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Current Just started on a new medication and the side effects are killing me. taking some time off right now
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crazy day today, do not know how long I will be on
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i can tell how late it is by the status bar


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Heya! I'm Blazey, welcome to my post. let's start off with a few rules. now, now they aren't so bad.
-post at least a paragraph
-chat with me OOC
-tell me if something feels off, or isn't alright

that's it, see not so bad!

I'm really craving doing some romance within The Marvel Cinematic Universe. I have quite a few pairing I want to do but I am open to most ideas and AUs.

pairings that I really want to do are
-Steve X Bucky
-Spiderman X Deadpool
-Vision X Wanda
-Loki X Bucky (curious)
-tony X Steve
-Loki X whoever

a few more that I am curious about but I am open to most! just ask what you like/craving

I have a few plot ideas in mind depending on the pairing

Feel free to PM me
Heya I'm Blazey!
I'll keep everything short and sweet so we can get down to building a story!
I only have a couple of rules
-please try to at least type a short paragraph
-tell me if something is wrong or you have a problem with the story
-let me know if you will be taking a break or leaving the rp
(I am only up to the beginning of season 4, so no spoilers)

that's it! now onto the ideas and pairings

for pairings, I really don't have a set in stone one I would like to do, I am open to most pairings of OC X OC, OC X cannon, and Cannon X Cannon

I am fine with doing MxM MxF and FxF
I have a female OC ready to put into a story of any kind
Pm Me if interested
Heya! I'm Blazey! I have a few years of experience with RPs and I am craving to do a story from Jojo's bizarre adventures. I have ideas for parts 3 and 4. although I am having a craving for part 3 more
The part 3 idea and pairing i had in mind were Kakyoin X Jotaro, with either an alternate timeline of after the fight with Dio or an AU where they live a normal-ish life, but still have their stands. I can go more in-depth if you're interested.

the Part 4 idea I had was with Josuke X Rohan, Rohan X OC, or Josuke X Jotaro, plot 1 is where Rohan is starting a new series and need some inspiration. and the other plot idea i have his either an AU
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