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5 mos ago
Current I got a new laptop but trying to reset my relationship with this site and the people I’ve met. Once I figure that out, that will determine my coming back to this site or not. Thanks for understanding.
5 mos ago
Being without my laptop and writing, I feel so lost. 😩
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5 mos ago
Computer blue screened on me last night 🙄 Unsure when I’ll be able to get it fixed. Hopefully soon. Sorry to all of those waiting on me.
5 mos ago
@Lord Wraith: Whoops, my bad. I’ll try to stop now. 😝
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5 mos ago
Sorry for everyone that's waiting for me to write posts, make characters or whatever. Work and depression is kicking my ass and winning, I'm afraid. I'll bounceback soon enough.


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Lord Wraith 6 mos ago
When someone replies to a visitor message you sent them, this is the notification you get.

Which is just blatantly wrong and doesn't take you to the reply and it especially doesn't help if you're VMing more than one person.
Lord Wraith 6 mos ago
In which case I will do you the favour of directly replying since the system is broken haha.

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