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Current @Obscene- The game could be worse. Like ALL gacha games, it's grindy as hell. But yeah, anime when?
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Arknights is one of those rare instances where I want to make an OC, but I don't know enough about the lore of the series, even after playing and reading wikis.
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Escapism is healthy as long as you don't confuse fiction and reality.
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I hate haircuts, but I need one desperately.


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Better late than never. Since the gang's all here, we'll start up round one soon.
As I've said, I'm curious about Guild members' encounters with the supernatural/preternatural. Ghosts, angels, demons, cryptids, aliens, espers, time travelers, things like that. While discussing different phenomena is what this thread about, I do ask that you be as truthful as possible when telling about your encounters. And, generally, try not to be a jerk. If you wish to share your stories anonymously, feel free to send them to me via PM.

Mikoto accepted the club president's words. Begrudgingly, but accepted nonetheless. His eyebrow twitched in irritation as Suzuki wagged her finger at him like he was an ignorant child. Mikoto held his tongue, though, if one was close enough to him, they could feel his displeasure as static electricity radiating from his body. However, once outside in the rain, he calmed down. Unlike most of the others, he forwent an umbrella, though he wore his jacket.

By the time the rain started to die down, his hair was drenched, but Mikoto felt better. Mikoto almost snarked at Suzuki when the spirit didn't seem to show, but a frightening spectre materialized out of the shadows. His blood ran cold for a moment before the spirit abruptly changed appearance. If Mikoto hadn't watched the transformation himself, he wouldn't have thought they were the same individual. And she seemed familiar with the club president. Mikoto kept his tone formal as he spoke. "No karuta," he said. "Maybe another time. However, our club president wishes to ask some questions. Questions that may be a tad difficult for you, emotionally speaking."

I'll try to get a reply up either tonight or tomorrow.

Scratch that, going to post as soon as IRL shit stops leaking onto the forums.
Approved. Go ahead and post in CHAR.@Sanguine Rose
I prefer regular razors to electric ones.

By popular demand, I've created a Discord server. Please be patient, as this is my first time running one.
Sorry I didn't get that reply up sooner. Hopefully it's up to snuff. I kind of figure we need some kind of Agent Scully-type character for this group, so let's see how that plays out.
Mikoto's frown turned into an outright scowl at the club president. "Even if you're a mediator between humans and youkai," he chided, "one shouldn't be so flippant about something like calling spirits." He crossed his arms over his chest. "Imagine being dead for years-- decades or centuries, even-- and some teenagers call you up just because they can. Worst-case scenario: we accidentally summon a kami that's been having a nice nap, and he gets pissed off by the fact that he was woken up by some meddling kids, even if they're youkai, onmyoji, and a shortstack arbitrator between the mortal and spiritual realms."

He cleared his throat. "I'm not saying we shouldn't go ahead and summon spirits to see what they know," Mikoto said. "I just think you shouldn't approach it in such a carefree manner, Suzuki-san." Mikoto glanced over the girl's shoulder at the oni. His lips twitched into a smile, if only for a brief second.

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