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I logged on just to like the OP
@Altered Tundra Should have said "whorable". 4 reelz.
I'm sorry Taaj. At least it's better than seeing your grandparent's cat waste away from cancer.
Fuck you OP. <3
It seems like he is horny 90% of the time. He should really get that checked out. An erection lasting more than 4 hours is dangerous to his health.
Who is this Dinh douche anyways? He reminds me of Nat, but worse.
<Snipped quote by Beatrix>

something tells me you won't, because these shitposters have no game.

Let's bring back the god of shitposters... I'm sure that Nat would make it to where we would HAVE to do it.
@mdk I'll wear one with you.
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