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Apparently the rules of these forums mean nothing. People act like a-holes. Disengagment isn't respected. Privacy is maintained. Harassment is considered fair play. Congrats, cyberbullies. You win..


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I withdraw my interest in this campaign.
Is this still open for applicants, or are you full up on potentials?

Its been awhile since I played Pathfinder (switched to 5e), but I've got a couple character ideas I could get whipped up by Sunday.

- A half-orc Healer/Bomber Alchemist, with maybe some necromancy wand Debuff too.
- A goblin Scout/Trap monkey/Tank Rogue.
@The Mighty Hero
Thanks for the update.

Since I'm not really in any other games on this particular site, I will probably only be peeking in occasionally. So if you start back up later, please don't assume I'm not willing to continue just because I may not respond to a roll call immediately.
Did Arius find keys or anything else on the two guards with his investigation result of 19?

Thankful that the guards fell unconscious so swiftly and that hopefully that was two fewer individuals that he needed to worry about having gotten a good look at him, Arius responds to the man apparently named Kethan, "If they could be coerced to betray their lord, they could be coerced to betray us as well. Placing trust in those of malleable allegiances and questionable character is a gambit best avoided...", as he cuts a glance in the direction of the newly reappeared dragonborn pickpocket, "... whenever possible."

Arius again mentally noted to stand a bit away from the cutpurse, but upon the rogue's mention of door materials, "Were these doors locked or otherwise giving some indication they might hold Alric's missing daughter and other captives?," he nods and reaches down to search the two unconscious guards pockets and belt for keys, before then following along with him and presumably Kethan and Ada.

However, the ruckus sound of Thanath careening through the manor with boisterous laughter, then gives Arius pause to turn in the direction of the old man, who'd just placed what seemed like a close cohort in the madman's care, with a coy smirk, "Is there a particular reason you wish your companion dead? She certainly seemed a good sort. Jilted lover, perhaps?" Once that moment of levity passes, the young half-elf can't help but let out a pained sigh. As much as he'd tried to convince himself it might be otherwise, between the rogue slipping away and sneaking about and the barbarian mindlessly charging everywhere, this party was undeniably just storming and looting the manor at this point.

Worked "grey dust" into their post.
Since we seem to have lost the human fighter, we're only waiting on our Wizard to roll initiative, but since she only has a 15% of rolling better than 20, I figured it was safe to post, though I can edit my post if she does go first and does something really scene changing.

Arius is alarmed the by the sight of Thanath suddenly plowing through the door, but apparently not so much that it throws him off balance. Upon seeing the guards get slammed beneath the collapsed door, the young knight immediately lunges forward in an attempt to swiftly render them unconscious. Normally he'd find quite literally hitting an opponent while they are down distasteful, but in these particular circumstances, the men were likely merely hirelings and dispatching them swift but without fatality whilst the opportunity presented itself seemed the most merciful approach.

Since everyone else is rolling, we may turn this into a half-half engagement. That is someone might choose to proceed directly into combat, after others decide to attempt to resolve this without conflict. I'd assume an initiative roll is required to see the order of a potential combat scenario, plus our lovely little Rogue is in a similar half-half already.

Kethan's Initiative, or rather a lack of Initiative since he's old and can't be bothered to keep up with the younger crowd: 1d20 + 0 = 16

Technically the rogue is out of his half-half, as the guards under the door apparently are the guards from upstairs. Also, since they just had a door kicked in on them hard enough to deal 10 damage each, I kind of doubt diplomacy is on the table... but then again, they are apparently profoundly stupid. A random dragonborn stranger not dressed like a noble and fresh from climbing the side of the house in the rain, just slipped out of a room that clearly belongs to someone, and 100% conned them with a 10 on a performance check. These guys are clearly dumb as the day is long.
Okay, give that a go.

Arius' Initiative: 1d20+2 = 20
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