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Current Nation RP set during an Interplanetary dark age across hundreds of tiny worlds-…
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Got my RP rebooted. Make a civilization human or alien and uncover the enigma…
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Why not a sci-fi NRP that doesn't waste space? Interest check here:
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Damn it Flimo

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Here is a proto-app that uses my own definitions until further notice.

The Cooperative

Overview; The Cooperative is a civilization descended from rogue peacekeepers who rebelled against the ancient terranic order whose highly centralized, highly hierarchal empire is founded upon the belief in a human spirit with the grand soverign’s guidance.

The Cooperative as a civilization is one built around two sets of beliefs, that of a transhumanist hierarchal order that is viewed as a form of maturation within the meritocratic cooperative society. It is also built on the conception of a common human spirit that borders on theocratic even as AIs and Cyborgs run everything. The humanistic regime has a several other peculiarities, such as how their elite at times seems to view the common people like tending to a garden more or less and there is a strong natalist streak that has led to Cooperative space being flooded in Humans who are avidly encouraged by propaganda systems to breed, breed and breed with a system of guaranteed living and benefits to those who have kids.

The Cooperative has been mostly ran by the grand sovereign, of whom being part of is viewed as of the highest honor, for it is the highest position attainable within the cooperative and means to those part of it eternal wisdom. Lesser soverigns exist in the cooperative as well, and those who become part of the grand sovereign usually come from lesser soverign in practice. Lesser soverigns not part of the cooperative, or think tanks have been utilized by organizations part of the cooperative for ages, indeed the cooperative as a whole originated as a peacekeeper force ran by what by this point would be viewed as a lesser sovereign. The cooperative’s political developments have shifted over time with the grand sovereign being less direct a force as cyborg oligarchs take on much more direct roles as the cooperative’s elite with their ideological and experimental outlook- with a sense of nihilism caused by copies of their minds already being uploaded many times over so they fear their own annihilation far less.

The Cooperative is pluralistic in its beliefs, with death being viewed as just death with having one’s mind uploaded being a privilege and nothing else and a very secular attitude where propagating human genomes is viewed as one of the top priorities of their civilization.

Culturally the cooperative is very socially libertarian for most despite the highly hierarchy civilization, with a sub-class structure of genetically modified people and the lesser cyborgized elite. Such hierarchal changes are arbitrated mostly by lesser sovereigns.

The Cooperative is organized into a centralized force where the grand sovereign holds unilateral dominion over most human affairs. The cooperative’s presence for the common folk is that of a seemingly prevalent burning sensation with many people existing very insular, culturally desperate existences as if they were test labs even with the freedom of movement they can have in theory. In practice, movement freedoms usually are limited by the standards system that acts as the universal value metric all people are judged by mainly through having to show their capacity for greater things through all matter of arbitrary testing by those in power who act as patrons to those lesser in the cylindrical habitat. The sub societies in the cooperative tend to be built on frame works created by lesser sovereigns and A cybernetic elite the common people are taught to aspire to be part of who act on a more free plane where space travel and commerce is the norm.

The cybernetic elite is mostly known for being flesh humans whose exoskeleton is the cyborg they were from head to toe, with the internal body being partially replaced by synthetic components as well.

The cooperative’s military is descended from the peacekeeping corps, expanded into a sprawling interstellar institution that isn’t fully centralized, instead being a huge range of chapters that are under the command of lesser soverigns provisionally with the peacekeepers being known for how blurry civilian and military lines really are in the cooperative, as they also act as a humanitarian organization as they always have. The sector and regional militias are also quite common.

The humans of the cooperative live in a very wide range of habitation as per usual, with paraterraformed worlds, orbital habitats and all being utilized as places people exist.

The Cooperative makes use of a very developed industry of cybernetic technology. The usage of power suits, AI networks and virtual nets is combined with the regular usage of artificial wombs and genetic tweaking to create various humanoids adapted to a wide range of environments.

Their FTL consists mainly of warp drives.

The Cooperative continues the use of fusion energy, giving the cooperative the ability to support the massive human populations that their cybernetic elite so eagerly cultivates much like massive gardens.
Well, maybe.

I’ll just bring back the Metasyndicate. The fossers didn’t do shit last time so maybe this time they do something as I just have to do plug and play instead of spending time trying to get stuff figured out so it’ll be like the other fosskemian app but with some changing done as things dole out with whatever else this scenario has.

@Willy Vereb oh so the good ol build it yourself hyperspace?
The Radioactive Center of Ancient Knowledge, Sul Vopal

Sartot as a opal colored Fosskemian with yellow eyes looks upon the ruins of some unknown ancient societies loosely connected to her species with some sense of disillusionment. She perches one of her hands on the railings of an exhibit showing the fossilized remnants of ancient fosskemians engraved into a metallic structure with looks of shock on their faces. Sartot has no clue what this is, but is just so taken back by just the… static nature of it. Just reduced to that crystallized state for millennia and likely millions of years to come. Sartot looks feverishly around for someone to explain this to her and raises her right flipper leg to get the attention of another Fosskemian, a short vibrant blue male fosskemian sulking about the place likely as some custodian. Said Fosskemian looks at Sartot and asks “Curious about this one?”

Sartot replies “Yes.”

“This here is from the Opulent era. It was extremely long ago, nearly a thousand years ago. That was way back when fosskemians nearly died out due to the excesses of the plutocrats causing multiple radioactive wars. The fosskemians are profoundly lucky to have had the machines descend from the skies to get us to the stars- in a way our existence is a freak coincidence. Those ancients when they were visited by the machines were very lucky they didn’t euthanize fosskemianians and instead got them back on their flippers and into spacecraft. Still the legacy of the Opulent era haunts us- why just look outside. You will see we learn nothing.”

Sartot is a bit irritated by this fosskemian, pushing itself away from it and rants “Your negative outlook makes me wonder how you haven’t provoked any lootings! We always are learning! We are the burning fire of the galaxy, the world of the imperials and the regime of silence, stability and stagnation crumbles as ours expands.”

“And every fire burns out.” It retorts, before dismissively leaving Sartot to herself. Sartot decides to just go elsewhere instead.

So she moves her way out of the center, looking at the lobby area to make sure none of the security turrets are about to fire on her. For if there is anything Sartot knows, it is that the owners of properties love their defense systems. Leaving out the front door, she sees some loitering Urgzehu nakedly slumming about with worms and engravings on their bodies while making her way to a personal transport.

Sartot as she enters the transport finds that there is something on the ground that wasn’t there before. It is a data pad. Sartot curiosly pecks the data pad on and a series of humms and screeches play before a message from the auditor itself is heard.

“Want adventure?” It says before the transport suddenly is enclosed by something. Panicked, Sartot bashes the windows with her limbs to not much effect.

“You have adventure!” It says again.

Sartot than shouts at the pad, “I don’t adventure!”

The pad doesn’t seem to care and just continues its message.

“You will have adventure! Just remain calm as we take you to your adventure. The Red Cross has been very naughty you see.”

“I am just a city boss, why do you want me to deal with this?” Sartot asks the data pad.

“You are the city boss of Old Vatat, the Red Cross has been naughty. That is your adventure!”

The sense of movement Sartot realizes to be somewhat akin to being placed into a spaceship. This is a kidnapping, it dawns to Sartot.

“I hate that! Let me have my break!” She shouts in frustration at the data pad.

“We voted for you. You will have your adventure. The red cross is and will be naughty.” The Data pad re-iterates.

“I won’t.” Sartot defiantly tells the data pad before flinging it around the cabin of the transport.

“You will. You requested this a day before. You want adventure!”

Sartot than realizes she may have forgotten something important she had to do back at Old Vatat. Was this what it was? The Red Cross has been a bit of a nuisance in Old Vatat. They promised to help with some public works and then proceed to not even do that and just blather on with their stupid mindless flesh idols.

Still, Sartot isn’t sure.

“I had other important things I was doing on Sul Vopal and you, whoever you are need to just stop this and put me back on that planet!”

The data pad starts just inexplicably laughing in a modulated pitch, than says “Drug fueled coastal running contests are not an ‘important business’! Adventure is more important.”

“Yes they are!” Sartot insists.

“We are headed to Old Vatat now, be prepared.” The data pad tells Sartot.

Dismayed, Sartot shrugs and proceeds to go get the official’s cloak from the back of the Cabin. Back to work sooner than hoped.

“Also Nutok called, she is currently not available due to selling drugs to outsiders again.”

The Central Amphitheatre Complex, Void Prison

Within the scope of a small trade craft of metasyndicate origin, a Fosskemian identifying as Nutok makes her landing at a port in orbit of the somewhat disturbing named ‘void prison’. The insides of the ship have her in a circular pilot’s room and a passage way for climbing to the storage area. By and large, Nutok pilots a superficially civilian vessel with plating that makes it hard to discern what is inside. As for Nutok herself, her is very standard by the accounts of any biological female Fosskemian. Being seven feet in height, having curved, broad antennae and As with all Fosskemians not starving to death or injured, she has two incredibly large, flipper-like appendages filled with air that get used as legs that surround the sides of her body. Indeed the upright position she finds highly discomforting, but it is the position to which looking eye to eye with most other species like her clients is possible.

Looking at large stores of the drug she is here to give- on explicit demands from the client to be discreet she double checks to make sure none of the worms have escaped. For these are no normal worms- they are worms, they are worms sourced from the depths of Tradlos and its biomineral rich soils whose enzymes cause all matter of uplifting, stimulating effects to those who have them leeching off of you. They also are what Nutok knows are in high demand and the Central Amphitheatre Complex, beyond having ancient imperial dramas is also a hive of proxy black market sells.

Nutok collects a lot of the worlds from the luggage, hiding them in the inner side of her two large flippers while being draped with a standard Hargonian robe filled with many arrow-like symbols. Nutok is fluster in embarrassment wearing Hargonian attire and pink eye covers, but it is to throw off identification. Nutok leaves the ship with the contraband and begins to use her neck pad to contact her client informing them she is here.

Welcome to Zoppadoppa's Alien workshop. I make lore for aliens and art for them too. You are free to use and modify them. They are meant more for sci-fi settings, but who knows maybe you want alien cuttlefish for your high fantasy RP.

Here's a few examples of alien civs I have made-

@Ekreture I'll have an intro post up by Wednesday.
Is my app good to be accepted yet?

The general idea I have for my faction will be a civilization of slimy critters who hull themselves up in clean, glistening shells who are absolute germaphobes who have accrued considerable amounts of power in the vacuum the Orionics left. I'll put slow work on them, but I intend to really get into this NRP after June 10th since that's when I get tons of free time. (Current app is WIP)

@Dinh AaronMk Seconded, it pays to at least have some regard for astronomy in a sci-fi setting even if it's a space opera. I find the Universe Atlas maps pretty useful for that.

@Willy Vereb It's hard to write accurate scaled galactic scale sci-fi. Which was why I experimented with single star system sci-fi NRPs. Not much of an audience though since the people who want that already have eclipse phase.

Give it 12 days and i'll have an app.
@Winter Star12Reminds me of sploder. An old site where you make flash games.
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