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That works, I'll be on standby. I have a Sinbad all written up from a previous RP, but in case things don't work I'll wait just in case I'm not able to commit.
Yeah it's a tricky situation. I'm dropping from the Master position since it requires a lot more detail, but I think I may be able to handle a Servant. On the other hand though I'm worried I may not be able to commit if things get worse, so just put me as interested for now, and if someone else wants the spot then let them have it.
I mean...your posting rules for the actual RP aren't bad, and since the Servant sheets require less detail and thinking I could maybe take the Rider spot. I can understand if you don't want me to and think I may be a reliability.
So...I'm gonna need to drop this. As much as I'd love to RP, some real life stuff is just messing with my head to much, and with the amount of detail and focus required for thing I don't think I can do this. I'm very very sorry.
Wow this moves fast! Anyways yeah, sorry for the silence and delay, real life stuff has been hitting me hard. I'll try to see what I can get done, but yeah.
That does seem to be many peoples views when going into fate RP's. I'm of the mindset that making interesting characters and stories is most important, and I often like playing weak characters.
...Shouldn't the focus be on making things interesting and fun, NOT keeping teams alive or being the strongest? I agree with nerfing things here, but the reasoning seems off.

Really tempted to do a Hitler-with-Longinus Lancer but holding back.

Mentioning that, how strong would Hitler actually be? Like, more modern Servants are weaker due to magic fading in strength over time. Would he mostly be a gag Servant? :P
So I just felt like putting this up for now as I like working on the site. It's a WIP very early in development, but you can see what I'm getting at.

Name: Beatrix Cosette
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height/Weight: 5'7'', 131 lbs
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Master of:

Personality: Beatrix was born privileged with some of the best magic circuits on the planet, her potential as a magus enormous. Don't know that? Well don't worry, because she will make sure to let you know time and time again how much better she is than everyone around her. Indeed, she is quite confident in her abilities and holds herself with an aura that is hard to ignore, though this can sometimes lead to arrogance. It is not uncommon for her to look down upon others and ridicule them for the simplest mistake, but if she were to commit the same error you can bet there will be some excuse as to why it wasn't her fault. Beatrix can be rude, abrasive, and overall an unpleasant person to get along with, but if there's one positive trait to her it's her honor. Challenge her to a fight? If she sees you worthy enough she'll happily play along. Help her out in some way, even if it isn't necessary? She may be crossed with it, but she'll make sure to pay you back. Don't get the wrong idea though; she'll cut anyone down who stands in her way, her ultimate goal being to see herself at the top of the food chain where she belongs.
Background: (see the above)

Origin: Overload
Element: Earth
School of Magecraft: (… ; feel free to use that as a reference or come up with your own)

List of Skills/Spells: (please list every spell of note that your character knows as well as its cost in units of magical energy)

Mystic Codes: ( ; Mystic Codes are fundamentally different from normal spells and don't/shouldn't require any significant expenditure of magical energy, however keep in mind that students aren't likely to have many if any)

Circuit Quality: (on a scale of E to A, with E being a garbage-tier magus like Shirou and A being a top class magus like Rin)
Circuit Quantity: (see above)
Number of circuits: (this will directly relate to circuit quantity; you can either have a lump-sum of circuits like Shirou if you like to keep things simple or a smaller number of circuits each with their own studs, like Rin or Professor Ayondale)
Od (units): (this will be the major difference between this and other Fate RPs; that is, we will be keeping track of your total prana expenditure for both spells and maintaining your Servant as expressed in units of Od [keep in mind that a spell's Od cost is only to start the spell, Mana from The World keeps it going])
Maximum circuit capacity: (the above measurement of your total units of Od is how much magical energy your body produces a day, whereas this is how many units of magical energy your circuits can handle when channeling Mana from the atmosphere; usually it will not be more than a few times your total Od)

Other: (anything else you want to make note of)

As a helpful frame of reference for determining your costs in units of Od:
I feel Khan is almost too obvious, like so much I don't want to make a sheet for him, unless I do some twist on him. Not just genderbending obviously.
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