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"For hatred does not cease by hatred at any time: Hatred ceases by love - this is an old rule." - Buddha Shakyamuni
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Life is unfair...


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(I'm sorry... I've barely been online lately...)

The boy lightly scratched his head. "I guess so..." He told Dendayer how he had got lost in the forest, that he had just moved to the town from England, and the address he was trying to get to. "I'm sure my parents are already worried."
Yay :) now, I need someone to answer to my post, lol
@Nuriko It's good like this :)
@xlifeisgood Approved :)
@Nuriko Okay
@Nuriko There would be ways to make it work, but... well.
@Nuriko How would that make any difference? He could still have died for his lover
I'm sorry for the confusion. Updated the rules... I didn't notice I hadn't included that
@Nuriko He needs to have been bitten or to drink vampire blood
@Nuriko Trading souls doesn't work. The rest is fine :)
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