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When the boys finally went their separate ways after making it into unfamiliar territory, JJ decided that his very first destination would be the kitchen. He'd never been really big on alcohol since he knew that he could have just as much fun without it, but figured that he may as well help himself to a little cup of jungle juice. After all, it was all free, and it wasn't like he would be driving himself home that night. His nose scrunched up after he took the first sip, but once he got used to the taste he downed the rest in two large gulps. "Ugh," the young man grunted as he tossed the cup into the trash, the aftertaste of the liquid lingering in his mouth. "Definitely not drinking anymore of that."

So instead, JJ grabbed himself a nice, cold bottle of water from the very bottom of the cooler. It was as he began to straighten back up that he caught a glimpse of a blonde-haired beauty who definitely wasn't from Rosefell. It took him a little second to realize that it was the "Olivia something" girl he'd mentioned to the boys earlier. JJ watched in amusement as a vaguely familiar looking redhead helped blonde babe through what he assumed to be her very first shot of the night, the corner of his lips turning upward when she slammed the empty cup back onto the counter.

It was after the redhead had left the blondie to her own devices that JJ decided to finally make his move. After tossing his bottle back into the cooler and doing a quick, slightly nervous once-over of himself in his cell phone camera, JJ began to make his approach.

"Olivia, right?" JJ said once he'd come to a stop beside her, a boyish grin plastered across his face. "You probably don't remember me from that boring bio class, but I'm JayVaughn. JJ for short." And then he started feeling himself. His nerves completely gone, JJ leaned to the side, his elbow resting on the counter she stood at. He paused for less than a second to decide which cheesy line he was going to attempt to use on her, but in the end decided to just tell her the truth. "I saw you come in not too long ago, and just had to come and let you know how beautiful you look tonight."

Nice one, JJ.

"Just keep your head down this year, Tyler. Please."

Just like the two years before, Tyler Andrews' mother had called her daughter at exactly 5:30 in the morning on her first day back to school, her usual "don't get into any trouble this year" speech ready to be spewed from her lips. And just like the beginnings of her Sophomore and Junior years, Tyler simply let her mother's words go in one ear and out the other; She only offered her a "sure mom" and "okay, I gotcha" whenever she was actually able to get a word in.

"I'm serious this time, Ty," her mother had said as Ty prepared herself for the long day ahead. "You need to put more focus and energy into your studies than you do in causing trouble. You're a bright girl with an even brighter future. Hell, maybe you could've been valedictorian if you didn't get into so much shit. Do you know how great that would've looked on your college applications? You would've had no trouble getting into Morgan."

Tyler's mother had continued ranting for a solid ten minutes before she finally left her daughter to finish preparing for school. And as always, she'd called Tyler's father right afterwards, expressing just how sure she was that this was gonna be Ty's year, and that this would surely be the time she finally soaked in her mother's words and stopped all of her typical "nonsense." And this time around, just like every other year, Tyler wound up disappointing her mother in less than a week.

"Watch your fucking mouth when you speak to me," Tyler had screamed across the room to who she assumed to be one of the new Liberty kids, right in the middle of their AP Government class. "I'll hop over these desks so motherfucking quick... don't try me, bitch. You're in Rosefell now." And just like that, on the very first day of school, Tyler found herself sitting in the principal's office, awaiting the detention slip with her name lazily scrawled across the front. It was during that time that she spotted none other than Spice Cross come storming out of the principal's office, no doubt after being disciplined for whatever Spice-esque thing she'd done that morning. Ty didn't bother making eye contact with the girl after deciding that she had much better things to look at. So instead, she focused on her Instagram feed until she was called in to face the music.

"Two days of after school detention," Tyler had said to one of her friends after being sent to her next class with a pink slip in her hands. "Not too bad if you ask me, though I do think they went a little overboard. It's not like I put hands on the bitch... yet."

So Tyler spent those next couple of days dozing off in English class, gossiping with the Biology teacher, and enduring the consequences for what she almost did. But hey, at least she wasn't the only one who'd received detention that week. And it was during one of her detentions that she found out about a certain party that was going on that Friday night; it only took her a split second to decide that she was gonna go buy the sluttiest shortest mini-dress she could find on the clearance rack and show those Liberty kids how to really party.

"I'm just going to hang out with a couple of the new Liberty girls, nothing too big," Ty had told her dad as she poked her head into his bedroom, her cheetah print dress hidden by a pair of oversized sweatpants and a Howard crewneck. "We're probably just gonna end up watching The Princess Diaries and ordering a few pizzas or something... or maybe it'll be sushi. God only knows what those rich kids eat on the regular. Let's hope I don't get sick. Don't wait up for me." And then she ran, hoping and praying that her dad didn't happen to look out into the backyard and see her stripping in the bushes or taking a few large gulps from one of his previously unopened bottles of Crown Apple.

Deciding that it wouldn't be very safe or smart to ride her skateboard all the way to the Liberty side of town, Ty opted to spend some of her hard earned tutoring money to get herself an Uber. Thankfully, she ended up with a female driver who had absolutely no problem picking her up at the nearest corner store. She also didn't have an issue with Ty taking a few hits from her pre-rolled joint as long as she kept the back windows rolled down. "Thanks again," Tyler said to the woman as she gently closed the back door and turned to take in the very large house that stood before her.

"Have a good night sweetie. Be safe," the middle-aged woman called out before pulling off, leaving Tyler standing at the edge of the driveway. She stood there for a few seconds in awe, taking in her unfamiliar surroundings, before shaking it off and making a beeline for the entrance.

Tyler Andrews thrived in social situations; As soon as she stepped foot into the crowded home, her mood instantly began to improve. Most of the faces she spotted as she pushed her way through the crowd of students were unrecognizable; she saw a few Rosefell kids here and there, most of whom had either found their way to the liquor table, the beer pong table or... had started grilling burgers in the backyard? An amused expression washed over Ty's face as she watched none other than the school mascot hand a plate of hotdogs to a couple of drunken girls, his usual perverted grin plastered across his face. It was then that she realized just how amazing a cheeseburger would taste right about then. Or, no... maybe a hotdog with extra ketchup? As high as Ty was, she figured she might as well get both to satisfy her munchies. She also knew that it would be best to not drink on an empty stomach.

So in less than a minute, Ty had made her way to her destination, only pausing momentarily when she noticed the glowing bouncy house and white tarps that were not too far away from where she was heading. "Wow, they really went all out with the decorating," Ty said to both Spike and who she assumed to be a Liberty kid once she'd reached the grill. "An area for paint wars, a pool, and a big ass bouncy house? So much better than the parties where I'm from, where the only other form of excitement came when the shooter decided it was time for everyone to go home." Ty's tone was light and joking, but there was nothing but truth in the words she spoke.

"Anyways... hey guys. Spike! How's it goinnnnn? You think I can get a burger too? With cheese if you got it... Oh, and a hotdog too. I'm starving."
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Are you all still accepting new characters?

A @LovelyComplex, @Ken & @metanoia Collaboration
Featuring Marcos, JayVaughn, & Colin

When the others walked away, Marcos strode from the crowd of people surrounding the sign in table and went to a secluded wall. With furrowed eyebrows and a great disinterest to his environment, the jock pulled out his phone and scrolled through his Instagram feed.

His tour guide would have a hard time finding him due to the fact that Marcos Kingsley didn’t want to be found. His name tag was gone, thanks to himself, and he doubted this random dude followed politics. One of the few ways to learn the faces of the Kingsley kids in Ohio was through his father. If you follow winter sports, sure, you can learn a thing or two about his mother and his older brother, Leonel. If you follow video games, sure, you would know β€˜yo im noah’ the stupid talented stoner streamer that aims to find cool gamer personalities to room with (in the guest house). Other than that, it would take someone who actually cared to stalk his family to find out more.

Standing anonymously, not bothering giving his name to the girls that clearly wanted to know, Marcos chose to be to everyone, at least for now, an attractive stranger. Nothing more. This whole merge situation baffled him. He found it amusing how the staff thought forced tours was a good idea. He would love to see what the school did if he skipped out.

Sighing, his dark gaze went from a picture of one of his friends to the time on his wrist watch. Marcos knew he had to find his homeroom soon. There was a deep desire in him to not go and to just leave. Deal with the repercussions later. Noah did it all the time. However, he knew his parents would give him more grief than not because it wasn’t like him to step out of line. Plus, he wouldn’t forgive himself if he coward out and not take his sister’s advice. Accept that shit happens and look at this sudden change as a positive experience. He hated change.

And as another guy came out of the nurses office, her nagging voice clearly cutting through the thunderous chatter from the students in the halls of Rosefell, a dark-haired boy, whose breath smelled of old vodka and attire smelled of 80s punker, found himself DP’d between the verbal beating Nurse Betty was giving him and the physical smack he felt on his side as he crashed into Marcos.

β€œJesus!” Came out his visible annoyance, walking maybe a few paces away from Betty the Bitch.

β€œBe careful! You’ll break that nose of yours if you keep runn’in to people like that!” Betty was a southern woman and she had the sass of an old southern, white woman but without the racism. Thank God!

β€œYeah, yeah, yeah.” Colin shrugged her off as he rubbed his cheek, which took most of the force from the collision. β€œWatch where you’re going, poindexter!” He snapped at the wall of a man who was literally dressed like an abercrombie and fitch model, making him have the astute deduction that this one was a Lib. β€œOh, fuck me! You’re a lib, aren’t you? Actually, don’t answer that. Of course you are. Only a pretentious fuckwad would dress that straight and narrow.” Colin rolled his eyes, trying to have the cooler head.

He didn’t know this guy, so he had no reason to be so outwardly nasty towards him. β€œMeh, whatever. Sorry for crashing into that brick wall you call a chest.” The boy gave himself a laugh. β€œAnyway, name’s Colin. What the fuck do they call you?”

Colin? Marcos knew a boy named Colin once. A long time ago, or so it felt. With complete disinterest, the dark-haired boy eyed the stranger in silence and listened to his vulgarity. Why was everyone running into him today? Pocketing his phone, Kingsley gazed at the stranger that entered his bubble and directly answered, already exasperated at the other guy’s presence, β€œMarcos.” His eyes rested on Colin’s busted face and smoothly, he asked, β€œWhat happened to you?”

Colin raised a curious brow when he said his name. β€œMarcos, eh?” He repeated back, humming thoughtfully. It was a name he hadn’t thought about in years -- not since he moved from the bougie side of town. And he couldn’t say it left a positive note.

As Colin studied this guy’s face, something about it was oddly familiar, but he shrugged. β€œWell, let’s just say if you see a tiny little goth nightmare named Stephanie Cross running around, don’t get on her bad side or she just might wreck that pretty face of yours.” Colin’s comment came with a laugh that he felt in his face and he grunted from the sharp pain surging through it. β€œSo why the fuck you hanging around these crummy halls anyway? No doubt you’re from Liberty, but aren’t you posh types supposed to come with a bodyguard or something?” He asked, taking in a slow breath to help himself get to a point where his nose wasn’t throbbing with pain.

The peace and tranquility that Marcos appreciated from his old school seemed to be a distant dream the more Colin talked. This kid either was rotting his brain by some hard drug or he hustled in the streets, thinking he was the best shit out there, when really, he was wasting his life away by being stupid, β€œYou really know how to make a first impression.” Just being exposed to a chum like Colin was killing his vibe more than he thought was possible. If Marcos had a choice, he wouldn’t be here. That only took common sense to look at all the expressions of the new kids to see none of them wanted to be here. Did this kid assume that every rich kid needed a bodyguard? Like that was some common thing? Marcos wasn’t his father, a politician, seen on TV, and even if he was, he could protect himself. Yeah, no. Time to leave. β€œGood talk, but I’m heading to class.”

Colin let out another laugh, stepping in Marcos’ way, preventing him from leaving. β€œNow now, no need to be so sensitive, Marcella.” Colin placed his hand on Marcos’ shoulder, squeezing it with a bit of force. In the time he had been staring at him, studying his face, something was starting to click, but it couldn’t be...could it? β€œYou know, you remind me of an old friend of mine. Bit of a high strung, thinks-he’s-better-than-everyone-else prick.” Colin kept his stare stone-faced for a few seconds before letting his grip go, even went as far as to straighten the dent he made into Marcos’ shirt.

While Colin was taking out the wrinkle in Marcos’ sleeve, the jock jerked his shoulder and furiously muttered, β€œDon’t touch me.” At this moment, Marcos menacingly glared at the pale boy’s face, letting their eyes meet. β€œYou know who you remind me of?” Forcing his way through the lowlife, Marcos snarkingly smiled, β€œNobody.” And that is what Colin will always be. A nobody.

JayVaughn Spencer had been pretty much oblivious to everything that had been going on around him once he'd set his attention on finishing his second breakfast. But it was a random voice exclaiming "don't touch me" that snapped the boy back to reality, causing him to instinctively scan the room to see where the sudden outburst had come from. His eyes instantly landed upon an unfamiliar face who stood right next to none other than Colin Gallagher, someone who he admittedly didn't know too well personally, but knew of well enough to assume that things were about to go south for both parties involved. And after realizing that no one else around him had plans to intervene, JJ decided to take matters into his own hands.

In swift motions, JJ tossed his trash into a nearby bin before quickly approaching the two guys. "Hey, fellassss," he said once he'd reached them, trying his best to create a small wall between the two - "small" being the operative word seeing as how that was exactly how JJ felt standing in between their slightly taller, anger-filled bodies. "Colin... always good to see ya. And you must be one of the Liberty students..." JJ took a quick glance down to see if the boy had been wearing a nametag, which he wasn't.

"Come on fellas, why don't we keep the peace, huh?" JJ said with a nervous chuckle. "It's only the first day back, let's not get into..." Jay paused for a brief second as his eyes flickered to Colin's bruised face, and he made a mental note to figure out what happened to him later on. "-too much trouble."

β€œI’m not the one trespassing--”

β€œLooks like your friend has nothing better to do. I was just about to leave,” Marcos grinded his teeth, stepping back and choosing the mature route. Some people didn’t know how to mind their business. Colin was one of them.

There was a breaking point of his patience and Collin was pushing every button to reach it faster than anyone has before. His rage while kept at a low simmer could blind him to the point where none of his surroundings mattered. Only the person in front of him did. You didn’t want to get on his bad side. Once you pissed him off, you were dead to him and he didn’t care how bad he hurt you. Marcos didn’t need that on his conscience on the first day of school.

Colin’s seething eyes fixated on Marcos for a few, intense moments. Despite all intentions JJ had, which were noble and on a regular day with any other person, Colin would back down. But today had gone off to a rocky start and Marcos Kingsley was the last person he expected to be face to face with. This pile of crap who deserted his friends for the flavor of the month and couldn’t even own up to it when he saw them again was as bad they got.

Yeah, you could say Colin still held a grudge or two for this disrespectful little bitch.

β€œWhatever.” Colin just shrugged, glancing at JJ as he pulled on his arm, tugging him away from the liberty trash as if declaring a silent war on him, while at the same time distancing himself away from Marcos. β€œMy bad for ruining your tour. Marcos Kingsley isn’t exactly the kind of guy you want to show around our school.”

As JJ glanced over his shoulder at Marcos, whose figure had already started disappearing out of sight as they all went their separate ways, the young man finally started to put together the pieces in his head. Marcos Kingsley. He and Colin were supposed to be giving him a tour of the school that morning, which obviously wouldn't have happened regardless based on how the two nearly killed each other after only three minutes of interacting. Suddenly, JJ felt kinda silly with his nametag still sitting on his jacket, and as he peeled it off he couldn't help but think about how it was an odd coincidence that the two had been placed in the same tour group given their apparent history.

"I see..." JJ said, a hint of uncertainty in his voice as he spoke. Of course, he wasn't about to just take Colin's word and believe that Marcos was this terrible person; he much preferred to get to know others before judging them. But it wasn't like he was gonna tell Colin that, especially not since he still seemed a bit peeved from what had just happened. "He must've done something real bad for you to hate him so much. It looked like you two were gonna murder each other for a sec, so I'm glad I stepped in when I did."

Colin didn’t exactly hear what JJ said. He heard the boy’s deep voice penetrate his ears, but it found a loophole through the other. Never in a million years did he think that he’d ever have to deal with Marcos again. Until just a few minutes ago, he was convinced that fucker had moved away to some place far away from the shithole that was Ohio, but alas, he couldn’t get his way in any regard today.

β€œYeah, I guess,” Colin shrugged, stopping in front of his homeroom. β€œI’ll catch you later, I guess.” Colin didn’t bother waiting for JJ’s response. His mood was shot and he just wanted to see if lasting through homeroom would improve his mood or if he was going to ditch the first day or not.


"Rosefell is going to eat them up like how you're going to up this bagel! Tada!"

Of course, JJ accepted Joanne's bagel with a grateful smile before quickly ripping the two halves apart and taking a large, ravenous bite, as if trying to demonstrate what she were saying. "You are literally the best," he intended to say, though it came out as slightly unintelligible due to the amount of bread that had been packed into his mouth. JayVaughn had almost completely finished one half of his bagel while passively listening to Jo talk about one of her Liberty friends when he suddenly felt pressure on his right shoulder. For someone so much smaller than he was, Jo sure did have a whole lot of strength. He and Dee were both instantly brought down to Joanne's eye level, and JJ couldn't help but pause his chewing to listen to what she had to say. And it was only after taking note of the serious glint in her eye that the boy swallowed and offered her an innocent smile in response.

"Sleep with her?!" JJ said in a hushed voice, his tone mockingly wounded and his brows furrowed. He'd even placed his unoccupied hand over his chest for the added dramatics. A quick look at what he interpreted to be a horrified expression on Dee's face almost made him break character, but he quickly covered his laugh with a cough and continued. "Well color me offended. Who do you take me for, Jo? Spike?" JJ agreed to Jo's conditions anyhow, figuring that although he was officially banned from trying to charm his way into the bed of this mystery girl (if he even wanted to), it didn't mean that he wasn't allowed to flirt with her entirely.

Therefore, JJ followed behind Joanne and Dee with a content smirk on his face. He stuffed his half of a bagel back into the bag as he watched Jo Lynn wrap her arms around who he assumed to be "the best friend." "Hi, I'm Samantha," the friendβ€”Samanthaβ€” said once she'd turned her attention to Dee and JayVaughn. She then extended her hands towards them both. JJ, feeling Jo Lynn's eyes practically boring a hole through his forehead, made the split decision to simply shake it rather than do what he'd initially planned. "It's great to meet you guys!"

"I'm JayVaughn, but everyone usually just calls me Jay or JJ. You may call me whatever you like, beautiful," And while his cheeky grin never faltered, the boy couldn't help but take a quick glance in Jo's direction to gauge her reaction. "Any who..." he said, returning his hands to his pockets, "I'll let you two catch up... I'm gonna head inside and start playing tour guide. Have fun!"

After offering them both a nod, JJ turned and began his walk towards the entrance, dapping up any familiar figures he saw on his way there. And it wasn't until after JJ had lazily scribbled his full name on a red and white sticker and placed it on his jacket that he refocused his attention to the bagel he'd neglected to finish. It only took a second for him to pull it back out of the paper and sink his teeth into the warm bread.

"Mmm. God bless Jo Lynn."


"Woah Nana, I didn't know you were gonna go all out like this,"

As usual, JayVaughn Spencer had woken up that morning with a refreshed mind and a grumbling stomach. And as he went through the motions of getting himself ready for his first day back at Rosefell, his stomach continued to demand a hearty breakfast; it didn't help that JJ had begun to smell what his Nana was whipping up in the kitchen before he could step foot into the shower. It was because of this delicious smelling food that JJ moved with a little more pep in his step; he got dressed in under six minutes, and only spent another few minutes in the bathroom to brush his teeth, remove his durag, and spray a little cologne. It was only after his youngest cousin came bursting through the bathroom door, demanding that he be left alone to pee, that JJ ran to his room to shove whatever spare notebook and pencil he could find into his backpack, and then headed down the hall towards the kitchen.

Everybody in the neighborhood knew that Ida Mae Spencer could throw down in the kitchen; it was why those down at the Baptist church always immediately gravitated towards her crockpots full of collard greens, pot roast, and meatballs after service. Of course, Nana Ida didn't have the money to spend on these large meals on a regular basis, but she did make a few exceptions for special occasions like church potlucks. Well, that and her grandbabies' first day back at school.

JJ walked into the dining room to see three bowls sitting around the table, one for each of Ida's grandkids. Each bowl was filled to the brim with cajun-style shrimp and grits, three pieces of turkey bacon, and a freshly buttered biscuit. JJ's younger cousin, Michelle, had already been sitting in her spot; she'd just finished taking a couple pictures of her food as JJ sat down next to her. "Looks great, Nana. I swear, though... it's like you're tryna fatten us up or something."

"Pretty sure she would've given up a long time ago if she was actually tryna fatten you up," Michelle said with a roll of her eyes as she picked up and fork and began digging around the bowl for shrimp and bacon. "You eat more than all of your football friends combined and yet somehow still manage to look like... that."

"Aye now, what's that supposed to mean?" JJ said with a wide-grinned laugh as he picked up his own fork and skewered a shrimp. "Not my fault that God decided to bless me with a fast metabolism." And as if to demonstrate, JJ quickly shoveled three large forkfuls of his breakfast into his mouth before leaning back in his seat and patting his stomach. "See? "

"Yeah, guess he didn't have a problem with letting all of that weight go straight to your head, either." Michelle retorted, the ends of her mouth slightly curling upwards.

"Nice one," JJ said, raising his eyebrow just as the sound of his cell phone ringing forced him to redirect his attention. "Speaking of friends..." None other than Joanne Lynn, or simply "Jo" as JJ preferred to call her, had sent him a text message asking if he wanted to hang. She also mentioned an extra breakfast bagel, which instantly caused JJ to perk up. This, of course, caused Michelle to take a peek at the boy's phone to see what had gotten him so excited, which only earned him a nudge in the ribs.

"I know ya fat ass isn't gonna eat an entire bagel when you just ate all of this," Michelle said with a bewildered expression. This expression quickly turned to one of panic, however, when another voice chimed in from behind the pair.

"Now you better watch your mouth while you're sitting under my roof, Michelle Spencer," Ida Mae's stern voice rang through the air. JJ and his cousin turned in unison to see their grandmother standing in the doorway, her hand on her hip and her nostrils flared in irritation. "You know better than that."

"Yes ma'am," the young woman said quickly, before turning back in her seat to finish her meal. "I'm sorry... won't happen again."

It was only after Nana Ida had walked back into the kitchen that JJ finally let out the laughter that had been building up in his chest. He laughed so hard that tears were threatening to fall down his cheeks. "Y-yes ma'am, sorry ma'am," JJ said mockingly in-between his laughs. This only made Michelle nudge him in the ribs again, this time harder than before.

"Shut the fuck up," she said, this time in a hushed tone so that her grandmother wouldn't be able to hear. "Just shut up and go get your stupid breakfast bagel from Jo Lynn."

"Y-yes ma'am"

To: Jo LynnπŸ€
From: JJ

Be there in 6
Of course I want the bagel


Unlike most of the Rosefell student body, JJ much preferred to ride his bicycle to and from school rather than take the bus. He didn't live too far from the school, and figured that it would take him a lot less time since he wouldn't have to make a bunch of stops like the school bus did. Riding his bike also gave him the chance to fully wake himself up in the mornings; he pedaled like crazy as he hummed along to the rap music that blared through his earbuds.

It wasn't long before JJ was chaining his bike up to a pole near the school parking lot and beginning to seek out Jo. And upon seeing so many unfamiliar faces and cars (many of which were way too fancy to belong to any Rosefell kids), it suddenly dawned upon JJ that today wasn't just some regular old first day at Rosefell. No, today was the day that the Liberty kids got the chance to check out how things were on their side of the tracks.

"Well I'll be damned," JJ said, mostly to himself as he quickly pulled out his cell phone to double check an email that had been sent to him prior to that day. Marcos Kingsley. That was who he was supposed to be showing around. Even the guy's name sounded fancy. Nevertheless, JJ was still happy to help out in any way he could; switching to a different school during Senior year couldn't be easy for anyone, regardless of their situation.

Sooner or later, JJ found Jo. It was as he began walking in her direction that Dee entered the picture as well. "Look at all this fresh meat to the slaughter," JJ heard him say. "Think they got any idea what they’re getting themselves in to?"

"Oh, definitely not," JJ said suddenly as he came to a stop next to Jo, his eyes focusing on the large yellow vehicle that had begun unloading teenagers. "But we'll see how it goes. I'm sure most of them will adjust... I'm actually kinda surprised that so many of them decided to take the bus. Aren't all Liberty kids supposed to have some expensive ass, wealthy parent-funded cars? I think I saw someone pull up in a Lincoln Navigator not too long ago. Who do I gotta flirt with to get the chance to ride shotgun in one of those, let alone drive it around?"

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