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11 mos ago
Sorry if for those who I haven't responded to recently, got lots of things that need my attention right now, so it might take a bit longer to get back to everyone.
1 yr ago
Never played the classic Fallouts but out of the modern ones New Vegas was my favorite WITH DLCs, man Lonesome Road was cool. 3 was my favorite for atmosphere and 4 really did have the best gameplay.
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1 yr ago
Yup I second this. Not a great RPG at all, but compared to other Fallout games it’s shooting mechanics were way better. I know, it’s weird to like some parts of a game and not some but still have fun
1 yr ago
Yeah its the site that's falling apart, and it sucks. Been going around to figure out other ways to contact partners just in case it becomes too hard to communicate on here.
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1 yr ago
Busy times ahead, so if I haven’t messaged you I’ll do that soon. Sorry for the delays.


Hello! Welcome to my bio, the place where I'm going to tell you about myself, but I don't think that needs to be said.

First off I'm no stranger to roleplaying, I can assure you that I'm pretty familiar with this kind of thing already. I'm just here to write stories and to make friends. Now my interests are pretty simple, and that all can be summed up by calling me one big nerd. Video games, anime because of course I have to be some kind of weeb, and probably other nerdy things I can't think of right now. The one thing that would be lost on me is probably super heroes, I know nothing about them if I'll be honest, so if you come up to me then talk about them I'll definitely be a little clueless.

I encourage anyone to come along and chat with me, I mean I don't want to be lonely after all. Doesn't even need to be about roleplaying either, plus I promise that I won't bite.


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Hmm. Guess it can be monstergirl time again.
Another bump
Eh........ bump I guess
@SweetOwlette Sure, send me a PM.
Tentative bump here, sorta fell off hard when it came to RP since last time I bumped this. Depending on response, probably only gonna take one or two people as to pace things out.
La bump
So gonna put this in really simple terms, I am looking for a RP that's mainly geared towards smut. Its something that I've been wanting to do for a while now. Obviously this is 18+ only, so beware what you might be getting yourself into.

As for the specifics, I'll explain all of that in a PM cause that stuff isn't meant for the public space, ya know? That said there's no need to be shy either, come at me with whatever you might have in mind because I have honestly seen it all at this point. That doesn't mean I'll accept anything, but I will consider anything.

There are two things I am looking for as well, a FxF pairing, and I do like girls with a little extra if you catch my drift. When it comes to setting anything works. Fantasy and sci-fi are the two I have the most experience in, although I'm pretty flexible in general.

Anyway if this interests you, such as you're looking for a partner who's real open minded, that's me. As I said more will be explained in a PM, and please send one rather than respond to this thread.
Bump time.
Time for another bump of this, see how that works out.
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