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Current I don't care how old I am, Hocus Pocus will always be one of my favorite Halloween movies. 🤷‍♂️
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After months of deliberation, I have decided to come back to RPG. Sorry for any inconvience that I have caused to anyone but life wasn't the best for me. But I'm back now. 🙂
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I got a new laptop but trying to reset my relationship with this site and the people I’ve met. Once I figure that out, that will determine my coming back to this site or not. Thanks for understanding.
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Being without my laptop and writing, I feel so lost. 😩
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Computer blue screened on me last night 🙄 Unsure when I’ll be able to get it fixed. Hopefully soon. Sorry to all of those waiting on me.


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It was the first day back to school and he obviously wasn't ready.

His mother knocked repeatedly onto his door before his alarm even went off and that frustrated him deeply. He began to stir in his bed with his head slightly peeking out from underneath his covers, eyes locked onto his clock. It was still ten minutes early than he was supposed to be up, so he wasn't particularly happy about that. He wanted to get those last ten minutes of sleep in but when he closed his eyes again, it was a wrap and time for him to officially get up. Jared did not even bother and just decided to get up anyway but scoffed because it was his mother's fault.

Jared sat on the edge of his bed, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes before he stood upright and another knock came over his door. He knew that it wasn't his mother because of the way it sounded and it had to be their maid, Melissandra. Opening the door with a smile, he eyed her and parted his lips to greet her. ❝Good morning. I expect fresh sheets and my bed to be made when I return home from school today.❞ With those commands given, Jared sidestepped her and went downstairs in his pajamas then went over to the table, where his mother was already enjoying the breakfast prepared for them. His father was probably already up and about at work, which was usual for him.

Once he sat down, his mother smiled brightly at him and Jared eyed her with a scrunched up face. ❝Fix your face, honey. You'll get wrinkles.❞ She remarked as he rolled his eyes. ❝Why did you wake me up so early?❞ Jared asked as his mother took a sip of her coffee, drinking it with a smirk spreading among her lips. Of course, he knew why so that he wouldn't build a late reputation this year. She wasn't slick. Not to him she wasn't as he is always one step ahead of her.

Jared ate breakfast pretty quickly, showered, did his daily morning routine and got dressed in his school uniform. Yes, at Beverly Hills Prep, you wear a uniform, which he hated so much.

Soon, he reviewed over himself in the floor stand mirror that he had in his room before he finger gunned and winked at himself in the mirror. That was basically his own seal of approval. He grabbed his backpack, car keys then ran down the stairs and reached the door but his mother threw off his rhythm when she stopped him. ❝Not so fast, mister.❞ She had her arms folded over her chest, weight on one side of her body and lips pursed, which was her she means business stance.

Jared cursed silently under his breath, reached his hand from the doorknob and turned heel to face his mother with an innocent adorning his facial features. ❝Yes, mother?❞ He questioned her as she shook her head and finger. ❝Don't yes, mother me. You know that Julius is taking you to school.❞ She practically commanded then held her hand out for his car keys, which he placed right inside of her palm. ❝You should know that after last year, you won't be driving yourself to school anytime soon.❞ She said then waved her hand toward the door. ❝Well, you don't want to keep Julius waiting. Have a great day at school, darling.❞ Jared mocked her whenever he opened the door and walked outside.

He made it to the stretch limo and Julius greeted him, which Jared basically shrugged off. He slung his backpack beside him in the seat and immediately rolled up the window. That way he and Julius wouldn't have to engage in conversation, which would've been rather meaningless. About fifteen minutes later, Jared saw the school coming into the view. This was a new year filled with new possibilities, plus he was a senior so, he needed to get off on the right foot with his teachers.

Julius had opened the door up for Jared to get out, which he did and stood there for a moment to take in the air. He sniffed the air then eyed Julius before he moved out of the way so that Julius can shut the door and drive off. Jared did not see any of his friends right now but that's because they weren't going to come to school on time. It was practically a tradition for them.

Jared walked into the school then went to the senior hall, where his locker was and of course, he saw him. The basketball star stood mere feet away from him right now. He inhaled then exhaled before he lowered his head to the ground and went over toward his locker. Jared opened his locker, placed his backpack inside then walked back toward the exit of the school so that he could sit on the steps. Thoughts of this previous summer started to replay in his mind, which made him smile but it faded away quickly. His eyes went behind to see if the basketball star had seen him before his eyes went back before him.

The bell rang soon and it was the start of homeroom. Jared waltzed into homeroom with his clique of friends then saw that the desks had nameplates on them. Of course, Jared was sitting beside the basketball star, which he murmured curse words under his breath. ❝Dude, what's wrong with you?❞ One of his friends asked as they found their seats. ❝Nothing.❞ Jared responded as he slithered down in his seat, trying to shield his face from the basketball star and hoping that he doesn't remember anything from this past summer. But then again, how could either of them forget as it seems like yesterday whenever it happened.
Gᴀᴍᴇ. Sᴇᴛ. Mᴀᴛᴄʜ.

Jᴀʀᴇᴅ Wɪʟʟɪᴀᴍsᴏɴ // ᴛʜᴇ ᴋɪɴɢ ʙᴇᴇ
November 1st // Seventeen

Gᴀᴍᴇ. Sᴇᴛ. Mᴀᴛᴄʜ.

It all started over the summer when The King Bee threw a party at his residence and everyone who was anyone was invited. The basketball team even showed their faces and that's where the King Bee met him, the basketball star. They had their liquid courage and things escalated from there but now, a new school year has started and things are bound to be shaken up between them.

What will happen when they once again come face to face after what they did over the summer?

Mind if I reserve an Asian inspired kingdom with the face claim Charles Melton? I'll be more than happy to double up, if need be. :) Also, his hex code will be #1E90FF.

@Altered Tundra Are you still accepting new writers? If so, is the character list updated? 👀
*subscribes so he can see where this goes* Maybe.
Bump. Back and looking for some stories.
<Snipped quote by BleedingLover>

Just some intelligent, wise, charismatic, handsome, cool guy.... Idk either!

Jokes aside u did great

I giggled at that first line though. :)

Thanks but so did you though. I think we captivated their relationship greatly in that post. I can't stop reading it!!!
@BleedingLover Excellent job conveying Priscilla's feelings. I could feel the tension between her and Edwyn.

@Danelaw Baldric will be late for dinner. Hard day preparing the raiding party for the upcoming strike.

Thanks, Gunther. I had a great writing partner that helped make the scene realistic.

Whoever that guy is. >.>
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