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Is there still room left? If there is I will start working on my character right away! @DruSM157

After Jin spoke up confirming their humanness to the girl, more or less. Suddenly the girl pulled each and every one of the three of them into the room with such speed and force that Ryoma had little time to react or object. All he let out was a quick gasp as he was pulled in. Ryoma was taken by surprised and simply watches as the girl boarded up the again room with wood and then a locking sounds once she was done. Once the girl was done boarding up the room said they shouldn't stay out there for too long, which while he agreed internally, he felt bad not looking for others lost out there. And what she said next intrigued him, another? There was another besides the four of them? Were they still alive at this point? All he could do right now is hope.

"Um... uh...." Ryoma stuttered quietly trying to figure out what to say. "Y'know this is my first time in the detention room... my parents would kill me if they knew I was ever in here..."Ryoma worriedly muttered as his parents come to mind when he looked at the blackboard again and seeing the word Detention on it. His parent's are strict. He was honestly scared of them. Being the oldest sucks sometimes. Heh. Anxiety doesn't just go away as he hoped when he awoken his Persona. Typical, nothing is that easy, but he should at least try to be more assertive and forward. " Detention...Chan?... Y'know I still don't know your name... what is it anyways?... anywayyyys can you summon a Persona?" Ryoma bluntly asked the girl as she shoved another pokey into her mouth. Ryoma doubt it but it'd be nice to know if any of those monsters attacked.
Okay, here's a bump to liven up the subscriptions!

I give those who haven't posted either a CS or IC posts yet until this Sunday before I move the thread along to the next posting cycle but for those who were skipped will have till the next cycle to make a post before I assume you aren't interested anymore, but if you still are but you've been busy or unmotivated to make a post that's understandable, please just tell me, I won't get annoyed or anything I get that way too and it would make me a hypocrite to do so. I'm always open to hear how you're feeling and if it effects your ability to RP, you don't need to go into detail about your life just say you're not feeling up to a post right away and I understand.

And if you can't play anymore for whatever reason just say so, so I can do my job as GM right away and there won't be any hard feelings~

But just know, I take silence as a definitive answer and will act accordingly.

"Takajin!" Ryoma cried out in surprise as something struck the other student square in the gut. Ryoma glared at the hand that was holding onto the broom before making his way down the arm and seeing a girl with grey hair and no uniform. 'Must be one of the detention kids.' Ryoma thought quickly. Which was confirmed when he looked behind the girl quickly and see a sign that reads detention on the blackboard. Ryoma looked back at Jin and asked worryingly, "Are you okay, Takajin?"

Before he could get a reply the girl confusingly said 'human', Ryoma nodded as he was still uncomfortable talking to a stranger, Persona summoning be damn. His smile from moments ago turned more sullen and serious, how he normally looks during school. Even having a super power didn't make him social, Ryoma swallowed his nerves and asked the girl a simple question. "Y-yes we're humans... y-you haven't encountered a-anything e-else besides us yet have you...?" Ryoma said with difficulty, his social anxiety flaring up again. "I-I mean...y-you wouldn't have attacked us if you did... I t-think..." Ryoma was stuttering like mad. 'Great, even after learning how to summon the god of death and judgement you can't talk to people.' Ryoma thought to himself in a belittling manner.
Okay, here it is. Hope everything is okay! Let me know if I need to change anything ^^

Looks good to me! Post him in the CS page and you can post in the IC!
@Bornlucky Awesome, thanks!
As for 'silent', I was thinking more of the later; they'll be mute and use different ways of communicating. ^^ I'll also have the character up after I finish my dinner!

Okay, that's good to hear! I can't wait to see them!
Just wanted to make a quick announcement that every role is taken! So the rp will be closed off again until further notice!

Thank you for your time and attention!
Hello! I was wondering if I could take that last spot if it wasn't too late? I was thinking about make a silent child character, if that was okay? If not, I could come up with some other ideas! ^^

Okay, I have your spot reserved~
When you say a Silent child do you mean shy and not very talkative? Or are they mute and communicate outside of talking? Either one would be good and I would love to see them!
Okay, 0th and 1st IC pot are up!
I haven't done an introduction IC post in a loooong time! But I hope it works okay! This is a rather free form rp so you can have your character doing pretty much anything as long as its within or nearby Hau'oli city atm~ I want this RP to be relaxing and fun while also up to the players on what they want to do. especially on this segment of the story~

Alola! from Alola!

Hau'oli city. The biggest and only city on Melemele Island. It also has the honors of being the largest city in all of Alola with only two contenders for that title with those being Heahea City and Malie City on Akala and Ula'ula island respectively. Hau'oli city is quite the sight to take in with its sky touching high rises, its ever busy streets which are lined with local shops and businesses, and its beautiful beaches that it harbors, and yet even with the modernization of this city, trees and plant life is ever present and that's not even going into the Pokemon and culture.

But no matter where you go in this city you will see the sights of Pokemon everywhere, rather they are wild Pokemon being gifted berries and snacks for their gentle and courteous demeanor or its Trained Pokemon spending time out of their balls being allowed by their trainers to see the beautiful land that is Alola, Pokemon are everywhere, they live among the people of Alola in every possible manner rather they are work partners, battle allies, or even just companions for life, Pokemon are important to the people of Alola, more so then any other region.

But as you can no doubt tell, what makes Alola great is its people. Even with its natural beauty, its abundance of rare Pokemon and berries, Its long clean beaches and clear blue oceans and skies, its life giving soil and lush jungles, this stretch of islands and seas is not a region without the people to give the land a heart, a soul, a culture. And Alola has all of those things and more. The people of Alola are often friendly and kind to each other, the problems and prejudices from other regions are rare and most times avoidable, the lives lived here are often laid back and comfortable with few stresses nor confrontations for better or for worse, but don't let the light of this bright region fool you, there is still darkness here, hidden behind closed doors and especially hidden deep within the history of Alola. This is still people we are talking about after all and not everybody has a kind heart. And although older people don't want to talk about it, the shadows of the past are starting to ebb up to the surface as the youth of this region are starting to learn. But we can talk about that later.

Our story is about a group of youths who lives in Alola, we will see how they live and grow in such a beautiful Region full of so many possibilities. This story is about the bonds that they form among each other and as we all know the power of bonds is powerful in this world, it can change even the most unusual of fates. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. I shall tell this story and this story starts like many others, with the rise of the Alolan Sun.
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