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6 yrs ago
When your rp juices are hella flowing but then college starts up to murder it


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I'll begin by giving feedback for the ones that stood out to me the most and have the one I voted as my favorite in the hider below.

Thank you to all who submitted. I loved reading through your work! Congratulations to the winner!
Lovely additions. Would a mage be an archetype? You mentioned it in the CS but did not include it as an archetype. Do you have any websites you could refer me to to view more archetypes that are suitable for this RP?

I will do a bit of research on DnD to get a better feel for this setting.
Interested as well.
Got my interest. I love open type RPs like this. And option one is great :D

@Tyler NightI'm flattered and who isn't? 😍
@HaleyTheRandom Awwe thank you 😚
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