, ruin and destruction which the Inner Systems War was left in its wake it would seem that the worst has yet to come.

Perhaps not.

Perhaps it is possible, however thinly so that we may avoid another such war.

All it depends on is what you shall do, in the position of power which you are in.


Basically this is a NRP that politically is sorta like the interwar period, except with a lot more advanced technology laying around and people living in multiple planets.

Try to avoid being completely analogous- the interest is not in the prospects of space WW2 here, but more in creating a deeply unstable, unpredictable political climate in a multi-polar solar system. You do not need to be world oriented, instead you can have multiple factions share multiple planets via orbital habitat complexes and such.

Warfare and technology here will be advanced- this is a time where AI systems, other species of humans made from genetic engineering, neural networking and uplifting have been reality for centuries. That being said, it is still a minority of human history that these realities have existed, with uplifting only becoming common place around the 24th century and advancements in materials in megastructure engineering being a perpetually iterative force. It's the year 2647, so there's been lots of time between the first man on the moon and Titan becoming a major power.

A dyson swarm does exist around the sun, but it isn't huge. It is more just a network of thousands of orbital habitats and solar collection arrays beaming energy to the other worlds. Nothing too fancy.

As to the overall political situation, I am leaving that to some ambiguity so that you may have creative freedom beyond the following realities:

1. A major, pointlessly destructive war devestated the inner solar system just a couple decades ago.

2. The TIC is a ominous force which is making your life harder by restricting access to the trojan asteroids and blocking access to saturn's gravity slingshot.

3. Life outside Earth only naturally evolved as bacterial colonies in some of the icy moons, there's fossilized bacteria on mars. However, all this life shares a common origin with Earth so they're not aliens technically.

4. No one's responded to any signals we have sent out yet. It's lonely.

5. Interstellar colonization has happened, but it's still very recent. Only in the past fifty years has any colonyship reached its destination. Relaying minds digitally between star systems and even colony ships in transit is possible at the speed of light at most.

-You can have a faction around saturn and even on Titan, but do expect to have to deal with the TIC much, much more frequently.
-Interplanetary settlements around multiple worlds is encouraged over world states. Feel free to spread yourself around! Even the TIC isn't actually a world-state, they just have the most activity on Titan by far due to their manufacturing complex.


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