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Will be semi-available, posts and PM's delayed.
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"The world is unraveling, it's a mad Reckoning."
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On//off today ^^ kinda busy
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Off for the night. Laters
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"You can embrace who you are or hang on to what you were, but you can't do both."


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I haven't heard a peep from @Beeve which either means they forgot or didn't care to return. Flying this ship solo, I'm willing to play multiple characters (making some NPC) if anyone is up for it, please @me or comment below so I know who's still interested.

If not, I'll mark this thread officially closed. Thanks for your time guys and sorry for the dreadful delays.
Expect one from me, I'm sold!
UPDATE: I'm still waiting to hear from @Beeve for an official Start date.

Sorry for the delay guys, just hang in there.

Thanks! ^^
Can't wait to finally restart!
@BeeveNo problem at all. We restart when you're ready!
—up to @Beeve to make that call.
I also think that restarting would be a good call now.
As for writing standard, if we put in some grammatical/length rules would that help? I myself haven't role-played in a long time either so I'm sorry if I haven't been up to scratch with my own writing @Peridot
From the discussion above and my own opinion I do think it would be best to restart, so if you'd like to apply then feel free to.

Id also like to ask if anyone would like to help me GM; as I said before I haven't role-played in a long time and although I am enjoying learning how to again, I'd like to make this role-play a success so it might be helpful if I could have some help from a more experienced roleplayer?
Sorry if this seems needy, I just don't want to disappoint you lot and I'd love to make this work x

Since we're rebooting this I'd like to change my Muse a bit, I had this idea that perhaps the house itself could be a boarder between this world and the spirit world. Since it'd require a guardian to ensure no evil spirits attempt breaching out to the surface world, maybe Ravus could be one of those Guardians

I'd like to GM~ that'd be so much fun.
One of the many ways to keep a thread going is coming up with a plan of action and also keeping the thread active. We should have an idea of where the story is going and what Muses will do what according to the plot. Since we're starting over, archive this thread and make a new one. That way we can post up our muses and discuss further ideas. ^^
@lozi GM's call.
@mmarage I understand. I also would like to improve my writing as well—so I keep rping.
@GreenGoPretty much! ^^
@PeridotI hear ya, but I also agree that maybe we should try to write better. Then again, it is up to the GM. ^^
@Peridot Is there anyway to remedy that? Maybe if the GM decides to restart we could make some changes?
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