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10 days ago
Current Never played the classic Fallouts but out of the modern ones New Vegas was my favorite WITH DLCs, man Lonesome Road was cool. 3 was my favorite for atmosphere and 4 really did have the best gameplay.
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10 days ago
Yup I second this. Not a great RPG at all, but compared to other Fallout games it’s shooting mechanics were way better. I know, it’s weird to like some parts of a game and not some but still have fun
2 mos ago
Yeah its the site that's falling apart, and it sucks. Been going around to figure out other ways to contact partners just in case it becomes too hard to communicate on here.
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4 mos ago
Busy times ahead, so if I haven’t messaged you I’ll do that soon. Sorry for the delays.
4 mos ago
Hasn’t been a full day and already flooded with messages. I’ll be getting to people when I can, plus it is Turkey Day so I’ll be a bit slow anyway.
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Hello! Welcome to my bio, the place where I'm going to tell you about myself, but I don't think that needs to be said.

First off I'm no stranger to roleplaying, I can assure you that I'm pretty familiar with this kind of thing already. I'm just here to write stories and to make friends. Now my interests are pretty simple, and that all can be summed up by calling me one big nerd. Video games, anime because of course I have to be some kind of weeb, and probably other nerdy things I can't think of right now. The one thing that would be lost on me is probably super heroes, I know nothing about them if I'll be honest, so if you come up to me then talk about them I'll definitely be a little clueless.

I encourage anyone to come along and chat with me, I mean I don't want to be lonely after all. Doesn't even need to be about roleplaying either, plus I promise that I won't bite.


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To Ayano it was more of the same, throughout the familiar cafeteria all she could spot were the same faces she had seen everyday, eating the same old food, chatting away with the same friends. Looking down she poked away at her typical fare, a packed lunch of a variety of sandwiches from home, come to think of it wasn't she a bit hypocritical by having the same thing for lunch? Not that it would matter though because everything else was all... stagnant, but such was life she supposed. Never changing, always the same. It was on that particular day however that something different reared it's head for the first time.

Ayano looked up blonde haired girl not exactly sure what to make of such a request at first, although after a second Ayano gave a shrug. "No it isn't, feel free to sit." Already this newcomer had caught her attention which was a good start all things considered, however for the life of her she just couldn't quite figure out what Usagi of all girls wanted to do with her. Now, Ayano was a tiny bit familiar with this student, Usagi, which was just from the rumors she had heard and whatever personal observations she had made. To give credit where it was due, she was willing to admit that compared to every other girl in the school, Usagi was probably among the most interesting.

Assuming the other girl took a seat, Ayano continued to observe Usagi's movements. "So... uh, I think we're in the same class, right?" She eventually tested the waters with a simple question, plus she was lost as to anything else she could say to be honest.
I can add all the other information if you'd really want, should be obvious that I let everything else out on purpose since I figured that I'll stick with what Usagi should know. Anyway hope this works out. Goal here is discovery about Ayano over time will be pretty fun at least.

Name: Ayano Yamasaki

Age: 14

Personality: Ayano typically kept to herself for the most part, simply existing in the background. Certainly she wasn't a bad student though, actually it was common knowledge that so far her test scores were quite high. During those occasions when she interacted with other classmates, Ayano didn't make for much of a conversationalist, normally polite but without a lot to say beyond what she seemed to deem necessary. To anyone's best knowledge she didn't attend any after school clubs and would always walk back home at the end of the day. Overall Ayano remained mostly a mystery to essentially everyone, however if anything this only encouraged the more curious students to continue their efforts discover more about the brown haired girl.

Physical Appearance: Wears a normal school uniform without any noticeable modifications and otherwise wears her hair straight.

Looks like I’m late on this but I’ll say I’m also interested if you’ll take on multiple partners for this idea. If so I imagine we can go into PMs.
So today I have a particular craving for a particular idea and it’s definitely isn’t exactly normal for me to make an interest check just for a single plot. Some background for this and why I decided to put this thread out there before anything else though. In the past I had a 1x1 RP based around a pair of assassins/hitmen.

Now my character for this was a fair bit more complicated than just being a hitman, and while I would honestly be real happy taking another stab at making this character work, I’m definitely open to making a brand new character instead. So if you’re interested in hearing out this old character of mine, I can give all the details in a PM.

Originally this was a FxF deal and I don’t feel inclined to chance this, BUT I’m not married to the pairing either so hey if FxF is normally a deal breaker, then we can probably agree to something else.

A big note to make is the idea was inspired by an anime by the name of Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom and not ashamed to say that my character ended up taking quite a bit from a major character in this anime. That said, hey if you’re also a fan of this show, then at the very least that’s something to have in common.

Last thing I want to mention, if you’ve seen my other threads then you should know that I’m open to all the 18+ possibilities. That applies here as well, but I don’t intend for this to be smutty. Plot before all else is the idea.

Anyway if you so happen to be a little interested in this then drop a PM. Promise I don’t bite!
Super-careful-bump cause the site may go offline at any moment, probably. Just gonna go for a reset across the board at this point to be honest, so if we were chatting about potential RPs we before, contact me again. Otherwise sup!

There be Monsters

Hello! Fair warning to anyone who dares to wander in here be prepared to deal with weebness, if the picture at the top hadn't tipped you off to this little fact, and make sure you prepare for some real mature content of sexual nature. If you know what monstergirls are then this should not be a surprise to you, however if you have no idea what I'm talking about then this thread might not be for you. So here's some explanation for the what and why I decided to make this interested check, well to put it in simple terms I got a specific craving for this, so naturally I decided to make a thread to feed said craving.

Now as for the monstergirls I'd be interested in, well basically anything to be honest. The world of monstergirls is vast and wide, hell there's even a wiki dedicated to them, so it would be a shame to close myself off to all the possibilities. That said I tend to like the beasts types the best, while insects I'm a bit iffy on in general. If you want some specific monstergirls then we can sort that out in a PM, after all my tastes can always change day to day so I don't want to shoehorn myself into a few kinds of girls.

Here I'm gonna outline some basic expectations, nothing complicated and this is mostly a way to make sure my thoughts are presented in the most organized fashion possible.

-18+ Only: This goes without saying, but I won't budge on this. You gotta be an adult for obvious reason.

-Plot is Welcomed: We all know why we're here, however that doesn't mean a healthy amount of plot can't be a part of the program. Its something that keeps things fresh by spacing out sexy times, and hey perhaps we could make a pretty neat story in the process.

-FxF or FxM: These are my preferences, simple as that. No MxM here for two reasons, one its simply not my thing, and two we are talking about monsterGIRLS so... you know.

-(Almost) Everything Goes: Don't be ashamed of any kinks you may have, and personally I'm a real opened minded individual. Now we can go over the specifics in a PM, but know that if you wanna try something that you might think is kinda weird that doesn't mean you can't tell me about it. Who knows, I might even say yes, there's actually a decent chance of that.

-ROMANCE: This can be a thing, it really doesn't have to be just for the sex. Now the only caveat is I'd prefer that any romance develops in an organic fashion if that makes sense. Basically just think of it this way; you can't force love. Even if a potential relationship might seem pretty awesome to us, it should be natural for two characters to get together in a romantic way. This is also optional, so there's not need to include it anyway.

-Have Fun!: Yeah I know this is a little cliche, but it does matter. We're doing this to have fun, right? So if at any point it doesn't become fun then let me know, either we can try changing things until it works out, or we stop before it gets too bad. You won't hurt my feelings by speaking up, trust me.

-You can Always Return: Things happen and maybe one day you'll straight up disappear. That's okay, when/if you come back then we can get back to work. Nothing more complicated than that. Don't even have to explain yourself, if you're willing to continue then that's all I care about.

Alright that about wraps things up here, and hey if you made it down here then thanks for taking the time to humor me! If you're interested then please PM me, and don't post here. I'd prefer if I control when the thread reaches the top, and you're just gonna have an easier time getting my attention through a PM.

Remember. PM me.
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