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Would you have room for one more fellow? I'd be down to play. I was thinking maybe a Bio-Android.

Birth of a Deadly Alliance!

"Merdith was right, this suit does look good on me." Vile muttered to himself, looking over the suit he had gotten for the ball being hosted soon. It wasn't covered in pockets, smeared in grease, or smelled like burnt copper so it was an overall improvement from his normal wardrobe. His lanky distorted frame almost looked natural where the suit was padded to help fill him out, a major feat of tailoring that definitely would of hit Vile in the pocketbook had it not been done himself. Vile began to fold it up daintily to avoid wrinkling it up before he heard someone speak from behind him.

"Indeed. She does have a knack for such things, doesn't she?" A robed man asks, a wide toothy grin stretched across his face. Vile spun around, a blade extending from his left wrist as he did only for his arm to be caught by the intruder, and twisted hard enough metal began to creak, before the weighty figure of Luigi was sent toppling over onto his head, and then back. "If I was here to kill you, you'd of been dead before you knew it, so do please keep such violent tendencies controlled. I'd hate to have to gut you if only for the anguish it might cause our mutual friend." A voice hissed from the darkness of their hood, and Vile slowly picked himself up off the floor still cautious and ready to attack.

"The hell do you want?" Vile asked, ready to try to sock the demon worshiping scum before him as he got back to his feet. He still had a score to settle from the invasion, after all. The cultist laughs a little bit, and then sighs deeply. "I gave you enough clues, but fine. Mer is a friend of mine, and a very valuable player in things to come. You've become somewhat protective of her, a little weird how you threatened to beat up her dad.."
"People beating their kids makes me angry." Vile replied, gritting his teeth.
"Must of stung when she compared you to hi-" The cultist started, before much to his surprise he felt himself lifted up and backwards by a punch to the jaw. He tumbled head under heels until he struck the wall behind him. "If you're not here to kill me, you're not here to just talk shit and get hit. What do you want?" Vile asks, gently shaking the hand he struck with. "I want to team up. Enemy of my enemies is my friend after all, and you need some friends. I've ears everywhere, I know your plight. I can help, no schemes, no deceptions." The cultist begins as he picks himself up. "How can I be sure this isn't some sort of double backstab supreme combo bullshit?" Vile replies, before the Cultist simply laughs at him.

"It benefits me more. If you're clear minded and have your wits honed, you'll do well in keeping Mer from falling into the hands of those who'd use her for ill. I want her safe, as a half-breed Succubus Virgin is quite potent fuel for blood magic. Her existence could lead to the cult trying to punch a hole in reality, and let hell seep in like a cancer. If they do this, us cultist are demon food. Hell has no room for humans, and so once they have a foothold, their cultists are useless to them. Trust in selfishness, it's one of the few human constants." The robed man says, his voice almost harmonic as if he was on the verge of singing. Vile tapped his foot for a few moments, before extending a hand. "You fuck me on this, I'll kill you." Vile grumbles, before the Cultist shook his hand. "Wouldn't dream of it, it'd make the Empress of Sleep turn into my personal nightmare. After all, I think she's either sweet on you, or is trying to use you as a stepping stone to get that Wolfy boy. Either way, you're valuable to her......I can't afford to double cross you."

"Then it's an alliance. I don't hurt you, you don't hurt me, we work together sometimes. Not my strangest business partner, but up there. So, partner, what's your name?"

"Call me Norrix."
@Letter Bee
Sounds good, will modify it and roll it to the CS tab

Fraternis Militaris reporting for duty Ma'am!


Not far from ground zero: An unlikely hero arrives.

Disgraces never seemed to come alone, it seemed. After her half-botched attempt at making up with her best friend, Wolf, Meredith's life had been thrown into chaos once more. The demonic presence of her mother... was gone. So was her house, and a couple of shocked and scared siblings had come to her in search of the comfort they had lost. Mona was a horrible being, but she had been kind to these two, and Mer had mixed feelings about it all. On one hand, she didn't think too highly of her own mother... on the other hand, consoling her two younger siblings without her would be tough. Still, she couldn't allow herself to break down, not just yet... She took charge of the situation, and wiped their tears. She consoled them and tried to give her an approximation of a motherly feeling as best as she could as the big sister. Her embrace had seemed to calm the two ankle-biters down... so now the problem was, where would they stay?
Of course Mer, having been a feral child, had no trouble sleeping outdoors... but Zack and Annah would surely suffer. After surveying the ruined remains of her house in flight, she had accepted the worst. As of now... she was destitute. She would need to go to her father... or seek refuge among her friends.

But currently, she had none. She had alienated those too. Biting her lip, she surveyed a different place of the city... even a delerict building would do. A second area that had exploded caught her eye... Could those incidents be related? Lowering her altitude, with her baby siblings in tow , found the dregs of someone had known in the past.

"Explomelt guy?"

"W-Ho?" Luigi asked as he forced his damage body to turn to face the voice, bending his neck back despite the blade still lodged into it. As he looked to the skies, he tried to blink some of the dust from his eyes as everything was in a haze, and for a few moments he saw a girl flying in the sky upon leathern wings with the sun to her back. He couldn't make out the face nor much of anything else, but he could make out the shape of her. "Are you a Valkyrie? Did Mars send you to take me home?" Luigi asked, knowing with the injuries he sustained it'd be no surprise to find out he had died walking from the blast zone.

Luigi began to walk towards the voice, the blurred figure he saw. "I'm not ready to go yet, please help me." He began, fear and pain in his voice as the extent of his injuries became more and more obvious. His face was covered in shards of metal, wood, and glass like a myriad of horrific piercings. His arms had been torn off, loose cables and tubing dangling from the stumps which spurted a mix of hydraulic fluid, and blood. A sword blade, one maybe familiar to the two small kid clutching onto Mer was stuck in his neck, having barely avoided cutting into anything important. Once again, just like the last time the two of them met properly, Luigi looked like he should have died, but simply refused.

Meredith eyed the person, wincing in sympathetic pain as she landed besides him. From beneath her left leg, a head popped. "Looks like roadkill... Mer, I'm hungry." The whines of Meredith's younger sister had a pitiful ring to it. She had dark circles under her reddened eyes, and she shuffled with none of the pride. Her twin, Zack, was also hiding from behind the other leg, and he voiced his consideration. "Can we eat him?"

"Hush. You'll get a stomach ache about this one." Mer said, rebuking both kids softly. "Don't worry. I'm here." She said, while extending her claws and reaching out for her wrists, cutting them open.

"M...mer? That's a lot of blood!" Said Zack, startled to see her sister go all out. Mer drew a massive blood rune of demonic magic in front of Luigi Vile, sparing no reserves in her magical power. She had to, he was a sneeze away from death. Energies crackled and hissed as the rune began to forcefully and painfully heal Luigi.

"It'll sting, but don't move." She said, as she executed her massive healing rune.
Luigi's body began to shift, shards of wood and metal shifting, glass breaking down and reforming into new parts. Flesh liquified, and morphed around mechanical parts like putty applied to a carpentry project, and even the sword blade seemingly was sucked into Luigi's body, soon protruding from one of his wrists. After a few moments of this grueling transformation, Luigi Vile was whole once more. The house he and his father had built together, formerly just shrapnel and foreign bodies impaling him had bonded with him to recreate his mechanical parts, although much less effective. He coughed up some pieces that weren't compatable with him, namely clumps of melted plastic far too burnt to be reshaped, clotted blood, and befouled oil.

Luigi wheezed as his lungs sucked in more air then ever before feeling the intense burning feeling of his body being healed. As his eyes cleared, and he could see once again he noted the sheer amount of blood used in the healing rune. He noted it for the second time, as he started to peel away some of the mysteries of these runes. "T-Thank you...Blegh...You must be my guardian angel Mer...Second time you've saved me." Luigi says, as he takes a moment to bow down to her, partially out of respect, partially as he felt so very fatigued after so much of his form had to be reconstituted.

Mer nodded sagely, as she stood on shaky legs, her face increasingly becoming pale and exhausted. "What happened here?" She queried.
Luigi picked himself up from the ground, and seeing Mer shaking attempted to give her a shoulder to lean on. "...My friend...he was possessed by...something, I think a god. His brother was possessed too. He wanted to kill another friend....I...had to destroy them, they tried to get me to make a deal...I couldn't let them..." Luigi began, as he holds in his breath to calm himself. "...What brought you out here? Did you hear the explosion?" He asks.

"Was it Lightbringer?" Mer said, steading herself.
"How did...?" Luigi begins, before he sighs. "...Him and his brother..." He says, sounding very defeated. "....Was he targeting you? Were you two friends?" Vile asks, half expecting Mer to shove a hand full of demonic death through him. Luigi almost felt like he'd deserve it at this point with the sheer misery he was feeling.

"He... well, He had a penchant for broken toys. And I'm not... the most stable person. But my siblings told me a masked jerk came there trying to find Andras, beheaded my mother... and blew up my house." Meredith added, looking at the two younger half-demons.
".......No one's the most stable person, and if it makes you feel better, I dropped my house on you need a place to stay? I'm going to be doing some renovating, and I could add in a spot and your siblings if you've got nowhere to go." Luigi starts, patting Mer on the back with a look of sympathy, having visibly winced and teared up when Mer mentioned Cel beheading her mother. " anything, I'll help as much as I can. I owe you two life debts, so, hell, if you want those brownies I'll go build a oven and bake for you." Luigi offered, trying to lessen the sting.

Mer eyed Luigi... "I'd appreciate that... but I don't want to impose on you. I will" Meredith drawled off, before finally giving it to tirednes and crumpling down at Luigi's feet, her face on the ground and her shapely rear comically up, revealing black lingerie underneath.

Her two siblings did take this brief moment to start crying "MEER, YOU IDIOT!"
Luigi seeing Mer collapse wastes no time in reaching down, and scooping her up to carry her. He also attempts to pick up the two small children who were yelling at Mer as well, to carry them off. "Hey, do you know where your dad is?" He asks the two children, trying to hopefully find their father. Luigi did not feel prepared for having to watch over two small kids, and these two radiated sass and trouble.
"Dad is figh-fighting dem-ons." said Zack, getting a little more of restrain to answer than her sister, who just plainly bit Luigi in an arm.

"Hmm...Well then, fine, I'- Ouch! Hey, watch it, that arm is brand new!" Luigi says, as the poor girl would taste metal, oil, and the taste of an light electrical shock biting into the cyborg's arm. He tried to not let his temper flare up, and resisted the initial urge to smack the nibbling nuisance as he carried them off towards the blasted remains of his house. "As I was saying, since I don't know where to take you all, I'm gonna build a shelter for you all." Luigi explains, as he prepares himself for what must be the easiest task he's had all day.
Building a home from a rubble pile before anyone knew what happened...No biggie, right?

Zack once again proved being the slightly more even tempered sibling, as he answered. "Hotel's fine. Daddy can find us there. Plus there's sweets." He said, before his sister was too busy spitting the gunk she had nearly swallowed. "meanie! You're going to take mer with you! And spank her. And do xxxxx and YYYY" She said, spouting random adult terms to Luigi.

Luigi's eyes almost bulged out of his sockets when the little girl began to say not so little words. "What? N-no, I, where did you hear this language?" Luigi asks, as he auto-piloted towards the nearest motel he knew of. "That's a smarter idea little fella, thank you. I got paid recently, so I should have enough to pay for a room for you three."

"Mom taught us!" Annah said... "But now she's gone and the only thing i have is stupid Mammoth here." The sister said. "And Zack."
"Well, Zack here appears to be a good kid with his head on straight, and you should not repeat those sorts of words until you're older." Luigi says, still foot-slogging it. "...This is gonna take a bit to get there, so, uh, wanna hear a story?" Luigi asks, hoping to distract the kids.

"Annah wants you to worship her and dump that idiot in the trash... no, on second thought, dump zack. Mer is useful as a pillow." And...just like that, for a moment, the antics of the three seemed to be slightly more normal.

"Hmph." Luigi says, before sighing as he realized that the childish squabbling was just that, childish, to be expected from people their age. "Well, you three are sticking together for now.....also, you should be nicer to your brother.....Also, what kind of sweets are you gonna want at the hotel? I heard you talking about them Zack." Luigi says, trying to divert the topic to something that'd hopefully keep their attention.

"Well, we got chocolate... and candies... and...hdmfk..." Zack begun to say before being interrupted by Annah. "...and human blood. Human blood is tasty!"

"Hmm, ever hear of black pudding? It's made with blood. If there's a spot to cook in the hotel room, I'll try to make some for ya." Luigi says. "I'll make you some chocolate puddding, Zack."

"Fufufu, you are ugly as a butt, but you will make a good addition to the harem as long as you stop staring at the Mammoth's chest." said Annah giddily.

"...You need Mars little one, you need Mars." Luigi says, shaking his head as he continues off into the distance.
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