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Just wrote an IC for the first time in 8 months! :O
4 mos ago
I bet everyone's thrilled I'm back. Sassy, snarky and salty.
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Blue Demon || Female || Older || Ace

I go by Blue, Demon or BD. Or even Hey You if it's clear enough that you're talking to me. XD I prefer Blue or Blue Demon. And no, I didn't choose "Blue" because I'm sad. It's my favorite color. (And now you know.)

Advanced || UTC -08:00

I reply at least once a week (per RP). I usually have several RPs going at a time and I reply multiple times a day. If I'm really on a roll I might reply more, but it's a special event. Because of this I actually prefer slower paced RPs. Not so that I can have RPs (because I'm terrible about that. So much love for writing) but so that I can plot out and make in depth replies without feeling rushed if it takes me three or so days. Because of my love for moving slow and doing it right, I'm very particular about the people I RP with. If you thrive on fast paced RPs I'm not the partner for you.

Outside of writing I'm a complete and total chatter box. I love talking to my partners about the story and about everything else. I just love communication (It's the real deal) and if you wont talk to me outside the RP I'll be very, very sad. So sad I might drop the RP because my interest in you is directly proportional to my interest in the RP. If I love you and the RP's lagging I'll do everything in my power to save it. If you don't talk to me and the RP's lagging? I'll probably just cut it free. So talk to me. It's also a back door into RP'ing with me. If you've been chatting at me and want to start a RP even though I say I'm full? I'll bend over backwards to accommodate you. So talk away my lovelies. <3 Now you know my weakness.

Other than writing I love all things Superhero related. I'm DC > Marvel. I adore video games. I'm not much for first person shooters but I enjoy the heck out of sandbox games and dungeon crawlers. I mainly play on my PC or PS4. Sadly my parents owned the Xbox360 so I can't play those games anymore (and Xbox One sucks). I also used to run some tabletop games for my friends (until I moved). I'd love to get another off the ground and especially try out Shadowrun. But I haven't had the chance. You also can't leave out board games or Card games. I'm a sucker for tile rummy and Cribbage. I once got so good in school I could shuffle cards one handed and deal them without the teacher catching on. (Though I've never mastered slight of hand. Magician I am not).

I read all the time. My favorite Genres are Fantasy and Sci-Fi. I also do puzzles compulsively. My kitchen table is taken over by a 9,000 piece puzzle. I've been working on it for a few months now and I'm almost 50% done. I'm psyched that I'll be able to start the other half soon.I also adore the outdoors. I love hiking, fishing, camping, boating and swimming. Some of my best memories were spending days outside with my family. Thankfully I live in a very lovely area with lots of hiking trails that I love to hit on the weekends.

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Nothing at the moment.
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My 1x1 Interest Check Thread. It's currently OPEN. If you're interested check it out!

I have a stash of my character sheets here. They're perrty.

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@Member 00492I'm officially dropping out. I have RL things that I need to take care of. Sorry for not letting you guys know sooner.
I meant to show back up once my parents left from visiting. But apparently that didn't happen.

Did I get bumped?
Or that. Lol
@Member 00492We're trying to wrap it up on the pad. Last I checked we were still waiting on Super Girl.
Monny A.K.A. Clayface in
Episode 5

Attacking @Sir Lurksalot
The Monster was upset. It didn't like being upset either which didn't help things much. It was still swatting at anyone who happened to be next to it, either young or old or anywhere in between. It had lost track of whom was whom, everyone looked so much more different then their younger counter parts. That still didn't prevent the giant monstrosity from muttering abashed apologies every time it's body tried to hit someone.

"So sorry." Monny cringed as it smacked the guy scrambling around after Toon Girl's explosives. Rookie. Monny was a little too distraught to think of the guy's real name. The blow looked like it really hurt. Did Monny kill him? Monny really, really hoped not.

"Please no." Monny's voice was barely more than a whisper as it's body raised it's hand for a final (if the guy wasn't dead already) blow. The clay monster watched in a kind of detached horror as it's arm came down, down, down. Worst of all Monny couldn't even close it's massive eye.

"Fuck it."

Monny would have cocked it's head to the side if it A) was in control of it's own body. And B) if it had a head. Before it could ask what Rookie meant (or even before it could crush the hero) Rookie spoke again.

"Sorry, Bud! This might sting a little!"

Monny felt it's body take a step back, as if it too understood in the moment just what was going to happen. Right before the inevitable.


The ensuing explosion was enough to take a chunk out of Monny. It's whole top half was gone in a spray of mud covering much of the room in Clay Monster. It's lower half was left in a parody of an open flower. For a few long minutes nothing happened. Monny itself waited to see if the dynamite was enough to stop his body's rampaging. Then it felt it. The subtle pull of the clay against itself. The clay that had been scattered about the room and on everyone near by began to shiver and shake.

The mud still attached to Monny's legs began to bubble and reform. It was smaller this time around, even with the extra bolstering powers of Extant, more normal sized, but still as dangerous.

Monny's lone eye honed in on Rookie.

"Uh-oh." Monny said as it realized Rookie was now definitively target #1.
Is is cool if I move on with attacking people? I know @Afro Samurai and @Sir Lurksalot have attacked Monny. The former who is still under attack by Toon Girl. I just don't want to make poor Lurky wait forever~
Dirty Paws - Of Monsters and Men (My Head is an Animal)
Love 2012 - 3OH!3 (Streets of Gold)
Momma - My Chemical Romance (The Black Parade)
Numb - Linkin Park (Meteora)
Never Say Goodbye - Mario & Nesty (My Girl OST)
Second Chapter - Enigma (The Cross of Changes)
No Time - Rogue Wave (Iron Man 3: Heroes Fall)
Why Does She Have to Die? - Jan A. P. Kaczmarek (Finding Neverland Soundtrack)
Data, Data, Data - Hans Zimmer (Sherlock Homes Soundtrack)
Use Somebody - Kings of Leon (Only by the Night)
Hey everyone. BD's back open for Business. Come and get a spot while they're available!
So now Clayface has a stick of dynamite in it's gut and a chair flying at it's head.

It must be just loving life right about now.

I'm gonna have to edit it's relations sheets because you're all not friends. Not friends.
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