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Blue Demon || Female || Older || Ace

I go by Blue, Demon or BD. Or even Hey You if it's clear enough that you're talking to me. XD I prefer Blue or Blue Demon. And no, I didn't choose "Blue" because I'm sad. It's my favorite color. (And now you know.)

Advanced || UTC -08:00

I reply at least once a week (per RP). I usually have several RPs going at a time and I reply multiple times a day. If I'm really on a roll I might reply more, but it's a special event. Because of this I actually prefer slower paced RPs. Not so that I can have RPs (because I'm terrible about that. So much love for writing) but so that I can plot out and make in depth replies without feeling rushed if it takes me three or so days. Because of my love for moving slow and doing it right, I'm very particular about the people I RP with. If you thrive on fast paced RPs I'm not the partner for you.

Outside of writing I'm a complete and total chatter box. I love talking to my partners about the story and about everything else. I just love communication (It's the real deal) and if you wont talk to me outside the RP I'll be very, very sad. So sad I might drop the RP because my interest in you is directly proportional to my interest in the RP. If I love you and the RP's lagging I'll do everything in my power to save it. If you don't talk to me and the RP's lagging? I'll probably just cut it free. So talk to me. It's also a back door into RP'ing with me. If you've been chatting at me and want to start a RP even though I say I'm full? I'll bend over backwards to accommodate you. So talk away my lovelies. <3 Now you know my weakness.

Other than writing I love all things Superhero related. I'm DC > Marvel. I adore video games. I'm not much for first person shooters but I enjoy the heck out of sandbox games and dungeon crawlers. I mainly play on my PC or PS4. Sadly my parents owned the Xbox360 so I can't play those games anymore (and Xbox One sucks). I also used to run some tabletop games for my friends (until I moved). I'd love to get another off the ground and especially try out Shadowrun. But I haven't had the chance. You also can't leave out board games or Card games. I'm a sucker for tile rummy and Cribbage. I once got so good in school I could shuffle cards one handed and deal them without the teacher catching on. (Though I've never mastered slight of hand. Magician I am not).

I read all the time. My favorite Genres are Fantasy and Sci-Fi. I also do puzzles compulsively. My kitchen table is taken over by a 9,000 piece puzzle. I've been working on it for a few months now and I'm almost 50% done. I'm psyched that I'll be able to start the other half soon.I also adore the outdoors. I love hiking, fishing, camping, boating and swimming. Some of my best memories were spending days outside with my family. Thankfully I live in a very lovely area with lots of hiking trails that I love to hit on the weekends.

My RPs

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Nothing at the moment.
Misc. Info
My 1x1 Interest Check Thread. It's currently Closed. If you're interested check back often because chances to RP with me go fast.

I have a stash of my character sheets here. They're perrty.

I kind of dabble on You can check me out? I'm not very prolific, but there it is. (I'm still debating on making the move to AO3...)

I'm also on three other RP sites.
Iwaku as WesteriaVale
RPNation as Awesome Possum
HEXRPG as Veronica_Snow

I'm also on Discord now thanks to @Lord Wraith. If you'd like to chat with me let me know. I'm Blue Demon#4441

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You've returned. And I still haven't replied.

I'm totes still down for this... I just have to re-read some. :D
<Snipped quote by Blue Demon>

The Wraith kind lol

-1 million for the terrible pun
Just when I think I'm out I get sucked back in. Thanks @Sep.

le sigh

But Starfire is taken! What devilry this?
<Snipped quote by Blue Demon>

Buried in that stony shell is a little sweetheart, we just gotta dig her out. ;-)

Digging metaphor oddly appropriate.

Also I think I'm the last to post. Lol. With all the things I had to do today after work I didn't get around to writing. Though it doesn't appear to be a bad thing because look at all the posts!
@Tyler Chris is too happy. I'm concerned.
Jarvis {Human form}

I'd legit join this if this was the Jarvis I'd get:
<Snipped quote by Blue Demon>

Well, I dont plan it to be that huge. May be less than 10 people? Awesome, I'll probably come up with something after I get out of work. I'll message you by then.

Alrighty then. I'll keep an eye out.
Why is it so salty in my OOC?

@FantasyChicYes, and that's as far as everyone's gotten. So if nothing comes of it by tomorrow I'm gonna post. That's all.
I tend to be 50-50. Sometimes I might play more of one gender than the other. But 50-50's my average.
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