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Your heresy is noted, @Hekazu.
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[@haleytherandom] Exactly my thinking when I finally got around to using it. 100x better than Pandora, provided you use it on desktop. Mobile version is a little more mediocre.
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@Morose - do it! We need more decent pirate stuff around here.
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What to do tonight...?
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TMW you realize you've had a status up for the past month because things have been so busy you didn't even realize...


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Name (or known Aliases): Walter Macksenberg

Age: 47 (born: May 29, 1896)

Nationality: German

Affiliation: Abwehr Counter-Intelligence Agent

Role: Counter-Intelligence

Appearance (picture/description- preferably both if possible)


Service History: Enlisted July, 1914, in Dragoner-Regiment "K├Âningen Olga" (1. W├╝rttembergisches) Nr. 25 as the July Crisis was heating up. Completed training in October 1914, and fought in the Western Front, arriving just in time to participate at First Ypres. He served thereafter in occupation duty with the regiment, before he and his comrades were dispatched to Romania in October 1916, to bolster a faltering Austro-Hungarian army against Romanian opportunism. There, he remained, fighting in Romania, until Bucharest capitulated in May 1918. In the aftermath, Walter found himself in the West once more, fighting in the Alsace, Artois, and Flanders in the closing months of the war.

After Versailles, Walter was demobilized along with the rest of his regiment, on 1 May, 1919. He dabbled after the war in police work, before finding himself in the middle of a Stahlhelm Bund conspiracy, the Kapp Putsch in March 1920. In the aftermath of the brief and failed coup, where he helped organize the General Strike that ended the Putsch. In the course of events he ended up meeting with one of the seven agents run by the Abwehr at its founding, but thought nothing of it.

He joined the Abwehr properly in 1926, with its exponential expansion as it expanded from just a single office to three full departments, and eventually merged with the Naval Intelligence Service in 1928. Throughout the least years of the Republic, Walter's main focus was primarily on Czechoslovakian military buildup and its foreign relations, especially in regards to prospective defensive arrangements with Prague between Belgrade, Bucharest, Budapest, and even Warsaw.

For a time, he served as well as a military diplomatic attache in France, England, and also Russia. He sat through height of the Nazi era mostly hunting Bolshevik spies.

With war in Poland, and throughout the wider world, Walter was dispatched to southern Germany to hunt spies, many of whom were filtering in through the Swiss border....

Other: Native German, fluent in French, English, passable Czech, Russian, and Polish (mostly literary, but some verbal command as well)
I'm posting my character now into the CS area - and will be updating the personality and appearance area as I have time, plus all sorts of other relevant details with time.
Yeah I know. I'm working up the last of the character. It's been a bit of a busy weekend.
Greetings Kai, hope you get settled in just fine around here.

Any particular genres or worlds you're looking to explore around these parts?
Still in, and I'll have the start of a sheet up real soon.
I've thought that there might even just be German intelligence operatives on board who are actually just in for the cash, trying to get out of Germany with money before it all burns- might be a theme I'll also play along now you mention the Abwehr.

That was basically my plan, especially given the institutional skepticism from as far back as 1937 of any sort of German victory in even a limited war against Czechoslovakia, and the wider skepticism that was present as early at the eve of Barbarossa - with OKH building its orders on incomplete and rushed Abwehr reports, which the Abwehr knew was incomplete when they were forced to make their final submissions a week or two prior to the start date. They've seen the writing on the wall for ages now, and with an impending dissolution of the Abwehr and its absorption into the SD-Ausland later in the winter of 43/44...well, let's just say that there's plenty of motivation to jump ship for certain folks.

Similarly, given the Abwehr's regular communications with SOE and OSS via the German vice-consul to Switzerland, it's certainly not unreasonable that someone might join in on an Allied heist to cover his own ass.
I'd probably be game for this. Sounds interesting. An Abwehr agent out of Amtsgruppe Ausland (Foreign Department) or maybe a Abwehr IIIF (Counter-Espionage, Counter-Agent Bureau) could be interesting.

A Mahz post outside of announcements?

Also, welcome aboard, Omen.

I don't remember my dreams 99% of the time already anyway... And I can put that 100k to better use.
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