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SOU MIYANE - Central District: Tamagakahara

Miyane forced her eyes open.

Sleep. Ah, when did she sleep last night? Was she doing anything today? She pulled her phone from beneath the pillow, blearily skimming over the clock. Still socially acceptable. Barely.

Her notifications feed had been scarce for a while. Company calendars, team schedules, upcoming shoots, they’d all trickled to a near-stop. Currently, the only messages of any importance were…

A selfie from Daehyun. Ignored.

Hyejin meeting another studio. Maybe later.

And a message from her sister. Miori and the boys were going to be a bit late for weekly dinner tonight. Something about an accident delaying Sousuke’s karate tournament. Well, that worked for Miyane.

With a relaxed sigh, the former idol flopped back into the sheets.
SOU MIYANE - Central District: Tamagakahara

Miyane waved back. She didn’t stick around to watch the car take its leave.

Upstairs, she was greeted by the familiar silence. Not exactly comfortable with its presence but… it was here. And so was she. It was a far cry from the old dorms in Seoul, a flat half this size and with seven other girls mucking around, cooking or watching dramas or fighting over the hot water. The memory was extinguished as her handbag flopped onto the six-seater sofa, shortly followed by Miyane herself. A sigh escaped as she let her eyes shut.

Hyejin was likely returning to her own apartment after her phone was repaired. Daehyun just started his last week of filming. It was still a few days too soon for Miori’s weekly visit.

She had half a thought to invite Kaneko-san upstairs if they met again. The idea prompted an incredulous chuckle.

Guess it was just her tonight. With another sigh, a drama was loaded up on the LCD in front of her.

Something to cut through the silence.

Ah, my bad. Edited accordingly.
SOU MIYANE - Central District: Tamagakahara

Miyane recognised that tall stature in an instant, a swift bow presented before she spoke.

“No need to be so formal, Kaneko-san,” she spoke in their native language.

Kaneko Ohta. The sole owner of Tamagakahara, as well as several major properties throughout Japan. A genius in playing the market, Kaneko was rumoured to have made his fortune through massive, high-risk investments, as well as Bitcoin back when the currency was more than just speed-searing the ozone layer. Miyane had never looked into the specifics. All she knew was that it took more than just some shrewd company decisions to amass that kind of wealth.

The guy was darn handsome, which likely helped. Incredibly well-dressed, Miyane believed she’d spoken to the designer of that suit brand in Milan last Fall. Striking blue eyes. Somehow still a bachelor.

On top of that, he was just all-around decent. He made pleasant conversation, greeted her staff on the same level as Miyane, even remembered her nephews’ names from a one-off conversation. She wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d done the same for everyone in Tamagakahara. He certainly possessed the decorum and intellect to do so. A businessman, inside and out.

The man was completely spotless. No wonder Daehyun was so jealous.

“Well enough,” Miyane replied, returning the smile. It wasn’t hard around him. “Though I encountered some connection issues at the plaza earlier.”

Oh dear. But yeah, that's fine.
SOU MIYANE - Central District

“<<Um, Miya-ssi,>>” Hyejin began, an apologetic smile on her face, “<<Mine’s acting up, so...please?>>”

Miyane blinked. Her scowl was half-formed, sunglasses doing well to obscure what irritation did leak through. She reached for her own phone to resist the urge to pinch the bridge of her nose.

“<<You’re devastating me.>>”


Further scolding caught in her throat as warmth caressed her hand. Another blink. Heat. Everything else in her handbag felt normal. The idol pulled the iPhone out. Yes, it was distinctly warm to the touch. A result of the café heating maybe?

It wasn’t from overuse. The usual volume of messages had been received. No one in the 8team groupchat spamming with news of a new project. Daehyun was likely still filming. The company was quiet, as usual.

And yet, the phone refused to function. They were in the dead centre of Tenoroshi but there was zero reception. No satellite, no internet. Hell, even the apps weren’t opening properly.

“This goddamn timing…”

Miyane threw her chin upwards, a loud groan ready to release, when she saw that something managed to go her way today. The thug was walking away. In his place, towering over the addict, was a familiar head of blond. This timing, indeed.

“<<Good thing someone stepped in, huh?>>” Hyejin chuckled. Her thumb was still uselessly tapping away. Her gaze wasn’t on the window any more. “<<I don’t think the police were going to get here.>>”

Miyane followed her sight. The rest of the café patrons were doing the exact same thing, fiddling with their devices. Turning them off and on, tapping at screens, getting visibly frustrated as the plastic bricks in their hands refused to comply. The phone in her hand remained warm, but the bad feeling in the pit of her stomach was searing.

And yet, none of it compared to the cool irritation she was famous for. What a disaster of a lunch this turned out to be. All she wanted to do now was sit at home.

“<<If we’re done here,>>” Miyane said icily, “<<then I’m going. The taxi rank is only a block away.>>”

She didn’t wait to move this time.

“<<Sit down.>>”

“<<Don’t try to stop me, Miya-ssi! How can those people just walk by?>>”

“<<The desire to travel to-and-fro without receiving a boot to the chest is quite universal, Hyejin-ah.>>”

She had filmed a commercial for a bakery chain last week. The manicure still looked fresh, her grasp more delicate than usual as she lifted the cup to her lips.

It wasn’t her first choice, opting for a window seat or getting lunch at the hip, downtown café currently sheltering them, but Hyejin had insisted on both fronts with equal vigor. Miyane, for the life of her, could not be bothered questioning her reasons. Likely something about fresh air, or keeping up with the city, or taking in the view. Never mind that the view was the same as it ever was in Tenoroshi, with today’s climate providing an ambient bleakness to the whole damn thing.

Not in here though. Soundproofed windows, gentle heating, the atmosphere of a place where everyone who was anyone knew they had to visit at some point. It blanketed their senses. The café’s other patrons conversed onwards, oblivious to the incident taking place outside. Too important for a faceless grin in the crowd.

“<<Did you visit Gangnam often back home?>>” Miyane asked lightly, the conversation still proceeding in Hyejin’s native language. The restrained smile on her lips corrected itself when Hyejin reached for her phone. “<<What are you doing?>>”

“<<Contacting the police.>>”

“<<Don’t do that,>>” the idol frowned.

“<<But someone needs to do something. You’ve already finished your coffee anyway.>>”

“<<Yes. Because I drank it in peace. Peacefully.>>” Fourteen years of media conditioning enunciated the statement. “<<I might have enjoyed the quiet more than I did the coffee itself.>>”

Hyejin caught on. Finally. “<<Right. Low profile.>>”

“<<Thank you.>>”


For god's sake.

“<<—no one has to know you’re here.>>”

“<<No MiA. Just a representative of TS Entertainment. The company has had enough run-ins with the authorities for the current century.>>”

Hyejin pouted some more. Rummaging for more pleas, likely.

“<<He’s getting hurt.>>”

“<<I can see that.>>”

“<<Why are you so against something being done?>>”

“<<Because it doesn’t ma—>>”

She stopped herself just in time. That was close.

Hyejin’s undyed brows furrowed together. “<<Doesn’t what?>>”



Because it doesn’t matter. Tenoroshi was a city that trundled relentlessly, always forward. Permanence was a privilege few could acquire. It wasn’t cruel, it was just a fact of life. Hell, she quietly admired it. An entropic devouring of the masses. The man could get peacefully assaulted for the same reason a girl that had once dominated the worldwide charts could sit in a café undisturbed. Tenoroshi was her destiny.

A suitable resting place for a fallen idol.

“<<Actually. Do whatever you want,>>” Miyane shrugged. Her glasses case clacked open, pulled from her LV handbag, and she adjusted the sunglasses on her face.


“<<Yes. Call them, then we’re leaving.>>”

The manager nodded rapidly, beaming. “<<I knew you cared.>>”

Miyane waited without reply, giving the café a cursory glance in preparation of exit. It was easier this way. No sulking to deal with later that night. She’d probably saved a bottle or two of soju as well, in the long run.

The call completed in little time. She practically leapt out of her seat.

“<<Your Japanese has improved,>>” Miyane remarked, leading them both to the door as she did.

“<<Ooh, for reals?>>”

“<<Indeed. You have that overseas boyfriend in the bag.>>”


Can we control our NPCs for these scenes?

I'm cool with that. If they ever did have a conversation it'd likely be a brief one of her giving him a chance to leave before she calls security. Thinking the guy is just another kid fan trying to get a glimpse of Daehyun.

Ye, I don't mind them having met. Miyane probs would've gave a big flashy autograph accompanied by a flaky "follow your dreams, kid". Depends on how pushy Mana is, there might have been a brief conversation too.
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