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Name: Uerin Kira

Age: 23

Appearance: Dons a black over coat good for blending into most places except the open. He stands 6'1 and weighs 210lbs. He's got stubble from being on the planet for awhile. He has green eyes and blond hair.

Rank: Low Ranking officer

-force sensitive (barely sense danger)
-has respect from fellow rebel during combat
-has a decent shot
-can pilot most ships

-was once a mercenary and is looked down on by most higher ups and it hurts his ego a bit
-doesn't don armour
-in open space and in light has low stealth
-isn't very good with fixing or making technology
-is known to get drunk on the job

-his robot friends
-good food
-good woman

-the empire

Bio: Uerin recently joined the rebels because of the death of his family due to imperial occupation. He was apart of the mercenary guild but went rogue after the loss of his family. He finally joined the rebellion after fighting along side them for so long. He isn't trusted by mostly anyone higher then him but the soldiers under his command respect him. He has an R2 unit that does all the technical work for him.

Carries 3 old DC-17 blaster pistols on him for duel wielding and the third just in case.

((Ill try to fix anything when I get rest))
Im gonna try and get my cs done as soon as I can but I havent sleep yet so its kinda hard atm. Just so you know where I stand... or lay.
My mother wouldnt agree
Diabetes kitty says the darkside is bad for my blood sugar
Ill work on a rebel char.
Well we'll keep going and if anyone wants to join we'll let them
Markon hovered behind Ha looking at what he was looking at. He had let himself in moments before the dwarf had seen his way to the land of death. No mortal would see him since he had left his avatar. Only the angel and Ha could.

"You could have turned the tiny mortal into an axe of great wonder. You know dwarf bone is strong enough. Instead you turned him into an example all the mortals should know by now." He casually bantered. Markon sat in the air with his right leg crossed onto his other bent knee.

"Its been a little time since Ive come here. Still cozy." He joked. "Ive come to ask a favour my brother. Ask your price afterwards and Ill see to it, but I want you to create something for me..."

Meanwhile, Achilon had finished his mission. The poor residence of Bermong town were mostly killed in their sleep by their ancient ancestors. The few who were still awake fought bravely. Soon their families and friends awoke from eternal slumber and they too partook in the massacre of their kin.

All the while Achilon felt nothing. The mortal soul he had was gone and a new immortal void had taken residence. He wasn't dead though. He still had emotion but which kinds he didn't know, yet. He left three children alive that night to tell the tale. First he cut off the tips of there right index finger and left the units by random graves like he had done many times before. His calling card. When he was finally done he marched his undead army threw the night till it became morning and hid his damned army in the forest. Any travellers passing by were very unlucky that day. When nightfall melted across the sky the undead resumed their march until they had arrived at the gates of that terrible fortress he started his journey from.

Inside a council had formed. The fortress was not the capitol city, but was the old ancestral home of the Lythea. It was known as Morin Fort after the first Lythean noble Mori Lythea. Melor Lythea -the king- was ill according to his warden, the nobleman of the west, Arktis Belin and he was to over see the council himself. Two other human nobles sat around the table while two orcish chieftain sat beside them.

The six ancient sovereign had joined forces in the first era and were united by the dragon lords they flew on. The dragons had allowed them to sit on there backs and fly among gods in a time only sung in legend. They fought beside the dragons till the end. The dragons had thirteen vassals. All but six perished near the end of the second era.

"That is Malors wish. We all know the ogres are a problem. But if we can take down the ogre king or at least make it come to our terms we may be rid of them. They stand no chance to our combined forces. Like I said that is not our kings wish. He wants us to make them come to our side. So we will either make the king understand or we kill him and enslave them. Imagine the work they can provide in the mines. The power we will have out on the battlefield. Each duke sitting here with a personal monster to defend us. You have already been informed by our king himself about the necromancer. With an army of undead, our own troops AND ogres at our disposal we will have a formidable army to push the boarders of our neighbors." Arktis told his fellow council members. They looked to each other for a moment in silence. The orc chieftain Nu'Growg slammed a fist onto the table and stood.

"We will reclaim the glory of our once legendary Kingdom and the glory of our fallen kings once more!" He roared! The others stood and cried out the same. United they pushed their seats away moved to gather their resources from their own realms. On there way out an envoy from the gate arrived.

"My lord, Achilon has arrived." He said never once looking the nobleman in the face.

"Tell him we have made the far courtyard ready for his... army and that he may meet me here. Then we will await the king and his orders. Send Achilon in right away..."
Nation Sheet - Dark Empire

•Nation Name: Caska

•Government: Kingdom

•Leader: Melor Lythea (The Dark Lord)

•Capital City: Andor City (City of Dread)

•Races: Human and Orc

•Currency: Gold, Silver, and Copper (also barter systems on the outskirts of the country)

•Population: A medium population of Human and a low population of Orc. About 70 000 all together.

•Economy (1/10 scale): 4

•Military (1/10 scale): 7

Heavy Orc Infantry
Human Horse Archer
Elite Spearmen Soldier
Light Orc Swordsmen
Small Navy

•National Commodities:
Silver mine
Iron mine's

•View on Foreigners: Very negative

•Backstory: Caska came to prominence before the dragons had been killed off during the first half of the second era. The dragons were the first kings of Caska. The last dragon's led an army against the gods and anyone who worshiped the forge near the end of the second era. Their last true king was killed for using dragon fire instead of the forge fire to create. In the third era the dragon lord's main vassal family the Lythea held the title of king and warden of Caska. Only two generations they held the seat. They coexist with orcish hordes whom they hold council. Two orcish chieftains and three human noble families sit along side there leader the old Melor the Dark Lord.
I myself, as stated, am a newbie. I just want to create stories and enjoy the time. I already have a bit of posted and I try to look at it everyday but you dont have to post every day.
Interest check

.:Markon opened a new plane of existence and shapes a world. He invited Gods from the great void to join him. Many gods came. Then he invited mortals to live in this world. The mortals started anew and began to forget the worlds they had come from. Soon this planet was all they knew, but chaos emerged from the thousands and soon millions of different gods creating and destroying. In this chaos Markon decided to bring on order and cast out all the gods except a small pantheon. The first era ended and the second one began. Even then the gods walking among mortals meddled too much. The gods fought with each other. Once again they reshaped the world with a war of gods. Worse, the gods fought with mortals leading to genocide of many races. When they stopped they saw what had happened and it was agreed that the gods would only walk with the mortals in an avatar putting check on there great powers. Still they were gods non-the-less. The third era was then born!:.


A lot of my old intro to the forum was rewritten and copy pasted and/or changed so Im sorry if you had to reread all of this!! Also Im on a cell phone and its really hard to do fancy things.

When I was new to the site I had no clue about interest checks. I was at the time new to the site and I felt like a newbie (still do), but I ended up creating Of the Gods. I am still very interested in pushing It forward. I would love to have at least one more player join, but filling three more spots would be great! Im ever improving and changing the mechanics as I go along so bare with me since this is my first time hosting.

Now Of the Gods!

So this is sandbox. You will beable to create anything you want, with reason, but I may not approve if it hurts the role play or is just too silly. Although if you're the comedy relief or something interesting (like sheogorath from the elder scrolls series) I may approve. So you can create your own race. Shape the landscape. I do want to keep the mortals in a medieval state with a bit of magic. So you can even create your own magic. The possibilities are endless.

We will be in the third era of the world so gods do not walk among mortals any longer. So you have to use an avatar to interact with them. The avatar can die and that god will be shut out of the physical world. Worry not though, because players are allowed to control factions, nations, and heroes as well. The gods can shape the world behind a curtain (so to speak) after that.

Please ask questions!

The rp is in the Nations Rp forum. Its under Of the Gods
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