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𝒄 𝒉 π’š 𝒓 𝒔 𝒐 𝒄 𝒐 π’Ž 𝒂
𝒄 𝒉 π’š 𝒓 𝒔 𝒐 𝒄 𝒐 π’Ž 𝒂
π’Š Β· π’„π’“π’†π’‚π’•π’Šπ’—π’† π’˜π’“π’Šπ’•π’Šπ’π’ˆ Β· 𝒄𝒉𝒂𝒓𝒂𝒄𝒕𝒆𝒓 𝒗𝒂𝒖𝒍𝒕

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β€œπ“¦e should consult a librarian.”

β€œπ“˜ agree,” Lord Finnegan affirmed as he watched again, as the professor waltzed in his merry way. He was a strange one, and indeed, he had not made mention of Walter joining him in his laboratory despite having been told of Walter’s new business learnings. He looked down at her. The sparkles in her eyes less than cheery as when she had been telling him all about her studies, and part of him wishes he had minded more during those times.

Instead, he blamed the ill-will on his failings and the bumbling library. It was shifting like some sort of conundrum, β€œI think I saw one...” he finally said after some time. He preferred leading the way. Although, he much preferred following her through the library as he did many nights ago when they were much younger and much more naive than now. He also wished her demeanor would change, and she would bring the cheeriness back.

It had been right there, not moments before Professor Clementine Mitchell had made his appearance. He re-measured himself, feeling the fickleness of his own tendencies changing course, β€œI will follow you. If I remember correctly, I saw one of the librarians…” He motioned his hand beyond one of the finely carved bookshelves that extended to the high painted and illustriously carved ceilings, β€œBut…” He had tried his hardest not to bring up the subject, but there was no holding back at this point. Perhaps, it was because he was an impulsive man or perhaps, it was because of what had happened earlier. It was not as if he had been lying. If anything, he had been more truthful to her than he usually was, β€œDo you remember our first dance?”
GM comment to Co-GM: CST
I have my helmet, but I don't have my head.

Will Complete:
Β·Factions - Military
Β·Add levels to Flora & Fauna
Β·Making sense of the Flora & Fauna
A scale of infection level and likelihood of passing on infection/mutation
I have an idea for why corn, wheat and rye aren't used more for food in the countryside, which will be partly due to rainouts & etc. A measure of nuclear storms and how a campaign will survive one is needed, as well.
Β·Pictures for the Factions
Β·Interest Check

Β·Categorizing Flora & Fauna



F A C T I O N : Scavengers
N I C K N A M E S : Children of Slavery, Cannibals, the Scaps, Tykes
A G E S : 1 0 - 1 5
H E A L T H :
H U M A N I T Y : +1 for every bond -1 for every enemy
P E R S O N A L I T Y : Scavengers are the largest faction, which is largely made of children born into slavery. They are selfish creatures and are willing to do whatever necessary to survive even if it means harming another one of their allies. This makes them most prone to cannibalism. Scavengers do not lose humanity points easily and can function closest to their truest nature on the lowest level of humanity when working in a union in comparison to the other factions. For every bond a Scavenger has within their group, their humanity raises one point. For every enemy a Scavenger has within their group, their humanity is lowered by one point. This faction does not work well alone but also has a low level of loyalty. Bonds are given extra protection, while enemies are considered future meals.

F A C T I O N : Metahumans
N I C K N A M E S : Crawlers, Mutants, the Beasts
A G E S : 8 - 1 8
H E A L T H :
H U M A N I T Y : +2 for every bond -? for every frenzy
P E R S O N A L I T Y : Metahumans are the second largest faction. They are offspring formed from a human and an infected human. Metahumans have an innate beastly instinct and when provoked into a frenzy, the Metahuman can either help a group or at worst, destroy a group. Due to their frenzies and lack of humanity, Metahumans have the least amount of loyalty. It also takes them longer to form a bond. However, once a bond is formed, the Metahuman has a hard time differentiating between themselves and their bonds. If a Metahuman forms a bond with all members of their group, the Metahuman is less likely to frenzy unless the group is being attacked. Metahumans have less intelligence and a harder time learning skills. Depending on the bond and level of humanity, Metahumans can be turned into pets.

F A C T I O N : Nomads
N I C K N A M E S : Forest Dwellers, Roadkill
A G E S : 1 0 - 1 8
H E A L T H :
H U M A N I T Y : -1 for every human meal
P E R S O N A L I T Y : Nomads are the second rarest faction. They are found either on the countryside, forests, or in the cities. Sometimes they are alone, and sometimes they are with other family members. Nomads are the most peaceful faction as they tend to live off the land. They generally steer clear of cannibalism unless in emergency situations. Their humanity is the highest but also the weakest due to an innate need for a humane diet. Only under emergency circumstances do they kill their own. Although they are a shyer faction, it is easy to form a bond with a Nomad. Due to their peaceful nature, Nomads are known to mingle with Metahumans, causing a decline in the faction. They are also known for their skills in taming animals, cooking plant-based recipes and potions.

F A C T I O N : Military
N I C K N A M E S : Angels, Gray Ghosts, Metalheads
A G E S : 10 - 50
H E A L T H : 5 for Child 10 for Adult
H U M A N I T Y : +1 for every bond -1 for every child kill
P E R S O N A L I T Y : The military are the rarest and most technologically advanced faction. Their loyalties are the highest and forming a bond with them is easy. Due to their military upbringing, their constitutions are the weakest when living outside their posts, which makes them the least likely to survive when on their own, and often times, military personnel are mislead by their leaders and end up disappearing during their scouts or hunts. However, they have high intelligence and can learn skills more readily than the other factions.

𝓣he trees are always listening.

Most of them are on our side, but there are trees that would betray us to them...

... you know who I mean...

𝓣witching his smile under the Imperial mustache, the Professor bared a few crooked teeth. They were yellower in nature, β€œAh, my dear. Always a pleasure to see a colleague cleaning his or her clock.” He narrowed his eyes at Lord Finnegan. The redness of his own face blushed with some boyish emotion, trying to skirt tail any unnecessary conversation that may direct him into a position of being ungentlemanly. There was a whim of test in him that would always exist, in the classroom and out of the classroom, especially for his students who survived his brutal examinations.

Lord Finnegan was definitely one of them, having a permanent fixation with experimenting with the human mind in one way or another, β€œTo answer Lady Alyssana, I am looking into the core of the human body at the moment. Magic and fire. It's complete mayhem in my laboratory. Lots of explosions. Lots of fun. Woooh,” his hands went upwards and jingled his fingers, β€œYou two should come by sometime. But please, knock before entering. I have some top-secret information that I would not want getting out, but...”

The professor held up his fist with a little gesture that meant as much as it meant as little as it did to anyone who may understand or misunderstand the motion, β€œIs that not the truth about all of us?” He made a merry giggle as if he was eluding to something or another. It was what he did during class quite often, as if he was waiting for someone or something to happen upon his hybrid-thoughts of bio-steam mechanics and make more sense of it. Lord Finnegan had the notion his wife was probably at wit ends with him because she was never around him, even when he went out in public, but at this very moment, he was starting to wonder if the ring on his finger meant what it actually meant.

β€œOur brothers are also here, conducting their own studies if that solves any mysteries you may be unnecessarily trying to solve. I assure you, there's no funny business going on. Nothing in comparison to your own fun. We shall have to stop by soon enough.” Lord Finnegan changed the subject as he listed his wrist, twisting it to see the time on his watch. Not much of anything had past, but the bookshelves seemed to have aged quite a bit just listening to the professor talk about himself. He had barely spoken a word, and yet the movement of time seemed to have warped.

There was a legend that the library was indeed a living, breathing entity. Its spirit was alive and well within the center of the building. The upkeep was different and strange, and there were so many rumors running around the large facility that no one ever knew who or what to believe about it. Even the employees themselves had their own stories, but it had become such a lore to the city to make-up stories about the library in order to draw even more attention to it, even if something had happened, it was hard to believe because of all the rumors. Lord Finnegan believed none of them and pegged the situation on his mindset on this morning's toxin, and the confusing aroma steaming from beneath Professor Mitchell's undershirt.

β€œOh my, yes, the brothers,” Professor Mitchell continued in his merriment, β€œWe will all be delighted to see you. I promise you that, but shhhh” his fist, let out his pointer finger and pressed it to his plump lip, β€œDon't let anyone or anything know that you're invited. They may get the wrong idea...” His smile widened, β€œAs if they too are invited.” He straightened his posture and pulled on his coat, β€œW-wery well, you two. I will be on my way, then.” His body made a small bow and straightened itself again as his eyes shifted about for someone or something and continued his way through the maze. There was a slight gaunt in his walk, and Lord Finnegan could not help feel the brows on his own face weaken against a faded smile.

β€œSo, yes, books on the number five,” Lord Finnegan managed after clearing his throat, β€œI am delving back into my studies of Phi and the Divine Ratio's relation to flora. Upon further looking at my own home library, I realized my collection is far from complete. It's a shame, really. Someone with such a successful operation should have a better grasp on his studies. Fortunately, I have everything memorized. However, I have to begin teaching Walter somehow.” There was a price for teaching Walter. He was not sure what it was, but it was there. It was an emptying of something in the back of his mind. Whether it be gone or not was hard for him to grasp as being of good or bad consequence.
β€œπ“¨es, there's a couple authors that have released new things,
including one that published some new material on the Wasteland cities.”

β€œπ“h, the Wasteland cities,” Lord Finnegan made a serious tone and drew in a small breath as he watched the woman. Her change of demeanor was always a delight to watch, but he found himself neutralizing the situation as opposed to provoking it like Lord Christopher or Walter would try to do. He wanted to show more of something, but within himself, he still could not find it and smiled nonetheless. He was unsure of how he came across because at that moment, he felt to give her his most true self, a serious natured human. It was also true that he was not at all as familiar with the library as he ought, and therefore, he mustered up a small smile to give the woman. Although, the smile turned more into a smirk of sorts.

He enjoyed the cunning parts of Lady Alyssana. Her guard was still easily seen, but with her whimsical charm being shown to him for the first time in what seemed like ages, he felt of utmost need or perhaps an untamed desire or dare even both strings pulled his study into something of all due respect. Therefore, his attitude was more reverent than usual, but Lady Alyssana was too fixated on the spiraling stairs and the ladders and the smell of books that needed more minding and less modeling.

She even chatted away about things that ended up going in one ear and out the other, no matter how hard he wanted to mind her. It was a shame and a slight deflation to his manliness that he could not take it all in, and he wanted to slow her down at some point. He thought several bad thoughts of potions and elixirs that could conjure several such happenings and scolded himself heavily for thinking anything against her. The guilt set in, and he saw himself lagging even further with keeping up with her. Part of him wanted to stop her, but nothing in him could prevent her from continuing.

The feeling of being just a pawn crept over him, and he allowed himself to enjoy it. He knew what she had gone through, and as much as he felt as if he was being used, he knew that she never truly would use him. After all the times that he had ever manipulated a woman to his own will meant far nothing to letting Lady Alyssana steal all of his attention with such a blur of feminine inquiries on such heavy subjects. Her smarts and wits were outstanding, which always proved themselves heavily lauded at the Institute. Even now, right in front of him, her words were dressed in scholarly approval that not any one person could wear as an evening gown and look delightful.

Lady Alyssana wore her intelligence with a special wisdom that invoked a beautiful scent. I wished to capture that scent, but having it be so rarely given gave it all the more value. He enjoyed his time, and wondered little about their brothers, and suddenly, she was done lecturing him like the schoolgirl he once knew. Her eyes were still sparkling with that childlike gaiety as she looked up at him, still dawning her scent, β€œI almost forgot to be honest. I was so busy listening to you,” he shook his head, β€œSeeing you so excited like this is rare for me, and I would like to cherish every moment of it,” his words were spoken a little more hushed and quickly than usual. It was not just because they were in a library, but the reasoning could likely be given to the Soleil.

β€œLord Finnegan and Lady Alyssana,” Professor Clementine Mitchell, an dark haired, average heighted man who had just turned the corner, approached the two. His stout nature was round, and his face was pale but his beard was thick with dark hair. His strong voice was not easily disguised amongst the rows and rows of books, β€œI thought I heard some chit-chattering that sounded very familiar,” his wording seemed to have been a strange break, stealing every opportunity for Lord Finnegan to make any real say in the conversation, which reminded the younger man as to why speaking so weakly was ill-advised, β€œMy, what brings you two here to the library today?”

Professor Clementine Mitchell had taught at the Institute and knew both to the best of his abilities as a professor could know his devious students. His mustache was imperial. He used to have a more English mustache, but as time passed, it became curlier and no one ever really minded too much until they had to describe him to someone for some reason or another. His usual dress was in his navy swallowtail jacket with black lining. He was holding his cane and pointing at them as if they ought to be doing something else with their lives than stand there. Unfortunately, he was unaware that he was part of the reason that they were now stuck in the exact same spot of the library and unable to move.

β€œOh, no, why yes, hello, Professor Mitchell,” Lord Finnegan smiled, nodding his head slightly, as to see no fine opportunity to shake the man’s hand. This was slightly strange, but all the same, the man was zany and expecting anything usual from the man seemed would have been recorded as much more strange. In fact, he smelled just the same, zaney. Cheating on any of his exams by smelling for the right answer was always a whirl of an experience. To say the least, his smell was not pleasant to the younger gentleman, and he wished that the professor would at least dowse his pits in soap or powder, β€œLady Alyssana found some books on the Wasteland and magic, and I have a few books the number five that have caught my attention, recently,” Lord Finnegan looked to Lady Alyssana briefly while he spoke, making a small motion.

β€œThe Wasteland and Magic? By God, my dear Lady Alyssana, Are you never going to give up your studies? Now, I wonder, what really did bring you two to the library today.” The Professor looked at Lady Alyssana with a slight puff coming from his nose, trying to anticipate the answer or decipher through their muddied explanations. Lord Finnegan was never a good one for those things. He was too busy trying to manipulate everyone, during his time at the Institute. The Professor would never imagine anything different from the man. As well, Lady Alyssana was always much more straight forward given most circumstances.
𝓣he library was a beautiful building, but it was not nearly as beautiful as Lady Alyssana, Lord Finnegan thought. There was something more classical about the woman than any other thing in the world. Afterall, beauty would save the world. However, he did not want his mind to wander. He had a few things himself he had to get at the library. It was duty that he attempted at least a couple times before flouncing himself forward with getting some sort of librarian to set him straight, β€œIf you feel faint, Walter, by the shield of Saint George the Trophy bearer, say something to Lord Christopher before we have tragedy on our hands,” he breathed in a little, looking down at his wristwatch. He was already feeling a little resentful of the travel himself, but being around Lady Alyssana had forced him to prove something of himself.

Was this how all his lady friends felt after he doused them?

Of course, not.

It was merely impossible.

β€œYes, brother,” Walter smiled sweetly with his hazel eyes. His lips cusped upwards as he looked to Lord Christopher. All the adventure that was about to unfold. There were other types of adventures that could grasp them, but libraries, especially this one, had a special knack for surprising each and every one of its guests with something different and unusual. There was a unique magical mist that seemed to set it apart from some of the even larger libraries in the other cities. Lord Christopher had only heard of the few adventures his brother and other acquaintances had been on in those other knowledgeable buildings, but by far, the ones that took him in this particular one were by far the very best.

With that, Lord Walter looked to the pocket watch in Lord Christopher’s hand and followed, as if the device was some sort of compass before putting it away. He quickly began following his friend, both with curiosity wrapped around their minds. It was nothing unusual to see, but in the least, it was still unique as was stated in which the library treated each and every quest with the same special particularities that no two guests or visits were the same.

Lord Finnegan watched as the two younger men wandered through the dissension of books. Their footsteps were slowly lost to the discord, β€œThat’s fine, as long as Walter watches himself more than the books, and honestly, I prefer we take care of you, first,” he smiled with a bit of shy slyness, β€œIf I am not mistaken in assuming that you have a few or more gentle reads in mind?” He was eager to get lost in the rows of books with her and really did prefer the pompous art of letting the lady go first. Besides, it reminded him of the first time they shared a dance

It was a memory he would hold close to him, not just whenever he took a step into the library but as long as the stars flared up in the nighttime mist and the moon surfaced without deceit and as easily to remember and rehearse in his mind as to count the sun to rise in the morning. It was a memory eternally engraved and to cherish all the same, even more now, standing so close to her.

It almost killed him to breathe her in.

𝓛ady Alyssana's lack of response was disheartening, and Lord Finnegan could not help but give her some sort of smile in response. It was rehearsed gentlemanly like the rest of his behaviors. There was much to be said about her silence, and he was not going to push her. The woman's will was an animal of its own, and he was busy taming a different part of her, β€œVery well, the library it is then,” he spoke for Walter, who was busy juggling the thoughts of speaking and taking another sip of his tea. He was after all is said and done, the clumsier and more bashful version of his older brother.

He looked down at his several wrist watches. They were still ticking in their quietly ticking ways. They had different times for different places around the world. Finnegan had offered to purchase him something that had several dials and on one face, but he refused to wear something of the sorts after getting so attached to the ones already on his arm, β€œGoing to the library sounds as a good idea as any,” Lord Walter finally admitted. He was giddy and was not certain he wanted to show anymore of it. The tea was definitely helping with his fiddling mind, and getting a few books for learning would be quite worth his time. He was always eager to do what his brother said, albeit when the Greys came into their manor, it seemed he suddenly had more worth in amongst the guests.

Lord Walter quickly removed himself from his chair but not before saying, β€œExcuse me!” And β€œYes, let us go!” to Lord Christopher as they went to go don their jackets and other necessities for the trip.

. ❖ .

𝓣𝒉𝒆 π“‘π’Šπ’ƒπ’π’Šπ’π’•π’‰π’†π’„π’‚ 𝒐𝒇 π“’π’π’π’†π’Šπ’

𝓣he Bibliotheca of Soleil was across town. It was not the only library in town, but it was the main library. The library had smaller locations for the ones who had a much more difficult time traveling across town, and those particular libraries had not as many glorious books and many repetitive literature that could be found in the main library near the center of the town. This particular library was large and at one point, Lord Walter had gone by himself, and after taking the steam-cranked elevator downwards to the basement, nearly fell to the floor from exhaustion after getting lost.

There were columns of books everywhere with ladders and stairs and traits of flourishing ideas. It was almost a beast of a place to be. However, the entrance being as tidy and finely lit seemed to offer a perpetual steeple of insightful and glorious knowledge that always encouraged anyone who left the library from exhaustion with a new found hope of freedom for learning and education. It is also true that only the library workers, regulars, and nobles find this library easy to navigate.

Lord Finnegan had thought it was a perfect place to murder someone as it is so large, but his admiration for the art or writing tended to overwhelm him whenever he stepped afoot inside the monstrous library. It's Gothic architecture with flying buttresses had some sort of power over him, and he proposed it some sort of middle ground of sorts where government officials and locals could play fairly next to each other without fearing any negative outcomes.
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