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Mother fucking crickets.
What I'm saying is that Kish seems to not be posting over there, and right now the thread is still open. If you want to wrap up the dinner scene, we should do that. Besides, I'm trying to recruit on MW.
Hey what do you know, I actually have an account here....

Windstruck! Awesome, we get to carry over a user. Though hopefully Roland won't be a total fuckshit and ban me for trying to get an infraction removed. Hope is practically non-existant, though. In the mean time, feel free to bypass Kish on the GiantPoS thread.
This is both an interest check here and a continuation from SJWitFBPoS*.

*Social Justice Warrior in the Fucking Biased Piece of Shit.

Here are the original threads.


Recruiting 1:

Recruiting 2:


This is a campaign where the party goes sailing down south to try and figure out what's going on with a sahuagin village that has stopped communicating very abruptly with a human businessman. The human businessman was friends with the sahuagin chieftan, so this is concerning for him, and the party are a bunch of mercs sent south to figure out what the fuck's going on.
<Snipped quote by Avianmosquito>
Goblins, Half-Orcs, and Orcs: Remove the Charisma penalties.

Consider it done. Except for half-orcs, I'm trying to do something more interesting with the hybrid races. I also am not totally sure that's enough, given that most races have a long list of skill bonuses and other special abilities. Look how many an elf has, for example. The skill bonuses, the save bonus, the sleep immunity, the proficiency... There's a lot there.

Hobgoblins: Give them a -2 Wisdom penalty.

Also consider it done.

Kobolds: Change -4 Strength to -2 Strength, and remove the Constitution penalty.

They're another race I think may still be a little underpowered even with that.

Lizardfolk: Remove the Racial Hit Dice, and the +2 Constitution bonus.

That should do fine for them, they've otherwise got about the right number of specials.
Okay, so the basic premise is this:
NPC classes are horifically underpowered and completely unbalanced against eachother. I am here to fix the latter issue, not so much the former. I'm leaving warrior completely alone, in hopes of balancing the other NPC classes against them.

Now, when you run into an NPC party, they actually work. Even if they're just a source of information, at least now they make sense. If they're allies on a side quest they're less of a burden and if they're a hostile encounter they may actually be at least somewhat of a threat (if not much of one) to a similarly-levelled player party.
Hey, just a quick question about the chat. How do you unmute somebody? I've got four people muted and I don't remember what most of them did at this point. Besides, muting somebody forever seems kinda wasteful if you just want them to shut up for right now.
Next post, also ported over from GiantITSJW. I need to balance goblins, hobgoblins, orcs, kobolds, lizardfolk AND sahuagin for player use in Aelsif. This may prove difficult, as none of these are balanced for player use right now. If anybody has already balanced these, please let me know as it would save me a LOT of time.
longsword stabbing through plate, along with grorious nippon steel cutting power elsewhere in the video. Because videos mean everything right?

You lost me instantaneously when you brought up a repeatedly debunked video with R. Lee Ermey. He didn't use a real breastplate OR a real sword, he used a wallhanger and a paper-thin piece of LARP costume. He shot through an identical plate with a HUNTING BOW in a different video, when actual historical plate has been shown to hold up to gunfire.

You're right, though. I was wrong comparing your information to Deadliest Warrior. That's a step above an R. Lee Ermey video where you can visibly see that they aren't using real weapon OR real armour. At least Deadliest Warrior TRIED.
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