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You know, most of you are alright...most of you
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Ever feel like it would be nice to not be here anymore? No, just me? Story of my life.
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UPDATED 8/25/2020: I have returned from a temporary break due to a family circumstance.
Would this be play by post or voice?

It would depend on what players are more comfortable with. Voice obviously works faster but play by post can also work if that is what the group prefers.
I wanted to see if there was any interest in a DnD 5e campaign, starting at level 3-5. I would like to have the game on Discord and probably run on Friday or Saturday Evenings from 5 PM to about 7 PM EST. It may not be every week, depending on everyone's schedules. The plot in general (will be more specific if there is enough interest) is that players are imprisoned together (for whatever reason) and have been sentenced to death for their (alleged) crimes. An offer on the eve of execution is made to retrieve the kidnapped Princess in exchange for your life.
David holstered his weapon and marched up to Jess, grabbing her gently by the shoulders. "Just breathe," he reminded her softly. "You're alright. We are going to head back to base. Just breathe. I won't let anything happen to you." He waited a moment before letting her go and drawing his pistol again.

The way back seemed to take too long and go by super fast at the same time. David got Jess a cold water and checked on her before reporting their finds. They didn't need anyone having a panic attack because of the proximity to the base but everyone had a right to know. To decide if they should stay or head out on their own or in small groups. David wasn't sure what he was going to do. He opted to just sit, let someone else make the decision - he was drained. It was never easy seeing a dead civilian but they were just kids. They had been on there way here either for help or because they knew someone here. There was no telling if the person they might have been looking for was even still alive.

The rage he felt caused a spark at the edge of his fingertip. He shook his hand like he'd been burned but really he was just trying to calm down.
David's eyes softened when she mentioned her Ma's pies. The losses were the toughest things to deal with in his experience. He hoped they wouldn't need to test how well she could shoot that shotgun. He nodded when she asked if they could patrol where the bodies weren't burning or rotting. He understood, the smell took a while to get used to and he hoped no one else would have to get used to the smell. To him, it smelled like barbecue now.

"We can check out the Northern gate, it's been a few days since we checked out that way anyway. Most of the burning is to the East and the wind should keep it South of us anyway."

David showed her to one of the working jeeps they used for patrol, no top gave them 360 degrees line of sight. He hopped in the drivers seat after holding the door open for Jess on the passenger side. He quickly explained any hand motions he might make to her while on patrol, he was a man of few words to begin with but found himself talking more through this tragedy than during other time in his life.

They pulled up to the gate and David turned the engine off but left the keys in the ignition, those precious few seconds could mean the difference between life and death during a chase. It also prevented a corpse from being the one with the key in the event things went south.

They walked out of the gate and he took point, his gun already drawn and pointed at the ground in front of him. There weren't any signs of the Grey as far as he could tell. There wasn't really signs of anyone. They continued in silence for about a half mile before David's blood ran cold. He held up a fist to signal for Jess to stop. He spotted two bodies in the distance and judging from the size they were kids. His head whipped around as he scanned the nearby treeline for any sign of the Grey.

"If anything moves, don't shoot just run back to the jeep." He instructed before he took off at a light jog.

He was almost right about the bodies, they were teenagers, maybe 14-15 years old. He tapped them lightly with his foot even though he could see the telltale signs of a Grey attack. He bent down and closed their eyes. He rifled through their pockets, a few granola bars, a lighter, some cigarettes and their IDs. He pocketed the IDs before returning to Jess.

"Kids. Maybe a day or two they've been lying there. We'll have a patrol get the bodies in the daylight tomorrow."
"I lost my wife and daughter," he said matter of factly though he couldn't meet her gaze. Instead he was very interested in his chili for a while before they were approached by one of the few remaining military officers.

"King, think you can round up a partner for some perimeter scouting? It's making us all a little uneasy that we haven't seen the Grey. Considering your experience with them I figured you'd be the best man for the job." The officer didn't so much as acknowledge Jess. His eyes were bloodshot and his uniform looked like he'd been wearing it for days, smelled like it too.

"Yeah," David grunted. "I'll finish my meal and see if I can get a volunteer to go with me. Any particular spot you want me to check out first?"

The officer shook his head no before walking away briskly, undoubtedly having a million other things on his mind.

David finished his chili with no added haste, he wasn't looking forward to asking these people to volunteer to go looking for the Grey with him. He looked around the room, the men and women around looked like the pictures he had seen in old history books of Holocaust survivors - haunted. Permanent circles were forming under everyone's eyes, no one able to sleep soundly after what they had been through. He made a mental note to suggest they outfit everyone with the surplus of uniforms the base had, it would be better suited to the weather and might save lives in the coming days if they had to leave the base for any reason.

His gaze finally returned to his dining companion. He gave her a calculating once over, noting the shotgun she carried. "Any good with that thing?" he asked. "I don't suppose you'd want to go on a scouting run. You look like you can move quick and quiet but if you don't want to for any reason, I can find someone else."
She had a point about the meat he thought as he combined everything into his chili. He hoped the heat of the chili would soften the under cooked potato.

"I'm David, I would say it's nice to meet you Jess but I really wish it were under different circumstances." He ventured a bite of his chili sopped potato, pleased to see that it had in fact softened some. "I've been here a few days. The fascination with me has died down, my squad and I were actually attacked by the Grey. I was the only survivor. Before you ask, I don't know some grand secret on how to kill them. I was lucky to get away, one of them kept my eye as a souvenir. What about you? Just arrive? Where from? How many did you lose?"

He knew better than to ask if she had lost anyone. It wasn't a question of if but how many.
David had arrived at the base to find it was being run mostly by civilians, not enough people had survived to really be picky about it now. As someone who had actually encountered the Grey in person he found himself talking far more than he would have liked. He didn't have any new information, no secrets, no previously unknown information. He was of no help and any hope he gave people by being the survivor of a Grey attack quickly vanished at his reluctance to talk about it. He was making sure everyone was situated after his shift on the gate had finished. His stomach growled and with a sigh he headed to the chow line.

"Hurry up and wait, welcome to the Army," David said to the shotgun toting woman in front of him.

Ordinarily civilians and any personnel not party of the Military Police Force would not be allowed armed on base. Their situation was anything but ordinary. As far as they could tell, they were the only operational base in Texas but it could just be that communications were knocked out. David hoped it was the latter, he couldn't imagine a world where the greatest military in the world was brought not to its knees but to its death in one fell swoop.

He was armed himself, a Smith & Wesson Shield .40, a series of knives and he even had a few grenades tucked away out of sight. He didn't know how long he would stay at the base, he wasn't entirely certain that it was safe to gather in large groups like this. Ordinarily, he would consider a military base a defensible position but that was with a fully trained and staffed military. Not civilians who had lost everyone they had once known or loved. Even he wasn't immune to the grief but he hid it better than most.

"Food isn't great but you won't starve," David said as he grabbed a tray and handed it to her before grabbing his own tray.

He wasn't kidding about the food not being great. They were served chili with ground beef, a smattering of shredded cheese and a large undercooked potato. There was no restriction on how many servings you could have, there was more than enough food to go around and people needed the calories.
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