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@Lost Alice and I had talked about Pertie spontaneously throwing a roofrop party. I guess it depends on both parties if they're gonna have it merged or compete for it. Talk it out or throw that drama in the IC. I was also thinking we could do a spin the bottle session through collabs to either introduce or establish the relationships between the characters watchall think?
Yup, well to be fair I've been sort of inactive lately. Sorry for that, but yeah. Someone's already applied via pms, complete cs and all but there seems to be a problem with the image upload. But just be on the safe side, I 'might' reopen new applications. We'll just have to wait and see how the rp goes.

It was already thirty minutes past 8. Vee was in the middle of assessing the things she could possibly do on a unbridled Sunday. Staying in with a good book seems fine. Greeted by the delightful sunshine through the window, she realized this would be too good of a day to waste.

"I wonder if Barnes and Nobles has anything good this week. I should drop by. Maybe before lunch. In the meantime how about visiting the park? Enjoy a little sunshine. Take a walk. Watch people. Feed the pigeons. That could be fun.(???) Which reminds me, just ran out of eggs. Hmm, Omelets for dinner perhaps? I should really cook for a change." Taking a sip from her coffee, the bland room temp liquid made her shudder. " And get something good at the Rabbit Hole later... " Eerily out of touch with reality, Vee wouldnt have noticed somebody sitting beside her if they hadnt spoken, her stare turned to the woman next to her, in an obvious look of surprise. It was her roomate Eliza.

Personally, Eliza seemed like a nice girl yet that's as far as she can say about her. It just occurred to her that she's yet to properly know everyone in 4F. In her defense, her work schedule's a bit complicated. Moments like this, like talking face to face, can be very rare.

"Hey." she let out the friendliest smile she can manage. "Yes that would be me." Her greeting came off a bit stiff, her on duty atmosphere was still sticking. Vivian can't really know for sure what to suggest to Eliza when she asked about fun things to do, retracing her earlier plans she has a feeling Eliza wouldn't really dig her own idea of "fun".

"Well. Not much to be honest. I barely engage in anything around here. " That sounded a bit depressing. All the more since it was true. Vee managed to suggest the most obvious she can think of. "If you're the partying type there's local nightclub just a few blocks across the street. I've gone there once. It's very lively." She had gone once, and thought she should never again. Not by herself at least. From her experience people over there can get a little pesky.

In the peaceful air of their conversation there was a unsuspecting noise Vee has yet to get used to, the noise of Pertie coming in the direction of the apartment door. The man is a bundle of energy, just when youre in the same room as him he'd suck the living energy out of you. That's how Vee feels about him, still barely knowing him though there could be something more to his merry personality.

"Yeah, I've seen." She wasn't particularly fond of his suggestion of scavenging. She had already denied Lourdes' request though there wont be a problem with them doing so as long as they keep their stuff in their respective rooms and out of her sight. Since the day's too early to be starting her plans, with only little else to do it wouldn't hurt if she'd spend some time with her roommates, it's about she does time anyway. Not long Katie slipped into the kitchen with them, fresh from the bed as she made her way to the fridge. Like the rest of her roomates she's yet to get to know her.

"I'm about to go out and do some errands. I suppose we could meet at the Rabbit Hole for lunch." After a short while Vivian excused herself, and took that blissful shower. It took her a good fourty minutes to take it all in, and after she picked her dress for the day, her usual buttoned up flannel and a pair of jeans she went off to start her day.

Yay posts! Get those posts coming
Aaa there's the IC. Managed to get it up as promised.

I'll get working on the relations sheet for Vee tomorrow. Or the day after. I havent messaged everyone yet, I might dod that tomorrow as well but if you think we can establish something for our characters, my inbox is always open. And with that, I'm off to bed.

8:30 am, Sunday. - Good morning Suncrest! Seems like this dawn's early drizzle has completely passed in a jiffy, making way to this fairly sunny Sunday morning. By afternoon light clouds are to be expected but worry not friends the day will go on in it's usual sunshiny spirit. And something for all you early birdies out there, to top off this lazy wonderful morning.

The compact radio echoed faintly through the hallways, distinctly coming from the apartment's empty concierge area. Clear enough to be heard within the building yet just as mild to be unobtrusive. This was a typical Sunday morning in Suncrest Heights. During these days people would most likely stay in, or be out all day so it's not unusual that the Sundays are specifically tranquil at these hours at least.

Vee Liem

Vivian's shift ended at about 7:30 this morning. Work that evening was at it's usual, a little quiet than most but aside from the occasional house calls her evening was a long 8 hour of pure serenity. That's not always a good thing, as this kind of mood easily drag her out as opposed to actually working on emergencies. The adrenaline mostly keeps her on her toes, but that evening she only managed to steal a long undisturbed nap. She did have a really good nap, leastways.

On the way home she managed to get herself a cup of coffee at the convenience store near work. Wouldn't be her first choice but the buzz works. Her hair messily tied up, a cup in hand while her jacket slung to her forearm, and her duffle bag over her shoulder, as per her usual post work mien. Regardless of that nap, she looked like she had a tough night. A quick shower always does the trick, hoping no one at this hour has already beat her to it.

Over the hubbub of the morning radio she heard Lourdes, unsurprisingly, was already up and about. And unlike most mornings, she was busily carrying boxes that looks to be a bunch of dusty old knick knacks, hauling one after the other, out of her apartment then placing it at the side of the hallway. Vee paused for a moment to observed her curiously. Soon as Lourdes sees her, sharp brows raising and a cig between her lips, Vee now felt the obligation of giving a polite greeting.

"Morning." Lourdes continued lining up the boxes on the sides. Vee glimpsed over the pile and could make out some snowglobes, old cd's, board games, metal hangers among other seemingly unimportant things. "What's all these for?" she queried.

"Thought I'd do a little Sunday cleaning. Mostly useless junk left by the previous tenants, which I kept under my storage all these years." she took a huff of her probably fifth cigarette. It was a bit too early but then again nothing is ever too early for Lourdes. " I plan on getting rid of em. Sell it to some millennial novelty shop or whatever. It's only gathered dust in storage for the past years. Hey, why don't you go ahead and take a some. It won't be much use to me because I already checked everything."

"Thanks. But I'll pass." Vee was never the type to hoard stuff, trying to keep things as minimalist as possible. Besides, who's to know the original owners could probably be dead or is a convicted axe murderer. Not that she's also the type to believe in that kind of thing, it's an eerie thought still. Lourdes returned her an apathetic look, and just went on with her business while casually changing the subject" Have you eaten?"

"Ah. I haven't."

"Well make sure you don't forget to this time." She voiced out concernedly. Vee resided long enough in Suncrest to know Lourdes is a kind and caring person on the inside, her bad habits may lead people to believe otherwise but that just on first impressions. Vivian acknowledges her concern, and after that short encounter, she headed made her way to her apartment door.

Dropping her stuff on the sofa, she made a quick detour to the fridge as per her land lady's request. Made herself some toast whilst distracted on her phone, elbows leaning on the counter while she lodges a piece of buttered toast in her mouth. The scrolling bored her instantly, there was nothing much to see other than the same everyday drivel. At times she wonders why she even bothered making a social media account, she doesn't have that much friends to begin with. The real kind. Not that she can't but more like she couldn't.

Vivian has yet to challenge herself in breaking her predictable workday routine. She would leave for work at eleven in the evening, go home at seven in the morning, grab a cup of black on the way, and go directly to her apartment, take a shower and doze off to bed. Social interactions are just mostly in between and sometimes non existent. It's like she's living in her own little version of Groundhog Day and is just completely ok with it.

The day she decided to get people to live with her, Vee had to enforce herself to adapt, for better or worse. They can get spontaneous at times but not on the annoying-unbearable level, though personally at times it tends to go there. She was never used to sharing her personal space with anybody let alone to complete strangers. That aside there's not much else to say, after all it's only been less than a few weeks. Suffice to say living with roommates have been more or less, tolerable. Nothing majorly daunting so far and hoped they can keep it that way.

In a short moment she finds herself deep into the abyss of her own thoughts, spaced out in a general direction while chewing her breakfast in a long drawn motion. She considers what to do with her weekend. Being barely drained from work, she might take up the chance on doing something different after all, at least just for today.
@Bee @Scallop Nice, both of them are accepted. Also Bee, 4F residents had to have been staying in the unit for 2 weeks or less.
@HushedWhispers I think that we are tentatively full now seeing as we still have a bunch of wips. Which, speaking of:

As of this moment we have 2 spots left, someone applied through pms and their CS is accepted. Which means ya'll gotta double time on your wips if you still wanna get in okay? Okay.
Righto, so just letting you all know that I'll start posting the IC this coming weekend. Better stay tuned.
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