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Current Now now ladies don't argue. You're all beautiful
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Anyone up for an R18 rated Anime RP?
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5 yrs ago
Any Fushigi Yuugi fans up for a romance based RP ?
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Anyone know Dragon Quest and would be interested in Roleplaying?
5 yrs ago
I have returned after a bout of writers block
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I like the Quest for the golden fish tbh
Are you still accepting? I have a Pokemon OC thou she hails from Hoenn
I have a meister OC and would definitely be interested in this
Count me in. I love Buffy and i actually have a Watcher OC i can use. If you're still recruiting let me know
Fire Emblem? Count me in
intensified screaming

Well, hello there! I came to see Black Butler is on your list and I suddenly had memories of the days when I was consumed into the fandom. Therefore, I'm willing to bring out those memories and ask if you'd be up for a RP! Of course, you are always welcome to refuse, it's understandable.

Any further information? Hit me up in the PMs.

I'd love to yes,black butler is one of my favorite series

Would you be interested in a small group rp(3-4 players)? Something fantasy, probably original world, with a lot of collaboration in the story and worldbuilding.

As long as the group doesn't get too large yes
Hmm based off yugioh GX i take it?
@Reflection I saw that, only problem is that I haven't gotten that far in the show, I'm only in season 2 of shippuden, don't want any spoilers so I was thinking more OCs than cannon

@Nuriko Mostly OCs, I don't know how I would do it really. I don't think I could GM it... so theres that. I'm a little busy...

Well let me know if youre able

This is a retelling of Bleach from Aizen's betrayal all the way to the 1000 year blood war arc. There's a few differences from what we know in the series but otherwise it follows the plot pretty faithfully.OC Spots available just ask.


● Isshin is dead while Masaki is alive.
● Momo Hinamori takes Gin's place among the traitors.
● Rangiku and Toshiro have switched places.
● Ulquiorra and Starrk have swapped Ranks.
● Yammy is not Espada #0
● Kisuke is still Squad 12 Captain.
● Yoruichi is still Squad 2 Captain.
● Ukitake rather than Kyoraku becomes Captain Commander during the 1000 year blood war arc.
● Uryu has a Sister.
● Kaien Shiba is alive.
● Unohana wins the battle against Zaraki (Ikkaku replacing him as Captain)

■ 18+ content allowed if wanted by the majority.
■ Must be LGBT Friendly as Ikkaku and Yumichika will be a romantic couple.
■ No OP characters unless it's a Canon character shown to be OP.
■Limited OC Spots,first come first serve.
■ Romance and Mature themes such as Alcoholic content,Gore,Graphic violence and foul language will be featured.
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