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Still around, woop
Now we get to find out if they're happy we necrobumped this
One time I wasn't on for a few months, people can simply forget. I'm sure if she wants to come around she will
Dorothea Hohnstein

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To the Inner Boat Storage Room

Feeling that she is dead weight in the current situation but can't risk Manfred chopping his neck instead, Zarra turn his whole body towards Dorothea. "Come on, let's get you somewhere out of sight." Still in her daze, Zarra lifts her up by the arm and helps her stand.

"But, we need to help them. . . right?" Dorothea asked, still dazed by being knocked out. Her half-opened eyes would stare at the Perrenchman as he helped her get up. "Why did you leave? Both of you left. . ." The Feskan mumbled as she accepted his help for the current moment.

"I was gonna come back, but by the time I did, you had already joined the riot, and Carm was nowhere to be found. Next thing I know, you're about to shoot her. I'm helping you now because your boyfriend threatened to shoot me in the face if I didn't." He says this with a surprising calm.
Inside the storage room, Zarra finds himself instinctively wanting to wander. But doing so would leave Dorothea alone again and he is skeptical she would appreciate that. After all, she- His of thought is derailed as soon as he notices something on a crate in the far end of the room. Upon further investigation, he can't believe his own eyes. How did the Lyre end up here?? There's no way Leon would just leave I behind like that, he saw the illusionist throw it into the mob. Is this some sort of trick? His curiosity supersedes his caution and he handles the curved harp. He strums, it's strings playing a perfect major scale.
It sounds like the real deal, nothing happens when he uses it though. It could simply that he doesn't know how to use it. He's never exactly had a magical instrument before. Yah, the universe has never worked that way. There's no way Leon just left the lyre here, there must be some shenanigans going on, but does Leon even know enough binding to perfectly replicate the artifact? He'll have to take it to Hugo to know for sure.

Dorothea looked at the lyre with a confused look on her face. "Is that really the lyre? . . . Wouldn't it be guarded by mages? . . This seems too easy . ." She doesn't really remember what happened in the moments before being knocked out.

"Exactly, it is too easy. I think it's a fake, I don't know how they managed to replicate it so perfectly though. Is Leon skilled enough at Binding to do that?"

"The guy that wore too many layers of clothes? How could a boy like him ever be that good with binding magic? What even happened when I was not here? . ."

"Well, we killed 2 Traveler agents, I hit the other in the baby makers, Carm disappeared after Manfred decked you in the throat. I would say a pretty productive few minutes." Zarra expresses the last sentence with a distinct sarcasm
I am very versed in TV tropes and am good at writing around common narrative tropes already, so I'll definitely be excited if you want to try something together
Do you have a discord at all? My old partners have their own lives and have moved on to other things. I really like a lot you started on an old forum and that you prefer fade to black nsfw, def some green flags for me. The whole gender identity and orientation expression fortunately won't bother me, I am actually aroace myself. But anyway, yah, totally interested. Just send me a dm and I'll get back to you asap
I'm kind of interested in the subverted anime tropes concept but sadly don't know enough anime to do it effectively xP
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Kind of honestly impressed nobody's taken that username until now
interested, I was part of another FE rp but it sank because of inactivity

Leon@Jumbus | Carmillia@Animus | Eun-Ji@Medili | Dorothea@jasbraq

Zarra was unfortunately rather slow at reacting to anything that was going on, the sheer satisfaction at hitting his enemy in the nards had gotten a little in his head, and he was distracted more of how weirdly satisfying it was. The scream did however catch him rather off-guard, enough that he nearly tripped on his backstep, his coordination still a little off from the strange flash-bang like experience a moment ago. He unfortunately didn't even notice the whole situation with Leon until Carm and the Arcanists are chasing after him. Zarra fortunately glimpses Leon throwing the lyre into the crowd. Zarra sees this instantly as his chance to be the hero, by saving the lyre. Simply go through them, but his thought process is cut off from Manfred's very sudden but serious statement.

"Leave her defenseless again, you will die."

Zarra gives Manfred an incredulous stare, who is he even talking about? Is he referring to Dorothea? Did they not agree to find ways to handle the riot? By stopping the boat, he's cleverly preventing it from spreading to land, stopping both authorities and other rioters. Zarra snaps Manfred's head off hard from tone of voice alone. While it's not exactly intimidating being that Zarra is likely the same weight Manfred benchpressed to get into basic training, there's absolute distinct sound of instant disregard in his voice.

"Carmilla is the one who was with Dorothea last, blame her, not me. If anything, should've you have stayed with her, if she means so much to you? Don't threaten others for your failings." He doesn't seem to grasp at first that Carm defending Dorothea is a laughable assumption.

If holier than thou attitude could smell, Zarra could gas bomb the ship. What caused him to develop such an attitude towards conflict in the first place? Is it misplaced pride, a sadistic verbal nature, or genuinely and angrily believes he is not at fault for the fate of Dorothea? Zarra, deciding one more disrespect, he turns around, knowing that stonewalling and getting the final word is an extremely powerful tool in terms of getting under another's skin. Being the literalist he is, Zarra sits by the unconscious Dorothea, refusing to look at any other student and only the mess going down at the end of the halls.

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