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Here's the CS's. Sorry for the delay, real life and all that. Will look to get the thread up in a few days.
<Snipped quote by Cojemo>

This reminds me before we get too far into character creation, is it okay to actually have a Master/Servant pair in mind to begin with with another player? Are they all going to be randomized?

I have no issues with that. Anyone who wants to pair up can, and those who want random pairing will get that.

Speaking of characters, I don't suppose we might get a sheet soon? Sick right now so I can't start immediately anyway, but it'd be nice to be able to plan ahead.

Yes, I'll get sheets up hopefully today.
I want to say it reflects poorly on how you roleplay to me when you assume there is no interest in playing a Master. I love making masters, and there is so much you can do with them to make things interesting. I do have a general plot that'll be playing out, and I'll be playing a Master of one of your Servants along with...some other characters.
Every class I was interested in has been taken (should have claimed Rider while I could), but I'll state my interest anyway. Maybe I'll make a Shielder.

It's still possible to fit a servant you have in mind into a custom class. You'll just have to make sure the Personal Skills are balanced and reflects it.
Heya everyone, thanks for showing interest! Definitely appreciated. Don't forget you can make up a class if you were inclined to.
Rome. Capital of Italy and home to one of the most documented and well known histories on the planet, many men and women have lost blood in the name of this one city. Discoveries were made, conquerors created, deceptions planned, and wars declared. Its rich culture and brutal leaders expanded far and wide, swallowing up the weak and spitting out the strong. Heroes rose and fell while the Romans reigned supreme, but just as all of creation does it fell to the sands of time. Those who influenced the world were forever remembered, leaving behind an invisible trail of the rest. While the majority spend their days fearing the day they die, it is most often those with everything who are most fearful of how they will be remembered once their soul moves on. Will they be seen as benevolent and caring to their fellow peers, as monsters only out for themselves, or even worse; a blip on the radar of time? These are thoughts that can drive a man mad, and if one were serious on leaving an impact the methods are almost endless. Some men try to take the world for themselves, while others attempt to shape it to the liking of the people.

One man thought he had found the ultimate solution. "I've done what I could with the life I was given." Staring out at the world before him, a person of almost child-like stature spoke to himself. Despite his elegant suit and lavish abode, very little material possessions adorned the room he stood in. It held only the bare necessities, with the common furnishing accompanied only by the odd portrait and photograph of him with a girl who seemed to be in her late teens.

"There is much I wish I could do, but alas my short life tells me I must be content. I've shaped things the best I could, so now it is time for someone else to write their name down in history. And what better place to do that, than the city of history itself."

Hello anyone who may be reading this! As the title may tell you, this is a RP based in the Fate/Type Moon universe. A false Grail has been crafted with the purpose of holding a Holy Grail War in the city of Rome. The man behind it, Tarquin O'Connell, and his adopted daughter, Grace O'Connell, may have invited you personally to join the battle, being told that they have no intention of participating themselves and have chosen you for whatever reason. You could be a nobody or from a notorious family; through their sources they have found you and deem you an interesting addition. OR, due to the nature of the war, you could be someone who has caught wind of things. The False Grail does not dole out command seals beforehand, so you may plan to make a summon before all the classes are taken. However, due to the nature of the war things won't always be as they seem...

The standard 7 Servant rule will apply here, as well as 7 Masters, with each player playing one or the other. Due to this being an unusual grail war, however, I will also allow for classes that don't necessarily fall under the standard ruleset. While Avenger is off limits due the nature of the class and ruler highly highly unlikely to be approved, anything is allowed. Heck, be creative and come up with your own class. That goes for the Servants in general; be a bit crazy with these, have fun! Plus, I will allow for more than 7 Magus' in this RP. Some may be without a Servant, but that just makes things more fun, right?

Anyways yeah, If you are interested state so below! This won't be first come first serve, but it's always good to say which class you are interested in out of common courtesy. This will be a High-Casual RP, and the pacing will be slower as to make sure nobody gets left behind and to accommodate my own schedule. I expect a certain level of detail, but don't be scared off! Come on by and join in!


If what you're looking for isn't a canonical Heroic Spirit, I highly recommend you do some digging in Wikipedia. Google "List of cultural heroes"; there are tons of ideas, conveniently organized by country or cultural precedence.

Also, the Anime Character Database has tons of characters from all over Japanese media. It's your best way to find an appropriate look-alike for your new Servant...

...that is, if you don't want to dig too deep into Google Images. :S

Nah, I ain't looking for that. I have plenty idea, such as Sinbad, Paris, Bloody Mary,and Diomedes. I'm actually looking to play a canonical spirit, and threw out the ideas I had and was looking for who the players would like to see. They were Medb, St George, St Martha, and Boudica.
<Snipped quote by Cojemo>

Medb could be... interesting. Keep me updated on that.

Considering this isn't a team battle, Medb could even end up being almost like a mid-boss in this war or something, considering she can make soldiers from her blood and could potentially seduce a few other heroes with her NP. Plus, Medb being Medb and all.
<Snipped quote by ADamnFiddle>

No issues.

<Snipped quote by Cojemo>

As sad as it makes me to say, Columbus is a no go because we don't have his GO Mats.

Noooooooo! But his amazing smile must be protected!!!

Ah well, that's perfectly okay. Anyone else have any suggestions as to who I should pick? I'm still mulling over the possibilities and character interactions myself.
Okay, so seeing the incoming Servants for team Blue, I think that I'll scrap Sinbad and go for a canon Servant just so there's a bit of balance. As a side note, I do find it unfair how there's a 3 skill limit for OC Servants but already made Servants are free to go with what they have.

ANYWAYS, I'll throw out the Servants I'm considering, and anyone who has an opinion on which they'd like to see can chime in, as I'd love to make things interesting. Who I'm looking at are Medb, Boudica, St George, St Martha, and good ol' Christopher Columbus.

Keep in mind Riding A won't allow for Phantasmal Species.

Golden Rule to B.

Independent Action to C since there's no backup from the Class Container; if he was Archer then B would be fine.

Why doesn't he have Voyager? Seems like something that's more or less mandatory.

Personal Skill cap is three.

The NP itself is fine on face, but I'll have to do my own research since I'm not familiar enough with Sinbad's legend to say decisively. Don't try and do dumb stuff like jumping onto a Servant's shoulders and trying to activate this.

Since this "destructive crash" is a Broken Phantasm, expect prana costs to be significant.

Boosted Riding to A+ as he's shown the ability to ride those.

I also gave him Voyager of the Storm, as honestly I simply forgot about it. :P

I also clarified in his NP that it only works on things that are commonly referred to as 'mounts' or 'rides', so no servant exploding shenanigans.

Lastly, I'm having trouble deciding which 2 skills to drop currently. While Golden Rule is close to useless it does define him pretty well, and Independent Action and Instinct are also pretty good character skills. Do you have any suggestions as to which I should drop?
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