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That song had no right to be as good as it was.

Yah' know, I thought I would be more disappointed by this judging from the thumbnail but this, uh, works.
Interesting. So are your normal roleplays mainly just snippets of dialogue? The best way to extend your posts is to first find out what is missing or lacking.

Seriously digging 'men-being-vulnerable' songs lately (more like men reaching out vulnerability, not men actively experiencing heartbreak - those are plenty common).
Any recommendations along that line? Please and thank youuu.

Closed for now


  • Female but equally comfortable playing male or female characters
  • Violence: almost always - nonnegotiable
  • Other mature themes: depends on your comfort level
  • Interested in 1x1's and small groups.
  • 2-4 paragraphs/reply is the sweet spot (imo) for progressing the narrative, maintaining interest, and allowing other characters a chance to react. (Willing to adjust)
  • Your reply length is mostly up to you, but remember quality over quantity. Also, not seeking RPs with less than a paragraph/reply average.
  • Uncomfortable playing with users under 18 IRL. Thanks for understanding
  • If you feel I didn't provide enough for you to reply to, you were wondering if we could take the story in a different direction, etc., you won't hurt my feelings. We should both be having fun!
  • I aim for at least one reply per day on average but I will let you know if I won't be able to reply for more than two or three days.

Plots and Pairings

General Preferences:
  • Conflict ==> uh, FUNflict.. I adore conflict, unequal power dynamics, violence, struggles and stubborn or psychopathic characters in role play.
  • Typically play aggressive personality types. If I play a meeker character it will require learning-curve patience from you.
  • Characters coming from different backgrounds provide enjoyable contrast
  • I like to occasionally make use of NPCs depending on the plot and you are welcome to do the same. If they are adversaries, sometimes dice rolls can keep things fair.
  • Just because we may not be a good fit doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with you or me - with your writing or my writing. We just don't fit and that's ok.
  • Willing to do fandom role plays IF we use the universe with original characters, not the cannon characters.
  • All the obvious things apply. Role play is give and take. No one has fun with overpowered characters.
  • I like to tailor plots to fit both parties so below you'll find generalities but I'm of course willing to put in the work to help sculpt something more indepth and entertaining

Favorite Non-Fandom Genres:
  • Horror
  • Post-apocalyptic
  • Medieval
  • Sci-fi
  • Dystopian Futures

Favorite Fandom Universes:
  • Destiny (Video Game)
  • Fallout (Video Game)
  • Bioshock (Video Game)
  • Lightbringer Series (Book)
  • The Chronicles of the Unhewn Thrown (Book)
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn (Video Game)
  • Martian Chronicles-esque (Book)

Brief Synopses of Past Roleplays I've Enjoyed:

Misc. Interests:
(to be developed if interest is expressed)

  • Dealing with the psychological effects of isolation in space
  • After being rejected, rejected kidnaps the rejecter, keeping them restrained in their basement as a last resort to have them or change their mind.
  • For something more casual, it would be fun to roleplay as peasants/ordinary people complaining and having to recover from the collateral damage of some supposed 'hero'.
  • Dystopian future with augmented humans

In Conclusion

I'm primarily interested in non-fandom roleplays or video-game universe roleplays. I do most of my gaming on PS4 but I also play some PC so if you're looking for an in-game roleplay we can talk about that. I have Anime fandoms as well but I just don't see how these sorts of roleplays could be fun.

BUT, I'm always open to ideas. If you want to suggest something, hell, what's the worst that could happen. Of course, I wouldn't want you to do all the work alone so if I ask to modify your idea a little, it's only because I'm interested. Send me the genre you're interested in or a concept and we can work together until we agree on a plot.

I'm not a perfect writer. Quality will range but I always try my best to be dynamic. For your reference, here's an example post from a few days ago. I tried to find an average reply - not my best but not my worst - so you can have realistic expectations. It's a paragraph in length since I was attempting to maintain the pace of my partner:

A nerve on Mitra’s temple throbbed as she attempted to swallow down further infuriation elicited by the indifference from this stranger. However, her temper waned when the Hunter seemed to consider his own ghost. She mused over this, the cogs in her head slowly regaining speed. As she found herself beginning to grin it was instantaneously erased by a burst through her abdomen, the force knocking her back down. Though this time, she deliberately retained hold of her rifle as she fell – effective range be damned. Landing on her back, her eyes opened upon the sky above. No delay this time. There was no time for delay. She forced the grin to return as she used the last of her efforts to aim the rifle at Lighter, “is this your weak spot perhaps…” her words teased the air. Tasting the idea briefly though she would not feast upon it. She let go of a light chuckle which transformed into a cough of blood. It’s been a while she thought to herself, I hardly remember the feeling of dying. Though I’ll be back soon enough. Light be praised you had the brains to hide away for now Julius, lowering the unfired rifle, she allowed herself to lie down, embracing the faint feeling overwhelming her. Almost enjoying the pounding sting, she fought to resist the comfort of closing her eyes only as a formality.
Alright! I think Sam is going to stay behind because he might be a tad bit slow and hold them back. I really only have one thing I want to happen while they're gone! I'll PM it!
Alright so who's going on the scavenging run and who's staying with the convoy? Knowing now will make things move smoother later on. Also for those who stay it will be up to you to keep the RP alive well the scavenging team is out.

I think Remipa Awesome means that the scavenging team will easily have interesting things to post about but the people who stay should keep the sty at home rp interesting and alive. I misread it at first too.
<Snipped quote by CoCoTina>

I don't believe so, but I still find it funny from a OOC perspective.

I think that does bring up an interesting question though! How much has Jackmier shared with the rest of the group? [;
I like that, as of yet, Striker is the only one who seems to realize how out of place and untrustworthy Jackmier is. I just find this entertaining that I've more or less made a German Gangster with multiple drug addictions, who is a Doctor without even having an actual college degree, and so far everyone seems just alright with it.

Oh, are we playing as if everyone knows those things already?

I was going to make Samuel naively think he's an upstanding guy before he finds out.
Samuel let out a short shrill whistle as he caught sight of the decayed hand Jackmier found. That man always got a bit too much pleasure in these situations but Sam thought him decent enough, he might even say he liked him – but Sam never was a good judge of character. Now, when people were a little too perfect, that’s when Samuel became uneasy.

He turned his attention to the chaos that was erupting as everyone exited their vehicles. Georgia was acting tough as always, Belle was jerking about with that unique sense of humor of her’s, Striker always seemed ready to throw a punch, Hunter was trying to keep everything under control. Belle’s behavior worried Sam however as she went from joking to crying in just a minute. He looked up at her briefly in a concerned fashion. Instability was a frightening thing these days – but at the same time, who could claim they weren’t unstable these days?

When hunter began to make his announcement, Samuel listened silently, wiping away the sweat that was collecting on his forehead. Afterwards, he turned slowly and made his way to the semi, hoisted his frame into the vehicle and grabbed his ax along with a couple of plastic Walmart bags that were lying on the passenger's side floorboard. The plastic rustled noisily as the bags were crammed together and tied around his belt loop where a brown leather belt held the old farmer’s jeans up.

When he made it to the tanker where Hunter was waiting he inquired, “I’m willin’ to head out unless you’d rather I stay back and watch the vehicles.” He stopped to take a breath and survey the surroundings, squinting slightly as he did so. “Also, is the ambulance one of the lost causes we’re leavin’ or should I try ‘n help Jackmier clean out that gunk?”

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