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Xara Travendour

As Xara entered the boat, he could see the absolute fury in Ashley's face. She spent easily 5 minutes tirading him. About how they're on a mission and that it's irresponsible and they should've let him, all this time Xara pretty much mentally shuts her out and acknowledges her with a combination of hums and nods. He has better things to do then be treated like he's 8, like change his now dirty clothes.

Xara was the first to jump to Troe's research regarding the strange deadzone. He ultimately believes whatever is causing this strange interference is magic related. He tries all sorts of experiments to test for such a hypothesis, but nothing seemed to work, everyone's magic is working, tomes aren't reacting to anything. What could it be? This mystery bothers him to no end and he'll absolutely come back here one day to figure out this anomaly.

Naturally curious, Xara was one of the first to watch the ships approach, but his curiousity quickly turned to apprehension, as he makes out a surprising amount of people on the upperdeck. He mutters outloud, "Uh, Ashley?" As he says this, he makes out that those people are carrying, bows?! "NOPE!" He's the first to bolt to cover, hiding behind the sail's mast.‚Äč As he soon as he runs, the archers release their wave of arrows, and everyone else proceeds to panic and follow in his lead. He watches the ships quickly approach and use make shift ladders to board. He bolts and practically jumps down the steps and out of the way of the stampede, running to the other side of the inner boat. Seconds after everyone else enters, he hears someone fall down the stairs, as well as a loud scream and his companions yelling amongst each other.

He closes his eyes and breathes. Be the stone among the pillars of sand. What do we know about the situation? One of them is injured, Aleria will be busy. Mik, Tonka and Kav will likely be defending the latch, and Samara is probably still sea sick. That leaves potentially Margot, Troe, Ashley, and Tedreus.

He looks for tactical means. It's likely the invaders have already boarded, making hatch escape nigh impossible. The port holes could work, but they're too small for everyone. Well, everyone except for him. What would that accomplish though? Fire would take too long, ice wouldn't do jack, and his wind likely couldn't break through the hull. What about his Bolting tome? He'd need direct line of sight for it to be any good. And where would he hit? What about the bridges? They're a critical part of the pirates' strategy... How is he gonna reach them though? Through all the chaos around him, Xara gets an idea.

Pushing through the crowd, Xara takes Troe by the hand and brings him to the closest porthole. "I know this sounds crazy, but I want you to launch me straight up into the air, as high as you can get me. You're a dedicated wind mage, right? Well this is your chance to prove it." Troe eyes Xara trying to fit through the porthole, it's an incredible squeeze, even for him. But he manages it, trying not to look down at the endless water below. He firts gets seated and then stands up. "I promise this is a good idea!"

Troe launches Xara, and as he does so, the world slows down around him, he passes the upper deck, and he sees the first bridge, currently ignoring the extra stimulus like the other boat currently exploding. As he reaches past the crow's nest, he sees the other boat board as well. With expert speed, Xara activated his tome and points at both bridges. "SNIPE!" 2 large thunderbolts from nowhere appear from the sky and strike both bridges. They explode into thousands of pieces as the raiders are now falling in the water or unlucky enough to be struck by the blasts themselves. All of the chaos that ensues means nothing to him as he prepares his wind tome, falling at an increasing rate, he passes the upper deck, his adrenaline pumping. If there's a time trust himself, it's now. As he sees the portholes get closer and closer, he activates a spell. He uses the same spell he used in the tavern and on Kavius, he slows his momentum a bit as it stops all together for a hair of a second. He stretches his arms forward like an olympic diver and shoots himself into the open porthole. He's lucky he makes the narrow hole, but is stopped midlaunch has his hips strike the sides of said window, knocking the wind out of him and leaving him with sudden pain in his lower body. He immediately feels like an oaf as he's now struggling, stuck there with his legs and butt sticking out for easy archer fodder.
Xara Travendour

It would be many hours before Xara would be seen. After watching Kavius get chased around by a bunch of random girls, he decided to head back and tell one of the crew that he has the supplies for the boat upgrades. After that, he caught sight of the angry mob again. Having felt a little bad that he didn't save Kav earlier, he decided to do something about it. He hides behind a nearby building corner, and with a little bit of aiming and a wind check, Xara shoots a big fireball into the water nearby. The resulting reaction of the impact causes the fireball to explode and soak every single of the mobsters. They all shout in disarray and one even trips in panic and lands in the water. It took all of Xara's constitution to not laugh out loud and give away his location, all he could do is giggle endlessly. Not quite done with them yet, he watches as all of them disperse.

He follows the first girl to a nearby stables. As she goes inside, he puts on his first act.
"Crap crap cRAP! My wife is gonna kill me!"
Being curious and self-righteous, confronts him about his issue, hoping to be the hero.
"What's wrong sir?" She feigns concern.
"I lost my wedding ring, and I swear I left it here!" Her eyes light up, she could use a new ring.
"If you help me find it that'd be great!"
She decides to go along with it. Xara proceeds to start digging around near where a horse drawn carriage is. She starts to dig around as well.
"Do you see it yet?"
"No, not really." She says with false innocence. Things quickly escalate as she crawls underneath the carriage to find the jewelry, and suddenly she feels her leg go cold. She turns to see... Her leg is frozen to the bottom of the cart! She wonders in confusion as Xara quickly goes to the opposite side. "Hey, what are you doing?!" Xara grabs her arms and freezes them as well, kneeling down to see her short blond hair getting dirty, an unrivaled scowl on her face. He snaps back, "Next time, don't accuse people of harassment for no reason." She quickly realizes what he means, and can only yell angrily as Xara goes to the back of the cart, and kicks the block, causing it to slowly start rolling down the hill, it starts going faster, and faster, and Xara sadistically watches as the cart starts rocketing down the hill and into a pile of manure below. He glimpses her fate as he makes his escape.

He continues his search, he sees the most athletic girl of their little posse, all alone doing her stretches. and he quickly goes inside a store and spends a little bit of gold on measuring supplies, like a rope and a compass. As she's doing her exercises, Xara proceeds to act frustrated and annoyed, pacing back and forth with the objects. He makes a bunch of squares around a tree, pretending he's doing something important. He eventually comes up to the girl. "Excuse me, can you help me? I'm a surveyor, and I need to know how tall that tree is, but my hired help didn't arrive. Would you be willing to fill in? I just need someone to climb the branches real fast. I'm willing to pay you."
"Uh... Sure?" She's a little suspicious of this guy, but this is her favorite spot to work out and she hates anyone being nearby, hopefully this will get rid of him.
She climbs the tree with rope in hand, showing off a bit, might as well have fun, right?
"Ok, right there."
She has her back to him as she reaches about halfway up the tree. Suddenly, she feels something hit her from behind, she catch the tree, trying to save herself. She looks down to see her entire torso and her long brunette pgtails are frozen to the tree.
"What the!? Hey! You'll pay for this!"
"I bet that's what you said to that guy you tried to mob too."
She can only growl as Xara runs for it, taking the rope with him, it'd be a waste otherwise.

His next victim would be going to an outhouse in a remote campsite. She sits on the toilet, thinking about her day. It was so rude of Gary to talk to Maddie like that, if only she had the confidence to confront him. As she daydreams and plays with her long ginger hair, Xara runs up and freezes the door on her. She recognizes the spell chant and tries to open the door, but it's now jammed, and her panicking doesn't help. As she realizes what the heck happened and starts to cry, he swaps the woman's and men's signs on the outhouses, hoping someone will come by and discover her in the supposedly wrong bathroom. "The guy who you chased today, sends his regards." He walks away, skipping happily a bit.

After many other misadventures, it's nearly sundown by the time Xara is back. He looks a little beat up from the battle with Kav, as well as some other things. Tedreus soon hears rumors of woman being frozen to various ridiculous places, including to the branches of trees, in men's bathrooms, and even underneath a horse carriage. He wonders what kind of madman would do such a ridiculous crime, but he quickly connects the dots, and he stops Xara when he tries to get on the boat.

"Hold it right there! Do you have anything to do with the mysterious pranks happening to a bunch of woman? Don't lie to me."
"Yah, I did."
Tedreus is flabberghasted by this confession, he atleast expected some banter, he always wanted to go full Felix Ryte, a legendary lawman of Faroth-En.
"But- why?"
"They accused an innocent of being sexually inappropriate, they deserved the embarrassment."
"How in Siren's name did you get them in trees and shit?"
"You'd be surprised what woman will do if you ask carefully. The carriage girl? I asked her to help me find my wedding ring. The tree girl? I pretended to be a surveyor and that my hired help didn't show."
"Well I'll be-"
"Now, to be fair, I did bring you parts. Surely you can let this slide, after all, surely you've probably been accused of worse."
"Haughty words, but you impress me with your accuracy. I wasn't gonna say anything regardless, you really know how to work favors, don't ye?"

Xara proceeds inside the boat, feeling smugger than ever.
Xara Travendour

Kavius' stone accidentally lands directly in the path of one of Xara's spells, causing it to get launched into the window of a nearby building. Xara sees all of this happen and winces at the noise. The abandoned house then collapses, completely destroyed by the mage's systematic attacks.

"Are you sure that's a good idea? We could accidentally destroy the materials; something tells me that's not gonna change your mind..."

Putting his hand instinctly on one of the 4 tomes strapped to his side, he proceeds to walk in arc, staring at Kavius until he's a better position.
"Alright, let's do this..."

Xara whispers to himself, which proceeds to make a shield and hand axe of pure ice, quickly showing Kavius that Xara isn't a run of the mill spellslinger type.
Xara Travendour

Xara had this idea in his head that it was gonna be like he wasn't even there. Despite being the one to organize the whole travel arrangement, he ultimately decided to stick to his books than handle the new environment at all. He occasionally made small talk, doing a rare "Hey" to one of the crewman he recognized or making unimportant dialogue to Ted. He was surprisingly prepared, his books were all wrapped in waterproof leathers, and he had means of writing with him at all times. Being an extremely visual learning person, Xara's notes would often consistent of diagrams or data graphs, he's a surprisingly good artist, having years to practice his penmanship. However, his curious mind grew bored of sitting around reading his own crazy magic theories. He started wandering the ship, making notes of structural integrities and potential issues. But even this didn't fill the gap, he begrudgingly admitted he couldn't hermit out anymore and that he'll have to talk to someone. He tried out Ashley first, having the most compulsion to hear what she knew. He didn't regret it either, she clearly had expertise in the topic. "What about in the rare occasion in that they have to reverse their own curse? Isn't it unnecessarily risky to accidently curse yourself?"

He decided to bother Troe next, being the only person who actually talked to him prior to the trip and being a clear scholar himself. "Listen, I know you're busy tutoring fighter girl, but do you happen to have any knowledge you can pass down to a much more advanced caster?" He says that with clear implication that he means himself. After all, the kid saw him saw a table in half. Imagine what that could do to a real target.

He finally decided to investigate Aleria, he reminds her very similarly of an old healer girl he knew as a kid, unfortunately it's not her, she had red hair, this one is blonde.
"I'm going to assume by your attire that you're fullblooded cleric? Does your magic work on plants at all? You see.."
Xara pulls out a musty old jar with algae inside
"I'm trying to make a potion, but this algae seems to be sickly, and I didn't bring a way to put it in clean freshwater. would you possibly be able to heal it? I know it's a super odd request, but it's also just because I want to know if it's possible without risking killing it"

As they reach the docks, Xara quickly wanders off on his own, far away from the tourists attractions, just like choosing his 3 selective friends, if he can call them that, he always has an idea in his head on the spot and rarely gives care to common distractions that could attract less composed psyches, such as Margot. He thinks that girl is walking trouble, but he's not sure, it's just his intuition.

After plenty hours of wondering, he finds some less than stellar buildings, run down, abandoned, and pushed to the side for the flashy stuff near the shore. He quickly pulls wind tome and starts to systematically destroy the house for resources. Who's gonna stop him, the owner? Ted will definitely appreciate the ship parts it can provide.
Xara Travendour

Xara watches from the edge of the group, he doesn't like being so close to others, physically contact was also out of the question. He wasn't a germaphobe by any means, but growing up in way that never normalized contact with others has left him feeling uncomfortable about to this day.
He strategically decided to introduce later, and he's happy he did so. With his father a disgraced General, he often just sees it as easier to lie about his heritage to strangers, rather than deal with the ramifications. Not here though, Ashley herself will point out that his family name isn't real.

Speaking of her, her introduction was the only one he didn't mentally shut out. {She reverses curses? Maybe I could learn a thing or too from her during our trip...}
After some awkward silence, he decides to break it hismelf.
"Hello everyone, I'm glad you all got my message. You may know me as Table Hopper, but my real name is Xara Travendour. Yes, that Travendour. Anyway, let's all pray we don't drown on our way there, ok?"
Xara says that last sentence with a gleeful irony. He even winks and raises 2 fingers in a V shape. In all honestly he couldn't really care what backgrounds everyone has as long as it sparked his curiosity, but he feels the need to front his fun casual attitude anyway.
Xara Travendour

As the following passes by the remaining crew, some of them pass with large crates of fish. for the group it becomes apparent what the nasty smell was coming from. Xara and Tedreus are both visibly confused as everyone, including Ashley and Mikhail, were boarding. While it helps alleviate most of the stench, the ship still has a residual odor of fish and grunge.
Tedreus interjects, "Thought you said just that one guy. Not that I mind, more hands on deck."
Xara just shrugs and accepts the serendipity, apparently his offer did work after all...?
Ted spots Aleria and eyes go wide. "Woah, it's as if an angel fell from earth." He'd make an advance if he weren't a married man.
Xara inquisitively asks Troe, the only familiar face in the group. "So like, are they all with you? Cause holy crap, you must be a popular guy!"
He then turns to Margot, not really waiting for the wind mage to even respond.
"By the way, there's so such illness, hormones have nothing to do with casting." He says this straight faced, not aware that calling someone out like that in front of others can be seen as antagonistic.
Xara Travendour

Xara finally reaches the docks, just now noticing Kav isn't following him anymore. And as he does so, he can see and hear another group debating between each other. He can Troe with the group, who is not really doing talking from what Xara can see. He whistle to the captain barking orders, who looks up, and gives a surprising smile
"Xara! Hey, how's the book collectin'? Got anything to sell by chance?"
"Hey Tedreus! Not today, unfortunately. I'm actually here for a favor. You remember the sea monster... Thing??"
Unable to take that last sentence seriously, Xara smiles back.
"Of course, you cut off its limbs with your magic, it was truly a sight to behold. You saved my crew that day."
"Well, I'm actually ready for the returned favor, you see, that guy over there-" Xara points at the fellow blonde mage. "- And I are trying to reach Solvnir and Rjaskav, and you're the only one I can think of who can take us, unfortunately."
"Ahahahaha. Are you mad? Anyone with ears knows the rumors of that place. You drive a hard bargain, savin' my life just to risk it again. But I'm a man of my word, I'll let my crew know our change of plans, some may want to stay ashore, they have families too y'know"

The group can see the rouged man go back to his ship, ready to give them the news, and soon after a few of them do decide to walk away, but a few becomes more than that, it's uncertain if there's gonna be anyone left...
Xara Travendour

Xara fortunately landed on a pile of horse hey, the horses nearby stressing out to his sudden appearance. He spits a piece of hay out, annoyed that it left his gums bleeding a bit. He gets up, dusting himself off. The only person who he sees nearby is Kavius, who Xara thinks is pretty sketchy on site, but not sure if it's a combination of his clothes, body language, looks, or all 3, however, he's handle much worse and he assumes they're here to get a ride with him.

"Oh, hey. I assume you followed me to get to Rjaskav. Before we go, I would like to know what you're capable of, you know? So we can have a battle strategy ready."

As he says this, he continues to walk away, expecting the other to follow him. He also checks his pockets and belt, making sure he's not missing anything.

Near the docks, Ashley and friends see another boat pull in. This boat smells legendarily bad, and looks to be full of fish, crab, and other various delicacies. The people, however, look less than stellar. Crewman with missing fingers, battle scars, eyepatches and even brandings run it. You'd think it was a pirate ship if it weren't for the obvious legal goods. They seem to be taking orders from a man in various hides, sounding much like an army vet than a merchant.
Xara Travendour

Xara can only watch confusion and wander as the bar breaks out in a full on brawl, having not noticed the fight on the other side, he assumed they're all fighting over him. "Wow, I didn't think people would want a ride that badly..." As he says this, a mug goes flying and he side steps out of the way, lucky that the table gave enough stepping room, causing the mug to shatter and soak the back wall. "Hey, you're definitely not going! Well, when you're all done fighting, come and talk to me, ok?"

It dawns on Xara that he's got no way to leave normally with all this chaos, so he opts to find a means over it. He casts a heating spell onto a nearby window, and then immediately after a chill spell, the properties of the glass fall apart and it shatters, he then uses air magic to launch himself out the window and onto the grass, slicing the table Troe was sitting next to in half and landing solemnly onto him and the floor.
Xara Travendour

Xara followed Troe, genuinely interested into what he has to say. "Actually I personally know a sailor with a crew in this city, he owes me a favor after I saved his ship from capsizing one day. We could talk to him, of course, we're gonna need allies, but I've got that covered."

Xara also decides to respond to the other comment Troe made, seeing it as it's related to his reason of going. "That's actually a reason I'm going, if the country is ruined than there's going to be old books and tomes that nobody wants anymore that've survived the assault, it's my personal duty to recover them, as a runesmith myself."

Yah, that's right. Despite being so young, Xara is actually a very exceptional runemaster, after all, spending all your time indoors gives you plenty of time to sink into your hobbies, and for him, it was practically an obsession. Anyone who would give a good glance at him though could guess, he's got a custom utility belt that holds various engraved stones, as well as slots for 4 different types of tomes, all of which are filled with books of different languages.
It's also unique of him that he's wearing a purple tunic, a teal cape going to the back of his knees, and solid black pants, he dresses like an extravagant noble despite very few ever truely knowing him.

Xara, after making his comment to Troe, has an idea. He stands up on the table, trusting his weight will never be enough to break the furniture. "Hey, I've got a means to get to Rjaskav, all I need is companions!" Everyone stares at Xara, who doesn't seem bothered by it, strangely.
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