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I need help guys. I had to buy a new ps4 (my old one died. It was tragic, tears were shed). So I picked up the current bundle which was Spider-Man. Now, I don't care for Spider-Man and I haven't done any looking into the game. Is it worth it to play or to just sell it unused to someone?
Good news everyone! I'm as long winded as ever.

Bad news everyone. I'm as long winded as ever.

In other news, I'm 100% willing to work with anyone (and everyone) on how the Moon Kingdom fits in with space-y things. And anything else you might need to work with me upon.
@HenryJonesJrQuestion. How much divergence are you allowing? I'm kind of eyeing one character in particular but they are waaaaaaay too OP. I was thinking about trimming down their power level, but that means I have to balance out a lot of things, which means divergences.
So, so, so tempting. Darn you Henry.
Hey, I'm back and I'm ready to write with someone. Since I've been really struggling over the past couple of years with finding and keeping the motivation to write I'm only going to take on one person. I hope whomever I take on will be understanding with me.

A little about me for those who don't know: I'm an older lady who loves cats, outdoorsy things and video games. I have a deadpan sense of humor that can be off putting (to say the least). But I like to think of myself as friendly and easy going. As for my writing I think of myself as advanced, but I'm completely rusty and out of practice. That last time I wrote something was probably over half a year ago! If you're interested in a writing sample please look over my work on this site.

Whom I'm looking for: Someone who is okay with a slower reply schedule that can write 2-3 paragraphs on average. They must be able to play multiple characters of all genders. Also needs to be willing to write either in PMs or in threads on site. I do not go off site.

What I'm looking for: I want a story in the superhero genre. I'm not looking for anything Ultimate Universe or One Universe where characters rarely interact and it's just a platform for shared story telling (I'm cool with that but I'm looking for something a little more focused). I'm open to both DC and Marvel characters or even Indie Comic characters though admitedly I know less about them. I'm even down for throwing in OC characters.

Some characters I can play very well:
  • Batman
  • Barbara Gordon
  • Koriand'r
  • Nightwing
  • Tony Stark
  • James Barnes
  • Stargirl
  • Tim Drake

Hard NOs: Sex. Full stop. I will not. Spider-Man. I just don't.

Interested? Great! PM me or post here.
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First post. Yay! I'm super proud of myself.

Also, moved my CS over to the tab because apparently I forgot about that~

Character you have created:
Christine "Chris" Wilson


Speech Color:
Grey Goose, D1D0CE

Character Alignment:


Character Personality:
Chris is typically a very happy person. She likes to look on the bright side of things. Her first instinct was to see the good in people. Not the bad. Nor did she like to be a serial doubter. However that doesn't meant that Chris is happy all the time. She has her ups and downs like anyone else. She's stuck in a dead-end job that she doesn't enjoy very much. It doesn't pay enough but she can't find another one. She's also just come out of a long term relationship that ended badly. But she's trying her best not to let those things hold her down.

Chris loves the finer things in life. She likes designer clothes and accessories. Whenever she can afford it she buys the better quality things. She also loves spending time outdoors. Some of her favorite pastimes are outdoor sports such as Skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. She also loves to go fishing with her family during summer vacations.

Chris is a very moral person. She's not religious like her mother. She's more agnostic like her father. She doesn't disbelieve but doesn't believe in an all knowing God. Or any deities for that matter. Though that's never stopped her from deciding on her own moral code.

Chris is also very much a family oriented person. She loves her parents and her siblings. One day she hopes to start a family of her own. But she hasn't had much luck in that department.

Chris repurposed some of her skiing body armor into her crime fighting uniform. The top and bottom doesn't quite match, since it's made to be worn under other clothing such as jackets and ski pants. The steel toed boots she bought just for the purpose of crime fighting. One day she hopes to be able to make her slapdash uniform into something cooler looking, but she just doesn't have the sewing skills or the courage to ask someone to do it for her.

Origin Info/Details:
Chris is the youngest of four children. She has three older siblings. She has two older brothers and one older sister. Her eldest sibling, Mark, is seven years older than her. Chris and her siblings were raised Catholic like their mother. They were baptized and christened. Devon is the only child who still practices. As far as Chris knows Mark is atheist and a firm disbeliever. And Whitney is a Holiday only observer. She only goes to church on the two major holidays. As for herself she's agnostic. She doesn't have a problem with religion. She just doesn't believe in God or any other deities.

As a young girl growing up Chris was spoiled being the youngest. She was able to get away with most everything. Luckily for her parents she seemed to come pre-installed with a fierce sense of right and wrong. Even as a little girl she found it hard to lie or to deceive her family. A trait that made her older siblings very protective of her. And surprisingly the only thing that Chris has misused. When she was young, very young, Chris found out about her particular ability to turn into stone.

Chris remembers the day vividly still. She had been playing outside and had fallen out of tree. She wasn't supposed to be climbing the big oak in back, but she had done it anyways. But she had climbed too high and lost her balance. She should have been seriously injured or dead. Instead she was fine. She remembered watching as grey covered her body. She remembers the child sized hole in the ground. She remembers the horror she felt as the grey retreated leaving her normal. But she wasn't normal.

Chris knew from all the days at church that people with powers were bad. God didn't give people powers like she had. So she kept them a secret because she didn't want to be a bad person. As Chris grew up she realized however that her powers weren't evil. They just were. It was up to her to use them for good or evil. Of course by that time she had come to the realization she was a teenager and far more interested in sex and dating than she was in her powers. Those were just annoying and something to keep secret. Boys and girls on the other hand...

Chris got good grades in High School despite the fact she spent most of her time chasing tail. At the age of eighteen she was accepted into a local college. She ended up dropping out after her first year much to her family's disappointment. But school just wasn't for her. She ended up working as a receptionist at a local furnace repair store. There she stayed for the next few years. She became very proficient at her job, but she wasn't happy. However despite that she was unable to find another job that would make her happy. Everything just kind of went down hill from there. She was dumped by her girlfriend, Lily, of three years. It was because of Chris' "lack of ambition".

The accusation hit Chris hard and knocked her into a depression. The dark mindset threatened to devour her whole and leave a stranger in it's wake.

Chris ended up losing her job due to her apathetic mindset. She started bouncing around from job to job with no real motivation other then that there were bills to pay. She worked any job from manual labor to cashiering to being apart of a call center. She just really didn't care where she ended up.

She was working at 7-11, one of the most cliche places to be down on her luck and working at, when the news broke of a supervillain. At first she ignored it along with her patrons. Because who really cared at this point. Just another megalomaniac set out of kill millions. Or the whole world. Either they'd succeed or they would. Chris just couldn't find it in herself to care anymore.

When it became apparent in the ensuing hours that Doctor Diplodoc had succeeded in creating even more supers, Chris just couldn't help the laugh that bubbled out of her. Artificially created superhuman. Like her but not like. In the ensuing chaos Chris thought about coming out as a meta but the quick backlash of hate stopped her. Not that it surprised her.

So she continued to work and kept her head down. She didn't cause any waves and just drifted through life. Of course life has a way of knocking you sideways when least expected. It was during a night shift for her security company. She was on foot patrol of a business complex when she heard raised voices.

Expecting to see the usual group of smokers, Chris didn't worry over much as she rounded a corner. What greeted her was not Toby or Mike or Samantha, but a band of five or six people kicking a smaller person.

Chris didn't even have to think before she jumped in. Unfortunately for her she was out of her league. These anti-meta sympathisers were trained to fight. Forced to fall back on her powers or join the small kid on the ground, Chris choose. She reached out and embraced a power she hadn't touched since childhood. The rush of Life, like a black and white movie turning to color, took her breath away.

With her stone skin she easily took down the small hate group. With one of the unbroken cellphones she called 911 and left. But the feeling, the rush, didn't leave her. It waited just under her skin. As news reports of more extreme hate group attacks happened she felt more and more compelled to do something.

The idea slowly took hold and soon it became a goal. Chris cobbled together some old skiing gear and set it aside. Then finally, somehow, the courage to step out her door and help welled up inside.

Hero Type:
Brick/Muscle / Shape Shifter

Power Level:
City Level

Gargoyle Form
Chris has the ability to turn herself into stone at will.
  • Stone skin
    • When Chris transforms into stone she literally changes her skin into stone. This means her innards are still normal and not stone. When she talks about her ability she says she turns into stone, but that's not completely accurate.
  • Stone Manipulation
    • Chris can take stone from existing statues or formations and add it to her body while she's in her Gargoyle form. She's able to dictate where it goes and what shape it will take. (See bullet point below)
  • Morphing capabilities
    • While stone Chris can add more stone onto herself and use that stone to change her appearance. This can happen either by adding stone items such as arms, wings, armaments, etc. Or by making the stone make her look like someone else.
      Another way to think of it is that the new stone acts as a sort of second layer that she can manipulate at will within about a three to five foot radius (The radius is kind of malleable. EX: If she makes herself wings that can extend up to ten feet on each side she can maintain them even though they technically extend outside her radius. However in order to do so she'd have to sacrifice all her other additional stone to just concentrate on the wings.
  • Increased Strength
    • While in her Gargoyle form Chris' strength is increased. She hasn't tested her upper limits but it appears to be about twice the normal human capacity. She can lift cars and hit hard enough to crack concrete.
  • Increased resistance to injury
    • Chris can take a lot more damage than normal people while as Gargoyle. She's far more resistant to physical attacks and some magical attacks. However due to her squishy innards, anything that can pierce her stone skin is just as dangerous to her and normal humans. Also Chris doesn't have any healing factor. If she gets damaged, the damage remains even when she returns to her human form. She cannot use other stone to repair damage done. She can give the illusion it does (but it really doesn't do anything for her). EG: Chris loses an arm, she can make herself a new one, but when she drops the stone she still is missing an arm.

Strength Level
Normal Human/ 20 tons
Speed/Reaction Timing Level
Normal Human/ Normal Human
Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort
Normal Human/ Normal Human
Normal Human/ Normal Human or slower depending
Average/ Average
Fighting Skill


Gargoyle Form
Weakness in her Gargoyle form
  • Stone skin
    • Her innards are still normal and not stone. If there's an attack that can penetrate her stone skin it will do damage to her.
  • Stone Manipulation
    • Chris can only work within a certain radius (3-5 feet) without sacrificing stone for showing off. Also the more bulk she adds on the less maneuverable she will be.
  • Increased resistance to injury
    • Chris doesn't have any healing factor as Gargoyle. If she gets damaged, the damage remains even when she returns to her human form. She cannot use other stone to repair damage done. She can give the illusion it does (but it really doesn't do anything for her). EG: Chris loses an arm, she can make herself a new one, but when she drops the stone she still is missing an arm. And will most likely bleed to death unless she seeks immediate medical attention.
Human Form
Weakness in her Human form
  • Only Human
    • She's just a normal squishy human with all the weakness that come with it. You know what those are!

Supporting Characters:
-Mother, 51, Clara
-Father, 53, Lewis
-Brother Eldest, 33, Mark
-Brother Older, 30, Devon
-Sister Older, 28, Whitney
-Ex, 25, Lily
-Friend, TBA
-Friend, TBA

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?:

Location: What used to be Seattle, outskirts

Chris blinked as a bottle of water appeared in front of her face. It took her a long second before she proceeded the new information. She reached up with a slightly shaky grey hand and grabbed the water.

"Thanks." Chris croaked out. She blinked down at the water, unscrewed it and took a drink. As soon as the water hit the back of her throat she began coughing against the accumulated grit and grime.

Chris groaned as the building began to settle wrong. She shifted the concrete around her as best as she could. She could feel sweat trickle down her back despite the layer of stone between her and the world. She tried to focus on keeping the crumbling building from continuing to crumble. At least while she was under it.

"It's shifting." Chris finally said. One of the many engineers pipped up.

"Can you move another support to the lower left quandrent?"

Chris felt her teeth grind together and she vaguely wondered as she worked if pretend superheroes get good dental. Because after today she was going to have no teeth left after they all cracked and fell out of her mouth.

There was another groan somewhere deep in the structure; then nothing.

"Okay." The same engineer said. "Quickly, before it destabalizes again."

Chris sucked in a ragged breath and spat out a disgusting wad of grey grit. A firm hand slapped her on the back.

"Good to know you're human under all that stone hero." The man who passed her the water said attempting some levity.

Chris's knuckles were white as they clenched the steering wheel. She wasn't sure if her old beater of a car would survive the trip, but she knew she had to try. The news station she had tuned her car's radio drifted in and out of clarity.

-fsxxt-ilitants have moved into -fsssshst-are. They're cutting a line of destruction through the c-shhhxxxt- and the heroes are hard pressed t-fxxsh-

Chris pressed her foot down harder on the gas petal. The whine of her engine was alarming but it was still the last thing on her mind. She could now see smoke rising on the horizon. Just ahead of her was a road block of cop cars.

Chris attempted a smile. It felt weird on her face considering the circumstances. But there it was. "Hero?" Her voice was still craggily so she took another swig of water.

"The only hero I see is everyone around." She raised the water bottle as she gestured. "Not one of you have special powers yet you're all here. Risking your life for strangers."

The flashing lights of the ambulance sent the shadows dancing like crazy around Chris. Her hands shook as when pressed them to the ruined floor she knelt on. She had long since abandoned trying to maintain her fledgling superhero identity. She didn't really care if everyone knew what she looked like anymore. Saving lives was far more important. Worth so much more then anonymity.

She felt hallowed out from all of her effort but she couldnt give up yet. Not when she and the rescue workers could hear the desperate cries of the trapped child. Behind her she could hear the murmurs as a few of the structural engineers talked quietly. They had approached her earlier and had asked for her help. She wasn't assigned to this rescue crew, but it was a unique problem. They didn't have updated blueprints of the building and if they shifted the rubble in the wrong place they might crush the people inside.

They could get the plans but it would take time. Time the child might not have. It was a race against time. Less and less people they pulled from the debris were alive. It was horrifying and if Chris failed here it'd be another dead soul to add to the list.

Chris focused on the concrete under her palms. She could fell the texture of it, the weight. If she grabbed at it, it would move. She knew this. But she couldn't feel any further. She felt tears prickle at her eyes and blinked them away. She had to do this. She had to save this child. She HAD to.

A surprised look crossed his face then he too smiled. "I'm just dojng my job ma'am."

"We all are." Chris agreed. The two of them lapsed into silence as they sat on a chunk of rubble, staring vacantly at the relief efforts still underway.

Chris easily lifted the larger woman up and into the waiting arms of two large firemen. Her cries of joy were a welcome counterpoint to the prevailing undercurrent of grief.

"Thank you! Thank you!" She cried to everyone around her.

There was mostly silence as efforts continued. Hours ago someone found a working TV and had tuned into a world news station. But they had turned it off a little while ago. Nothing much new had been reported and what was being reported was depressing.

"Food." Another relief worker called out. It was a woman this time. Chris couldn't tell her age under the exhaustion that sat heavily upon her. She accepted the offering with a small thanks. She blinked at the wrapper. Jimmy John's.

There wasn't much time to come up with a cover story as Chris slowed to a stop at the roadblock. A police officer stepped up to her rolledmdown window.

"I'm sorry miss. But this whole area is closed off. Please turn around."

Chris's mouth opened before she could think through her plan. "I'm here to help."

The cop's mouth pressed into a thin line. "I'm sure you think you'll be helping but this is best left to the professionals."

"I'm S.T.R.I.K.E." Never has Chris been so thankful for her darker skin for when she blushed it wasn't obvious.

The man looked skeptical. "ID?"

Chris carefully unwrapped the sub and ate methodically. It was strange just sitting here and eating and watching others work. The need to be helping shift rubble was strong. But she was tired and she knew she needed the rest. And as awful admit was, the team's were beginning to switch away from rescue to recovery, despite the thousands still listed as missing.

Chris stood uselessly to the side as a mother clutched her dead child to her chest. Her wails echoed loudly in the space. Even at her lowest Chris hadn't felt this terrible. She had pushed and pushed her powers away. Was this the price? Was this her punishment? If she had a better grasp of them, could she have felt, could have anticipated where the building's structure was weak?

If the crews could have worked faster with her aid that child might still be alive. Another mother wouldn't have to mourn the passing of a child. A life cut short. Because of Chris. Because of what she couldn't do.

"Look." Chris pointed towards the jagged horizon. The first colors of dawn were reaching up into the night sky.

The man next to her looked up. The two of them sat there shoulder to shoulder watching dawn breakover the devastation.

Chris had never seen such wreakage in her life. People killed like ants over what had once been a vibrant city full of Life. But now it was a tomb. A husk. Screams and cries assaulted her ears even though she had covered herself in a thin crust of stone.

"You Gargoyle?"

Chris turned to look at a middle aged woman with a clip board.

"Uh- Yes." She replied inelegantly.

"Good. They radioed up what you can do. I've assigned you to Alpha Team." without waiting for response the woman took off at fast clip leaving Chris to run to catch up.

With the water and food finished off the men and women of Alpha Team got wearily back to their feet. The only ones resting in this ruined city today were going to be the dead.
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