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4 mos ago
Current All hail the glorious beverage that is coffee. That is all.
7 mos ago
On the one hand, the old character creator from City of Heroes is a great way to quickly visualize characters. On the other hand, it won't have exactly what you want. -_- I just miss the game.
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7 mos ago
To everyone out there fortunate enough to have a significant other, Happy Valentine's Day.
8 mos ago
If there is one thing Overwatch grinds my gears about...getting one particular skin from the event!
8 mos ago
Imperial Guard, not Astra Militarum, damnit.


Hope you're having a great day! Not much to say about me: I've been roleplaying on and off for the past ten years or so. Hasn't always been active, but I enjoy roleplaying when I get a chance. I usually lean towards 1x1 these days on account that my job keeps me pretty busy (and it's easier for me to keep track!), but I try to reply at least once a day.

If you want to run something, or just want to chat or brainstorm, give a shout!

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Just started playing Super Robot Wars V. I'm so happy it had an English international release.
Theology taught from another perspective...alrighty then.
@JDolan My hat's off to you for figuring out Victoria II to begin with. I've gotten a handle of HoI4 and CK2, but Victoria 2 is one of those Paradox games I CANNOT get my head around.
Enter the Gungeon: Top down Rogue-Like combined with Bullet Hell and ridiculous weapons.
For Honor. Definitely a fun game, but go into it realizing it's a fighting game, not just a third-person action game.

Seriously. I was playing the game for several hours before I realized the kensei had move cancels.
Good choice on Chrono Trigger! That game's a classic for a reason. :)

Just waiting to get out of work tomorrow to try out the For Honor open beta. Game's really fiddly, but still damned fun.
Currently trying out a digital boardgame: Armello. Four-player game where everyone is trying to build enough power to take over as king of Armello as the current king is dying of corruption and is going absolutely bonkers. Plenty of opportunities for backstabbing. Excellent game so far.
...I really am not sure what to say in response to this. Regardless, I look forward to playing. With or without onion slayers. Or Dreamwork animations powered by the dreams of sleeping eldritch horrors beyond our comprehension!

@ScreenAcne I'm not too sure what you just said, and I apologize for that lack of understanding. Looking forward to posting with you either way!
Cripes, haven't checked in here for awhile, and now we have a whole posse. Nice!

I'm still reading everyone's bios to catch up, but my character is essentially unaligned with most politics. As a noble, he's aware of most upper-class spats, but is just dismissive of whatever doesn't immediately concern him. As a result, he might be slightly insensitive to most issues; he's just concerned with the next big discovery.

Crumbs, please take your time! I hope everything has settled down for you.
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