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Current I just want life to go back to normal.
16 hrs ago
Stolen from the Twatter: "My local GameStop had 25 copies of Anthem before the looting started. Afterwards, it had 30."
20 hrs ago
Not feeling great today. Been arguing with the family, and the AC isn't working for whatever reason. At least it's raining, since thunderstorms like this calm me down.
2 days ago
Been one of those days. Rocketman could launch nukes at us in America and I would accept the sweet embrace of nuclear annihilation.
2 days ago
ok boomer


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I prefer regular razors to electric ones.

By popular demand, I've created a Discord server. Please be patient, as this is my first time running one.
Sorry I didn't get that reply up sooner. Hopefully it's up to snuff. I kind of figure we need some kind of Agent Scully-type character for this group, so let's see how that plays out.
Mikoto's frown turned into an outright scowl at the club president. "Even if you're a mediator between humans and youkai," he chided, "one shouldn't be so flippant about something like calling spirits." He crossed his arms over his chest. "Imagine being dead for years-- decades or centuries, even-- and some teenagers call you up just because they can. Worst-case scenario: we accidentally summon a kami that's been having a nice nap, and he gets pissed off by the fact that he was woken up by some meddling kids, even if they're youkai, onmyoji, and a shortstack arbitrator between the mortal and spiritual realms."

He cleared his throat. "I'm not saying we shouldn't go ahead and summon spirits to see what they know," Mikoto said. "I just think you shouldn't approach it in such a carefree manner, Suzuki-san." Mikoto glanced over the girl's shoulder at the oni. His lips twitched into a smile, if only for a brief second.

@VitaVitaAR@Raineh Daze
Will get a reply up later.
I just realized we have a narcissist and a sociopath. This poor survivor group.

So standard fare for an apocalypse situation?
Taylor's body stiffened. The voice was female, and someone quite young from the sound of it. She tried her best to keep her tone calm and even. "Alright, I'm putting the guns down," she said. "I'm gonna move slowly and set them on the floor in front of me." First the revolver, then the rifle. She hated not having one in her hand.

"Alright, let's start with why you're here."

"I just wanted out of the rain," Taylor answered. "Been walking for hours, and I wanted to wait out the storm."

"You're alone?"

"Ever since I noped the hell out of that weird cult-town a few weeks ago."

"Were you being followed?"

"Hell if I know." Taylor turned slowly. The person who had her at gunpoint was a teenage girl. Her expression was blank and cold, as if she were numb to the world. Her voice had a flat affect to it as well. "It's coming down so hard, the only way I'd know if anything was following me is if it was close enough for me to touch." As if to punctuate the statement, a peal of thunder rumbled outside. The girl lowered her weapon slightly.

"Fine," she said. "But on three conditions: first and foremost, I'll be holding on to your guns until I feel you won't attack me; secondly, if you try to take something of mine without an equivalent exchange, I'll put a hole through your hand; and, finally, don't go anywhere in here without me."

Kay frowned. "And why that last one?"

"Well, you wouldn't want to wind up in a snare or noose, would you?" The girl pointed at a door leading to the main dining area. In the murk, Taylor could make out what looked like several wires. Likely piano wire, or maybe heavy-duty fishing wire. Strong enough to restrain a human, or any raptor smaller than a Brute.

"Alright, fine. But do I have any reason to believe you won't just shoot me and take my stuff?"

"Simple," the girl answered. "If I kill you, that will attract raptors. The thunderstorm might cover the gunshot, but they'll smell your blood and come running for a free meal."
For the record: everyone should be heading to either the diner or the gas station. After that, the fighting will start.
@Espatier For the time being, no. As the RP progresses, I will consider the possibility as a kind of mid-season upgrade. But there are several issues with taming raptors.

1- Imprinting. Like birds, raptors imprint on the first living thing they see after being born. The only way any raptor pack is going to let you near a nest (especially when the eggs are close to hatching) is over their dead bodies. And if you simply take a hatchling that's imprinted on its mother already, there's a good chance it will still lash out at you when it's older.
2- Eggs can't be taken from a nest. If an egg with developing offspring inside are removed, it's likely possible that the raptor will die. Assuming its parents don't get you first.
3- There's one more reason, but for the time being, I'm keeping that information secret, as it would slightly spoil something I have in store for the future.
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