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13 hrs ago
Current So thankful for the subscription function on this site. Makes it easier to keep track of replies to threads and the like. Thank you, RPG Gods!! *bows*
4 days ago
Just heard about the tragedy in New Zealand myself and my thoughts along with my prayers go out to the families that lost loved ones. I bare a heavy heart this morning. Stay strong, New Zealand.
7 days ago
🗣📢Happy 30th Anniversary to the World Wide Web!!! Where would we be without it?
10 days ago
@DestinyStar: Hope everything is okay for you. ❤
10 days ago
RPG PSA: Has anyone else seen Umbrella Academy or The Order on Netflix yet? If not, I highly recommend. I might have already started formulating roleplay ideas for them both. That is all.


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@BleedingLover Yep, that's totally fine. Go right ahead

Thanks. I write the description better that way. 🙂
@QueenNugget I see no one else used face claims but wanted to ask if it was okay if I did? If not, that's fine but just wanted to make beforehand.
Depending on the story, I'd be interested. Love Umbrella Academy and can't wait for more.
@BleedingLover im making the sheet tonight lol. So i'll let y'all know. But feel free to brainstorm the obvious things like hobbies, and other things that would benefit us writers that are playing friends.

Consider status financially. And if your friends have been over and if they met family members.

You ain't said nothing but a few words. I've been in a few of these roleplays to know what to do. :)

I am also using Alisha Boe as a face claim. Unsure how groups work here but just throwing that out there!
@BleedingLover yepp! And if it makes it convenient for you, you can be in AJ's car. When i do have the ooc up, his sheet will be done and on display.

I like the way that sounds already!! :) I'll be writing female if that's okay.

Although, I am unsure of a face claim. Goes to tumblr and searches. Oh, is there a recommended sheet or do we have free rein? I can't read!!
@BrutalBx @TootsiePop Thanks, you two. :) So, I could still apply as a tag-along, right? The last question, I promise.
Yeah I'm still accepting! More characters would be great

Thanks for letting me know and I'll crack my knuckles to see what I can come up with. :)
Still accepting, by chance? I'd like to throw in a male and female if possible.
Bumpy bump bump. >.> I see you lurking.
Is this still accepting, by chance? If not, that's fine but just thought I'd ask anyway.
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