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Any thoughts on various solo RPG being ported over to play by post games?

I have been sitting on ALONe by Larcenous Designs. Very lightweight and narrative focused. It could be a handy for light TT elements for games on this site.

Thoughts on this or other solo RPGs?
@BlackBishop Corrections made.
yes @LotusWarrior

Ill see if I can swing it. Don't hold back for me. At worst I'll lurk and enjoy.
is there a still slot open, this looks sick!
Here we go. Thoughts?

<Snipped quote by LotusWarrior>

Certainly is.

Great! I'll be posting character by the end of the day tomorrow.
Is this game still talking players?
Im sitting down to write up and prepare the game over the weekend.
@Darcs I chose 6 because I am sure we will lose 1 or two players (so im offsetting the bleedout). We can run with less.

@Bourgeoisie Understood.

@rush99999 @Eklispe @thorgili

We are at 5. Shall we move to an official thread?
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