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Practicing internal alchemy to form my golden core as we speak.

Immortal Toist huh
If I have time, then you have my interest.

I have limited the participants to 10, just to regulate a fair amount of time, no worries!
𝐔𝐧𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐆𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐞 𝐎𝐟 𝐓𝐨𝐧𝐠 𝐗𝐮𝐚𝐧.

Strength attained through arduous hours, days, and relentless years of struggling against the heavens...

Unlimited wealth.
Undisputed dominion.

To pave the way towards such heights one must sacrifice. Seeking immortality to shelter your dear ones from wind and rain? Behold their vitality regress, and on the contrary, you retain the youth you never thought could linger. Unlimited wealth? Grace your province with fortune and prosperity, for generation whom you recognize none of. Undisputed dominion? O' Great Ancestor, another millennium had passed, and you perch beneath an ancient painting, inscribed unto it the portrait of a loved one who've bid farewell... How long ago?

『𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐥𝐢𝐟𝐞 𝐢𝐧 𝐩𝐮𝐫𝐬𝐮𝐢𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬.』

Following the teaser introduction, this will be a Wuxia-themed Role-Playing experience. For those who don't read Chinese Fiction, this will follow the common sense of a Cultivation System--- From Mortals, all the way to renowned Gods; Immortals.

I will lock it up with a maximum of 9 participants, 10 including myself; maximum capacity for a closed DM group on discord.

The character sheets, world build, and plot synopsis would be subjected to an elaborative description at a later date; just in case this fantasy doesn't kick off well.

Typical #weak_to_strong plot, characters will be immersed into the primitive ambient of cultivation, questing, and climbing the rank of Tong Xuan.

If there is at least one person, who happens to have accumulated some western fantasy experience and would like an assisting role in the plot, I'm open-minded...

Using original characters under the context of their prowess sealed, with the exception of prowess gained through the storyline, is okay. As for those who feel more comfortable and immersed by submitting a character sheet provided by the GM, that's also okay.
For an epic battle of wits and conviction, it was filtered by abundant procrastination. To the point where Yang Tian had lost sentiments of anticipation towards whatever tactics this insidious amalgamation of whimsical desires had to unravel.

Little did the other party know that Yang Tian’s patience, which was akin to burning incense, tranquil yet circumscribed to a finite caliber, had practically plummeted to rock bottom. Brewing within the all-encompassing ridicule was the iconic vigilance further emphasized by a transcendent state of mind.

Filtering out the fancy and circus maneuvers up to this point, a prominent swell of undulating ‘energy’ interwove with the creature’s exotic resonance, seemingly an improvisation to evade an imminent predicament. Perhaps if Yang Tian had the notion of idling whilst his Solar Eclipse feasted, such endeavors to vex this uncanny act of ceaseless devouring may yield a speck of fruition.

Alas, fate had willed a tragedy.

Therein, amidst the hyper-state of gravitational conflict, Yang Tian treads forth; Once.

Subsequently, his resonance proceeded to exfiltrate the shackles of space-time. Thereafter, it lingered adhesive to vacuum void of these taxing principles, applauding the intricacies of this maze the two were veiled within.


An instant, if one may say… An instant, within the Palace of Yang Tian’s laws.

An instant, void of time…

An instant, void of space…

An instant, void of gravity…

With a daunting gesture, Yang Tian’s silhouette poised silently in front of this so-called abomination. A profound gleam flickered within Yang Tian’s scrutinizing, elliptical pupils, coinciding with the translucency cascading from this mysterious entity.

From the vantage point of a transcendent being who solemnized his immediate quarters in a motion divided by a factor equative to tens of thousands, his own palm seemed ablur as it thrust forth, adhering to incomprehensible speeds, in an attempt of inflecting nuclear atrophy to this entity's core.

Fist Technique: Silent Netherworld Transmission.

With an array of varying elements, conjoined at the tip of his digits, knuckles, and palm. A technique of energy conduction permitting Yang Tian not only obstructing the notion of channeling but also temporarily or permanently crippling the intersecting energy nodes within.

Not assured of his speculation regarding this ‘entity’ owning up to a concrete physique, with an equative force to the previous punch, he launched his palm with the intent to both puncture through the orb and practice his exquisite sealing techniques...

Dying the void in a bloodbath of disintegrated organs… Was it?


With a nonchalant flick of his uncoiling tail, liberating a deterrence of compact Qi to disperse the ‘now-abandoned', fragmented vessel of a once towering… Behemoth? Yang Tian had no qualms with what laid before him of a fractured body, indiscrete wails, and bleak vitality. For he seemed to dislodge an ant from its nest; relinquishing this lump of nonsensical, abhorred chemistry, though reluctantly.

What a baffling idealism, inconcrete mentality, the epitome of uniqueness in one shape or form. Nonetheless, whether said ant reclined within its inhumane body or reluctantly came out to play, a conquest will retain its notion of indiscriminate carnage, it is but a mere question of when…

The picturesque visual of a colossal figure, endowed with a righteous heroic aura as vile substances dissipated towards the ambiance all around him, imparted a profound impression that he emerged to cleanse rather than dethrone. Under the watchful gaze of the plasmatic orb which reclined in a transcendent vantage point after its escape, Yang Tian had just jolted back from his mild state of contemplation, rehearsing the earlier play from a God’s eye-view within his placid consciousness.


The compound plates of scales morphed and receded into an augmented fancy of battle robes, allowing Yang Tian’s jade-white complexion to resurface. Save for his immaculate stature, nothing much had changed, save for the striking visual of his limpid eyes with a tint of mockery whilst he cast a disdainful gaze towards the sunken voids fixated unto himself. A subtle hint of a grin tugged at the corners of Yang Tian’s lips as the myriad ‘compact’ after images dissipated one after the other, intentionally or unintentionally, their evanesce had its own pattern.

Traces of Yang Tian’s laws lingered about, confining the void in a maze of incoherent space-time, influenced by wanton, gravitational undercurrents.

Looming over the orb’s general direction was the previously deployed Solar Eclipse. The longsword drifted about unrestrained, yet a captivating Phoenix Eye situated within the mercury white grip bated open, an elliptical crevice akin to a serpentine pupil flickered with a crimson, gravitating flame.

Numerous fissures of plasmatic filaments would occasionally gleam along the blade as it began to diffuse a trace of laws adhesive to heat. With a silent whirling, the blade emulated a counter-clockwise conflagration typhoon with the intent to devour

This was a sword pioneered towards devouring the essence of heat through and since its forging; the Phoenix Eye within was once a massive star radiating blistering heat hundreds of light-years afar unhindered, and now it had found yet another catalyst for its residual thriving.

These flames with Solar Eclipse as the propagator emitted no warmth, not the minute bits of it… Rather, they sought to ensnare these essences.

And currently, under the ridiculing gaze of Yang Tian and the lock of his spiritual sense, ‘Mulch Axiom’ is about to inherit the honor of becoming an augmentation material for Solar Eclipse. Unless, for one, this orb could navigate through the maze of this void. For two, overwhelm Yang Tian’s laws and disfigure his maze. Three, kill Yang Tian who stood there with a raging swell of Qi circulating his veins...

How nauseating.

An apt affirmation of Yang Tian’s observatory through an oscilloscopic, diverse, and all-encompassing scrutinization.

A probing strike, that’s the indisputable stamp to mark Yang Tian’s ‘simple’ hack with Solar Eclipse. Through the upbringing of an unbridled marionette to unceremoniously withstand the onslaught of Yang Tian’s laws head-on, what ensued was a tantalizing, detestable, and repugnant process with morbid in-betweens… These instances engraved a deep sense of revulsion within Yang Tian’s antiseptic consciousness.

On the surface, the exchange that could have been emphasized as ‘but a moment’s notice’, was an arduous eternity as it transmitted at an elusive ratio of thousands to one. What the obnoxious being had witnessed or would govern within a second, would be the equivalent of Yang Tian processing the exact notion, only through laboring ten thousand synchronous notions. In the undulating realm of his consciousness, Yang Tian had already reexamined the inner mechanisms of this collision from every discernable variable.

Amidst the hollowed, agonizing howls, a thread of Qi subverted the pattern of distribution and regulations of laws within Yang Tian’s meridians. A prominent resonance of an inverted gravitational force, spatial fluctuations, and what resembled a breezing vacuum of accelerating zephyrs encased the colossal figure of this conqueror.

The indiscriminating pressure that enveloped his frame became the catalysts for what laid ahead.


With an erratic void shuttle that tore through the sound barrier threshold’ tenfold, leaving a compact, nigh solidified mirage of afterimages illustrating Yang Tian’s fluid movement technique that launched in tandem with the transcendent chart of his omnidirectional audit, he zig-zagged through the unrestrained appendages meticulously, blending near the evasion route due to the self-implicated harm this being cast unto itself.

Though he lacked the specific data over how resilient this godforsaken species is, the backlash of its reckless endeavor, coupled with the fate of the alienistic energies that sank within the reach of its ‘devouring’ traits, these factors gave an impression or two in regards to this uncanny organisms.

In rapid succession, after intersecting the path to retreat, all the while this battle-maniac brute who had miraculously preserved his rationale and acute judgment of where and how by splitting a shred of his vigilance to escalate the attitude of these elastic tendrils near his perimeter.

With a speed whereas one would meditate on capturing over ten kilo-frames per second to survey, Yang Tian jabbed a detonating fist at the yet-convulsing intersection of insatiable, multi-layered flesh that presented itself forth. A star-obliterating doom zoomed towards the left flank in a crafty arc.

For the curious eye, one that went out of its way to inspect the ‘compact’ mirages, one could filter out a variation that seized the wondrous Solar Eclipse as it exuded a trace of laws unbefitting for a mere still-image. As for the infamous, plain, and unfancy fist. It had but a simplistic venture to rupture the web of nerves and organic channels tasked with the assimilation, distribution, and segregations of energy through the sore, rejuvenating internals.

Neat correlation between perceptiveness and acute sense portraits a foundation within the grand scheme of a conqueror’s itch for ceaseless slaughter. What follows forth from the unclothed emergence of this unsophisticated entity was an intermittent notion of unscrupulous gobbling.

All these orchestrated events submerged within the ocean of an intangible resonance. This concentration of transmitted soul-force under the impression of a ubiquitous wavelength would imprint an ethereal visual, minutely symmetrical to the mundane reality, but inscribed within the sizzling vastness of Yang Tian’s consciousness.


Initially, Yang Tian fashioned this embodiment of grotesque evolution as a passerby, yet another unkind soul mistreated by the heavens into whatever fate had willed it to be today. It is not arrogance, nor was Yang Tian conceited, but he adored the well-concealed apprehensive gleam within a facade of solemnity whenever his cold blade moved.

Although this void lacked the proportions of transmitting soundwaves, Yang Tian’s adequate sensory bypassed this deficiency, further accentuating the reverberating, grating noise diffused from the creature. Every repulsive note had served its purpose in fueling Yang Tian’s impatience towards the brim regarding his scope of tolerance.

To someone of his caliber, distance is but a layer of texture, an icing on the cake per se. Perhaps two or three seconds in after the agonizing melody bombarded Yang Tian’s sensory, a flare of immaculate, incandescent Qi gushed from Yang Tian’s core. Through the meridians, it harmonized in tandem with his will, with an eccentric amalgamation of laws.

All these, once dormant, now ignited intricacies ushered to enlace Solar Eclipse, Yang Tian’s longsword of choice.

Yin Yang Diversity; Duality Polatic Seals.

With a lift of his hand, accompanied by an indiscernible echo of crackling joints, twin streaks of quivering, plasmatic essence of a shrewd metal Qi and a desolate death Qi, whereas the former cascades a brilliant white and the latter radiates an ink-black haze respectfully engulfed Solar Eclipse. As for the crackles, that foreshadowed the revolutionizing of Yang Tian’s elegant humane physique into a 12ft robust, inhumane monstrosity. A colossal figure encased in glistening, black scales from head to toe. With a set of metallic claws, a tail with a comparative length to the height of an adult, and a pair of crimson, elliptical pupils flaring with disdain.

Yang Tian seldom presented this ‘God Beast’ metamorphosis, even though it is but a matter of unsealing a latent prowess, he was born a human, and will always remain one at heart. Thus, whenever before a humane being, thoughts of unleashing his might through these sets of seals are often subconsciously rejected.

From this vantage point, the comets dotting the void provided a sense of obscurity, intersecting one’s line of sight, and perhaps proving ulterior benefits to speak of. Nonetheless, everything is naught in the face of absolute, tyrannical, strength.

A revolving shadow of a Yin Yang diagram took shape, looming over Yang Tian, eclipsing his size by a fold. The abstract essence of these energies excluded a planetary pressure that didn’t diffuse beyond a hair’s width distance from the digram. Their complementary fusion, under the subtle guidance of Yang Tian’s will and comprehension of laws, provided an artistic scenery to marvel at.

A moment later, the entire diagram melted into Solar Eclipse, and like a fleeting dream, Yang Tian zapped his blade into an arc, blasting an elongated wave of destructive Qi, paving a line of sight towards the colossal tree as it atomized comets and debris into smithereens. Its captivating, unimpeded act of sundering would soon encroach upon the devouring creature. Due to the factor of distance, it would be difficult for Yang Tian to calculate a decisive angle, so he relayed it to fate. With an attack keen on sharpness and decay, it could provide him with an insight into how to circumvent this one anomaly, if it could escape the imminent danger about to cleave it in half.

Enshrined within the vastness of this multiverse, under the veil of mystery, lies therein a realm of grandeur and glamour. Encompassing a prominent interstellar gateway known for its celestial phenomenons that stood in testimony for the countless arcane, heroic, and deviant figures as reigned supreme, undisputed, and unmatched throughout their eras. In a labyrinth of inflamed planetary comets, allegedly the remnants of an ancient war that amassed billions of veteran Immortals who confronted their demise over the eons of relentless slaughter…

With an influx of spatial fluctuations, the tapestry of space-time convulsed into a state of incomprehensible disarray. Like the maw of a behemoth, an elongated crevice split agape a distance measured in thousands of feet. From afar, the instantaneous spectacular contained the emergence of a bestial claw, the afterimage of its sweeping shadow lingered about under the influence of heaven’s self-regenerative mechanisms.


From the crack, a low-pitched draconic roar erupted. Each immensely Qi imbued syllabus fabricated an independent vacuum to deliver the sonorous cry towards every nook and cranny throughout this tomb of heroes. Peering into the conspicuous anomaly devoid of natural light, a pair of elliptical pupils would occasionally flicker with a captivating beam, like twin stars.


Audible symphonies of contracting limbs, tendons, and muscles reverberated with a disembodied resonance, it was an enigmatic presentation of an ensuing calamity. After the fleeting moment of haze, the silhouette of a humane being treads through the mayhem of disorder. His sauntered pace in contrast to the celestial phenomenon at his wake made it as though his posture rendered stationary.

Before the spatial crack, he was no different from an ant under the shadow of a sky-piercing mountain, it defied all rationale to theorize that he galvanized the prowess to flick his hand through the void, escalating such an occurrence a moment later. His pitch-black attire, embedded in spiraling silver chains and spiritual accessories that presented an artistic aesthetic to complement the longsword situated within his right palm.

A metallic blade based on luster alone, save for the components of its forging that could circumvent one’s intuition-based assertion. What stood out as a distinct feature to this longsword was the mercury white grip that complemented Yang Tian’s fair skin, and the materialized phoenix eye housed within. Other than that, columns of intricate scriptures engraved with bizarre handwriting, their diffused spiritual force promoted an acute sense of unknown dread.

Amidst the ebb and flow of celestial comets, Yang Tian patiently scrutinized his immediate quarters and a dozen thousand feet afar. His spiritual sense spread like a tidal wave, blanketing over this ancient battlefield, lingering in every corner with its intangible yet discernible presence that tugged at one’s soul like the autumn fragrance on the willow leaf.

His brazen acts to dethrone the realm of its powerhouse are ought to be noticed by now, and what awaited this conqueror was either a battle towards the bitter end or a ferocious slaughter towards a higher pedestal...

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