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Emma had, of course, been the first to arrive on the beach donning the swimsuit she'd purchased from D.C. She started setting up, anchoring an umbrella into the soft sand and then unfolding a chair underneath it. Beside her was a cooler- snacks and drinks of both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic variety, likely more than they'd need.

She took her seat, looking over the empty beach. Hopefully it wouldn’t be empty for long. She wasn’t ignorant to the infighting in Unit B. Hell, she was involved in some of it. Something like this… she’d hoped that it would help bring them together, although she wasn’t ignorant to the fact that a day at the beach wouldn’t make everyone friends.

Maybe no one was coming after all.

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Week One

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September 21

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Interlude: Conviction

Siusan Achillea

Landing. Siusan could already feel her hackles begin to raise.

Because it was never really the height itself that was scary, right? Just the fear of splatting the wrong way after that stomach-flipping drop. Easily avoidable if you had the means and enough practice. The deer faunus examined her twin cudgels.

Yeaahhh, they wouldn’t be helping with any forest acrobatics any time soon. So ‘means’ was out of the picture. Considering that the tallest thing she’d been around for years was a particularly fortunate tree, ‘practice’ was very much off the list too.

Deep brown eyes surveyed the land before her. No visible Grimm, no clearing in sight, no landing strategy. Bleh. Guess she’d have to go buckwild right off the bat.

A roll of the shoulder punctuated her anxious irritation. Fine by her.
Ye, that's my bad. Will get something up in a few hours.
@Azure Flame Here's my character.

Gonna be dropping a character to join Marsail and Conall's team soon.
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Are there still open slots for this RP?

If so, would this be an okay picture for my character?

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