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Hello! Welcome to my bio, the place where I'm going to tell you about myself, but I don't think that needs to be said.

First off I'm no stranger to roleplaying, I can assure you that I'm pretty familiar with this kind of thing already. I'm just here to write stories and to make friends. Now my interests are pretty simple, and that all can be summed up by calling me one big nerd. Video games, anime because of course I have to be some kind of weeb, and probably other nerdy things I can't think of right now. The one thing that would be lost on me is probably super heroes, I know nothing about them if I'll be honest, so if you come up to me then talk about them I'll definitely be a little clueless.

I encourage anyone to come along and chat with me, I mean I don't want to be lonely after all. Doesn't even need to be about roleplaying either, plus I promise that I won't bite.


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Hi. Let's Write a Thing

Little bit of mood music to get you started here.

Hi! I want to write a thing, obviously. Now as for the specifics, I need to stretch my creative writing muscles so to speak meaning I want some in-depth RPing. There will be an outline for organization's sake rather than hoping you can keep everything straight through reading a giant block of text. What I'll mention here is while as the title says I'm looking for a FxF pairing at the moment, everybody should feel free to approach me. I don't care who you are in real life honestly, so please don't feel self-conscious about who you are behind that screen.

-The level of writing I'm looking for is about between casual and advanced. No paragraph requirement, don't have to be a master of grammar either. What I do ask is that you make an effort to push the RP forward, give posts that have more than enough details to make writing the next post easy. If you need clarification as to what I mean, then please ask.

-When it comes to violence I am not squeamish at all. I can write all those bloody details, and I do want that to some degree, I believe combat in general should get messy. That said, if you got problems with reading graphic descriptions simply let me know because I want to make sure you're comfortable.

-As for other adult themes, drugs, sex, and whatnot, those also can be present. I don't have strong feelings one way or another to be honest, at least not at the moment. If sex does happen that's something I'm no stranger to, I can definitely write out the scene just know that isn't the main focus either.

-Romance! Actually do sorta want this, I'm a sucker for it. I also want it within reason of course, don't wanna try force a square peg through a round hole if you get my meaning. Ideally the two characters should be compatible on some level, ya know? If it does happen, think of any possible romance as a B plot, and as something slow burning.

-While I do want to have my main character be female, I'm otherwise able to write pretty much any kind of character, male, female or something else. I don't like to have a big cast of characters, however having side ones is almost always necessary as well.

-Posting rate is whatever you can do, simple as that. Also as a personal policy there is no such thing as being gone too long. Provided I'm not juggling too many partners, we can continue the RP at any time if you disappear for any reason. Shit happens, moods change, whatever. I know this, so disappearing isn't a problem we can simple continue with no questions asked.

Now for the plot, basically I only have one actual plot at the moment. I may add more, I might not, it depends on what I end up using this thread for in the long run. You'll also see a second idea, this is more like a vague craving to be honest and that will need more planning to get off the ground. Otherwise if you got something you want to suggest, then go for it! I like hearing other ideas of any genre.


Alright that's all I have to offer. If you're interested in taking a wack at this then please send me a PM, don't post. Promise I don't bite!
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