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3 mos ago
Current Since November is fast approaching, how many of you are participating in NaNoWriMo this year? It's going to be my first year and I am quite excited.
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5 mos ago
I'll be there for you (When the rain starts to pour) I'll be there for you (Like I've been there before) I'll be there for you ('Cause you're there for me too) -- Love F•R•I•E•N•D•S!
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5 mos ago
Finally got my laptop fixed and might be coming back to RPG. 😅😅
1 yr ago
Sorry for everyone that's waiting on me, depression is a motha right now. I'll be back in no time, just bare with me please. 🥺
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1 yr ago
Can we hit the reset button on 2020 now? RIH, Kobe and Gianna Bryant. 💔


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I love The Magicians! Consider me interested! :)
@Ken I know all the face claims in the family tree. :) Amazing choices!
I wouldn't mind joining in on this again. 😊

I'd like to bring one character back and add a new one.

Miguel Rodriguez || Male || Rosefell High Student || FC: Zayn Malik || #7F9A65

Jessica Seymour || Female || Liberty High Student || FC: Normani Kordei || #DB7093

I haven't been really role-playing in a while, and I am not very familiar with discord so I have never done a roleplay on there (more of a Skyper myself). But I need to say that this just looks awesome haha.

I don't think that this roleplay will be done via Discord but I do know that Discord is needed because you could miss valuable information. I am not a GM but that's just my take on things.

A GM can feel free to correct me if I am wrong. 🙂
@BleedingLover@Tottori@Garden Gnome

There’s more information on the discord! So please join that when you can!

Gotcha. Forgot about the Discord.
I missed out on the first one but certainly don't want to miss out on this one. :)
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