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You still accepting people I assume? I just want to be sure before I start brainstorming more than I already have for my hangman character.
...well rip. was gonna ask for that last spot.
Not sure if I need to reserve, but I plan to play a commoner girl from Fadell.
Yeah I understand, I just like Sharing ideas I'm excited about. Sorry about that.
@Zoey White Sure, yeah, but there's going to have to be a reason why they think that. Maybe she's worked in service for them, or something. Again, once the OOC goes up and you can brainstorm a bit, you can always toss me some ideas.

Imma toss you my idea right now just because, and also mention @Zoey White since both of our ideas involve starting off as daughter of farmer and I'm curious what their class outlook is.

Anyways, just to summarize my character is going to be daughter of a farmer who used to be a semi famous knight but left because he didn't agree with serving nobility. Long story short their farm gets burned down by bandits and her mother dies in the fire, her father drops her off at his ex wifes who lives in a poor area, and over time she grows resentment or nobles and most knights due to seeing the inequality. She'd of course have trained with her father and trained afterwards by herself, but would she be able to get in by being the daughter of a once famous knight and then showing off her skills to whoever was recruiting or whatever?
Actually, just to add variety I'll switch my female character to a commoner.
I'll be a noble. Was what I was thinking anyways, just used the wrong word Haha.
I was also thinking of doing a female, probably a princess who feels pressured to act all proper and nice due to her being the only heir of the family along with some other stuff, but at the same time is more of a tomboy under her guise and resents her interests that her more feminine.
Heya, I'm definite;y interested in joining this and giving it a shot!
I'm interested in joining in on this. I have a few character ideas already, so imma have a look at our current roster and decide which would fit best.
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