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I hope everyone's having a day.
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Hello world <3


Hello all! My name is Samantha! I'm a recent college grad and avid daydreamer. I used to be on this site quite some time ago, but haven't roleplayed in... well, a while, so I'm trying to get back into things.

A few things about my RP style:
  • I'm a fan of descriptive writing. I usually write long-ish posts, and can go on a bit, sometimes.
  • I usually prefer to RP a single character.
  • I fade to black. Not a fan of RPing heavy sexual content.
  • I'm a fan of many genres! Fantasy, supernatural, historical, sci-fi, romance, etc.

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Hopefully we'll be doing much better in the coming week haha
@Ferrocerium Wow it looks great! Thank you so much!
@Ferrocerium Really? I'd love if you could try mine, but no pressure. Your portrait looks great!
Almari had been travelling through human civilization for some time now. Long enough, she would have thought, to become used to the places and people in the Tempesta. However, that was not entirely the case. In the underground city of Evenwell, others had occasionally said that she and her family were strange, almost like the humans that came to trade with the city every now and then. They had not meant it as a compliment. Almari had nothing against humans, but having lived among them for almost a year now, she didn’t see how her family had been anything like them. It was the little things in the Tempesta that always seemed off to her. That, and she seemed incapable of adjusting to cities where life carried on under the sunlight. She missed the underground cities of the Gestalted mountains, where the efertide wasn’t nearly as bad as it was in these open environments. She did not enjoy the harsh daylight, especially given her profession. She’d certainly had to be more careful of how she moved from place to place, and when.

Even so, she found ways to ply her trade.That aspect of her life had not changed much since she’d left Gestalt. Every city had precious items that could be taken and sold for profit. There was not much difference between the elven and human fences she had dealt with. Stolen goods were stolen goods. Though as of late she was having difficulty finding anything worth stealing.

Almari frowned, pulling her hood down further against the light rain as she walked down a narrow street of Alonso, heading for the town square. She had been in the hamlet for nearly a week, against her intentions. The caravan of traders she’d been travelling with were supposed to have continued past this place, but had discovered some sort of problem with their supplies, or perhaps their contracts, that had them turning back the way they came. And so despite wanting to head for a larger city, she found herself stranded here, unable to return with them. She preferred large cities with ample wealth and large crowds she could lose herself in, not backwater places like this. But...

Almari was a thief, and most often a jewel thief in particular. She considered herself a good thief, even a great one.She had an eye for quality items and an ability to move around unnoticed. But even she made mistakes, very occasionally, like the kind that had city guards keeping an eye out for anyone matching her description. She sighed. That situation would calm down eventually, but for now, her last city was not the best place to be. So here she was, with dwindling supplies and a current lack of options. She would have considered doing more legal work, temporarily. But there wasn’t an abundance of opportunities for an elf with warped eyes.

Almari reached the town square in an unhurried manner. This was the most activity she’d yet seen in Alonso, though it still wasn’t much. There was an excessive number of Legionnaires wandering about, free food, and even a hanging for added entertainment. She eyed the cages curiously, looking with interest at the mage in the last cage. Almari walked over to a young woman looking the same way and asked her about the prisoners.

“Haven’t you been listening?” the woman responded. “Apparently that one-” she pointed at the man in question, “-is a murderer, and the Legionnaire just there was saying that- oh!” The woman had turned to look at her, and was apparently surprised to be speaking to an elf. Almari’s people didn’t seem to be abundant in this area, to be sure. Almari looked the woman over, noting her simple clothing and cheap jewelry. Her necklace appeared to be a braid of colored threads. Worthless.

Almari smiled at her. “Thanks,” she muttered, moving further into the square, wanting to hear the rest of what the legionnaires were saying. Perhaps she could also find out if any caravans would be travelling soon. Hopefully if there were any they wouldn’t try to charge her some ridiculous fee. Almari mentally counted and recounted the number of coins she had left in her pockets. It was not an ideal number. She sighed once more.

“I really need to get out of this town.”
Finishing up my first post now (sorry I was on a mini vacation), and will post it later tonight or possibly tomorrow morning at the latest, as soon as I make it all nice and edited.
I'm currently out of town, but will start working on a post once I'm back!
I really like the characters so far! I think though, @Oddsbod, you may have mixed up which of your characters has mage eyes and which doesn't in their respective headers.
Posted my edited character. Once I stop dithering about what kind of mage eyes she has I will edit that detail in!

@Oddsbod Finally finished a draft of my proposed character. I would have posted this a couple days ago, but doesn't life just always get in the way? I think I'll probably tweak a couple things, but hopefully things look good, and let me know what needs changing or redoing! Also, I'll be PM'ing you shortly with a couple questions and details. Looking forward to the RP! :)

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