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Hi I'm going to keep this short

My name is Chronos Hybrid but just call me Chronos. I love writing and been writing for a while but never in English. I'm a foreign exchange student, from Vietnam, and this is my second year in the U.S. I just found out about Roleplaying and fell in love with it so I hope to meet some cool people and have an awesome time.

(P.S My English is really bad)

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just wanted to let everyone know that I'm going to be gone for a while
He was about to sit back down when something hit his back. he quickly turns around raising his fist ready for a fight, but he found nothing. There was nothing behind him but a rolled up scroll on the ground. He picked up the scroll and open it and started reading.

If you wish to escape than meet me in the royal garden at exactly midnight tomorrow. There will be someone to let you out when the time come. Sincerely an old friend

Aldrich folded the scroll up and stuff it into his pocket as he heard someone walking past the door of his cell. He sat back down next to Jasmine and waited for the sun to come up.
"Hey," Jasmine said, "Are you okay? What happened? Jeez, this is so deep,". He didn’t have the energy to answer so he just sat there watching her. She grabbed all the food the guards had given them, including her share and handed them to Aldrich. "Eat. It'll help you heal." He took his share of the food and left the rest. He didn’t feel comfortable taking her share if the food even if he was injured.

“if you think this is bad just wait until the tournament” Aldrich said trying to distract himself from the pain. Most injury wouldn’t bother him but he been using the injured arm all day without a proper bandage.
Eli walked in front of the elf unsheathing his katana and presenting it to him.

@Azure Flame
That morning the guard came and escorted him to the training ground. He didn’t want to leave jasmine especially when she like this, but he didn’t have a choice. All day he could help think about Jasmine. His mind keeps wandering off into faraway places. In one match with some of the other knight, he wasn’t paying attention and his opponent got a hit slicing his arm. It started to bleed but he had the rest of the day to get through, so he just wraps some cloth over it as a makeshift bandage and hopes he doesn’t bleed to death.

When he got back the sky was pitch dark. The guard opened the door to his cell and he walks in. when the guard closed the door he collapses against the wall. He sat down right next to the door not having enough energy to walk.

“hey jasmine” Aldrich said.
"It was a nightmare," she said softly from where she was laying on the floor. "A-about home," she stuttered. "About the night I got taken to work here. They took me away from my family and--and they killed my mom." she started to tear up again. Memories of the past, memories that he wanted to forget started to resurface in his mind. Memories of that night, the night he was captured and the night they killed everyone he loved.

She pressed her face against his side and said, "They told me I was going to a palace, I just thought that--that it wouldn't be like this."

He pulled her into a hug and whisper to her, “I’m sorry Jasmine”. As he though she been through a lot just like him.

"It- it was nothing," she gasps out, "Nothing for you to worry about. I'll go back to sleep now and stop bothering you." She lies down and wipes away the last of her tears, trying desperately to go back to sleep.

“okay if you don’t want to talk about it that fine” Aldrich said. He wasn’t going to push her to talk if she doesn’t want to. Having been through the same situations she has he knows from experience what she must be feeling the pain and sadness of being kidnap from your home never be able to see your loved ones again.

No use in sleep he thought looking out the window seeing the sky starting to light up. He looked at Jasmine wanting to comfort her but he didn’t know how he was never the sentimental type.
"MOOM," Jas screams waking Aldrich up. He did realize that he fell asleep, was he that tired. He looked around the dark cell trying to see what had woken him, the moon was out and the cell was pitch dark he looked at the girl sitting by his side. she had tears were rolling down her cheeks. What had happened when he was asleep, did the guard do something or was it a nightmare.

"I'm so sorry," she mumbles.

“what’s wrong,” Aldrich asked softly.

Name: Jack
Age of Death: 16
Appearance to Humans:

Appearance to Reapers:

Gender: male
Personality: Jack is a quiet and shy person. He doesn’t like talking and will go out of his way to avoid interacting with someone alive or dead.

Cause of Death: at the age of 15 he was diagnosed with cancer and was told he had only a year at most to live. He wasn’t to die there was nothing left for him, his parent was getting a divorce his best and the only friend just move away. the only thing that he didn’t want to lose was his little sister who always loves him. on his sixteen birthday, he died and was brought back as a grim reaper.

Other: anytime free time he has he always watch his little sister from afar knowing he can never be the brother he always wanted.

It was night time and he was back in the cell with the girl. He still didn’t like having anyone else there, but he had to learn because she wasn’t going anywhere. He was sitting in his corner still keeping a close eye on Jasmine when she walks over and sat down next to him.

"It might be hard to believe, but I won't murder you in your sleep." She said.

You never know Aldrich though. she obviously notices the scratched on his arm from training because she leaned over and smear more scream over the wound. He wanted to scoot away but he stopped himself. He needed to learn to get along with her since they’ll be spending a lot more time with each other.

"There," she said. She sat back down and started singing a song in a langue he didn’t know, but he liked it. her voice was soft and gentle he couldn’t help but listen. It was strange how she reminded him of Alain the girl he had love but never got the chance to tell. It felt strange but yet comforting. When she finished her song she lay down with her head next to his leg.

“Night," she said sleepily and passed out.

Aldrich smile then said, “Goodnight Jasmin”.
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