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Poe shifted his weight from one foot to the other, feeling weird about just letting Sam Winchester leave the parking lot with the girl he had with him. She fit the description.

"It's nice to meet you Benjamin."

Poe stopped at Benjamin mentioning his psychic powers and smiled brightly. He then gave a laugh from deep in his chest, "Oh that's great! A Winchester, a fugitive, a psychic, and let me guess, a gaggle of women surrounding Dean Winchester."

He shook his head as he chuckled and placed a hand on his Jeep, trying to make a decision on whether to follow the younger Winchester or to tackle the hotel room.

"Oh I know plenty about demons. I'm here for a girl.", Poe muttered to the man in front of him. The man mentioned being a psychic which piqued his interest. The Winchesters were just part of the plan, it seemed. Of course they were. It seemed that everything led back to the Winchesters.

"There's a girl. She's supposed to be coming here. Blonde, about yay high.", he described the person he was looking for as he watched Sam Winchester leave with a girl matching the exact description. He couldn't approach them. The younger Winchester was dangerous, almost as dangerous as his brother. If he was attached to the girl in some way, getting her away would be a struggle. Kicking the dirt under his boot, he turned back to the man. "I'm Poe."
I wish I had known about Annabeth posting. I could have made my post longer. Oh well. Next time. But hopefully my post helps move Benjamin around.
Poe pulled up outside the hotel, a piece of paper in his hand as he steered his Jeep into park. This was the address. He rubbed his eyes a bit before stepping out of the Jeep and reaching into the back for his bag. A voice caused him to jump and he turned, seeing the smaller man walking up to him.

"Hello? I have time, I'm just - "

As he trailed off, he caught the two people exited the hotel and glared for a second before whispering, "There you are."

He followed who appeared to be the younger of the Winchesters with his eyes and then his attention returned to the man in front of him.

"What is it that you need?"
I just finished reading through everything. If you wanted to, Benjamin could always leave the hotel room and head outside. Poe could meet him there?
@FuriePhoenix I can't wait! I'll have my first post up tonight after work.
Name: Poe Ryan

Species: Human/Hunter

Age: 30


Relation to characters (optional): None particularly, other than being a hunter.

Poe was just a simple guy, living alone on his ranch in Colorado. The woman of his dreams had just come into his life when tragedy struck. She was possessed by a demon, used up, and when she came after him as loose change, he was forced to kill her. The demon left her body, after he had killed her. This set him on the same obsessive search as most hunters.

Now, there are rumors of Lilith breaking seals. There are demon signs all over the country, and Poe's blood is flowing to kill them all, even if he's not sure how. Exorcism is better than nothing.

To top it off, one of her kids is floating around out there. A demon told him, while he tortured her. Lilith is looking for her, which means this kid must mean something.

His favorite axe, silver plated.
Sawed off shotgun with salt rounds.
Multiple torture items for demons - syrenges of holy water, bags of salt, etc.

Drives an old Jeep Wrangler with a deer cage on the front.
Hey all!
I have been meaning to join the site for a while, after meeting AnnaBeth at a convention back in 2019. I never joined, but after reconnecting for the convention this year, she twisted my arm.
Wanted to drop in and say hello. May post a character up, after I figure everything out.
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