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Current Yes, bread is amazing. When making banana bread I recommend adding chocolate chips and strawberry jam!
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The bread is complete!
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Midnight baking. But the banana break won't cook! Been in the oven 20 minutes longer than it was supposed to and still raw in the middle
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I feel like doodling, give me ideas for animals or creatures
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Sorry for the slow replies, still sick, but having more good days.


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I think slot will for the character I have in mind more
I'll do wrath or sloth!
Still searching
Hello, I'm just getting back into the swing of things here after being on and off sick for the past months. Many of my partners have disappeared over that time and I'm looking to start a wide range of stories, from original ideas to fandom based on with characters from it or OCs that live in the same world.

I only have a few rules when it comes to writing which are:
-one paragraph per post, at least. Give me something to work with
-talk to me if there is a problem with the story or my writing style and I will do the same for you.
-let me know if you are disappearing for a while.

Now on to fandoms, I am a part of (ask about other shows you are craving. I may have read/watched them but forgot. I may even get into some series you recommend just for the rp)
I do MxM MxF and FxF

(Bold letters indicate craving and green non-fandom pairing idea means I have a plotline thought up for it)

good omens (Crowley X Aziraphale)
Doctor who
Sherlock (Sherlock X Watson)
Gravity falls
Love pistols
My hero academia
Soul Eater
Blue exorcist
Once upon a time
Blood link
Seven deadly sins (oc or pairing)
Ouran high school host club
Kiki's delivery service
teen titians
(and more)

Non-Fandom pairings
vampire X succubus/inccubus hybrid
vampire X half-werewolf
Angel X demon
Angel X human
Bully X bullied
Pen pals
witch X fae
Shapeshifter X human, or other supernatural being
Runaway prince(ss) X supernatural creature
hybrid fantasy creature X hybrid fantasy creature
scientist/doctor X witch

(And up for much more. Feel free to tell me your ideas)

I also love AUs and I am willing yo try most of them
My personal favorites are animal souls, where people evolve from different animals and appearance changes (also sometimes called beast people)
Omegaverse (every version is different, also can be combined with another AU. Feel free to ask about it)
I have just finished watching Good Omens and have fallen in live with Aziraphale and Crowley.

I'm looking to do a roleplay with them. I'm open to either before the apoca-nope or after. I don't have an exact plot in mind and I'm open to playing with either character.

Please pm me if you want to come up with an idea for a storyline for them
Hello! Thank you for taking a look at my idea. And I'm open to any other ideas you have. I'm looking to start a new roleplays.

My main idea was that a male omega (MC) struggles to escape from a gang he was a part of my working as a mechanic and doing odd jobs to keep a low profile while putting his dream of working in the medical field is put on hold. He keeps it a secret that he is an omega from most people. After a while of working, he is offered a job to help restore an old car with a well-known alpha actor (YCl he accepts and the two soon become friends

I'm open to other ideas as well, this one has just been sitting in my mind for awhile. Feel free to send me a message anytime
Heya there!

Thanks for checking out my request for this plot idea! I am a 19-year-old female. I can get busy due to my crazy job but I try and post frequently. I will update my status if I'm taking a break or if I run into excessive free time. I am usually online after 2 pm est.

So on to my idea... Basically what I want to do is a story that takes place in a world where a small portion of the population can shift into animals. (Mainly mammals) within this hidden society of shifters, there are the elites, people who shift into exotic wild animals (wolves, bears, big cats) while others(most) shift into smaller animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, foxes, chinchilla, etc.) In this story, I was thinking one of the elites chases after a normal shifter, with much resistance

Now I would like to play the female character in the MxF but I'll play either side in an MxM.

I would like to add a couple elements into the story but most of it is up to you (preg/mpreg, heat cycles)

Pm me if interested
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