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I'm nterested! I have a character or two in mind for a fire emblem rp!

- Chihaiten Academy, Sakai (Japan) -
- 9/ 4/ 2XXX -

- Interacts with: @Saarebas,@AdmrlStalfos19,@Polaris North

And the tall and evidently loud boy talked to him. About his hair of all subjects. How strange.

Zentato ran a hand though his curly pink hair. People used to compliment his hair when he was younger and ... rounder. But once he got tall and built people stopped complimenting his hair. They seem to think he would beat them down if they talked to him or talk about anything but his physical abilites which is what he wants people to talk about. But people talking his hair is not such a bad thing. It talks about something he can change at anytime so it wouldn't hurt to reply back to the loud boy. He also seemed to placed in the back often if his dialogue with him is truthful which it should be the boy seems incapable of lying. Which is nice. Zentaro gave the boy a response.

"Thank you, I grew it myself." Zentaro spoke overly seriously he didn't even realized he made a pun he wasn't used to getting compliments about anything but his fighting ability. The boy told him is name after excusing himself for being rude. Which he wasn't the topic hasn't arisen naturally yet. People care too much about politeness it seems at this school besides the blue haired girl. Zentaro nodded at the boy's overly long and hard to pronounced name, and Zentaro simply responded with, "I'm not everybody, I wish to see what our year holds in stores for the both of us, Alekos."

Oh, good another raised hand.

Zentaro silently raised the same side hand and poked the large man's hand and then diligently stared at him with the intent to say they're doing this strange ritual that people do to introduce themselves. After a few moments of silence Zentaro lowered his hand and stared back forward. But that wouldn't last long.

After that another boy spoke to the big boy and they joked about him being late. Zentaro felt a ting of annoyance in his gut but he snuffed it out. bvut he couldn't help but speak up, he can't let what should be equals act less then as such. "You should be more diligent in your effort from now on Alekos, if only so people won't get the wrong idea about you." Zentaro reprimanded the tall boy with his always serious face. Next was a girl who spoke with rudimentary Japanese. Zentaro took note of her Japanese and tried to think what her accent is. But her name is rather strange, when she introduced herself. Noah. Isn't that normally a boy's name? Maybe they're a boy? Neither? Both? How confusing. Zentaro couldn't help but speak up. Deciding to move on from the thought of this Noah person's gender since it wasn't any of his business nor did he really care to ask. "How long have you two been in Japan?" Zentaro asked the two foreigner of the group."You're Japanese is... passable. Better then my English, no doubt." Zentaro mused aloud, if he wants to surpass his classmates he needs to learn English so they can't speak in front of him without him knowing what they're saying. He better pick up some books after class to help with that.

Finally everybody in the group introduced himself after the boy with glasses introduced himself. Zentaro placed a hand on his chin and thoughtfully wonder if he should give them his name before thinking a "Fuck it" and let them know. "It would appear you all put me at a disadvantage in this introductions game. I won't lose. I'm Zentaro Kobashigawa... I win... but so did everybody else it seems.... good for us." Zentaro spoke earnestly without any hesitation. He won and so did they all. How useless, a definite winner and loser is always best way of gauging such competitions. If everybody wins it proves nothing. But he decided to ignore his gut feeling and speak as he did, uselessly, like nearly every discussion he had today.

- Chihaiten Academy, Sakai (Japan) -
- 9/ 4/ 2XXX -

- Interacts with: @Tenma Tendo - Mentions: @Saarebas

Bit of an over reaction.

Zentaro thought at Misaki's praise. His quirk is deeply flawed and he has to be smart on how he uses it. Otherwise he risk so many dangers and embarrassments because of it. But Zentaro simply nodded his head at the boy's praise... and was that envy in his voice he heard? Maybe the boy has a darker side then it appeared. Maybe his green eyes are more telling of his personality then he has assumed. Now the interesting part of the conversation started. Misaki's quirk. Which was more useful then he had assumed, it seems even its master seems to underestimate its ability. Zentaro nodded his head approvingly and with interest at the boy's display, which must be overwhelming to the excitable boy.

But Zentaro was rudely interrupted of talking about the quirk by a loud lug screaming as if his life almost ended. Zentaro shot the voice a glare. It a was a tall meat headed looking boy. The only person who looked to be taller then him in their age range. Zentaro almost felt annoyed that somebody for once was taller then him. Almost. But before Zentaro could feel an emotion Misaki spoke up hoping he didn't disappointed him with his quirk. Zentaro shook his head and said bluntly "No, you didn't, I would like to see the whole power of your quirk, I think it... and you have potential." Gross, he's being all sentimental, he couldn't help but react to his own gross words as he felt a shiver go down his spine.

But before he could redeem himself for such gross words, the speech happened, so time for talk was over. Sadly he ended that conversation on a gross note. But maybe friends are supposed to be that gross with each other. What did he get himself into?

After a rather haphazard introduction Zentaro and the other Class A students made their way to the classroom, Zentaro was near the front of the crowd and made his way to his unassigned seat which was at the very back, next to that tall boy. Zentaro ignored the boy not wanting to raise ire of a useless emotion like anger or annoyance. He was above that. Zentaro always sat in the back of the class, he was always tall for his age. So his teachers always put him in the back so he wouldn't block any other student's view of the black board. Zentaro gotten used to it so there was no point in changing his seating position in the classroom. Even if its not the same one from last year.

Zentaro took a seat and waited for class to start. Hopefully the tall boy won't talk to him.

- Chihaiten Academy, Sakai (Japan) -
- April 9th, 2XXX -

- Interacts with: @Tenma Tendo -

"... Well whatever was the possible outcome it didn't come to pass, so I think we can stop dwelling on the possibilities." Zentaro said flatly. Not bluntly or with any intensity, they have already dwelled upon on this topic far too long. Misaki clearly has anxiety about possible outcomes that could've transpired. Zentaro has suppressed such silly worries since such worries does nothing but slow you down and make you lose focus of the current time. If Misaki is gonna be his equals he needs help with his anxiety, that will take some time but it should be possible.

Does his smile look strange?

Zentaro thought as Misaki giggled at his smile. Might just be shock, since even Zentaro himself is not used to smiling so seeing someone as stoic and great as himself showing such a expression might be jarring and inhumane for Misaki's timid nature. They both should used to it. Okay, that was an admittedly a very gross sentimental thought just now. He's getting all gross and weird. Cool it, Zentaro.

Good, he understands.

Zentaro thought as he nodded along to Misaki's plans. Some of them were a bit gross sounding by how sentimental they were but he got the general idea down. But even Zentaro was surprised by Misaki's next action which was to jump out of his seat and shoot his hands up in the air. Zentaro looked at him weirdly for a second but just nodded and ... was that a hint of excitement he just felt, gross, Zentaro even felt the corner of his lips twitched upwards for a second... How pathetic. But maybe this is how friendship is supposed to feel like. God he hates it.

"Glad to hear it, we are now officially friends." Zentaro spoke bluntly and it sounded a bit strange for him to say he has a friend. He never really had friends, he knew how its supposed to work and that friendship was supposed to improve you but he never got anyone to endure him... No, he meant he didn't want it until now. Yes, that's what he meant.

And there's the first question of their friendship. What's his quirk.

Zentaro was finding the words to explain it. It didn't take too long not as long as it took him to answer the friendship question.
"I have a mutation type quirk like you even if its not as visible as your's." Zentaro started. "My quirk is 'Kinetic Energy Absorption' which means the more kinetic energy I give or take the stronger I get." Zentaro said while he had his thumb on his chin thoughtfully. "I can either counter attacks strikes with equal or greater kinetic force though a punch or I can use the kinetic energy from the strike to boost my own strength, durability, and speed. The Strongest I ever got with my quirk is roughly 10 times my normal capabilities." Zentaro spoke about of his quirk with clarity.

While on paper it sounds like a very useful and powerful quirk, and when its set up it is but it has a ton of issues and this is why Zentaro is always looking for ways to improve himself since his quirk is as good as he can get it, he just need to improve his base levels so that the added base also adds to his modifiers.

"So that's the basics of my quirk I can go into more detail later, but I'm curious about your quirk as well." Zentaro asked, he was admittedly curious about the boy's quirk. Was it just fish parts or was there more to it? He hoed there was more to it.
<Snipped quote by Bornlucky>
Fair. But calling a seemingly normal female peer as a "child" does seem a bit much, but kids will be kids. No skin off my back, haha.

Zen called her a child because he's an asshole lol
It's part of his character atm since he sees any displays of emotions he doesn't approve of as childish which is childish of him to do since he's a petty bastard who pretends to be more mature then he is :>
<Snipped quote by SilverDawn>
Do other child's call people of the same age a child, though? Seems a bit pretentious of them.

You'd be surprised how pretentious teenagers are lol
<Snipped quote by Bornlucky>

She's 15, Merv. She's a child.

lol you got me there

but I meant IC we had two character thought of her as a child And one who called her a mongrel and I have a feelings that this is only the beginning lol Also the last post I assumed more people called her a child then they actually did so whoops!
I find it funny everybody calls Yoshi a child even though she's not that short by Japanese standards its just most everybody else so damn tall lol
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