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Those slots filled up fast. xD I might apply for that last slot if I am sure I'll have time to dedicate to the rp. :)

Okay! That all the spots reserved, I will start working on the OOC and NCPs right away! I will link it here when its done!
Well, my sleepy boy might return, so I'll keep an eye on this.

I hope you bring him back! he sounded like a fun character! And Glad to have you back Savo!
Here's my CS for the new kid slot.

Looks good so far! Maybe just add a sentence or two to her personality and it'd be perfect!

I'm trying to get into group RPs again.

Might go for the "last new kid" slot. Since I have a thing for Houndour.

Well I hope you get into the groove of group RPs! I have your spot reserved until you know for sure you want to join!

Mind if I use the character I made for this last time?

That'd be okay! I can't wait to see Akoni again!

Alola! From Alola! (Reboot)

Alola! And welcome to the Alola region! You have just arrived not so long ago to Alola which will be your new home! It's not every day somebody moves to Melemele island, you will be the talk of the whole island! But I hope the locals won't pry in too much. I shall tell you about the Alola region. Alola is comprised of four islands, Melemele, Akala, Ula'ula, and lastly Poni island, these islands are filled with all kinds of Pokemon and cultures! I betcha you will love the Alola region as much as everybody else! As you can no doubt tell you live on Melemele island, it's a fair bit smaller than the other islands but yet not lacking in its fair share of mysteries and wonders! I can no doubt tell you will have many friends between both the many Pokemon and the friendly locals! Once you feel rested enough I want to introduce myself to you face to face! And don't be afraid to bring any friends with you if you do, more the merrier I say!
~ Professor Ironwood

Here's a reboot of a old project that I recently got muse to start again after replaying though Pokemon Moon and being excited for Pokemon ultra sun And ultra moon!

This will start out as a slice of life on Melemele island before you get access to the other islands! Which after that point I will kick start the plot.

I will be controlling most of the NPC's as well as one trainer so I will need a CO-GM to help around the RP so if you want to help just send me a PM or just say so in the Interest check! I am looking for 4 - 6 people to show interest!

If you have any questions please just ask and I will answer to the best of my abilities!

"Let's hope not, it'd be a nice change of pace." Ryoma responded back to Ai's comment about encountering anymore monster, he was getting mentally and physically tired from fighting, it didn't help that he didn't heal is wound from the last fight yet. it still ached and ebbed to the surface from time to time, but he couldn't waste his energy just yet. There was too much at risk.

They reached to the first floor of the classroom building with little issues. Ryoma went ahead of the other two, as he figured he's the most experienced and he's not sure yet if Jin can summon their Persona easily yet. And he's not even considering putting Ai in front, she's can't fight like they can, and would be at risk of dying painfully if she got caught in a monster's attack, he couldn't even imagine how a normal human taking one of those strange magical attacks. ... Huh, 'Normal'? Ryoma always wanted to be different, but he didn't expect to so different so quickly, this whole thing felt like a dream but yet it wasn't, it was a nightmarish reality, where Jin and himself became something 'Different' Could they still be called humans? Humans can't summon a metaphysical representation of their ego. Where did this power come from? And is it as much of a miracle as he previously thought? Or is it a curse?

Ryoma's expression turned sullen and thoughtful as he walked down the hall not even noticing the conversation between Ai and Jin. but suddenly he noticed a plank of wood holding a lock in place. Ryoma's expression changed again, to a confuse look and a tilt of his head. Ryoma looked at the lock then at the piece of wood. Ryoma looked back to Ai and Jin.

"Hey guys, this door's barricaded." Is what Ryoma yelled out to the two. Silently, Ryoma looked back at the lock and gently tapped it. He wasn't an idiot enough to break down the plank of wood without second thoughts and back up. This could be locked up for a reason, what that reason was impossible to know. But he should get Ai-Chan and Jin-San's thoughts first.
Double posted, sorry
@PandaBrady is this still open?
@vancexentan You're playing too? Me and my hubby are playing that together.

I'm kind of at a loss for what to post right now. I know Jin, Ryoma and Ai have to go somewhere, but I'm not entirely sure where. The only thing I can think of is jin saying 'OK lets get the hell out" and it's about a paragraph, if that.


Ryoma suggested going back to the practice building for resources and to trick the ice monster into looking around more for them since its behind where its located, the practice building is located parallel to the classroom building and its where most of the character's started out in. That's the ic reason why, but the meta reason why is that that's where the rest of the characters at the school are located from what I can gather and I have a feeling all the groups should start grouping up together to get out.

Sorry, if that last post was hard to follow I was a bit sick and tired and it wasn't one of my better post I feel because of it, but i hope this clear things up.
I'm interested in joining~

Ryoma listened to Jin echoed about the ice samurai quietly, before they started talking about how they didn't want to deal with ice anymore for today. Worryingly Jin said they can still feel crystals in their blood, that monster they dealt must've messed them up good. It was strange to see this side of Jin, not in a bad way, but nevertheless strange. Jin then asked Ryoma to lead the trio, Ryoma nodded before pointing backwards where they come from, "That's the direction it was last at, so we can't go that way." Ryoma spoke before walking past Jin a few feet ahead before looking back at the other two.

Suddenly, Ai spoke up asking if they can find a hiding spot to avoid, Ryoma shakes his head, "I doubt we can just hide from it with the three of us together, I say we find others like Jin and myself and fight it off... if there are others stuck here..." Ryoma spoke bluntly, besides the three of them Ryoma hasn't heard or sense other people, rather they are elsewhere or there's no one else at all both are worrying Ryoma grimly wondered if anybody else ended up like Jin, or worse. Ryoma shakes his head as Ai spoke again. Forcefully joked that the samurai couldn't go up stairs, Ryoma let out a gentle smile of his own it wasn't as forced, "If only we are so lucky." Ryoma replied back with a lighter tone of voice, before his expression turned serious and he spoke up again. "I think we should head back to the practice building, and the archery field if we can, I'm getting low on arrows and summoning a persona is getting tiring." Ryoma explained, his quiver is nearly empty from the last fight, and it might be a smart plan since the monster wouldn't expect them to go backwards from its direction. And honestly summoning a persona constantly is making emotionally tired, everytime he summons Anubis it feels like his ego's getting stronger but his soul is getting tired from the act of forcibly summoning the representing of his ego to confront actual demons. God this is a strange day.

"Well, we should head down the stairs down this way and make our way to the practice building." Ryoma pointed up ahead as he took a few steps ahead making sure Ai and Jin can keep up with him.
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