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Federation News Network

Hostage Crisis In Anita City


Lawless mobs have convened and attacked government buildings in Anita City today, taking advantage of the police strike currently underway in the province of Anita, on Thadus in the Alpha Centauri Star System. Federation forces have landed in the city and secured the Capital Building in Anita City only to find some of the government personnel missing, including the deputy mayor.

Federation Mechs advance on rioters

While the building is now secure, there are reports of violent demonstrators gathering in the harbour district of the city, with CCTV cameras confirming the missing administrators being held by the mob. FNN has not yet received word on the condition of the hostages, nor any list of demands by the perpetrators. More on this as the story develops. - FNN


My last job was a total shit show. Anyone needs a hacker, I'm available. Security systems are dust with me on your side. Drop me a line. Or don't. Whatever. I need a vacation anyway.

Federation News Network

Hudson Explorations' Stocks Plummet


The exploration company, Hudson Explorations, has emerged in a pitfall in colonial markets today, falling three points from its already tumultuous fall earlier in the year.

Analysts point to the recent survey data leak last month contributing to the fall. Company investigation revealed that much of the corporation's survey of the Burnell Pulsar on the Norma Expanse Frontier has fallen into the hands of competing companies, devaluing much of the data complied.

The HE board of directors have levied a 2 million credit fine on Anson Rayder, previously the Hudson Explorations Chief of Operations in the Burnell Pulsar System. The board found Rayder responsible for the leaks and terminated his employment, as well as a fine.

Anson Rayder - File Photo

The data leak comes at a bad time for Hudson Explorations as news has reached the colonies of the disappearance of the Mayflower, HE's exploration ship surveying the Glispie Star System beyond the Burnell Pulsar. A Federation vessel is currently enroute to conduct search and rescue operations in Glispie, however it is unclear if Hudson Explorations can withstand another hit on the stockmarket should the Mayflower not be recovered. - FNN
@SantosGabriel77 you stats are done. Link is located in the "members area" link in the character tab, or follow the link here:…
Last week was pretty hectic for me, but back into my usual routine and eager to get this game back in gear. Stats have been updated and the current contracts are in the works. If you haven't signed up for one yet, be sure to send an IC message to ERIS and she'll put you in touch with a liason officer.

@SantosGabriel77 looks pretty good. I'll likely start you off with an extra fighter. Feel free to post in the character tab.

Hopefully I'll have time today to update stats and get the current contracts rolling. If not I'll do so tomorrow.
Sounds fun how do i start?

Hey welcome. If you're interested you can fill out a character sheet.

The story is really just beginning, so you're getting in at a good time. Corporations typically hire us out to do there dirty work. We've hunted pirates in Alpha Centauri, killed space bugs on a frontier moon, and are gearing up to police a colony and go into deep space.
Federation News Network

Hive extinguished on Raphurt's Moon


Federation forces converged on Koatev, Raphurt's lone moon, in order to extinguish a hive of insectoids. A nest was discovered below the settlement of Koav's Landing after a tract of land collapsed into their tunnel network. Insectoid drones, followed by soldiers, poured out of the opening, jeopardizing the city. The bugs were driven back and chased into their hive, where the queen and eggs were destroyed.

Militia, pinned down by insectoids, just before rescue

Up and coming Federation companies; Manny's Mechs, Nought Bio-warfare, and Lantallian Mercenary Guild, dispatched the bugs with efficiency.

The Governor of the Bernard Colonial Government, Eli Goldman praised the work of the Federation in a statement released this morning, as well as that of the colonial militia. Marshall Ricks, Federation contact in the operation and commander of militia forces on Koatev, has since been named Deputy Director of the Bernard Colonial Marshals.

The operation has made colonial headlines and even broadcast on Earth. An insectoid hive is rare outside of the Helix Nova System, and the Imperial Senate has launched an investigation, dispatching IMPSEC to Koatev. - FNN

Just so you guys know, I'm finishing up the corporate espionage contract for Dark Light before moving on to the current job board. Hopefully be done by tomorrow.
Might be quiet over the weekend, but I'll try and be on to move things along when I can. Otherwise I'll be here monday to get these contracts rolling. Of course, feel free to IC if you can.
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