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Hey there! Call me Blazey. It's wonderful to have you reading my request!
Simple rules. I post a paragraph or two please do the same.
I'd like to get to know you a bit, communication is key for me. And helps me get into a roleplay. Now onto my two ideas

My idea stems from a story I read. Werewolves know who their mate is the moment they see them. This idea is of two werewolves when they meet they know they are meant to be together. But they are both males. Within the werewolf society, this is frowned upon but they must make this work
(Possible omegaverse)

2nd- (MxF) (MxM)
This idea is simple with a good bit of flexibly and openness. Basically, it's a love story with a single parent (mom or dad) who is trying desperately to keep their life moving or a fling that ended with pregnancy, and months later they meet again and must try and get to know each other to come together for their child
(Possible omegaverse)
Welcome wonderful searchers! I'm Blazey and I thank you for looking at my request!
A few rules before we get to the good stuff

-post one paragraph (5 sentences) per post at least-
-be 18 or older
-be consistent with posts
-let me know if you will be taking an absence from posting

Now onto the fun stuff

I'm looking to do a wide range of different stories. I love omegaverse but we don't have to incorporate it into the story.

Fandoms I am a part of (not a complete list by any means)

Anime/manga and cartoons
-seven deadly sins
-love stage
-black bird
-yuri on ice
-steven universe
-love pistols
-soul eater
-ouran high school host club
-and more. Just ask if you have a craving

Tv shows and more
-dr who
-how to train your dragon
- marvel
-and more. Just ask

Other pairing cravings

Deviant X writer
Vampire X human
Deviant X Deviant
Werewolf X vampire
Werewolf X human
Anthro X human
Dragon X dragon

And many more.

I am willing to do most pairings and am open to many ideas and AUs.
Feel free to message me
Still looking
Welcome to my idea! I am looking for a partner for one plot, in particular, today, but first, off allow me to introduce myself and explain my version of omegaverse.

My name is Blazey, I am a 19-year-old female from the eastern United States. I have been roleplaying for about 5 years now. I am open to most ideas and love trying new things in a story.

Now the plot I had in mind that I was craving was the story of a deviant omega who hates the fact he is one, hiding the fact he is by medication, although suppressants don't work for years on end and an omega must endure a heat every so often. The boy has never experienced heat and continues to wish he was a beta. He lashes out and constantly fights with almost anyone. Though during a fight he begins to go into heat, being saved by someone (either an acquaintance or his rival) and later becomes bonded with them. He fights the bond tooth and nail but as it turns out they are a fated pair and must live together.

I am open for other plot ideas as well, feel free to message me for other ideas and to share your own
Heya there! Welcome to my simple request. I am fine with sexual themes in this.
The requirements I have for my partners are few but important
-write at least 1 paragraph per post
-let me know if you will be absent for a while
-over 18

Now onto the idea...

Simply I just want to do a story in the POV of the dragon. I have a few plots but it's all dependent on the pairing you wish to play
Dragon X dragon (mxf or MxM)
Dragon(shapeshifter) X rider/knight (mm, mxf or fxf)

If interested, please message me and we will talk about the plot ideas I have
Hey there! Thanks for clicking in! To put it simply I want to do an rp from seven deadly sins anime/manga.
I would like to do King X Diane story

It can have AUs and such I'm really just craving doing a story with them
Time for booting this up
This will be a simple post. I'm just looking to do a south park related rp. I'm willing to try out more pairings but Creek and Bunny, but I also like Style. All I ask is for each post to be a paragraph at least. Just a simple few lines.

I am all for AUs and gladly listen to any requests you have.
Feel free to Pm me anytime
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