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Hey sweeties!

My name is Eve, I'm an 17 year old living in England currently trying to get into university to do art. I've only just back into roleplaying this year but I can honestly say I'm so glad I decided to do so!! I have an art account on Instagram where I post some stuff I do ( really I should post more) Art account
I love cartoons and webcomics; in particular I like 'over the garden wall','Steven universe' and 'Satan and me'. I also have a love for gorey animes (magi puella, attack on titan ect) and I do love a good philosophical debate!

I enjoy a lot of different types of roleplays and I would really like to get into some fantasy ones at some point. Mostly I'd like to be able to make some good friends on this site, it would just be really nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of and chat with; so just send me a message if you'd like to start chatting!!

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Id love for you to GM with me; it would honestly be such a help.

It would be better for us to start a new thread and I'm thinking in the next week/2 weeks cause I'm going to be a bit busy this one coming.
I also think that restarting would be a good call now.
As for writing standard, if we put in some grammatical/length rules would that help? I myself haven't role-played in a long time either so I'm sorry if I haven't been up to scratch with my own writing @Peridot
From the discussion above and my own opinion I do think it would be best to restart, so if you'd like to apply then feel free to.

Id also like to ask if anyone would like to help me GM; as I said before I haven't role-played in a long time and although I am enjoying learning how to again, I'd like to make this role-play a success so it might be helpful if I could have some help from a more experienced roleplayer?
Sorry if this seems needy, I just don't want to disappoint you lot and I'd love to make this work x
My RP 34 Newton Road has currently lost some players recently and we're looking to up our members. We've only just began our story and are still in the introduction stages atm, therefore jumping in should be easy.

What is 34 Newton Road?

'34 Newton Road' is a role play about university students living in a house share which is infested by demons. The students have paid 4 months of rent upfront to their seemingly harmless old landlady and are hence stuck in the house for 4 months (minimum) unless they wish to spend more money else where. The role play focuses on the interaction and living arrangements between the students and demons; it can go in other directions however if feel like this is a good starting point.

Currently we're looking for more demons (up to 3) and another university student; I'd prefer some female characters to balance out the genders but males ect are fine.
I'd also be interested in a co-GM, its my first time being a GM and although I'm loving it at the moment an extra hand would be helpful.

If you're interested the link is here;
34 Newton Road
I'm going to open it up for a week or so and see if we get any applicants x
Ok, so Prosaic is going to be leaving the RP as they're not enjoying it as much as they thought they would. This means that are going to lose another demon which could be a problem. I don't really want to open the RP to new applicants as it could be quite fiddly; so I was wondering if anyone would be opposed to me playing another character (demon) or if anyone else would like to take on another; if not I'm fine with opening the RP for applicants but I thought it would be best to run it past you first.

Marie nodded to herself, happy that the tenants were picking rooms. Soon she could retreat to her herbs; away from all the commotion. " Oh no, feel free to take yourself upstairs sweetie!" she said to T.J. forcing her best smile; she felt tired and drained just from inviting them in.
Looking down the hall she noticed that the 2 other boys hadn't made their room selection yet. Did they know something was wrong with the house? Were they already about to flee?
She bit her lip nervously and called out, [colour=lightblue] " Are you two alright? " [/color].
Scanning over the room to keep her nerves at bay, her eyes fell onto Ravus and Joe. Grumbling slightly at Ravus's manner towards Joe, she took another long swig off her tea, finishing it off. She needed another to distract her until she could abscond, so she poured out another cup and began heaping in more sugar.

Do you have a character sheet template?

Marie smiled at the red headed girl, " Its ok dear; you didn't know any better. Next time just ask me ok?" .She turned on her heels and took another long sip from her tea before responding to T.J. , " Of course! Of course! Now there are 5 rooms; 1 in the basement and 2 on the middle and then 2 in the attic.". She turned back towards the girl in the garden, "I'd recommend you take the one on the second floor to the right; less dust and so!" she held a key out to the girl that she had retrieved from her pants pocket; the label read '2nd Right'. It was a simple way of identifying the keys to their rooms; simple but efficient.
She placed the other keys on the table alongside the tea cups; 1 read basement, 1 2nd Left and 2 read Attic Left and right. Looking up she saw Joe with his hand out stretched to Ravus. A lump settled in her throat. Please, oh please don't fuck this up Ravus.
She'd been so engulfed with her thoughts she'd missed Di's entire interaction with Joe; to her none of the tenants knew a thing about the demons.

Ok so;

- For demons the feeling is like gaining a lot of energy at once. So imagine it as if you've drank a load of energy drinks at once and the effects immediately take effect. feeding can take from a few seconds to 30 mins; it depends on how fast the demon consumes the energy ( they can savour it or just gobble it up).
- 2 meter radius from the human; the closer they are the easier it is to feed.
- the human will be able to sense their energy being drained as they will begin to stop feeling the emotion that they have been fed upon for and they will become physically more tired.
Ah you never know; it might be fun to throw one in at somepoint if our lot manage to do anything amazingly stupid
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