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It's way too early to be hearing Christmas music in the mall... can we get past Thanksgiving, first?
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Back from my little hiatus.
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Lost one of my childhood friends this morning to gun violence. My heart hurts.
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Incredibles 2 in theatres June 15, 2018... Guess whose grown ass is gonna be shoving kids out of the way to get a good seat?
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When you're trying to live off of 3 dollars and 57 cents for the rest of the week and have to fight the urge to stop for food.


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"Woah Nana, I didn't know you were gonna go all out like this,"

As usual, JayVaughn Spencer had woken up that morning with a refreshed mind and a grumbling stomach. And as he went through the motions of getting himself ready for his first day back at Rosefell, his stomach continued to demand a hearty breakfast; it didn't help that JJ had begun to smell what his Nana was whipping up in the kitchen before he could step foot into the shower. It was because of this delicious smelling food that JJ moved with a little more pep in his step; he got dressed in under six minutes, and only spent another few minutes in the bathroom to brush his teeth, remove his durag, and spray a little cologne. It was only after his youngest cousin came bursting through the bathroom door, demanding that he be left alone to pee, that JJ ran to his room to shove whatever spare notebook and pencil he could find into his backpack, and then headed down the hall towards the kitchen.

Everybody in the neighborhood knew that Ida Mae Spencer could throw down in the kitchen; it was why those down at the Baptist church always immediately gravitated towards her crockpots full of collard greens, pot roast, and meatballs after service. Of course, Nana Ida didn't have the money to spend on these large meals on a regular basis, but she did make a few exceptions for special occasions like church potlucks. Well, that and her grandbabies' first day back at school.

JJ walked into the dining room to see three bowls sitting around the table, one for each of Ida's grandkids. Each bowl was filled to the brim with cajun-style shrimp and grits, three pieces of turkey bacon, and a freshly buttered biscuit. JJ's younger cousin, Michelle, had already been sitting in her spot; she'd just finished taking a couple pictures of her food as JJ sat down next to her. "Looks great, Nana. I swear, though... it's like you're tryna fatten us up or something."

"Pretty sure she would've given up a long time ago if she was actually tryna fatten you up," Michelle said with a roll of her eyes as she picked up and fork and began digging around the bowl for shrimp and bacon. "You eat more than all of your football friends combined and yet somehow still manage to look like... that."

"Aye now, what's that supposed to mean?" JJ said with a wide-grinned laugh as he picked up his own fork and skewered a shrimp. "Not my fault that God decided to bless me with a fast metabolism." And as if to demonstrate, JJ quickly shoveled three large forkfuls of his breakfast into his mouth before leaning back in his seat and patting his stomach. "See? "

"Yeah, guess he didn't have a problem with letting all of that weight go straight to your head, either." Michelle retorted, the ends of her mouth slightly curling upwards.

"Nice one," JJ said, raising his eyebrow just as the sound of his cell phone ringing forced him to redirect his attention. "Speaking of friends..." None other than Joanne Lynn, or simply "Jo" as JJ preferred to call her, had sent him a text message asking if he wanted to hang. She also mentioned an extra breakfast bagel, which instantly caused JJ to perk up. This, of course, caused Michelle to take a peek at the boy's phone to see what had gotten him so excited, which only earned him a nudge in the ribs.

"I know ya fat ass isn't gonna eat an entire bagel when you just ate all of this," Michelle said with a bewildered expression. This expression quickly turned to one of panic, however, when another voice chimed in from behind the pair.

"Now you better watch your mouth while you're sitting under my roof, Michelle Spencer," Ida Mae's stern voice rang through the air. JJ and his cousin turned in unison to see their grandmother standing in the doorway, her hand on her hip and her nostrils flared in irritation. "You know better than that."

"Yes ma'am," the young woman said quickly, before turning back in her seat to finish her meal. "I'm sorry... won't happen again."

It was only after Nana Ida had walked back into the kitchen that JJ finally let out the laughter that had been building up in his chest. He laughed so hard that tears were threatening to fall down his cheeks. "Y-yes ma'am, sorry ma'am," JJ said mockingly in-between his laughs. This only made Michelle nudge him in the ribs again, this time harder than before.

"Shut the fuck up," she said, this time in a hushed tone so that her grandmother wouldn't be able to hear. "Just shut up and go get your stupid breakfast bagel from Jo Lynn."

"Y-yes ma'am"

To: Jo Lynn🏀
From: JJ

Be there in 6
Of course I want the bagel


Unlike most of the Rosefell student body, JJ much preferred to ride his bicycle to and from school rather than take the bus. He didn't live too far from the school, and figured that it would take him a lot less time since he wouldn't have to make a bunch of stops like the school bus did. Riding his bike also gave him the chance to fully wake himself up in the mornings; he pedaled like crazy as he hummed along to the rap music that blared through his earbuds.

It wasn't long before JJ was chaining his bike up to a pole near the school parking lot and beginning to seek out Jo. And upon seeing so many unfamiliar faces and cars (many of which were way too fancy to belong to any Rosefell kids), it suddenly dawned upon JJ that today wasn't just some regular old first day at Rosefell. No, today was the day that the Liberty kids got the chance to check out how things were on their side of the tracks.

"Well I'll be damned," JJ said, mostly to himself as he quickly pulled out his cell phone to double check an email that had been sent to him prior to that day. Marcos Kingsley. That was who he was supposed to be showing around. Even the guy's name sounded fancy. Nevertheless, JJ was still happy to help out in any way he could; switching to a different school during Senior year couldn't be easy for anyone, regardless of their situation.

Sooner or later, JJ found Jo. It was as he began walking in her direction that Dee entered the picture as well. "Look at all this fresh meat to the slaughter," JJ heard him say. "Think they got any idea what they’re getting themselves in to?"

"Oh, definitely not," JJ said suddenly as he came to a stop next to Jo, his eyes focusing on the large yellow vehicle that had begun unloading teenagers. "But we'll see how it goes. I'm sure most of them will adjust... I'm actually kinda surprised that so many of them decided to take the bus. Aren't all Liberty kids supposed to have some expensive ass, wealthy parent-funded cars? I think I saw someone pull up in a Lincoln Navigator not too long ago. Who do I gotta flirt with to get the chance to ride shotgun in one of those, let alone drive it around?"

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