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10 mos ago
I didn't know how stressed out I was from my morning shift until I just woke up and realized I slept for 12 hours. Go me!
11 mos ago
Just threw away a perfectly good open faced turkey sandwich all because of gnats being super bad and they swarmed my sandwich. I feel only anger and depression.


Rando Facts About Me:
Birthday: June 16th {I'm a Gemini, bitches!}
I have the shittiest sleep schedule known to man, that's why I'm on ghost mode because I don't know when I will be awake or off of work and not be exhausted. I'm trying to take melatonin to help with going to sleep at night to keep myself asleep for longer.
My favorite color is Purple
I have watched a customer sniff a block of butter for no discernable reason whatsoever.
I prefer baking to cooking. (Yes I am a woman who loves being in the kitchen. *gasp*)
I used to throw shot put and discus in middle and high school and I used to run long and short distance for being a lanky 6'0 female. I could never do pole vault though.
I simp for Lady Dimitrescu and anyone who doesn't or says otherwise is lying and is a closet simp. I'm just spitting facts.
Girl From Nowhere on Netflix is my favorite show to date.
I feel dead inside but I am a ginger so there is no soul inside me to feel dead for. Been an empty shell since birth, take that eggs! (Is a joke, please don't take this seriously. I am ginger though.)

Blood for the Blood God, Technoblade Never Dies!!!

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AlternateMan 11 mos ago
I saw you snoop into my profile now it's time for me to snoop back
Here's a lizard pic I found on the internet

HEAVY METAL 11 mos ago
I'm sure you will XD

What are you into when it comes to RPing?
HEAVY METAL 11 mos ago
Welcome to the guild.😎
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