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act one: way down we go

p. johnson's

Sara flashed him a smile. Friendly, empathetic even. Right out of the customer service handbook. “Seven years flies by in a blink, eh?”

She gave a slight wince as the familiar, high-pitched squeal of a popular girl rang through the bar. As Hanna practically flung herself onto Sangster, she tossed a glance at Lucas to gauge his reaction.

“Goes fast… but it’s plenty of time for people to mellow out, I’m sure.” A steadfast reassurance.

She turned back to the bar, an easy excitement rising as she spotted Meir at the bar. God, it seriously had been too long. He’d really grown into himself, becoming barely recognizable from the scrawny AP class companion she had. Not to Sara though. She’d know that curly hair and nervous posture anywhere. That particular deer-in-the-headlights expression was not as frequent, however. She had to rack her brain to recall what or who would trigger that one. It wasn’t a bully, was it? No, he wouldn’t be as clammy if it was. Maybe one of Hanna’s clique? Closer, but no dice.

No, it was a specific person. Darn, who was it again?

“Hey Freya! What’s going on?”



It came from a voice she couldn’t place for the moment, but it told her everything she needed to hear. Sara’s jaw clenched and she quietly abandoned all plans to join Meir at the bar, instead opting to continue blending in at this booth. She couldn’t just leave Lucas alone, after all!

‘I thought I was ready for this,’ she sighed internally.

Her bereavement was quickly - efficiently - pushed aside as she watched Jack approach.

“Hey guys, what’s up? Party’s happening over there.”

“Just making sure a little lamb didn’t get too lost,” Sara smirked back. Past Jack, she caught yet another person looking bug-eyed, in their booth’s direction this time. Was Cal… holding in a sneeze?

“Uhhh…” Maybe she should just ignore that. She needed a proper distraction either way. “Yeah, ‘f course, no rush. Hey, I’ve got a keg out back I prepared just for today. You mind helping me carry it to my car?”

I'm prepared to make a response to Jack but I reckon I'm gonna give @Mao Mao a chance to post first.
I'm still on board!
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<Snipped quote by banjoanjo>

If you want to add a layer to their friendship then Sara knew and could have probably tried to help him. Otherwise she could have had her suspicions. Either one I would be totally fine with!

It would probably add a layer but maybe not in the positive way when current day Meir realises Sara was good friends with Freya, knew about his crush, and did nothing to help with it ;;
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Fair enough, though I wonder would Sara feel a little comfortable with Connor being that both behave as the ESFJ type? Plus I wonder... her brother Willard was in a car accident, when was this? Connor was in a car accident at night at one point. Idea: maybe Connor and Willard crashed? Maybe they saw each other around Delton in enough years to be familiar at the reunion?

Sara's brother's crash ended up taking their father's life since he was in the passenger seat so I'm not sure you'd want Connor to be saddled with that kind of trauma. I am up for Sara being more comfortable after graduation and realising he's not as bad as his jock friends though. They'd probably see each other often at the general store Sara works at.


Also @Salsa Verde back in high school, how obvious would Meir's crush on Freya have been to Sara?
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act one: way down we go

p. johnson's

“Mm. Nah, <<no, I haven’t eaten yet.>>”
Sara sat in the dark of her car across from P.J.’s, combing a hand through her hair. The other held a phone to her ear. She winced when it came out damp. Ugh, maybe she shouldn’t have squeezed that shower in after work.
“<<No, I am! Yes, I’ll get something to eat. We’re meeting at P—uh.>> We’re meeting at a bar first then heading to the school so I’ll probably just grab something on the way. Or after.”
“<<Yeah, Jack organized the whole thing. And, ah! Do you remember Meir? We carpooled to science decathlon. …Yes, he was the skinny one. There were a lot of skinny ones, Ma. He had glasses—okay, a lot of them had glasses too. He…>>”
Sara sighed.
“The Jewish one, Ma. Yep, he—yep, now you remember. Yeah, Meir! He’s gonna be there too. It’s gonna be good.”
The voice on the other side of the world continued, asking a question that made Sara frown.
“<<The nice girl.>> …Freya?” She paused longer than she liked. “Well, Facebook said she’d be there. I dunno. I don’t really… eh, it doesn’t really matter. I’ll let you know if she shows up.”
She turned to stare out the window. A familiar looking man was entering the bar.
“<<I better head in. You eat something too, yeah? Isn’t it like lunchtime for you now? Mm. Yeah, okay. Tell Uncle I said hi. Love you too. Okay. Bye, Ma.>>”

Another hand-comb of her hair and Sara stepped out. The entrance to P.J.’s was certainly a familiar sight, one that brought a little comfort even. It wouldn’t have been the first place she’d have chosen for a high school reunion. Then again, if you’d asked her seven years ago, Sara wouldn’t have guessed Jack as the one who’d suggest a gathering either.
Sara stopped in her tracks, neurons firing. P.J.’s, Jack, old classmates…
She… wait, was she planning to come out?

“…No, that’s dumb.” Sara stated it solidly and banished the idea before she headed inside.
There were already a few familiar faces at the bar, and she almost bounded right up to them. But as she scanned the establishment a little more, she saw the man who’d been outside. Ah, now she recognized him. Why was he slouching all alone in the corner like that? She could guess why, of course, but still, that wouldn’t do. If Jack wanted this to be a fun night for old acquaintances, then Sara would make sure that was the case. She went to the booth and propped herself against the opposite wall.
“Hey, Lucas.” Yep, that was his name. She nodded her head in the bar’s direction. “You been well? I just got here too – was about to head over there myself.”

In OBLIVION 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I can picture Sara keeping an eye on Gen after that big incident at later parties out of her sense of duty, and them getting to know each other from that. Maybe after a while, if they somehow started talking at school as well, she'd even 'accidentally' leave her notes out for Gen to copy.

That works with me! If we want to take it further we could even say they went on one date that went terribly then started drifting apart haha.

Wooah. Reading over that old IC, Sara was a lot angrier/bitter than I remembered lol. Anyhow, she'd have the same opinions about Jack's sexuality as the last iteration, maybe more light-hearted about it since they're more familiar here. I hope Jack likes beer cos Sara needs someone to taste all her dud batches.

That sounds great, I really enjoy fleshing out Sara and especially Willard's friendships. The double disappearance is gonna be very uncomfortable for Sara to deal with after all these years, gonna be interesting to see it play out.

If you'd like, we could PM more about some Willard stuff?


Gonna try and get a post out around the weekend.
In OBLIVION 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

In OBLIVION 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
In OBLIVION 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Applying with my character from the last iteration of this RP. Changed the limitations of her powers from the last version, let me know if it needs adjusting.

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