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Here we go. Thoughts?

I like it. I can only add a minor nitpick, and that he would likely be involved with the United Nations Space Command, as opposed to the Terra Space Force, unless the TSF is some independent, private entity such as a corporation, which is totally fine.
I'm pretty much ready to start the game on my end, folks - all that's missing is the roster. I really like @circadian 's take on the chief engineer, so consider that position filled. The other positions are all still open.
Is this game still talking players?

Certainly is.
@circadian Interesting... I wonder how Stèfan will get along with Mother.
How big is this ship to accommodate everything?

It is an immense ship, utilizing tram cars and lifts to speed the crew to their destinations. It runs at 1400 meters long, by 550 wide, by 600 meters tall.
This has been a little slow going, so I Think I'll shelf this for now. Doesn't seem to be much action here in the Nation RPG department. But I encourage you guys to check out another game I'm starting up -
On the UNS Erebus...

The Erebus, along with its sister ship, The Challenger, represent the pinnacle of human engineering. They are the first ships to harness the power of FTL, giving them the capability to travel between stars. The Erebus is specifically designed for interstellar flight, and to withstand years in deep space.

The Bridge - Where the flight controls and nav computers are located, overseen by the chief nav officer.

CIC - Command in Control is where the Captain maintain his vigilant command over the ship, views situational reports, and relays orders.

Officer's Galley - Where the officers eat, relax, and mingle.

Officer Quarters - The personal cabins of the Erebus' officers.

Sensor Array - The discharge station of neutrinos that gives the Erebus "sight" in deep space.

Greenhouse - The immense food processing plant that supplies the crew with nutritious food.

Pantry - The storage facility of the ship's non-perishable food.

Cryo Bank - The cryogenic freezing facility that houses cryo pods for prolonged cryosleep.

Tillium Refinery - The industrial facility that refines tillium ore into fuel.

Docking Bay - The landing and housing unit of the ship's mining vessels and atmospheric shuttles.

FTL Drive - The FTL Drive core - the workings of which are a closely guarded UN secret.

Impulse Drive - The deuterium reactor that propels the Erebus below the speed of light.

Fuel Tank - The storage facility for the ship's tillium fuel.

Solar Sail Array - The apparatus, that when activated, spans out beyond the starboard and port sides of the ship to catches solar energy.

Solar Cells - The ship's solar charged batteries that power the ship.
On the HUD...

Here we have the interstellar map, a rough draft of what you can expect to see in the game. We have the closest stars on display, as well as the light years between them. To the top left you will see a readout of the Erebus' resources. Keep a close eye on these as the game progresses.

Solar Cells: The remaining power of the ship's batteries. Can be replenished by deploying the ship's solar sails near a star.
T. Fuel: The percentage of tillium fuel remaining in the tank. Replenished by mining tillium from asteroids.
Rations: The amount non-perishable food available. The greenhouse keeps a constant supply of nutritious food, but rations offer a morale boosting taste of home.
Morale: The overall morale of the crew. The lower the morale, the greater the risk of mutiny.

Every action the ship takes consumes fuel and depletes cells. Traveling between stars consumes cells/fuel at a rate of 10 x light years. The captain can decide whether to prioritize the consumption of solar cells, or tillium. For example, travel to Alpha Centauri consumes fuel at a rate of 4.7 x 10 = 47% of fuel/cells.

Failing crises drops morale, but can be replenished with issuing rations or making breakthrough discoveries. Rations are displayed as the time remaining if consumed exclusively by the crew for three square meals a day. FTL jumps between start systems seems nearly instantaneous by the crew, but traversing within star systems takes time, and they will need to stay fed during these interplanetary times of discovery.
Count me in, I've done a crap-ton of starship role-playing in the past and I'd love to have some stakes in it for once. And would you like for that character sheet to be in private messages, or right here? I'm not too sure what is completely normal around here yet.

Feel free to post your CS here. We can always develop our sheets alongside the game before we start.
On Mother...

Both the Erebus and Challenger are equipped with a state of the art artificial intelligence called Mother; whether that is a name born out of affection or cold irony it is unclear. Mother is tasked with assisting the crew with logistics over the course of their expedition. You can count on her to provide pertinent details during a crisis to make an informed decision.

The AI Core aboard the Erebus; Mother.
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