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If what you're looking for isn't a canonical Heroic Spirit, I highly recommend you do some digging in Wikipedia. Google "List of cultural heroes"; there are tons of ideas, conveniently organized by country or cultural precedence.

Also, the Anime Character Database has tons of characters from all over Japanese media. It's your best way to find an appropriate look-alike for your new Servant...

...that is, if you don't want to dig too deep into Google Images. :S

Nah, I ain't looking for that. I have plenty idea, such as Sinbad, Paris, Bloody Mary,and Diomedes. I'm actually looking to play a canonical spirit, and threw out the ideas I had and was looking for who the players would like to see. They were Medb, St George, St Martha, and Boudica.
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Medb could be... interesting. Keep me updated on that.

Considering this isn't a team battle, Medb could even end up being almost like a mid-boss in this war or something, considering she can make soldiers from her blood and could potentially seduce a few other heroes with her NP. Plus, Medb being Medb and all.
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No issues.

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As sad as it makes me to say, Columbus is a no go because we don't have his GO Mats.

Noooooooo! But his amazing smile must be protected!!!

Ah well, that's perfectly okay. Anyone else have any suggestions as to who I should pick? I'm still mulling over the possibilities and character interactions myself.
Okay, so seeing the incoming Servants for team Blue, I think that I'll scrap Sinbad and go for a canon Servant just so there's a bit of balance. As a side note, I do find it unfair how there's a 3 skill limit for OC Servants but already made Servants are free to go with what they have.

ANYWAYS, I'll throw out the Servants I'm considering, and anyone who has an opinion on which they'd like to see can chime in, as I'd love to make things interesting. Who I'm looking at are Medb, Boudica, St George, St Martha, and good ol' Christopher Columbus.

Keep in mind Riding A won't allow for Phantasmal Species.

Golden Rule to B.

Independent Action to C since there's no backup from the Class Container; if he was Archer then B would be fine.

Why doesn't he have Voyager? Seems like something that's more or less mandatory.

Personal Skill cap is three.

The NP itself is fine on face, but I'll have to do my own research since I'm not familiar enough with Sinbad's legend to say decisively. Don't try and do dumb stuff like jumping onto a Servant's shoulders and trying to activate this.

Since this "destructive crash" is a Broken Phantasm, expect prana costs to be significant.

Boosted Riding to A+ as he's shown the ability to ride those.

I also gave him Voyager of the Storm, as honestly I simply forgot about it. :P

I also clarified in his NP that it only works on things that are commonly referred to as 'mounts' or 'rides', so no servant exploding shenanigans.

Lastly, I'm having trouble deciding which 2 skills to drop currently. While Golden Rule is close to useless it does define him pretty well, and Independent Action and Instinct are also pretty good character skills. Do you have any suggestions as to which I should drop?
Here is my Sinbad sheet. Note that I may add the Roc as a mount that he can summon, but this is the main stuff. His current NP is his main function and I feel both his personality and history can justify why he'd have it, especially since he's known as 'the sailor' yet never had a specific ship or mount.
Sinbad the Sailor

Class: Rider
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

An enigmatic figure who's ventured to far off lands and returned when no one else could ever dream of doing so, Sinbad is very much like the sea he's sailed on. While many believe the mans unmatched skills with a sword is what made him the legend he is today, he'd be the first to tell you this is not the case. He is an eccentric and brash man who never learns to keep his mouth shut, yet despite this his overall respect and friendliness to those who deserve it have won over many. His attitude of always going with his heart and never faltering is admirable, even if it's gotten him into more trouble than a normal man can keep track of. Failing to think before acting, Sinbad merely follows what feels right to him and what he wants to do, even if this goes directly against logic presented straight to his face. Honestly, he just doesn't care, and it is this attitude that will often put him and his allies into precarious positions that only his quick wit and ungodly luck can overcome.

He's a very relaxed individual even in the face of death, and will never back down no matter the circumstances. Basically, good luck stopping him once he sets his mind to something. Death does not scare Sinbad, and in fact seems to invigorate the adventurous sailor even more so when he stand so close to its black door. He is not afraid to get down and dirty and commit heinous acts to survive, such as murdering innocents for food until he could escape his tomb on his fourth voyage. However, this does not mean he has no conscience. Sinbad, who made his name through his many voyages, does not consider himself to be the great hero everyone else claims he is. Every death caused by his actions weighs heavily on his soul, but he refuses to ever give up or else all their deaths would have been for nothing. In the end his goals center around himself, but his honor and respect for those around him are not to be understated. Once a coward only out to save his own skin, he'd happily throw himself onto the front lines of battle if it meant protecting even one of his crew.

There are very few that haven't heard the name Sinbad and at least know of his seven fantastical voyages to uncharted lands. However, few know of the sailors actual origins. Truth be told, even Sinbad isn't clear on where exactly he came from. What's certain is this: Sinbad grew up on the streets of Baghdad broke and alone, with no one but a crotchety old man to look after him. The young boy was forced to steal, lie, and fight for his food, and whatever he got he'd be lucky if he even got to keep 1/10th of it. You see, his caretaker was a heavy gambler and owed abused Sinbad constantly, threatening to beat him if he didn't comply. However, one thing the old man hung over his head the most was the threat of throwing him out to sea. He told horror stories of the monsters and horrors that were to be found across the deep blue, and with this deep sense of fear instilled into him Sinbad scratched and clawed so he could survive.

One day, Sinbad's caretaker fell ill, and not long after passed away. While it hurt to lose the only person he ever knew, Sinbad never mourned for the man. Even if he'd wanted to, though, he wouldn't have had the time as following his caretakers death a few days later was a knock at Sinbads door. Being the closest thing the man had to a family, Sinbad was held responsible to pay for his debt. After many months of harassment, beatings, torture, and being worked to the bone, the boy made a deal: if he could be given enough funds to acquire a ship and crew, he'd go out and return with enough treasure to pay off the debt ten fold. And thus, at the young age of 14, Sinbad became the captain of a crew twice his age, his legend just beginning.

Weapon: Scimitar


Class Skills:
Magic Resistance: B
Having encountered and survived encounters with an array of mythical beasts, Sinbad has over his many voyages learned and gained a natural resistance against strong magical spells.

Riding: A+
Despite how he may appear, Sinbad is a natural born Rider, and can ride nearly anything with great talent, from horses to griffons.

Personal Skills:
Allure of Kings: C
Sinbad has ventured far an wide to many lands, often running into an assortment of animals and beasts. However, one common occurrence on these adventures is an encounter with the ruler of the land, in which Sinbad easily befriends and gains favor. Due to this, Allure of Kings grants Sinbad a unique charisma when dealing with kings or queens, allowing him to more easily charm them with his wit. This doesn't mean they won't attack him however, just that they will find him unusually likable and may spare him if they are the type.

Independent Action: C
A rebel at heart, keeping Sinbad under control is no easy feat. Thus, Sinbad can act on his own without his master for a full day unless he needs magic for his Noble Phantasm.

Instinct: C
While his luck has plenty to do with his success, it would not be fair to discount Sinbad's natural instinct. He can easily sense what the best course of action would be from observing a situation and how to achieve such.

Golden Rule: B
Each adventure accrued Sinbad with more and more gold, making him so wealthy he gets bored of having everything he could ever desire quite frequently.

Voyager of the Storm: B
Sailing the seas and managing a crew has given Sinbad this unique composite skill, though his penchant for losing both has the rank slightly lowered.

Noble Phantasm(s):

The Scavenger of the Sea Makes his Own Mount
Shipwrecked Sailor

Rank: B+
Type: Anti-Unit
Shipwrecked Sailor is a representation of how on many of his Voyages into the unknown, Sinbad was left without his original boat and was forced to make due with what was around him for transportation. While the Rider never had a dedicated mount, he often used wooden troughs, rafts, mythical sea horses, and gigantic rocs to survive. Each one of these improvised rides he rode with supreme skill and precision.

Manifesting as an ability, any ride or vehicle that Sinbad sits upon that would be commonly referred to as a 'ride' is immediately transformed into a D rank Noble Phantasm. It's modified and shaped to fit his needs, often being adorned in gold and jewels. None of his rides in the past were known for their combat ability, but there is one thing quite common when it comes to his ships: they often were involved in destructive crashes. While rides under the influence of Shipwrecked Sailor don't gain any combat enhancements, their durability is enhanced enough to withstand attacks on par with or weaker than a C rank. Their max speed is greatly enhanced and they are able to pull of stunts otherwise impossible, but easily the best modification is the ability to crash into an enemy Servant. When desired, Sinbad can trigger a 'destructive crash', jumping off before his vehicle collides and causing a massive explosion.

Funny story, I submitted Longinus for the Lancer class but I originally intended on placing Hector of Troy in the Lancer of Blue spot instead. I decided against it, since we already have Achilles as a Servant and I want to help keep the Servant pool nice and diverse, with Heroic Spirits that hail from all around the world...

...That being said, I would totally revert to Hector if you polish up Paris.

...not really. cool idea tho

And thanks! I definitely get having diversity, but at the same time I love having those interactions when two characters who know each other meet, so that's why I didn't ditch Paris. I was thinking of having Billy the Kid or Arjuna as an archer as well, but decided against them. That, and Arjuna is pretty strong so he'd be a bit broken, haha.
<Snipped quote by Cojemo>

Paris is fine in theory, but the justification for the first NP is shaky. The second one would involve Apollo interference like how Phoebus Catastrophe does, as an aside. For Sinbad, justification for the first NP.

The second NP's sublimated into EX LCK so that's pointless, and the effect itself is a no for balancing.

George is fine.

Well, my justification is that Paris is most famous for his abduction of Helen, and that in many iterations Helen left willingly with him. This was because of the deal he made with Aphrodite that would give him the love of the most beautiful woman alive.

For Sinbad, I definitely get being sketchy on the justifictaion for his first NP. I gave it to him because in his adventure he had ships, wooden troughs, and a mystical beast in the form of a roc (as an aside I was gonna give him the roc as another NP), and none of these were permanent. And yeah, I can ditch the last one and just stick to the EX luck. It's definitely pretty broken, haha.

Also, as a general question, what do you think of these ideas overall in terms of quality/how much you like them?

<Snipped quote by Cojemo>

Not to my knowledge~

Yay! I have 3 Servant ideas, and funnily enough one of them matches with Achilles and is an Archer, but isn't Chiron. If you don't mind, i'm gonna throw out a very quick idea of who I'll roll with, and if you want you can pick which of the 3 I'll play. I may as well get @Over Illusion to look as well.

The first is Paris in the Archer class. Abductor of Helen and driving force of the Trojan War, as well as the one who shot Achilles' heel. He'd be cowardly and preferring to fight from the shadows (having low rank presence concealment), though he'd follow his word and be upfront about his cowardice. He'd also be a ladies man, and one of his NP's would be able to bewitch any single female he chooses with a magic resistance of C or lower. The other would be a shot that will always hit his opponent in their weakest spot to make them culnerable, but not kill them. This comes from both his battle with Diomedes and Achilles. Straight up I did not intend for him to tie into other characters, but it'd be quite interesting to have Achilles killer on the battlefield.

Second would be Sinbad the Sailor in the Rider class. Unlike how he's often portrayed in media as a skilled adventurer, my interpretation of him makes him a loudmouth who, while decently skilled, only managed to survive out of sheer luck. I'd give him EX rank luck. He'd be bombastic and engage in fights where he's clearly outmatched sheerly for the thrill, and have no fear of death. At the same time though, with most of his ventures leading to his crew mates dying, he'd have a strong bond with his master and do his best to assure their safety. His two biggest NP's would be one where he can procure any mount (car, motorcycle, etc...) and turn it into a D class NP, and if he crashes it making an explosion equal to a C rank attack. This is based off how he never actually kept most of his mounts, and the one common thing among them is that they crashed in spectacular fashion. His second would be the manifestation of his luck on his seven voyages, and act similar to Heracles' God Hand. Basically, if there would be a situation where Sinbad would die, destiny would change itself and erect a situation where he escapes this fate, giving him the chance to counter attack or escape. This could be his opponent losing their footing or sneezing, the attack simply missing by a hair even if it shouldn't have, or other possibilities. Of course, this only activates seven times.

Lastly would be Saint George the Rider. I won't describe him too much since he already exists, but I will say my reasoning for having him here is because of how many over the top and extravagant Servants there are currently as far as personality goes, so he'd be a good counter to that. Plus, I just think he's an awesome Servant and his focus on defense would be another great juxtaposition. Oh, and the place where most of my family lives is named after him which is cool.

So yeah, those are the general ideas I have. Any question or whatnot you can ask for clarification, and if you already have preference you can just tell me. Sorry if you'd prefer I didn't do this, I just really love discussing ideas for things, especially Fate.
@Over Illusion Is there anyone in contention for the Archer/Rider spot left open on team blue?
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