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Yeah im still super down, just having a hard time finding time to sit down and crap out a character sheet- not a lot of free time over here as of late, yknow, when it rains it pours.
So, uh, is this dead already?

Since i seem to be our only magic user, i was hoping youd go a little in depth on its theoretical and practical applications for me. Is it an exact rip of SOI/GOI or?

Thats how it is, huh?

@The Wyrm

Come on then, we'll show the bastards. Vive l' republique!
Dude with wyrm openly stating an officer is going to die i wouldn't blaylock shit.

Was talking to sirkai fox, i know what youre up to.
I think we are waiting on the lt.
Atellus furrows his brow at the holographic kyrem and sighed- he should have figured that whatever it was talking to him was- to some extent- one of the xenos, no getting around it. He shrugged "It would be wise to notify the monitor you are participating- i'll leave how you do so up to you. Normally I wouldn't bother but the nature of this mission certainly seems sensitive." He looked the infomorph dead in the- eye? Does it even matter if its a digital something or other? He ignored the thought and continued on "I'll be leaving in roughly five and a half hours- be ready to go by then." Atellus gave one final nod before laying back down and lying the handheld on his chest, indicating he was finished. He waited before he was sure the infomorph was gone before drifting to sleep.
<Snipped quote by Brocktree>

Haven't spent much time in the military have you? No one gets to buy "personal" arms except commissioned officers. We Troopers might get away with carrying a pistol or two we pick up but otherwise we'd be keeping the same sword and carbine. The standardization makes it easy to get spare ammo from your buddies, be they dead or alive. Also, if we brea expensive shit we have to buy new stuff. If we break government issue, they just give us new stuff.

Lastly, we're enlisted men. I don't know what histories you've read but very few of them ever got rich and even fewer bought practical things like weapons. Whores and booze my son, the staples of a soldiers life.

Haven't spent much time in the military have you?

Jesus christ i wish.

Regardless, the person in question is a cornet, ie an officer, and when i said we i was referring to those of us playing officers.
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