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Current Seatbelts are for pussies. God is for cowards. Death is forever. Drugs are for numbing yourself to the horror of eternity Arbys is for lunch
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Why is one responding to me? ;_;
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That sad moment when you realize that you can rp really mentally fucked up people despite being relatively well adjusted. Does it make me really empathetic or am I just really good at research?
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I'm going silent for the next week, if I don't reply to anything it's because of that.
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Statistically, no one loves you. No one has even ever heard of you. Enjoy Arbys, you completely irrelevant turd
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"... And I said, 'That's a terrible idea. When do we start?' Two days later, we film the commercial and we put it up. Boom! Instant celebrity for a week. Can't say I miss the attention though." Liam smiled as Amanda laughed hard enough to double over. The two shots of tequila, two shots of gin, and a screwdriver probably had something to do it as well. Who knew such a tiny lady could hold so much alcohol?

They had gone to a local bar, one Liam was sure was reasonably safe due to growing up in the area, after their shift had ended at the gym. She had offered to pay as a thank you, and he had countered that he didn't really drink. Nonetheless, he still had an enjoyable evening. He wasn't even mildly buzzed, only drinking two beers over the course of the their stay at the bar. He smiled slightly as his companion wobbled slightly, her feet trying to follow some unseen line on the ground and her hands out stretched for balance. She eventually gave up in a huff, before suddenly grabbing his hand and pulling him into an alley.

"Wha? Hey, what are you doing?" Liam asked as he was pulled along with surprising strength. Amanda just giggled in response before drunkenly spinning around and pulling him down into a kiss. He could feel her tongue poking on his lips,as if begging for an entrance that he refused. The dizzyingly sweet smell of pine, heady sweat, enticing peach shampoo, and flashes of orange tickled his nose as she came up for air. He could feel her arms grasping and pawing at his beaten, old, olive cargo jacket in a wild, desperate manner. He looked down in alarm as Amanda broke the kiss, and looked up into his eyes with her own watery orbs. The guady, blindingly vibrant glare of neon made the color of her eyes indistinguishable, but the shattered and sorrowful look threw him off guard as the woman let out a sad smile, before quickly turning around and out of his reach. By the time he realized what had happened, Amanda had already disappeared into the crowd and he was left alone.

Well, damn. Liam brought a hand up to his head and began to slide it through his hair when he felt his hair stand on end. He felt the figures slide up behind him, knew their intentions before the gun was even halfway out of the first young man's pocket. A dangerous place to put a fire arm Liam thought distantly as he ducked and rose into an uppercut that sent the young gang banger a good few inches into the air.

Shaking his hand slightly, he turned to face the group of thugs that had planned on preying on him. He didn't have time for them, he had to find Amanda and find out why she had kissed him, and why her eyes seemed so broken for so cheerful a person. HE didn't have time for these small fr-

His thought process was cut short as he felt his the blade on his arm enter the stomach of one of the thugs. He watched as the impaled man, only slightly older than him really watched him with fear, blood trickling out of his eyes. Liam calmly slid his blade out of its bloody sheath, listened as the dying man let out a pitiful rattle before dying. Cracking his neck and rolling his shoulders under the familiar, yet unfamiliar weight of the cloak that sat on his shoulders. The hood obscured his peripheral view somewhat, but not enough to be a hindrance, and he knew it obscured his though he couldn't see it. Kneeling down, he began wiping the blade strapped on his arm on the clothes of the man he just killed. He could feel the panic, the confusion and the denial but he packed, no stuffed the into a box in his mind and shoved it deep into his mind. Turning around, he was surprised no one had come into the alleyway, when he noticed all the nights were off. He hadn't noticed as he had simply adapted to the lack of light.

His lips tight, he examined the damage he caused. Most had simply had their throats slit cleanly, so fine that they had yet to truly bleed. Others had simply received a thrust into their backs, piercing skin and shredding organs. Efficient, cold, mechanical. The fear that sprung out was quickly stamped down and kicked back to it's fellows as he compartmentalized, breaking down information and filing them away. The police would arrive soon, best to take this time make his escape.

Taking a final glance around the alley, Lian stepped into the embrace of the shadows. He would have to find Amanda, but that could wait until he was far away enough to not worry about retaliation. Somewhere, deep down, locked with all the other useless trappings of his self, Liam could only scream in silence as he consciously suppressed himself. He would probably have a breakdown tomorrow, when his compartmentalization wasn't as in control. Oh well, c'est la vie.
Good, I guess lost internet for a day.

Shit...Sorry for not posting. My Internet went down after a power outage and it came back on today. I'll try to get something up soon.

with who, your dominant hand?

Can't post tonight, sorry. You can skip if you want.

I need to resolve the reason I'm there. The purse?


Liam noted the waiter addressing him, and was about to ask about his colleague's purse, when another headache speared through his head. Whoever it was in front of him, he was dangerous. Surprisingly, an unnatural calm fell over Liam as he assessed the other man. He was as tall as he was, but not as muscular. His face was slightly contorted with annoyance, and had already left to wait on a seated pair of diners. Good he was distracted...wait what was he thinking? Forcing those thoughts to the back of his mind, he grinned shakily and tried to get the waiter's attention.

"Uhh, hey it's fine. I'm not here to eat anyways. I'm here looking for one of my coworker's purses. Her name was Amanda? Was about this tall," Liam held a hand up to chin before continuing, "She also had blue highlights in shoulder length brown hair. She said she ordered a strudel and coffee."
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