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Sorry if for those who I haven't responded to recently, got lots of things that need my attention right now, so it might take a bit longer to get back to everyone.
10 mos ago
Never played the classic Fallouts but out of the modern ones New Vegas was my favorite WITH DLCs, man Lonesome Road was cool. 3 was my favorite for atmosphere and 4 really did have the best gameplay.
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10 mos ago
Yup I second this. Not a great RPG at all, but compared to other Fallout games it’s shooting mechanics were way better. I know, it’s weird to like some parts of a game and not some but still have fun
12 mos ago
Yeah its the site that's falling apart, and it sucks. Been going around to figure out other ways to contact partners just in case it becomes too hard to communicate on here.
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1 yr ago
Busy times ahead, so if I haven’t messaged you I’ll do that soon. Sorry for the delays.


Hello! Welcome to my bio, the place where I'm going to tell you about myself, but I don't think that needs to be said.

First off I'm no stranger to roleplaying, I can assure you that I'm pretty familiar with this kind of thing already. I'm just here to write stories and to make friends. Now my interests are pretty simple, and that all can be summed up by calling me one big nerd. Video games, anime because of course I have to be some kind of weeb, and probably other nerdy things I can't think of right now. The one thing that would be lost on me is probably super heroes, I know nothing about them if I'll be honest, so if you come up to me then talk about them I'll definitely be a little clueless.

I encourage anyone to come along and chat with me, I mean I don't want to be lonely after all. Doesn't even need to be about roleplaying either, plus I promise that I won't bite.


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So gonna put this in really simple terms, I am looking for a RP that's mainly geared towards smut. Its something that I've been wanting to do for a while now. Obviously this is 18+ only, so beware what you might be getting yourself into.

As for the specifics, I'll explain all of that in a PM cause that stuff isn't meant for the public space, ya know? That said there's no need to be shy either, come at me with whatever you might have in mind because I have honestly seen it all at this point. That doesn't mean I'll accept anything, but I will consider anything.

There are two things I am looking for as well, a FxF pairing, and I do like girls with a little extra if you catch my drift. When it comes to setting anything works. Fantasy and sci-fi are the two I have the most experience in, although I'm pretty flexible in general.

Anyway if this interests you, such as you're looking for a partner who's real open minded, that's me. As I said more will be explained in a PM, and please send one rather than respond to this thread.
Bump time.
Time for another bump of this, see how that works out.
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Welp, things got a tad chaotic and especially since when I made this I got a TON of attention. It was a bit too much for me to handle I'll admit, so if that does happen again I might end up turning people down. If this does happen to you just know there are no hard feelings, I just have to make sure I don't drown in people again.
Naumi the Spearwoman
+ Others (Green Pepper, Ami, and Hopper.)

Naumi stood back to simply observe the other players, besides the deceleration that someone was searching for a party it seemed like nothing other than side conversations were going on. What really caught her attention was when two people ran face first into the gate which quickly answered a question if they were able to travel to the new area yet. That answer was clearly no. What really was interesting however were the people, vibrantly colored fox girl of some kind, and the other was a bunny boy actually, just more plain looking in all honesty. Surprisingly it looked like someone who could only be called a novice, at least she was still wearing the starter armor, was also there. Naumi had to wonder if for access to this new content had any requirements, or if instead everyone was randomly selected. That would explain why a novice of all players was with them. At any rate, she was looking for a chance to party up with some people for once, and there she was staring at exactly that.

The spear wielding swordswoman started to approach the small group, aforementioned spear in hand considering it wasn't exactly easy to store it anywhere on her person. "That's one way to get started." She called out, smile on her face. Not exactly the eager grin everyone else had, but still a friendly one. "Hope no one minds if I poke my nose into your business, but now seems like a good enough time to start getting to know people."

She hoped that was a decent way to introduce herself, in all her time playing this game she simply hadn't bothered playing with others. There simply wasn't any need before then.

"Yo! I'm Fr... well, I'm Bell Pepper, in this game. Howsit goin!"

Bell Pepper gave a friendly wave to them. People were people, and she didn't really see a need to behave any differently than she would have in real life. Not when they're friendly like this. Man, but that fox avatar was kinda cute; she wanted to grip its ears and pat it so hard she explodes.

"Watcha think is goin to happen in there?" She gestured towards the still black gate.

Ami waved cheerily, showing no indication of her previous accident with the portal. "I'm Gekkou Kami-- but that's a mouthful," she chuckled, "My friends just call me Ami."

She bounced on her heels excitedly at Pepper's question, "Whatever it is-- it looks super cool!" She wagged her index finger in the air and winked, "And super secretive."

Meanwhile Naumi shrugged. "I have no idea, but this place is pretty different from everything else WEO has to offer so I bet its going to be interesting at least."

"Oh and I'm Naumi, a swordwoman who doesn't really use a sword." As if to make her point she gave a small flourish with her spear AND didn't manage to drop it, so she managed to hopefully look cool without looking like an idiot.

"Hopper," the rabbit-eared thief said again, introducing himself to the others who just appeared. He gave a cheeky wink to the swordswoman as he continued on answering question asked by Bell Pepper too. "No clue either, but I just want to see the new stuff. I'm ready for some quest rewards."

"I know!" Ami cooed, "I can't wait for--"

Without warning, Bell Pepper grabbed Ami's ears, squeezing them between her fingers. Perhaps if she was closer, or was behind Ami, she'd grab the tail instead, but she wasn't sure she was able to keep herself under control if they were anything like Ami's ears.

"Whoah, its soft~! Kinda wish I customized myself a bit now. "

Ami squeaked, body tensing at the sudden contact. Her mouth quirked into a half of an amused smile. "Thanks," she grinned, swishing her tail as she clutched her staff closer to her chest. She chuckled a little more nervously when Pepper kept squeezing, "F-foxes are my favorite animal s-so..."

Naumi raised an eyebrow at such a sight. She would never go and rub her hands all over someone else's ears like that, although it was all virtual so any real harm probably wasn't done. It also begged the question of what it would feel like to have fox ears, was that sort of thing even simulated?

"What's it like to have animal ears anyway? Do you... hear out of them, and can feel them? I bet its weird at first if that's the case." The swordswoman commented as she witnessed the novice mildly harass Ami.

"My ears are just for the aesthetics," Zhane answered, pinching his bunny ears. Pulling them off he revealed that the pair of ears were attached to a headband that he wore, "I just think it's cute." A chuckle escaped his lips, wondering if he actually would have put rabbit ears on his avatar, how it would feel like.

Ami tilted her head, flicking one ear out of Pepper's grasp as she thought about Naumi's question. She shot a knowing smile towards Zhane and his bunny ears. Definitely cute.

"Mine work just like normal ears. Even a little better, in fact," she winked, "Great for hearing things that try and sneak up on you."

Bell Pepper had all but forgot about the conversation, still unsatisfied with just feeling Ami's ears.

"Ah, is that so? Why'd ya call yourself Gecko, if your avatar is a fox then?"


Ami's eye twitched. "It's not 'gecko', it's 'gekkou'," she corrected, putting heavy emphasis on the japanese pronunciation, "I-it means moonbeam..."

She chuckled to hide the irritation creaping into her voice.

"Eh~ Is that so?" Bell wasn't really listening now, she had moved on to grabbing at that huge fluffy tail Ami was sporting.

Naumi saw what was happening, and never in her life had she ever met someone quite as clueless as Bell. Before anything drastic could happen, the swordswoman switched her spear to her other hand, then moved forward place her newly freed hand on Bell's shoulder.

"Hey, I like your enthusiasm, but maybe you should stop. I'm sure Ami doesn't appreciate someone touching her all over like this." She explained to the novice before turning back to Ami. "That's pretty neat by the way, never knew the game bothered to simulate this kind of stuff, guess the downside is people want to rub them all the time, huh?" Naumi chuckled a little,

"Oh, it's fine," Ami waved hurriedly. She seemed to be enjoying the attention... in a way. Twirling her staff in her hand a few times, she cast a somewhat impatient sideways glance towards the portal.

Naumi nodded, she noticed how the mage looked back at the gate. "Well hey as long as you're okay with this, but yeah gotta wonder when this whole thing is gonna get kicked off. Hopefully soon."
Myra was pretty damn worn out after a day of work, the typical woes of working retail and in all honesty she was about fed up with life, at least for the moment. Once she got home where she prominently collapsed on her bed, she toyed with the idea of simply allowing herself to pass out right there, not even bother to get undressed, but indeed a certain headset caught her eye. So instead she thought about logging in for maybe half an hour, go blow off some steam, hunt down a few monsters, and forget about the day. This second idea ended up winning her over, so without much fanfare she got herself hooked up, and started her journey back into the virtual world without much delay. Some unexpected maintence did get in her way, however, although it really wasn't a big deal to wait through it. She really didn't pay it any mind.

Soon enough she got to become Naumi once more, yet no matter how many times she had done this, it took her a few seconds to get used to the sensations that came with becoming someone else. The sensation of her equipment weighing down on her, the feeling of leather armor rubbing against her, it all still amazed her technology had come so far. For a few minutes she walked around a little bit, the area she logged off at was in the middle of some forest clearing. A peaceful place for sure, but she wanted some action.

So she searched through her bag until she found a little book that handled teleports. Curiously enough Naumi spotted something odd, one slot was completely empty, at least she thought something was missing. She was never one to go roaming around on the forums, so she had no idea about the rumors surrounding an empty teleport location, and naturally she wanted to explore this interesting find, so she selected it.

The first surprise was the fact the teleport even worked in the first place, but the second was what awaited her on the other side. This shine area definitely captured her imagination, for the most part WEO was a fairly generic medieval fantasy fare, so to see something wildly different was already nothing short of exciting to Naumi, despite the relatively weird way she got there in the first place. Of course she noted the presence of the other players, a whole bunch of people she didn't recognize, and that included the bunny maid that stood before everyone. Once she started talking, however, Naumi figured out they were just dealing with a NPC, yet what this NPC had to say held great interest.

To hear about brand new content in such a way was... unconventional to put it one way, but hell Naumi didn't exactly care. After all it seemed like she didn't need to pay for this, so honestly she was game to start exploring an unknown land. She skimmed through the EULA, but didn't notice anything odd, not that she was paying any particular attention to it in the first place. Without thinking about it, she then accepted it. After that Naumi figured there wasn't any harm in sticking behind for a little bit, besides to see another player already walk up to the bunny maid and rub its ears proved there might be some interesting people mixed into the bunch. There was also the mage who called out asking if anyone wanted to join up with him, but... Naumi opted to keep her options open for a little bit longer.

We can talk about.... the power of friendship and how it overcomes all evil?

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