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89% of magic tricks are not magic. Technically, they are sorcery.
5 yrs ago
"The moral of the story is: never take a child away from a loving parent. Especially the ones that build children that shoot rockets from their eyes." -Aurelio Voltaire
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Banned for having an actual skull atop your personal bookcase.
Banned for not being a fan.
Banned because Raptra is the name of a marvel comics character that I think looks pretty dumb.
@PrincessVampora Banned for being greedy and banning two people at once, with one of them being me.
Banned for making weird faces.
Banned because this is somehow still going.
Banned for not having a signature.
Banned because banning people makes the voices go away.
Hola Kish. Ya got a plan for this shindig or are we just gonna wing it?

I don't know why I'm talkin' like this. Just feels alright.
Kevin nods at him, keeping his cool as best he could. "Hello. I wasn't really upset, but I was curious." He gestures to Minx. "She said you were here because she was making you something... She didn't tell me what, but I assume it's something very important if a being like you really needed it that bad."
Banned because I don't know who you people are.
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