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@Lord of Evil@Kiwiwiwi

Natasha darted across the top of the building, her eyes flitting between the incoming obstacles and where the two men were running. How the night seemed to be going, she started to wish she'd stayed in bed, Seems fate has other plans... she thought, jumping over pipes and boxes and edges of buildings. She skidded to a halt, doing her best to stay quiet as the first man spoke, "Meet me at the park nearby." Stephan said quietly. "You better lose them by the time you get there." she blinked, she didn't have to follow them farther, maybe she wouldn't. She peeked over the edge in time to see the first man disappear below the concrete and asphalt, "What the hell..." she breathed, "Well that's decided." she murmured. Looking to see what the other man would do, They must be... Ok, otherwise the first man would have either just ditched or killed him. I'll keep following... she thought, she knew where the park was but she didn't want to take the chance of loosing them. This was the closest she'd gotten to another with powers.
@Lord of Evil[@kiwiwi]

(Sorry mine have been so short! Been a bit busy)

Natasha peeked from her hiding spot, eyes locked onto the two men. When the first appeared behind the police officer and slammed his elbow into him, her breath caught, I guess I should.... her thought broke off as she noticed him check for the police officer's pulse, Curious. she thought, creeping closer. She noticed he had her gloves, her eyes narrowing as he slipped the gloves on, Why would he... she noticed him patch up the officer, shock and confusion reeling through her. Natasha bit her lip, but didn't dare look away. She could see the other man's mark now, Interesting... They have the same mark as me... Why? she thought, she had seen other manner of markings, but had yet to see another like her own. At least, until now.

Natasha crouched on the top of the building, noting the first man wanted to leave the scene, Smart. she thought, getting ready to follow the two men, Maybe they'll lead me somewhere worth while. she thought. Her mind went back to when the mark first appeared, and when Kevin had disappeared, Who knows, maybe one of them knows Kevin or Kain. she thought.
@Kiwiwiwi@Lord of Evil

Natasha peeked over the edge, the two men having not gone far. She stayed in the shadows, her sensitive hearing allowing her to hear everything they said. They must have the same mark... or at least a mark. her interest was peaked, but so was her fear. The woman told me others would come to kill me... That I would have to kill them.... she returned her attention to the two men, If that guys tries to kill the other one... I'll know who not to trust. she said, eyeing the man who had... Kinda of saved her. She pulled her hood farther down her brow.
@Lord of Evil

That was fine!! I wasn't sure how I quite wanted to go about it but hey! I also gave you the opportunity to give chase or deal with the thugs- or interact with kiwiwi's chara :3
@Lord of Evil@Kiwiwiwi

Natasha went from disinterested to downright disappointed, "I have no interest in wasting precious energy on these two, besides, you seem to be handling them pretty well." she eyed the fifth man to appear, Great... she thought. At the sound of sirens she chuckled, "That's my cue, have fun with the cops and robbers, boys." she said. She brought her hand up to her brow, saluting them. She jumped up on a crate and then to the fire escape, just barely making it. She pulled herself upwards as the iron ladder groaned and lowered slightly under her weight. She dashed up the fire escape, her gloves falling from her packet. She grabbed for them, and missed, Ahh... I only get so much luck... she thought, I'll get a new pair. she dashed to the top of the building. She didn't wait to see if anyone was following her as she stopped, the horn had stopped and there was more than one place bustling with sirens, what would she do now?
@Lord of Evil

Natasha looked at the man, noticing something strange with his hand, she cocked her head to one side, and watched the spectacle. She laughed at the thug struggling in the man's grasp, He has to be one of them. Maybe he won't try to kill me. she thought. She didn't move, only shifted her gaze to the two thugs still before her. When the man got off the phone, she placed her hands on her hips, if the thugs did anything she could easily dodge them.

When no one moved she sighed, grabbing their attention, "Well this is boring, I don't feel like having to deal with police so if you don't mind..." she took a step forward and punched the nearest thug in the face, putting enough energy behind it to knocked him out, at the same time she swung her leg up and caught the other with her foot, hitting him just below the jaw. Both men staggered back, close enough to the other guy to either run away, or get hit with a bat. Natasha inspected the nails on her right hand, then looked at them, "Run, or deal with us." she said, looking bored.
Just a heads up, I'll be a bit busy this weekend. Sorry if my responses are slow!
@Dark Light@Lord of Evil

Natasha chuckled at their hesitance, but when their seemingly leader threw the kick, she jumped back, the foot passing by harmlessly. "You think a stupid trick like that is going to trick me?" she said boldly, eyeing the knife that glinted in the dim light. She tensed when a man appeared from the street, asking if anything illegal was happening. Before she could say anything the other man had responded. She stiffened, "Isn't it rude to trample over a lady?" she asked, pulling her bloody colored fist back. While the man's head was turned, she lunged forward, catching his cheek, she pulled some of the energy she'd stored into the punch, only enough to knock him backwards. She jumped back a few steps, eyeing the other man to see his reaction, "Instead of sitting on that damn phone and waiting for the police to show up, you could help." she said to him, "I would prefer them to be arrested for mugging me, not murdering me."
@Dark Light @Lord of Evil

Natasha chuckled, "Why don't you come take it off me." she cooed. Her words were honey sweet, but the grin she gave was anything but. Her right hand flexed, lowering enough than anyone looking at her wouldn't think she was hiding it. She raised her left and motioned for them to come forward again, "If you really think you can take me, have what you want." she crooned. Her eyes flickered to the third guy, snarling and trying to act tough at some unseen threat, Maybe my savior... she mused, Nah... I'll take care of them by myself. she thought. Her body loosened as she focused on their breathing, their heartbeats, their feet, she was ready to move at a moments notice.
@Dark Light

Natasha took a deep breath as the horn stopped, she blinked in surprise, not realizing she'd been holding the breath. She kept walking when she heard the heavy breathing and awkward footsteps of three men gather behind her, slowly moving around her. She glanced behind her, then to her waist, glad her hoodie covered the gun. If she could help it, she wouldn't use it, I don't particularly need to draw attention to myself... she thought. She noticed their breathing change as a sports car sped by, Now's my chance. she thought. She looked around, the dimly lit street not offering her much. She glanced down an alleyway to spy a fire escape. She looked at the couple feet jump she would have to make, I can do it. she thought, feeling energy writhe inside her. She darted.

Natasha was already down the alleyway by the time the men noticed she'd gone. She jumped used her gloved hand and pushed the nearby dumpster, only applying enough pressure to send it sailing to the end of the alleyway. She smiled as the men barely made their way out of it. She jumped up, and missed, Sh** she thought, panic starting to flow through her, the men were mad. She glanced around the alleyway, Why does it only work with this hand??? she thought. She took a deep breath, and motioned for the men to come closer. Her hood was low enough she was certain they hadn't seen her face. Behind her back, she pulled her glove off and clenched her blood red hand, slowly funneling what she'd gathered previously that day.
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