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Current aye lmao
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Don't eat two day old rice that has buckets of sauce on top. Just. Don't.
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When you're so shy you can't make conversations with anyone in your rp or anywhere
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I want to go home and write but I also want to play overwatch. I feel like troy bolton


Just a senior in high school that wants to get back into rping.

I'm usually only free on weekends, but I may be able to rp during the week if I'm not busy with school work.

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Sorry guys I think I have to drop this :(( My school life is getting busier and I feel like I won't be able to give my all in this. My character can be an NPC or just taken out!
Ah yes...this chaos is exactly what I want.

The moment the employees turned their heads to face her she knew that they weren't actually open. Embarrassment starts to creep up on her face causing her cheeks to turn bright red. Before she was able to panic even more, one of the workers tells her that even though they're not open, he will gladly serve her. His kindness eases her back into sanity and she composes herself by taking a couple deep breaths and returning to her sophisticated mode.

"Yes, I would like you to be my waiter, please. Since you seem to be the only one prepared."

She isn't remorseful at all about her comment. She wonders why the door is open and all the employees are here, yet no one is prepared to service people. Except this man right here, who has gained a sliver of Mina's respect. She looks-more like glares- at the boy that grumbles about not having food prepared, "How have you not started preparing food?" Mina squints in both confusion and frustration.

She wants to be reasonable and remember it's only 7 something in the morning, but these people are standing around and chatting like they don't have work to do! She looks over at the extremely young girl that is a stuttering and anxious mess, and is only able to sigh deeply and rub her temple. Seriously is today really going to give her this hard of a time? She jumps when another young looking girl-Why is a majority of the staff so young?-exclaims about helping with the cooking, Don't tell me...they're short on staff too?! She can now conclude that this place is simply chaotic and she doesn't know if she wants to yell at the staff for all the inconvenience or laugh at how crazy this situation is. She chooses the latter.

"Ah, seriously. This must be a joke or something. Please just show me to whatever table, I need to sit down." She is able to say this in her laughing fit to the waiter that will serve her. Coming from the craziness from her house to this scenario is just too much for her; today was supposed to be a calm, relaxing day and now she's surrounded by cat people that are scurrying around like little mice.
>be mina

>be hungry

>go to the café before it's even open

rip in peace this is the nth level of minkyu-has-not-been-trained-for-this

LMAO rip Minkyu. Mina is like a cat like "I see people I command food."
Ah yes I finally give my mediocre post ugh amazing

"MINNNNAAAAAA!! Mom said to get up and get us food!!"
Mina jolts up from her bed and onto her feet like she was called to go to war, but right when she stands up she drops to her knees from dizziness. Her mind is too foggy for her to even create words, but she does wonder about if she slept in for too long. Instead of standing back up she reaches for her phone to check the time. 6:30. She sighs and puts her phone back on her night stand, and just stares at her wall. Since it's Wednesday she doesn't have any classes, so she wanted to spend a good portion of the day sleeping in. But of course, she can't have that.

She finally gains the energy and strength to stand back up and walk over to the door. Opening the door she looks down to see her little brother, Beom-soo, frowning at her, "WE'RE HUNGRY!!". She just stares at him a bit before rubbing her face and groaning, " you guys want," her voice is grouchy and low displaying her annoyance, but Beom doesn't back down,"We want eggs!!" She is going to lose her mind. She was really woken up on her day off because of some eggs. She grumbles and washes up quickly so she can make them eggs. After whipping up her brother's eggs, she watches them as they devour them. Now that she's up she wonders if she should go walk around and get into something, and maybe even find a job so she can finally get her own place, which is an interest that just heightened after this morning. She walks out of the dining room and makes a call to their nanny asking her to come over soon so she can go out.

After putting on her clothes for her outing her youngest brother, Jaehwa, walks into her room, "Where are you going?" He asks with egg pieces all over his face. Mina giggles and squats down to remove the food,"Just going out for a bit. Emma-sshi will be here in a little bit." Jaehwa smiles and nods in response, reaching out his hand he grabs Mina's and takes her downstairs. Before leaving the house she gives each of her brothers a hug and lectures them about all the rules, and finally puts on her shoes and leaves.

It's now 7:00 and Mina has been doing absolutely nothing but walking around her neighborhood and then taking a bus to an area with more stores and restaurants. She looks around at others that are chatting with friends and lovers and begins to feel quite lonely. She needs to get inside and sit somewhere. And also eat because she's starving; she made eggs for her brothers but forgot to make her something. She eyes down a cute little place and walks over to it-completely ignoring that it's a cat cafe. She gets to the doors of the cafe and sees the silhouettes of a few people just standing in the front-not even taking into mind how creepy she looks and the odd shapes on-top of their heads and behind their backs, "So it is open..." She stays instead of just thinking, and slowly opens the door supporting it with both of her hands."Um...hello? I would like a table." She closes the door behind her and when she turns around she is shocked to see the cat ears and tails and steps back in shock with wide eyes.
Just gonna intrude and ask is everyone inside of the cafe right now??
Okie I'm so sorry guys yesterday some personal stuff occured and made me super busy. I'll make sure to get my post up today :((
Just lurking~~~ I forgot I got to leave school earlier today so I should have a post up soon :))
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