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Your definition of butthurt is clearly different from mine. That or your perception is flawed. I'm beginning to see now what mdk is referring to if you thought that the exchange I've participated in this thread involved my feelings being affected. I am sad for you and anyone that you attempt to engage in an intelligent discourse with if this is an example of how you conduct yourself in those instances.

Let's, uh.... let's not personalize this whole thing any more than we've already done, yeah? Anyone got some politics going on? Politics, anyone?

edit: I know, I know, I just did that. Thought I was being funny, this suddenly feels like I started a more serious turn and I don't wanna do that. Let's do the politics thing instead, that's better.
I strive very hard to turn arguments about controversial topics into conversations and discussions with differing viewpoints. I never believe I'm right and you're wrong, just that we disagree, and I like to state the reasons why I feel the way I do, while listening to someone else's.

Im referring to your previous quotes you made about the diasabled, if a politician came out in support of that sort of treatment for them, I'm sure youd vote for them based on that too, mate.

Here we see two different approaches to debate.....
I'd rather get gutted by Ghostface than become a souless Godless politician the lowest form of life, murderers and rapists are better people than them.

With the obvious exception of Donald Trump, who is a perfect human in every conceivable way. We should all aspire to be so orange.
<Snipped quote by mdk>

Why does it have to be just federal? Still got state tax payer money. Either way my tax money be it federal or state is being spent on shit that does not educate in any way in the education budget. It does the opposite, kids are given passing grades just so they can keep on playing, furthering the trope in real life of the dumb jock.

How much state money, then?

WHAT I'M DRIVING TOWARDS IS -- I don't really agree that sports (or choir, or any of the other extra-curriculars) are a waste of money but, generally speaking, school budgets are a community affair. Very much a local policy. You don't have to be a Clinton to have a say in that. Hit up your town hall, vote in local elections, hell run for the school board. We can both have our way, which is awesome.
Sports should be funded strictly from their ticket sales. If the team can't support itself from ticket sales the team shouldn't exist. All that taxpayer money wasted on sports could more than make up for any budget shortfalls.

How much federal money goes towards sports in public schools?
@catchamber it gives small and unimpressive people a way to feel better about themselves by imaging themselves as members of an in group. Also serves as a basis for some to oppress others. I guess that is a type of utility?

I think you're right about "supremacy"-type racial bullshit, and now (because it's me) I'm trying to apply the logic more broadly... conveniently there's a prime example on top of the headlines this very day. What would you say about, for instance, movies like Black Panther? I've been itching to see it, and reading a lot of press regarding the film. A whole big lot of the critical reception so far is based on the racial significance of the movie.... is that, like, is that wrong? Or just a product of wrong things that have already happened, and the current celebration is just marking a milestone on the way back to how it should be?

<Snipped quote by Penny>

This one happened maybe 30 minutes from where I live.

I guess it's the price these poor kids have to pay since guns are handed out like candy.

Most expensive piece of candy I ever bought.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Did you know that Valentine's Day and the practice of exchanging love letters began in ancient Rome? St Valentine, then just Valentine I guess, a priest, defied the emperor's orders to cease all marriages, because Valentine believed in the power of LOVE. See the Emperor needed more men for his wars, and he figured he'd have better luck recruiting grunts to march off to Germania if they weren't getting squeezed at home. Valentine would take youngsters out into the woods and perform marriages in secret, or mostly-secret I suppose, because around the year 270AD he was caught.

He was sentenced to beheading.

While in jail, awaiting his beheading, Valentine, shall we say, befriended the jailer's daughter. The night before his decapitation he slipped her a last testament of his love and signed it "From your Valentine." The jailer caught wind of what was going on, and Valentine was beaten to death before his head could be taken off.

NOW YOU KNOW -- and KNOWING is half the battle! Happy bludgeoning/decapitation day everyone.
@mdk Well I don't want to talk to you with your constant straw-manning and inability to stay on topic, @ some one else.
Dynamo Frokane

Can you express that in the form of a starter pack for me?
Ummm pretty sure you tagged me after we were told to knock it off, maybe you shouldn't @ people you don't want to talk to, sound like a good idea?

Cool, lets try that.
Dynamo Frokane

I don't "Not want to talk to you." Just lay off ad-hominems (especially imaginary ones) and we can go back to politics.
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