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I am interested~ I will pm you some deets in a bit~
I'm here and alive just had a busy couple of days but I'll try and get a WIP up in a bit~
I'll pick one of the boy's spot~
God, I haven't done a Digimon rp in a long ass time. I'll join as well! I'd take the Crest of sincerity~

Their partner Digimon will be Fanbeemon > Waspmon > CannonBeemon > TigerVespamon

If anybody wants to talk ideas I would love to hear them out!

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, April 7th

Interacting with: @Etranger & @sunbather

Before Daiki could grab onto the the door handle to leave the assembly room. A voice called out to him. Well his name. Daiki's quirk activated subconsciously, his pupils became cat-like and glowed a faint yellow. Daiki's mind was filled with so much information that it would overwhelm most others. But the cat boy has been training his mind to handle his quirk better, so after scanning the surrounding area he found the source of the voice. A boy with short hair next to a tall girl.

Daiki deactivated his quirk and quickly made his way to the boy who called out to him with an excited wag of his tail and a small skip to his step as he does so. Daiki managed to dodge and step around walking groups of kids easily due to his smaller frame and agility. So it didn't take Daiki long to find the boy who called out to him. He was cute. And so was his girlfriend. Daiki gave the pair a toothy grin and he even saluted to them in a jokingly serious manner. "you called?" Daiki said as he relaxed his stance.

Daiki already put the pieces together who this boy is. He is none other than Osamu Kenzo. A son of a politician in Aomori. A well renowned and respected one at that even with his old-timey beliefs, but that's not Daiki's place to judge. Daiki tilted his head to the side and smiled sweetly at the boy. "I take it you are my roommate to be? Kenzo-sama?" Daiki than looked at the girl next to him and smiled just as sweetly and brightly to her as he did with Osamu. "Pleasure to meet you too! As you may already know my name is Hanamura Daiki, you can use any honorifics you are comfortable with. That also goes to you too Kenzo-Sama." Daiki said with a broad smile as he leaned closer to the sitting pair, but due to his diminutive size compared to the two he didn't need to lean to much forward to be the same height a the pair. His cat tail wagging in the air behind him.

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, April 7th

Interacting with: @Polaris North

The only limit is your imagination.

Those words resonated with Daiki deeply. It was a rather obvious statement but like being reminded of blinking it still effects you in the moment. Daiki simply nodded and smile at the words. It was a nice little moment between the two of them. Heck, Daiki didn't expect Rikuo to casually agree to the date idea, but that only further fuel his drive to do better and in a matter of speaking soaring Skywards. He got himself date on the first day. This really is a new life for him.

After the speech was made and Daiki whispered to himself to "Soar Skywards", Rikuo spoke up saying how this was nice and that it was nice to meet him. Daiki let out a grin as he mimicked his mock salute and said, "Likewise, and have a good day!" Daiki cheerfully said as he started to dig into his pockets for his pamphlets and after finding it in his back pocket he started reading it. He already read it dozens of times but he has to make sure! He was on the 15th floor of the Chiheisen dorms. Good, he didn't remember it wrong like he worried he did.

Daiki should get up from his seat and start to make his way to the dorms and get himself settled, which should be easy since he doesn't own much and hopefully he could get some studying done tonight since he doesn't want to train his body just in case they do something hardcore tomorrow for the second day and he under-preform. Daiki's tail twitched in excitement at the prospect of his first step as a hero will start when he gets up from this seat! But for now he is just curious who is dorm mate is.

But he will learn that in a bit so for now he got up from his seat and started making his way to the doors to leave the area and start making his way to the dorms. It shouldn't take too long by himself and with his quirk to help him find it. If nobody or anything distracts him at least.

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, April 7th

Interacting with: @Polaris North

When Rikuo looked impressed by his quirk, Daiki couldn't help but chuckle sheepishly at their admiration. "W-would it?" Daiki replied sheepishly. Daiki smiled as he patted his back. "When you put it like that..." Daiki said thoughtfully, he really did never consider that fact. He would be a very useful rescue hero. That caused Daiki to smile internally to himself, maybe he isn't as worthless as he thought. His quirk has always been seen as a handicap but seeing it from an outsiders perspective it sounds-is useful. Maybe that's why he got in. And not luck like he thought.

Daiki carefully watched Rikuo as he showed off his quirk to him. At first he rolled up his sleeve and a purple splotch on his palm appeared and suddenly the purple splotches rose up from his hand and purple ink started to fly around his hand, Daiki looked at it with an impressed expression. It was so much more flashy than his own quirk. "Whoa!" Daiki said with an oooh~ tone of voice. "That's so cool, I can only imagine what you can do with that!" Daiki said excitedly as his tail wag in the air behind him as he patted Rikuo's arm repeatedly in a playful manner.

Daiki giggled at Rikuo's smirk and his response. "Oh?" Daiki said in response to Rikuo calling him a friend of his. But Daiki wasn't expecting him to call him his first friend. Which took Daiki by shock, which showed on his face for a second before he started to beam with a bright smile. "Heh, getting my first friend was not what I expected from this conversation, but I'm happy that's it with quite the charmer!" Daiki said excitedly. And when Rikuo said he'll visit the aquarium, Daiki had a cheeky smile on his face and said, "it's a date than!" Daiki said lightly but happily.

When Daiki recounted his lie, Rikuo was quiet and didn't give any sympathy, which is what he wasn't expected. But instead they said it made sense why they want to be a hero and that his non-existent parents would be proud of him, especially after graduation. Daiki felt a tinge of guilt but swallowed it and simply nodded and said a small, "Thank you, I hope you're right." But before the lie could develop even more off the handle a loud, cool "Silence" echoed in the room and Daiki swallowed his next set of lies and focused his eyes onto the stage of the Assembly. It was the Dean of the Academy, Yukimura hideaki. The Frozen hero. He looked so awesome!

Daiki listened intently and highly focused on the Dean's words intensely. But it wasn't as intense as the dean himself. But Daiki was getting pumped and excited by the Dean's passion and intensity, it was just perfect for a hero even though he retired. Daiki knew he was in good hands. He needed to be these amazing Heroes to be equals after all. He needs to work twice as harder than all of them combined! With the dean's final words Daiki repeated it to himself. "Soar Skyward...."

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, April 7th

Interacting with: @Polaris North

The big question came up. His quirk. Which was a common question, honestly, and one he couldn't lie about. Well without getting in deep trouble. Daiki looked thoughtful for a moment to explain his quirk. Many people assume his quirk is a mutation type due to his cat tail but that was a side effect of one of his parents quirks. His true quirk is more interesting. If useless in a fist fight. But the silence lasted longer than a few seconds he has to say something. Or else. "I have a quirk call [CatScan], it gives me 360-degree vision in a range of 55 meters, I can see though sold matter as well if it within range and I can pinpoint people or objects by the inch within my field of vision... it's a very useful tactical quirk." Daiki answered honestly, his quirk was useful he had to admit but the most flashy or useful in a fight, he depended on his own skills for that.

Daiki was relieved that Rikuo wasn't defensive about going into details about his family life, some people are, for a variety of reasons. Rikuo's life sounded pretty simple, most lives were, even Daiki's was pretty simple. If a little depressing. Daiki never had parents to depend on, he was in fact more of a parent to the younger children he lived than the actual grown up care takers he had over the years. Daiki envied having parents. But it was too late for that emotion to be anything meaningful so he ignored it and not talk about it. But Daiki listened intently to Rikuo talk.

Rikuo said Fujiidera was a peaceful if boring place. It sounded likem Rikuo was askig him to live with him, and Daiki can't not mess with that. "How scandalous, letting a boy you just met at school into your house... what would your parents say?" Daiki joked lightly before laughing off his own joke. "But really, thank you, I appreciate it, Rikuo-kun." Daiki said with a beaming smile on his face. Rikuo than asked what there's at Aomori. Daiki tilted his head to think up a couple o places to visit. Daiki than had a look of realization, "ah! there's the Aquarium, the biggest in all of the Tohoku region!" Daiki said excitedly.

Rikuo took the bait. Daiki let out a sigh and looked at a random direction to look meaningful. Time to start his web of lies. "My parents died when I was very young, a few days before my quirk manifested in fact... from what I could make sense of... they died from a villain attack while I was at daycare." Daiki lied masterfully. Even his eyes started to water up. But Daiki smiled up to Rikuo with tearing up eyes and said, "That's why I was so happy to make it here... why I was crying... my parents' would've been so proud." Would they truly be proud that their child was a huge liar?

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, April 7th

Interacting with: @Polaris North

It was hard to believe that this young man was crying just moments ago. But that's how he has always been, crying at the drop of a pin but getting better moments after. That's what you get being an emotional roller coaster. Rikuo patted his shoulder, which took Daiki by surprise, but he didn't exactly flinch or shrugged it off as he took it in strides and grinned a pointed smile. "That's nice of you to say." He shouldn't question the Ishin's staff after all they see something inside him that he didn't notice, hopefully they can uncover that for all to see. Because even Daiki doesn't know what makes him worthy of this school. Maybe all of his hard work was just enough.

It would appear Daiki got the boy's name right. Most people tend to not hear or cancel out outside stimulation while crying. He didn't because he does it so often that it became a useful of gaining info out of people. People think they understand crybabies. They really don't. "Oh I'm glad to hear I didn't mess your name up~" Daiki said in a cheery tone of voice. He was good at names. Makes lying to them easier. The boy said it was nice to meet him, hopefully it will be. "Likewise, Rikuo-kun!" He said with a cheerful grin. Daiki faced the stage as well mimicking Rikuo somewhat, before looking back at Rikuo, Daiki had a habit of mimicking others, must be the cat in him.

Rikuo grinned and proudly claimed himself as Osakan, but it appeared that cute comment went from one ear to the other, pity, he's cute. But Daiki's guess he was Osakan was correct, well mostly correct, his father was from Tokyo. "Oh?" Daiki let out curiously, Daiki was curious about Rikuo family' situation, family history was sort of a topic Daiki's was curious about, since he never had a family, and knowing how families work makes his lies all the better.

Daiki's tail swayed gently behind him, having a tail was nice as it was a way to stay active without being distributive. Most people tend to not linger on his tail for too long. They should, its cute. Rikuo than asked if he was a local, Daiki simply shakes his head and says, "Nope, I'm from Aomori... I'm not sure where my parents are from though." Daiki said aloud, he frankly didn't but he deiced to give a Rikuo a string to chase after and hopefully ask about so he could start his strings of lies.

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, April 7th

Everybody's so Calm.

Daiki's tail was swaying behind him in a sort of nervous wagging. Its so strange to be the only one crying here. So many people were introducing and announcing themselves so causally. Like it was nothing for them to make it to this school, maybe they had better quirks than him. Which isn't out of the realm of possibility, no, its very much in the realm of possibility. His quirk is pretty much useless on its own. Daiki had to train and work harder than anybody here he guessed, he had to push himself to his limits, and beyond to even be considered, but is hard work paid off and that's why he's crying. Also the fact that there was so many cute people at this school already got his heart beating in a different manner.

People were introducing themselves like its the easiest thing in the world. While he was here crying like a loser. Some people were looking at him like the freak that he was, crying because he was so happy. How strange. What a weirdo. But when a boy asked if he was okay out of the blue, Daiki jumped in his seat for as he was wiping the last of his genuine tears from his eyes. Daiki's tail was standing up straight before it went back to a relaxed sway. His tears stopped falling.

"I am alright, don't let these tears fool you, I'm very happy." Daiki said with a beaming smile now. "I never actually thought I make it, y'know?" Daiki said earnestly. Which the boy should take in because he's not gonna hear much truths from this boy from this point on. "Your name was Rikuo, right?" Daiki asked their previous crying fit all but gone now except for his reddish eyes from said fit. "it's nice to meet you, I am Hanamura Daiki, but you can call me Daiki and any honorifics are fine with me." Daiki said casually. Daiki than smiled mischievously and decided to comment on their accent. "Are you Osakan, by the way? You have a cute accent."
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