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Hi I'm going to keep this short

My name is Chronos Hybrid but just call me Chronos. I love writing and been writing for a while but never in English. I'm a foreign exchange student, from Vietnam, and this is my second year in the U.S. I just found out about Roleplaying and fell in love with it so I hope to meet some cool people and have an awesome time.

(P.S My English is really bad)

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Eli arrives at his room which was spacious, well furnished and so much better than his home back at the village. He started unpacking his stuff which wasn't much just essential. when he was done with the first bag he took off his armor than collapse on the bed with Helix who was sleeping off all the food he ate at the feast. He wasn't done unpacking he still had his other bags with all of his weapons in it. He sigh than got up grabs his other bag and places on the table then started to unpack all of his weapon placing the, neatly on the table, six daggers, two short swords, and two katanas. Now that he thought about it this might be too much, all he really needed to take out any opponent was his katanas.

"Oh well to late now" He though out loud. He got everything unpack and there was much else to do until tomorrow so he just sat down and started to clean his armor.
this sound really cool!
yep ready

"The question first. Persons of your...obvious for the trained eye, talents are quite connected in the world we live in. The question is. Have you heard about someone, similar in appearance and "weird" feeling that recently came to Constantinople?"

There are more of them Zero thought. He started scanning the area looking for anyone with a similar soul. There were lots of people in the are but nothing out of the ordinary just humans and supernaturals. He was about to give up when he found something. The same vile and undead soul. It was moving not very fast but it was heading this way. He kept an eye on the other person and went back to the conversation with the mysterious man.

"My masters will reward you, Captain, if you help me by telling you the location of any person that is on Earth." The mysterous man said. Zero look at his master who showed little to no emotion at the offer. This was thier chance to catch Azaneal once and for all.

"Captain what chould we do" Zero ask still watching the mysterous man and the other of his kind.
"Hi," Athelle said, waving.

Eli wave back then went back to his dragon who was eating everything in sight. Helix was bigger than the other dragon he has seen and he had a huge appetite. He wonders if a baby dragon was supposed to eat this much, Helix was eating as much as Tormir which was a lot. Eli stood up abruptly and grab Helix when he tried to walk across the table toward more food.

"Don't wander off," Eli told Helix who was squirming in his hand trying to break free from his grasp. Eli pulled over a plate of meat and set Helix next to it. He immediately started devouring the whole thing.

"Oh! I almost forgot to tell you. This is my dragon, Aethor!" Eli heard Athelle said. He looks over in her direction and the shining black dragon that she was holding.

"Oh right I forgot to tell you congratulation on hatching a dragon," Eli said, "well this is my dragon his name is Helix".

Leo followed Alex into the kitchen and took a seat next to the new kid. He started making his plate filling it with all the food that he could, food disappears really quickly at this house. He set his plate back down on the table and started eating than he turns to the new kid that was sitting next to him.

"you've met Alex, well my name is Leo what's your" Leo said in the softest voice he could do hope that he doesn't freak out. He wanted to make good first impression, unlike Alex.


Does all Haft-Human Haft-Umbra have the same ability as your character?
Leo got out of bed as he heard Violetta yell "breakfast!". He walks down stair and into the kitchen. He looks around the kitchen finding some new faces. there was the boy from this morning and a girl. That was weird he didn't remember seeing her walk in this norning. He walks over to Alex and asks him about the new faces since Leo saw him talking to them this norming.

"Hey, Alex what with the new faces no one told me anything about getting some new kids," Leo said.

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