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3 yrs ago
Current SO I've been AWOL for awhile, I'm so sorry, I've been dealing with some sudden family emergency stuff that came up, but for the most part everything should be back to constant ab-normality now.
3 yrs ago
I've bee....well, tbh I've just been so down the last like week, things were crazy and then they weren't and then there was some vague stuff that happened and I just..UGGHHHH. Gunna try to be better.
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3 yrs ago
Ya know that moment when you think it's the few quiet moments before the storm? But then the storm is like "I DO WHAT I WANT! IMMA START NOW! SUCK ON THAT!" yeah, that's been me for awhile now.
3 yrs ago
Back to the grind, and not like, a fun grind like grinding pepper or grinding at a club, just a sort of grind-iggity grind
3 yrs ago
Next few days I'm gunna have more time than usual with an interwebz connection that's untrustworthy at best...In these trying times, truly is when the human spirit is most tested...


Ours is not to question Why, ours is but to do and die, and yet, an unexamined life is not worth living. That being said I suppose I'm just an English Major trying to figure my life out in a Central American Country. It takes me about 20 minutes to get a decent sized, casual-ready, post finished, on a good day. However, I've got this bad habit of leaving my computer up when I'm not in front of it so just cuz I'm 'Online' don't mean I'm focused. Of course, even if I'm staring right at something directly in front of me don't mean I'm focused either....

Things I'm In that are cool and open and you should check out if you want to, or not because free will and all that:

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@GreenGowhere was Quinn last?

He kinda got ditched Mid-walk so on the street somewhere, probably vaguely headed for his place.

Also, I'm so sorry I've been AWOL for so long, I've been dealing with some sudden family emergency stuff that came up, but for the most part everything should be back to normal now.
Anything I can do to help those who haven't posted in awhile?

I apologize, My life has been insane the past like two weeks, but its finally calmed down, for however long that'll last. Although I'll admit, if you could provide a suggestion for what Quinn could do, I'd be much appreciative.

Quinn could feel her heavy hand on his shoulder and looked up. He smiled, she was so genuine, and her words really were helping her, though he suspected that there would be a certain amount of fear that he would never be able to overcome in regards to this. "I suppose I am a little scared, but it's a new thing to me, and so much could go wrong, I suppose I'd have to be crazy not to be at least a little scared, right?"

Quinn shook his head, as if attempting to shake all of these thoughts out of his head...
Hoping this doesn't die, though I'm also in the crazy busy ATM :/

Quinn nodded solemnly, his joints making a small creaking sound as he did. "Yeah, and perhaps the worst part is, the moment we fight back or try to do something about it, we prove them right..." Quinn's voice trailed off thoughtfully. After a long moment of silence he asked the question that he couldn't keep from rooting around in his mind "Your dad works there, do you know what its like?" his playful demeanor gone, his eyes weren't quite able to meet hers, but he thought that if he could keep himself from staring at the ground, maybe it would come off as casual, and she wouldn't be able to tell how scared he was.
This all sounds good to me!
Sorry guys, we lost power for awhile, I'm doing my best, I promise.

Billy is currently on the second story of the building, keeping a portal open so that the civvi's can get to safety.

Quinn bowed shallowly and gestured in a "ladies first" motion, then he smiled and followed Jen out of Liz's little shop, He noticed but said nothing in regards to her cowl being up. He wasn't sure if it had something to do with her particular mutation and the sun, or if it was more of a shame thing, either way it was none of his business. Taking her arm in his, the two began walking down the street. Quinn couldn't help but smile inwardly, it felt good to have someone of similar experience to hang out with again. However, after a moment he realized he hadn't yet said anything, thus he blurted rather uncharismatically:

"So, you seem like you know this town pretty well, I don't suppose you know where the Lab is?
Okay sounds good, just trying to look for a way for her to be useful/showcase her ability

Bruh, if you wanna burst in and try to save Billy, you go for it! You'll have a hard time convincing him to leave before the last civilian does, but you do you, dude. Provided the GM is cool with it of course.
I as well think restarting is a good idea, I know that I was somewhat of a problem child for this thread, work and life kept getting in the way, but I'd like to give this and T.J. another shot if y'all are okay with it.

I hear ya, but I also agree that maybe we should try to write better. Then again, it is up to the GM. ^^

I mean, there's never really a reason to not try to write better, right?
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