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6 mos ago
Current My fellow roleplay enthusiasts, I've decided to take a step back from roleplaying due to personal issues. Nothing dramatic or noteworthy really; but apologies to those Im roleplaying with for the news
6 mos ago
Massive personal crisis has arisen in real-life! Apologies to all my roleplay partners! I may be offline for a few days/weeks!
7 mos ago
I suppose its only fair that the 30-40 year old women roleplaying here get a shout-out, as they routinely produce better writing and storylines than professional directors ever could.
7 mos ago
My worst habit is checking this site when I first wake up, despite knowing I'm way too tired to actually reply to anyone yet! But at least I have something to look forward to later!
7 mos ago
It appears I've transitioned from enjoying dark storylines to more light-hearted ones, and I'm surprised by how much more I'm enjoying roleplays now! I'm glad I tried something new, would recommend!


Nothing to see here, currently reworking bio... This'll be the placeholder for now!

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Bump! With an update!
Hello there!

Welcome to the guild @Ofelme! I'm sure this place will prove an excellent place to roleplay all the interesting and amazing ideas you've got! Welcome aboard!

Updated and bumped
Another update, as all my ideas keep being taken! Thank you so much for that! Hope my newest set of ideas takes interest to! By the way, you are all free to suggest your own ideas too.

Hello there!

@NuttsnBolts I have one last question in regards to the IP address enquiry, and it follows on the previous question you answered for me beforehand. I just wanted confirmation that site administrators, owners, mods and similar can't view/discover my IP address under any circumstance whatsoever on this website (except for the IP's very recently/currently used). Thanks in advanced for the answer, you're always helpful! :)

@LegendBegins It appears the issue with mobile data has returned, and once more I can't access anything without WiFi! This time I looked into the reason as to why! The error message that comes up is rather vague, and is as follows: "NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID". Additionally, instead of a image of a lock on the URL, an image of a triangle warning sign appears, and clicking on it reveals this message from my mobile data's service provider: "The identity of this website hasn't been verified. Server's certificate is not trusted."

Cheers. Hope to hear from both of your soon!
Hello there!

Thank you for explaining all that, honestly, I appreciate the effort you put into it. You were clear and helpful, couldn't have asked for a better answer! I do wonder though, are all my previous IP addresses (aside the one I'm using to literally access this website right now) also invisible/inaccessible to mods/admins too? Like, is Google ads the only thing that gets to see it here, hahaha!

Once I have an answer to that, I think that'll be the end of this thread! Honestly, thank you, all of you, for explaining this to me! I feel as if my IQ has doubled just from reading this, and I've learnt alot about the internet too, and even about businesses online! Seriously, thank you!

Hello there!

Perhaps I'm oversimplifying this due to my lack of technological knowledge and understanding, but ultimately my IP address is inaccessible and secure on this site, have I got that right? As in, nobody could go "Ah, that PM/post made 7 months was made by a user which had this IP address".

Additionally, outside of this site, I take it privacy pretty much doesn't exist on the internet, hahaha! I always used to think 'odd, I was just thinking about that product, what a coincidence it came up in an ad'... But yikes, so google has literally been tracking me to a limited extent to tempt me into buying something... Reminds me of youtu.be/YMPQdaq-qqk (20 second meme video, but scarily relevent).

Hello there!

I'm suppose my questions regarding how long this particular website logs/stores IP addresses for can only be answered by one of the mods here, even if they can't do anything to edit/change those logs. I'm not too concerned about other sites at this moment, even if it is somewhat scary to know I'm not nearly as anonymous as I thought I was, since I'm specifically curious about this domain for the time being. I suppose we'll have to wait for a mod to read the thread and then answer that last remaining question. I think its best to PM me if you want to talk about this further, as to not digress the thread, otherwise any mods might not see/answer my above last remaining question.

Thanks for the information though, honestly, I appreciate it.
Hello there!

I'm not certain if the website was updated or edited in any meaningful way just before/after posting this thread, but despite repeated attempts to use mobile data to trigger the error, it seemingly is working fine now. I have legitimately no explanation for this, and can apparently use the site without WiFi, as its no longer blocked by my mobile service provider. I'm actually using my mobile data to type/post this very response, something which was impossible just last week. Again, no idea why and it's almost frustrating that it starts working the moment I post something about it, hahaha.

Thanks for the detailed links about IP addresses, it did further my understanding of that concept entirely, and made me realise how little I am invisible online; which is both fascinating and terrifying at the same time hahaha! I still want to know, for how long (roughly) would websites like this one store information about IP addresses/data from site users? For example, would the IP address I had when I first signed up (whatever and whenever that was) still be logged, and for however long will that information remain? Is it even logged by the site at all? If I were to stop using the site at any point for an extended period of time, would the IP addresses I've used still remain for administers to peruse if they do desired, or would it eventually be lost/deleted/overwritten given enough time?

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